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  1. Watch our second interview with Professor Woo-Joo Kim here:
    We want to thank Professor Kim from Korea University Guro Hospital for sharing his expert insight. The written transcript of this first interview is now available in our community app. If you also want us to do a follow-up interview with Professor Kim and have him answer your questions, you can directly ask our founder, Stephen, on our community app, which you can download here:
    App Store (iPhone):
    Play Store (Android):
    We share all the behind-the-scenes photos and stories about our videos in this community as well so download it now. See you on the inside!

    1. Asian Boss Really amazing how quickly South Korea made test kits and prove it to be accurate while other countries test kits still waiting for approval til this day sadly

      The fight is not yet over but I hope we all get through this

    2. Thanks to Asian Boss and Professor as well, here I have one doubt …how to use vegetables and fruits ? How much time the virus can survive on food items /food grains / cooked items ?
      Also is it safe to eat non veg like chicken , mutton , beef , eggs ?
      What are the precautions should taken by non infected persons when they go out or coming from outside other than wearing masks / goggles / gloves ?

    3. This interview is my Coronavirus bible. He is knowledgeable and humble and the journalist asked relevant questions. Fantastic job. I wish western leaders learn from this.. Question for WHO: why your leader is an Indian ignorant guy? This Doctor should be leading, love from England.

    4. @Asian Boss Hi, can you please explain why you allowed him to clearly misinform the public about China? You guys do a great job on your videos but he either received aid from China and is misleading people or you guys have received an investment.

      Ignorance is not an excuse for propaganda. Just as the PRC did with SARs they hid data and ignored data and squelched the media. You guys are supposed to report facts not biased media. It is quite sad.

  2. This is v informative as far a facts go..but whst I mean is it’s not really giving much hope, or new solutions.
    For that, I recommend check out Ari Whitten…his website ‘energy blueprint’, he has a brilliant podcast(and transcript), with a doctor (can’t rem name), about new,insights into the causes of the respiratory problems that Covid19 produces.. Its Not normal pneumonia..its more like lack of oxygen at high altitude effect..that seems to be caused by the virus attacking the haemoglobin and causing ‘free iron’ circulate in the blood, which brings problems.
    That’s just a v basic summary,sorry,I’m not v g at rem everything,..but believe me ull want to know about it.(all with good research refs) The new,treatment they r proposing, is using a v old drug,Methylene blue, which not only remedies this oxygen problem, but is also anti-viral. Just do check it out.. I know it is a breakthrough..

  3. This is the Best propaganda vid I’ve seen so far……looks like they even have some ai trying to make comments….a lot……18,000 comments!……and so many likes….god job ASIA BOS.

  4. In the beginning the Eroupe n America laughed at South Korea’s early responds as if over reacting or over control citizens infos but Koreans concern more human life also trust own government because last president was removed by citizens request from non violent protest

    1. Why don’t you speak Korean? Wow seriously putting him down for speaking Korean in Korea? If you are so smart speaking 4 languages why are you just a warehouse worker? Lol.

    2. Are you from Europe? If so, then that would make sense. English is not a required language in Korea, although kids start learning English from young for the past couple of decades. But I’m sure he knows English since he’s a MD and the fact that he studied English medical textbooks. It’s just that for people like him would have difficulty speaking in English than reading the language. I’m sure he knows at least 3 or more languages including Korean, English, Chinese Hanja, and perhaps even Japanese.

  5. friend in the morgue business in NYC. Heart attack victims and drug
    overdoses and car accidents were released under ” corona virus”on the
    death certs.

  6. This 30 minute video worth every single minute or even ever single second. I’m from Brazil and unfortunately our president is treating this virus as a “little flu”. We don’t use masks, we don’t test enough. What Korea is doing is logical and scientific. You have to test a lot to find a positive and isolate him and who was in contact with the positive case. You have to know your enemy and fight with the right weapons and strategies. Our government don’t take this to serious and that’s why we are suffering. We aren’t used to have this type of virus in our population so our techniques are to slow and very unneficienty. I don’t remember swine flu, SARS or MERS here in Brazil. We have Influenza vaccines every year and that’s it. This Korean leader needs to say this for the whole world because this is the only way to win this battle!! Thank you doctor!! God bless you and your team!! Here in Brazil we don’t have a leader like you unfortunately. Sorry for my bad english!

    1. @Toshihiro Tanaka ….. in the UK alone, they saw a spike of 5k deaths from the same time frame from previous years. Flu is not the common cold, you idiot.

  7. Thank you for this video and the info from the Professor!! I learned a lot from watching this video. I wish he could be our Surgeon General here we need more medical staff that have vital data and I go to help flatten the curve the epidemic here. I will continue to wear my mask and practice CDC guidelines God bless everyone!!

  8. I want to show this to all the blind morons on reddit and imgur who due to their TDS are still huge supporters of ( who is admittedly very renown and certified ) Fauci . Fauci has given wrong numbers (by a large margin) and given really poor advice (in comparison to this video). But no, orange man bad.

    This is coming from someone on the outside who is Mexican, by the way.

  9. Is “flattening the curve” that we hear from politicians actually burying those who test positive and die, along with the virus they carry?

    Eventually, if everyone were to stay home, would it matter if we stay home for one week or 100 years? The virus can’t die: it’s not living. It will be there “waiting,” no matter how long
    we stay home. If we’re waiting for those adults who have it to die and take it to their graves, is that going to work?

    What may keep this virus around us is that we all have to eat.

    (I don’t have the virus, by the way.) We all
    go to grocery stores. We’re not testing people for it before they go grocery shopping. So, the virus is going to shift from restaurants, schools, and offices to grocery stores. We have to decide: are we going to let people unknowingly just walk to their graves by going grocery shopping? What about the professional grocery shoppers? Even if we don’t make contact with them when they deliver food to our doors, most of them will not deliver perishable foods. Shouldn’t there be a law requiring grocery chains to let their professional shoppers deliver perishable foods? So, they deliver the food to your house, and you let the non-perishable foods stay outside over night, but immediately take the perishable foods inside. You wipe off the outside of the milk carton, and packaged meats. If either of those has the virus on it, it’s going to be hard for a non-health care professional to do this properly, without transferring it to something else in their kitchen.

    If you keep washing  your hands enough, eventually you’re going to transfer the virus to parts of your bathroom, for example. Going back to the professional grocery shopper, eventually there are going to be lawsuits brought by professional grocery shoppers who work for grocery stores that do not outfit them with full-body equipment that they can dispose of after each
    delivery. And what segments of society can afford to pay the $99 yearly fee plus give the grocery delivery person a nice tip?

    Professional grocery shoppers may be fatalities in this World War III. If they start testing positive, are they going to quit their jobs?  How about the workers at the plants and factories where our food is canned, packaged, and shipped out?

    Health care workers are very brave also, but what exactly are “essential” health care services? Does this mean that most health care that is not life or death has been a waste of our money all along?

    So, I see at least two places where the virus is going to go, in America at least. I’d appreciate it if a scientist could explain why my logic is faulty, and why my theory that the virus is now going to be
    funneled to grocery stores, grocery shoppers/deliverers, and health care facilities is completely false. Thanks!

    1. Flattening the curve is not eradicating the virus. The curve is the number of infections and you flatten it enough to be within the capacity of your health care system. You do this by staying indoors. Lockdowns enables the health care system to catch up to the virus. First, it slows down spread which gives your government time to raise the capacity of your health care system so that when the population is reintroduced back to society, the infected cases can be treated properly and you won’t overload your health care system. If a country’s health care system collapses, the whole country is basically fcked.

  10. Hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc is the successful treatment for COVID-19 internationally. If it’s not being used where you live DEMAND that it starts. Contact local politicians, media and medical centres. Start saving lives.
    Remember a strong immune system is the best defence against infection. Eat healthy food, stay hydrated and exercise.
    Vitamin D3 protects against acute respiratory infection. 5000 iu / 125mcg a day. Zinc is essential to immune function and an anti viral response. 40 mg a day. Vitamin C prevents and treats pneumonia. 3-5 gms a day. Raw garlic inhibits and treats viral infections. 2-3 cloves a day. Chopped or crushed.
    Take one day at a time and avoid stress as it weakens the immune system.

  11. I am not a scientist or politician but I am practical and alert….whatever the great nation of China thinks, the CORONAVIRUS emerged from wuhan China which makes responsible for damages its piling up on the entire world…my good doctor of South Korea, it makes no difference who comes up with the vaccine first, China must find a way to provide the vaccine to everyone in the world…if there was no China, there would be no CORONAVIRUS…China is assumes liability for the CORONAVIRUS, they are the owners so to speak…they must pay for all the destruction and damages the CORONAVIRUS has caused

  12. Großen Dank an Herrn Prof. Kim Woo-joo für dieses umfangreiche und sehr gute Interview! Eine sehr umsichtige und sachliche Gesamteinschätzung, die uns die Augen öffnet, auch über unsere Fehler, die wir gemacht haben hier in Europa, und die uns hilft, mit all unserer Kraft diesen guten Rat umzusetzen ,diese Pandemie zu überleben und eines Tages zu besiegen!Ein großes Danke auch an Herrn Stephen Park für die gestellten Fragen, die uns alle bewegen!

  13. Lol I’m in the USA and tests are unavailable like what I’m seeing here in this video. I’m also not scared of getting sick, what I’m scared of is our government’s control it taking over our rights here.

  14. the shortage can surely be a factor right now, but it is inherently counterproductive. this disregard for masks only means that more people will end at the hospital, so it isn’t that. they were actively disseminating false information and deeming any information of the contrary as flawed (even though it is common practice in the health sector). sometimes it had political or cultural undertones as well, like for example, there is this really dumb stigma in the west about covering your face or head as making you less trustworthy, or about covering your face being a privilege because [minority group] supposedly can’t do it without raising the alarm or whatever. and they did this for many years, so if it looks random that they only started recommending masks 4 months into the news cycle, it is because it is. do you know the saying “old habits die hard”, that’s what is happening here. they kept their little lies and misrepresentations for far too long not to double down. they would even go as far as to misrepresent asian health workers by putting words in their mouths. so it really is weird and ridiculous. they can’t link 1 per reviewed source for their nonsense. it is all “do as i say and don’t question it”, straw man fallacies, screaming, etc…

  15. The Coronavirus is a latent virus that has been laying dormant in the human body the virus was reactivated by the 5G signal from the cell phone towers, the virus can be killed by a opposite frequency or signal or a resonance frequency or signal

    1. ……. seriously. They’ve had 5G towers in Korea for more than a year now, I don’t see them dropping like flies. And most countries don’t even have 5G yet. Maybe don’t be an idiot next time.

  16. WhiIe l was paying my bill at Rexall in Vancouver, Canada, I heard a conversation taking place between a male staff and a white Canadian guy saying “we gotta stay away from the Corona Zombies”. They seemed very funny but I found them inconsiderate & uneducated. If people said like ” We gotta stay away from AIDS Zombies since the virus started from North America, how would you guys feel about it? Some Canadians might have low civic consciousness.

  17. Watching from UK and you can guess what I am thinking about our governments response! This is the most sensible response I have heard. I am humbled that we have people like this in the world. Thank you

  18. Sorry asian boss, i make long comment to help indonesian viewer to understand
    menit, tks for the video
    01:00 perkenalan Prof (ahli penyakit menular) KIM WOO-ju (dari Korea univ medicine)
    02:30 asal mula kasus di temukan pertama kali di Wuhan
    05:30 resiko kematian (data di Korea) …tinggi utk usia lanjut di atas 60 (karena imun system berkurang dgn usia
    06:30 dari 9000 an kasus di KOrea 20% tanpa gejala (kelihatan sehat) ybs tdk merasa sakit tapi bisa menyebarkan virus
    07:30 orang yg mempunyai sakit bawaan juga beresiko tinggi meski berusia muda
    08:05 orang yang sudah sembuh bisa terinfeksi lagi…. utk penyakit lain biasanya setelah sembuh badan membuat antibody utk virus yang sama, tapi belum tentu dgn covid19

    08:50 ada 3 cara transmisi virus…
    09:00 orang yang membawa virus ketika batuk atau bersin mengeluarkan droplet (sama seperti ludah ) butir2 cairan (ukuran 5 micron atau lebih)
    09:30 droplet ini akan (meluncur) keluar dari mulut dan jatuh kurang lebih 1-2 meter…jika terkena langsung lapisan mucous (mulut, hidung, dan mata) kita bisa terinfeksi
    10:00 moda transmisi ke 2 adalah melalu tangan
    10:30 orang yang bersin bisa menkontaminasi barang di sekitarnya …berapa lama virus bertahan pada permukaan benda
    10:40 pada meja bisa 3 hari
    pada baju, kertas bisa 1 hari, pada cuaca dingin bisa bertahan lebih lama

    11:05 jadi jika kita memegang benda2 tersebut lalu memegan wajah (mulut, hidung, mata) kita bisa terinfeksi
    1130 moda terinfeksi yang umum adalah kontak langsung, dan kontak tidak langsung
    11:35 bagaimana aerosol transmission (melalui udara)
    1150 menjelaskan melalui contoh jemaat gereja shincheonji (sekte kristen)
    dalam ibadah menyanyi sambil berteriak kencan dalam ruangan penuh dengan ratusan orang dalam ruang yang sama
    1245 pada waktu orang berteriak kencang “droplet” bisa meluncur lebih dari 2 mtr dalam processnya ukuran droplet bisa mengecil kurang dari 5 micron, dan berpotensi menjadi aerosol (seperti semprotan obat nyamuk yang bisa mengambang sementara di udara)
    1330 airborne / aerosol transmission kurang kemungkinannya di ruang terbuka
    1520 karena bisa terinfeksi melalui mata…kaca mata membantu
    1533 virus tidak bisa tembus kulit, hanya melalui membran mocous (mata, hidung, mulut)
    mocous ini mempunya ACE2 receptor sel dimana virus corona menempel. bagian tubuh kita yang lain tdk ada ace2 receptor (tidak menular melalu telinga)

    1555 seberapa efektif pemakaian masker? ……tentunya efektif.
    1625 pekerja medis yang memakai masker terbukti mengurangi resiko sewaktu memakai masker
    1630 di negara barat orang2 tidak memakai masker….prof:menurut saya itu sangat ganjil.
    Badan kesehat amerika merekomendasikan orang tidak perlu pakai masker. dan WHO mengatakan orang tidk perlu memakai masker.
    1644 tapi saya harus menyatakan “tidak setuju”…saya membaca tweet mengenai ini, kamu harus mengerti contextnya. Pointnya adalah utk mencegah orang2 menimbun masker, karena pekerja2 medis lebih memerlukannya. Kalau mereka kehabisan masker mereka tidak bisa merawat pasien2 itu.
    dalam arti kata, karena di amerika supply masker menipis, prioritas harus diberikan pada tenaga medis.
    1717 jadi orang2 seharusnya memakai masker……..Benar
    1740 pada dasarnya memakai masker membantu……tentu (kalau gitu apa gunanya dokter2 memakai masker di RS.? untk mencegah infeksi.
    1757 jadi karena hampir semua orang Korea memakai masker, secara umum infeksi berkurang??…….absolutely

    1810 WHO tdk merekomendasikan orang sehat memakai masker, namun negara2 asia merekomendasikan masker
    1845 menurut prof Korea mempunya angka infeksi yang rendah karena org2 memakai masker
    1900 corona test di korea
    1920 Korea punya pengalaman di SARS dan MERS peduduknya relative sudah teredukasi
    1950 sudah persiapan test kit jauh hari setelah MERS
    2724 menurut prof situasi covid19 ini berapa lama ? katanya kira2 musim panas nanti akan mereda.skenario paling baik/optimis……. Berdasar wabah sebelum nya SARS mulai bulan NOVEMBER 2002 menyebar melalui Guandong dan HKG, dan seluruh situasi SARS berakhir July 2003.
    Tapi tahun 2003 transportasi udara masih sedikit dibanding sekarang, dunia hampir tanpa batas. skenario lain (lebih pesimis) ….pada waktu belahan dunia utara masuk musim panas, negara di selatan mengalami musim dingin (australia, NZ, africa selatan) …penyakit ini bisa kembali lagi pada waktu musim dingin di belahan bumi utara, seperti FLU musiman bisa menjadi wabah rutin.

    2945 skenario terbaik adalah dengan vaksinasi.
    3020 mendevelop vaksin bisa butuh bertahun tahun.
    3145 karena itu hal paling cepat yang bisa kita lakukan adalah dengan repurposing (mengalih gunakan) obat2an yang sudah ada dan beredar.
    prof menjelaskan viagra awalnya adalah obat untuk obat penyakit lain (pulmonary artery hypertension)
    ternyata cukup efektif untuk disfungsi ereksi. dengan begitu kita mencoba obat2 lain yang pernah dipakai utk penyakit2 menular di masa lampau, itulah yang di sebut drug repurposing (karena hal ini adalah opsi yang tersedia dalam waktu ini)
    Kaletra obat untk AIDS.
    3240 Chloroquine obat untuk malaria…dicoba utk covid19 dan ternyata efektif utk pasien2 kritis.
    3245 kami juga mencoba REMDESIVIR yang aslinya adalah obat utk EBOLA di buat Gilead Sciences.
    3310 metoda lain yang kami coba adalah dengan infusi plasma darah dari pasien yang sembuh.

  19. So basically screw the older people and live your life …Gretchen Whitmer’s Coronavirus Executive Orders…
    and people are protesting because of there a younger crowd…so be free you one brain cell Americans and live for yourselves screw everyone else .

  20. Sweden approach is only right – no panic, no shutdowns and yes deaths but just average or lower than other countries. But number of people who now get immunity this way, Sweden is on top and in long run more secure against covid-19 than any other country. Simple: better to have higher number people with immunity than with vaccine – already proven in all cases of flu in world. PEOPLE — DON’T GET BILL GATES VACCINE!!!!

    1. You are wrong: the reason the pandemic has not peak yet in Sweden is because the small population 10M distributed 23 inhabitants per km2. Wait and see. The soft approach will take the bill.

  21. Thanks a lot from
    Italy. Your interview is gold in this period not just because of the Pandemia but also because of the millions of contradictory info that we are receiving everyday. Thanks a lot also to the doctor and scientist for his time and his clear explanation 🙏🙏

    1. Actually the reason why alot of Asia wears masks is if when someone has a cold, they are considerate to others so others don’t get sick unnecessarily – It’s part of their culture to think of others. China governemt, may be not so much.

  22. Stephen, I’m a subscriber and follow your channel likewise I’m also a doctor from Manila….just a suggestion to make things credible especially about your topic…why are you not wearing a mask yourself and the professor KIm your interviewing is not also wearing one….is it not a good example both of you wearing one….anyway just a suggestion or a constructive criticism but doesn’t mean no disrespect. Thanks if you would read and heed this suggestion. Stay safe.

    1. He already responded in the following video: both already went through basic check and have special stickers on safety. Plus they’re keeping the 6ft/2m distance policy

  23. the above is a crock. It aint a virus. We dont know what it IS as of yet, April 15, 2020, but we DO know that the Chinese created it and that they hid its startup from the world for well over a month, locking down wuhan, but LETTING people leave on planes, to ensure that it would be spread around the world. The heads of the CCP belong on pikes, JUST for hiding it.

  24. In Brunei, the schools, university, gyms and religious places are closed. So far, we 136 cases and 28 cases left. but whats worrying are the relapsed cases of 10😭

  25. And then there’s my country, the Netherlands, that even now on the 16th of April has told the citizens that face masks are unnecessary and that they won’t change their standpoint on that! It is honestly disgusting how many of the western countries specifically are doing little to nothing about this outbreak until it goes so far that they get forced to do a lockdown, which my country still is NOT doing and if you look at Worldometers for the live update of Corona, we can see that the amount of known patients went from 182,000 on March 16th, and currently on Aptil 16th 2.1 MILLION. It honestly saddens and infuriates me how horribly many countries are dealing with it. South Korea (and hong kong) are amazing, and I love that they even pay for the test if the patient ended up positive! This is exactly why South Korea has been pretty steady and hasn’t had too many new patients or even deaths, whilst countries like mine the Netherlands, and many other western countries have been going up in numbers and are above South Korea even though they started later, and that’s not including the fact that most of these other countries don’t test a lot of people unlike Korea which means the patient count is even higher. I hope everyone stays safe and leaders start doing their damn jobs.

  26. What Im really sad is He was tight about the masks Im in Germany Weimar Right now And here almost no one wears a mask including me – ı couldn’t find :)- This is scary taht people how so Comfortable …

  27. What a shill. So much hope in a vaccine. But you NEVER hear them talk about the innate immune system and NK cells. Can’t let people know that they have WBCs that kill NOVEL viruses w/o previous exposure

  28. Thank you so much for adding eyes. I made a home made visor for all using our books A4 plastic included for babies. Now our government info has only implemented mandatory mask. we are far behind.

  29. As a Korean-American, I feel incredibly proud of my mother country and incredibly disappointed in my home country. The way that both have chosen to act in the face of this pandemic is completely polarized from one another, and I truly empathize and applaud South Korea for all it has done in such a short period of time. I pray that America stops playing it’s stupid game of politics with peoples lives and wakes up before it’s too late.

    대한민국, 응원합니다. 힘내세요

  30. The difference in population is stark. I don’t think Americans realize how unhealthy we are. There are so many people who are obese or have diabetes and that does mean you have pre-existing condition.

  31. Depending on whether it was taken out of context or not, I’d feel it pretty important knowing if wearing a mask or not helps. WHO should make it very clear. They haven’t.

    1. Same in US… still in US they are telling us to use cloth masks and leave N95 and surgical masks only for health care workers. Yet in Korea everyone wears N95 equivalent. Studies show cloth masks filter less than 20% of 0.3 microns whereas N95 would filter 95%

  32. Huge respect for South Korea, its culture and its people (in general, not just during this pandemic). Great video – I’ll be sharing amongst friends and family here in U.K.

  33. I wish Dr. Lee Jong-wook was still alive. Has he been still running WHO, countless lives could have been saved. Its current director general is just a stupid politician who doesn’t know what he is doing.

  34. Super video. An extraordinary doctor. Thanks for this social contribution. Thank you very much from Italy. I hope that Italian doctors listen to these words. Best wishes to all humanity. Come on South Korea. Come on Italy. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏🔝🇰🇷🌈🇮🇹♥️

  35. 16:50 he is completely right. And maybe in some sense what the UK government did lead to some positive results, the way they presented it was still a lie. I am a pretty reasonable person, if politicians told me that we just dont have the supplies and we need them for the doctors for now I would just stay home and wait for more masks to be produced. Instead they simply lied to us.

  36. This is “The” very first time that I have heard really relevant questions asked. And the very first time honest and straightforward answers given. No question avoidance as with Politicians. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for this.

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