YouTube is a giant video media company that offers video creators many options to present their videos to the public. They also offer us a glimpse of the makeup of those who subscribe and watch our videos.


  1. Rod,
    Are you “Big Brother?” What would recommend as the laptop is most useful for editing videos? That’s pretty interesting how YT collects demographics ( That’s how their targeting their advertisements) that you can analyze your viewing audience. (Like the Nielsen’s) That’s interesting that your revenues went down during COVID crisis. I would think the exact opposite to be the case with many more people being at home. In case you haven’t heard Ducey extended the “Stay at home order” for the state with modifications. Take care, Stay well.

  2. Again this is like an information overload.. if gets to the point where YouTube can turn on my camera without my permission I’ll delete YouTube
    We are going under General lock down tomorrow MAY 1 in Aklan. Step in the correct direction … baby steps saves lives. So we still have a positive attitude even locked up for 40 days in a hotel you know way before this pandemic came out you always wish us “safe travels to you all “it just has more meaning now

  3. Interesting video Rod, some surprising revelations there. I was surprised that people don’t watch the whole video.
    Google certainly have a lot of information on everyone now, it’s kind of scary what they know, but if you own a smartphone, you have no privacy anymore. I glad you are able to keep yourself busy.

  4. I always watch /listen to the entire video because your content is informative. The fact that you speak up and clearly are added bonuses. Even though I plan on retiring in Luzon in 33 months I can always use good info. Most times I have the video going in the background while I’m at work, exercising, etc. Have a great day from Houston TX USA

  5. Would be helpful if you could post hyperlinks in the description box. You could link your recent uploads to other social media platforms such as FB or Twitter. Create some hyperlinks that lead to these pages and it will make it easier for your subscribers to head over to your social media pages and view the contents from there. This will improve the efficiency to your channel while providing widespread coverage for all. Rod continue to dazzle us with your insights and analysis…Cheers !!!!

  6. Hi Rod. Your playlists look a little more organised than mine. I might have to spend some time on those as well. The new YouTube studio gives us a mountain of information which is very Interesting for creators. My revenue has dropped around 60% the past month. But we keep on keeping on Rod. 🙂👍

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