You won’t believe THIS is in the Middle East (Oman Roadtrip)

Oman is warming it’s way up to becoming one of our favourite travel destinations. From muscat to the daymaniyat island, beautiful landscapes and INCREDIBLE people. You won’t want to miss the rest of our Oman roadtrip. Get started today with Storyblocks:

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    1. Branded abayas are usually very expensive. Most omani women have their abayas tailored for better fit and they can choose the fabrics they want, the design and decorations like the stones and beads and embroideries. You can buy ready to wear abayas too in tailor shops

  1. Me and my friends experienced bioluminescence on a beach in Goa India ….
    For the first minutes we thought that we were hallucinating ….
    The triangular snack that u had is called “Samosa” here in India …
    Awesome video …
    Really enjoyed it like always🙌

  2. U made my morning!it is my favourite country I have visited, amazing people, God bless them, ad thank you for this interesting information!👍🥰

  3. says he’ll try Omani food
    proceeds to eat Indian food: Kachori, Pakora, Samosas, Rice and Curry
    also he had a salad.
    shuwa biryani: am I a joke to you?

  4. Hello, I am an Omani boy. We were pleased with your visit to the Sultanate of Oman. I want to tell you that if you visit Salalah Governorate, you will love the scenery and enjoy it

    هل في عمانين هنا العمانيين لايك

  5. If you haven’t been to Salalah, then you missed the most magnificent place on Earth!
    Muscat is great but Salalah is heaven on Earth!
    You must visit between July and August
    Nice video though 👌

  6. @Lost LeBlanc just to correct you on two things that you have mentioned. Al Bustan Palace was never the Sultan’s palace. It was built for the GCC leaders summit, and became a hotel. The Grand Mosque has visiting hours, where you will be allowed to enter the praying hall.

  7. Hey Lost Leblanc you have to visit Jabel Akhdar Alilia resort. And Wahiba Sands passing to SUR too. Muscat is just tip of the iceberg comparing to the rest of the country.

  8. That is so beautiful thank you for visiting Oman I have been following your world travling it so amazing seeing you in my country by the way I am deeply sorry for what happened to you both in chilli

  9. I grew up in Oman from kindergarten to high school graduation! It is undoubtedly my favorite country in the world and I highly recommend everyone travel there! It not only has the kindest people, delicious food, and incredible natural beauty, but it’s also one of the safest countries in the world. The connection to Sultan Qaboos is real, Omanis cherished him and even as an American expat, I was devastated when I heard the news. You guys did a great job capturing its amazing qualities, thank you for showing it to everyone!

  10. Oman relies a lot on using plastic though, which is very bad for the environment and gives a bad image. I hope bloggers mention this point, in hope to change.

  11. Iv lived in oman for 3 yrs its truely the jewel of the middle east after moving there from UAE its tottaly a different vibe and the people OMG most friendly welcoming eva!

  12. I have lived in Muscat for 18 years and you have caught some amazing things in your video which even i never did or experienced! Amazing stuff! Now i know what to do when i go back to Muscat 😊.

  13. It looks like travel this year is going to be a real challenge! I still don’t know if I will be able to go to Thailand next week as the number of the UK’s Covid19 cases has shot up, I don’t fancy being quarinteened for the two weeks I’m over there! How will it effect your travel plans?

  14. Oman is Beautiful, but this Video is one of the most painfully annoying travel videos i’ve ever seen, and it’s hard to describe why 🙁

  15. who said you cannot go inside the masjid? That’s not correct, I wonder why they stop you. yes Women have separate area in the masjid where they can go but Everyone ins masjid is allowed.

  16. The reason why you got 115 only because the omani currency is one of the most expensive ones in the world but it will cost the same as the american usd (really hard to explain why but 1 usd doller is 0.38 omr or 380 omani bizas) believe same amount

  17. 8 years here in oman now.. glad u enjoyed! Everything was perfect but just have to correct about al bustan palace.. its a 7 star hotel thats it 😊

  18. Was it possible to you to sleep on dimaniyat islands? When I was there it was egg laying time for turtles and even stepping was strictly forbidden

  19. Greetings from Norway! So cool to stumble across this video! I have been watching a lot of your other content. I was in Muskat with my family from 22 desember to around 4th of january, and i can confirm that Oman is an amazing country to visit. We visited Al Bustan Palace too! I was so excited when i saw that roof and recognised it

  20. All Lost LeBlanc followers can contact me if you come to Oman in the future, i will reply for sure.. I can show you Muscat for free off course.
    @Lost LeBlan, Baploo (your fav Omani dish) is actually a dish associated with my tribe (you stood next to the gate where i am from 12:22) – I hope they told your about the history of Muttrah and the forts as it was built i the 16th century. Did you know Muscat was occupied by the Portuguese? …. long rich history
    Once again thanks for visiting Oman and hope to see you again.
    Much respect.
    Love from Oman. Falah

    P.S Al- Bustan Palace is a hotel that was built for the GCC summit in 1986. The infinity pool of the hotel is ranked top 10 on TripAdvisor.

  21. Loved your video.. it was a trip back in time for me as I grew up there. Wish you could have also experienced the Royal Oprah House at Muscat.. the previous Sultan was a big aficionado of the arts.

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