You MUST Visit This Unique Pet Cafe in Seoul, South Korea! #meerkatcafe

The address for Meerkat Friends is 마포구 서교동 364-3. Copy and paste that into Naver Maps and you’ll be able to find your way there. You MUST use Naver Maps in Korea (or any other Korean-made map app) because google maps basically doesn’t work in South Korea.

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  1. No matter how cute they are wild animals belong in their natural habitat not some showroom…
    Too bad korea doesn’t have protective laws to prevent something like this unless its endangered species…

    1. Once Upon Tomorrow actually in the USA, they are opening up Cat cafes in big cities. I actually think it is better than the hundreds of homeless animals starving and dying on the streets. These animals at least have a home are fed and have love that is what is important.

  2. Omg I need to go there!! I’m so so glad that they’re putting the animals comfort and safety first. I really really want to interact with the foxes especially. I’ll have to tell my friend, she can visit on my behalf until I get to travel there 😂 thanks for the honest review! That way people won’t go in expecting to be able to play fully with the animals.

  3. Pet cafes are havens of animal abuse and they are often kept in poor, cramped conditions. Exotic animals are not meant to be touched and gawked at by tourists all day, it’s a shame you’re supporting and promoting this.

    1. Kaitybubbly yes I do. Are you city folk? Where there isn’t a city we gave lots of animals on the road I see cows also they just roam around. Maybe some travel can open you up

    2. @Kaitybubbly meerkats are around many streets in many different states of America. In fact, I drove (in my car) past some near Oklahoma City. I also come from a state where foxes are raised to be hunted. I do not approve of this I rather see these foxes in a cafe than running from a pack of dogs. America has it’s own animal rights I can fight for I don’t need to go overseas.

    3. @Mollie The one it’s been well researched. Look up the exotic animal cafe articles about Japan and South Korea. These aren’t domesticated animals like cats. You sound like the type of person to take photos with drugged up tigers in Thailand.

    4. Kaitybubbly with all those rules in place and seeing the animals I don’t care to agree. I see more pitiful animals on the street they are the real abused ones

  4. It’s a nice place, first time I was there I was really hungover with my other visiting friend that also really hangover. Don’t recommend it’s warm inside so you feel very dehydrated fast. Second time it was a really nice experience.

  5. I actually went there and it’s alright…. Wefancy probably got a better experience cuz they are YouTubers lolol . Very little amount of time with them and you have to wait in long lines to get in there with them. Regretting wasting my money there lolololol


    I stayed in Choco/Bobo, this is Hondae right?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  7. Happy to see happy healthy foxes. Saw a place in Japan where it’s a fox park and it was bad. I personally would pass on this but if there was a place to interact with Pitbulls I would pay to play every day!

  8. When I was there 4/5 months ago. One pen/area was allowing 2 people at time. The longer area I saw groups up to 8 people. It’s not bad. I didn’t end up going into the pens with the meerkats.. too many people waiting, lining up. It’s probably better to do on a weekday, less crowds maybe, but it’s worth seeing if that thing interests you. It’s very tight space in general though, so the smaller your bags are the better.

  9. How’d they get the animals? Are they a rescue or did they purchase the animals from a breeder for the sole purpose of opening the cafe? If they’re a rescue that does the cafe to have the animals be ambassadors for their species wonderful! If they just bought the animals just for the cafe, that rubs me the wrong way a bit.

  10. Hi Guys, I’m in Korea right now and wanted to know if you can give me some information about visiting the N Seoul Tower. Where would I be able to catch the cable cars to go up? We took the city bus up the mountain but my parents (seniors) couldn’t hike up the rest of the way. Thank you for your time.

  11. I went to this cafe last year and it was so much! The only thing that was offsetting was the intense barnyard/urine smell when u walk in the cafe. But i got used to the smell when I was in the cafe long enough.

  12. I live in Korea, and when my little sister came to visit me, I took her here on her birthday…I’ve never seen a 26-year-old get so excited about animals. The meerkats loved her as much as she loved them 😆

  13. I actually went there with my korean friend and the staff was really nice. We were able to interact with all the animals, so I think it depends on the situation

  14. According to Wikipedia, a group of meerkats is called a mob or a gang. I paused the video, immediately looked it up on the Internet and typed the information here. Now, I’m gonna watch the video again 😀

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