Your Questions: Where To Live & Other Costs to Moving – Philippines

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  1. Henry you are right on the money.  Little things add up.  You can try to be close to a mall but there is lots of rain and blazing sunshine and heat so you may take a taxi…alot.  Dating cost money also.  There is a mentality that you have to break once you get here and that is thinking that everything is a bargain that you lose your budget concious side.  I arrived in cebu and was impressed that the cost of getting a 2 bedroom was as cheap or cheaper than a 1 bedroom and it had a great view!

     So i was paying for 2 rooms and only using one. Then came utility water, it had a little washing machine so I used that..then electricity…even with the brownouts was kinda high, then cable to watch movies, then Internet service totally separate and do not forget water that you will be drinking getting that delivered and maybe you have gas stove….got to get gas in a little blue tank delivered.

      It is manageable do not let me scare you I just want you to be alert of it all.  But be sure of this there is a place for every budget.  You can go down to a studio, a room in a house, what they call a pension house…or even a boarding house for 50 dollars a month!  If you do not mind living with students and professionals using the same CR..bathroom!

      But I would like to say that there are ways to make a good living here all on line if you are a bit creative.  Everything can be learned or outsourced remember that.  Also remember that there are people that want to learn about where you are..take advantage of that.  Use your camera, create a blog, find crafts and sell them on ebay, gather professionals and start your own outsourcing company!  Just be creative and you can live in paradise and still make money.

    If anyone would like consultation on how to make money in Philippines or anywhere else just ask I love to help and do it freely.

    1. @More Than Tips it all adds up.  and yes, the sooner we begin thinking in terms of ‘pesos’ and what a daily wage is here, the sooner we can keep our budget on target.  🙂

    1. I totally agree with you on that Henry, people can have the big city life. I hope all is well with you and you new lady. Thanks for the vid’s, keep them coming.

    2. @FoodAndGardenChannel i know some people want to be in the thick of the city, but for me.. outskirts of town is what i like.  🙂

  2. good insight on the subject, but Henry,  please be more specific,,,  Scooter?  1400,  Fridge, 200, Furniture 100, (Rent, 200, deposit 200, security 200) ,  dishes , blender 20   etc,,,,,   this is what i mean,,,,   thanks,,    i know you dont want to give YOUR precise number , so guesstimate a range for us.  I appreciate it, thanks,,, i understand its different for everyone depending where they live as you stated.  but a ball park figure would help,,  thanks again bud

    1. try go online shopping (just collect the basic needs on your cart) to get a total amount of the stuffs you need. I tried (from dishes, bed sheets to fridge and tv units) and racked up more or less 300,000 pesos ($7000) add up a good scooter for 40,000 pesos ($950) and the rest is daily needs. most likely $600-$800 a month in location similar with Henry’s… 

    2. Staple, i know Henry has gone into great lengths to cover some of that information in some of his past videos, such as the bamboo furniture place and the uni store(everything from china) etc, but thats all  i remember… I just wanted a ball park figure overall for all those main one time items….Such as the scooter, fridge, furniture,, bed, etc,,,,, peace brothers

    3. Henry your basically the only person thats going to stores and restaurants and things and sharing this with us. This is why so many of us seem to be asking you things that may seem repetitive to you. Sure ppl like Ned are doing the budget but here is where you have an oppurtunity to do a series of video that could do some of us a great service and help us prepare for our own adventure. Show us Henry please?

    4. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      Henry I agree with these guys . Take us to a furniture store show us basics.5 minutes. Go to the local motorcycle dealer where u can get a scooter. show us basics.5 minutes. Take us to the mall where that store is with all the household items show us plates silverware rice cooker 10 minutes.   Youve got great videos but everytime you do a video of this type its disapointing the way you evade the actual information that everyone wants to know. Im not busting your balls I love you man but we are thirsty hahaha.

    5. Thanks Henry and  Lucas for the rough guesstimate,, 
      Henry , i know they give monthly breakdowns, i meant big ticket items that need to be absorbed initially upon being there as a permanent resident,,, such as Lucas gave,   
      i see something i would still consider expensive here or there, specially for a poor country as phils,  i would have thought to be more affordable, but then again , i see most people with scooters , does that mean they can afford the scooter or just payment plan like anywhere else ,,,,, 

  3. That´s a great idea living not in but near the city. I was there in Mindanao three months, lived at isla reeta and had to take a boat to Davao (one hour ride).In the hut I lived was no water or electric, no cellphone signal.
    The monthly budget was always the main topic. I try to hold the budget orientated to an average pinoy wage. So when they can live on that I also can do it. I learned that because its my way of living, I don´t have to but want to.
    No problem so long I stay a single guy.

    1. @Jean Hougron i can totally see where you’re coming from.  i’m something of a spoiled minimalist these days.  i lived more frugally on bohol in the province.  ever since i returned to civilization i’ve been enjoying too many restos.  haha!

    1. @Bradley B. in high school i used to hang out at the tyler mall when it was still an outdoor mall.  🙂  now it is much nicer of course and i really like the movie theater there with self-serve tickets.  tyler mall (galleria) is one of my longtime favorite haunts.  🙂

  4. Question for you Ricky…… I have noticed land is sold by the Square Meter in the Philippines. If you were to build a modest size 2 bedroom house how many Square Meters would the Property need to be? I am looking in the Tuba area outside of Baguio City. I understand in the urban area most homes are the same size as the lot. But out in rural areas where land is cheaper more lot size is possible for the same money, just like in the states 🙂 Thanks

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Thanks as Always Ricky. 1/4 Acre would be 1,012.08 Square Meters. From what I have seen that would be a really big lot if it was in or near town. Most lots are more in the 300 Square Meter range from what I have seen. That is were you would get a bigger house ( More Square Footage ) on a smaller lot by going to a 2 story. The only disadvantage is as I get older I may not want to climb stairs everyday. I am going to be living in the Baguio area so I will be used to a lot of climbing up and down hills 🙂

    2. 100-150 sq.m is ok for a decent house with 2 garage and a mini garden.if you plan to build a.2storey house then there will be more space

    3. @14wordsforlife i’m not very good with metric to standard conversions.. maybe someone here could give an idea of how many square meters a quarter-acre is.  (??)

  5. Henry I am from Southern California as well thank you sir for your insight on the Phil’s and where to live, I think you have chosen a great place Duma as it is protected from a lot of the weather which you seem to get from the east and from watching all your vids Duma looks like an awesome place to live.

  6. The question I have is this. How much does it cost per month for a nice 2star hotel (mom and pop) with internet? My plan is to island hop. Bring only what I can fit in a large back pack. I’m a city guy so I want to be near universities to catch that vibe. I don’t drink but I want to be near aa meetings and intend to take public transport do I don’t have to own a vehicle. Ok maybe a bike. What do you all think?

    1. @Dalia Jude my personal focus is on the central visayas.  there may be others covering further north and south in another channel.

  7. have u traveled to the northern Luzon area, I was stationed there in the 80″s a little base called san Miguel, about an hr north of olongapo. I was wondering what the cost of living is there, sorry dude but your videos are very informative…tks

  8. City Mouse here… Manila (Caloocan).  GOOD NEWS BOYS !!   Barking Dogs, Crowing Roosters, Loud Motorbikes/Scooters, Karaoke Parties, Exhaust, Loud Music, Neighbours Burning Garbage or Operating a Metal Fabrication Shop from home… ARE ALL FREE !!!   WHHOOooOoOoooott

  9. All joking aside, Henry is right… everyone’s needs are different, quality/quantity/size of goods is different, new vs. used is different, location is different.  You can’t put an exact number on it.  But… 2000-3000 to set up a apartment or small home from bare walls would be about right… Scooter (if you really must have one) about 1600 to 2000 USD New 500 – 1000 used.  Then 1200 to 2000 monthly for a single or couple.

    1. @Charles Harrison i have one bank in the usa, another in the ph.  i simply transfer once a month what i figure i’ll need.  when i go to the atm, it comes out in pesos.

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