Yet Another $500 House Rental in Dumaguete City (Ummmm….yeah…..well…..ugh….)

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  1. It seems that the owner of the place is trusting his local representatives to properly prep the house and they are failing miserably. Clearly they don’t care. Next………

  2. 12 to 15 Peso house , if electrics and water are good will be a nice house for a couple ,yard and inside house just needs a clean up oh and some handles on cupboards lol .if the price was right its a good rental .

  3. That P25,000 is the new ‘sweet’ spot, regardless of the condition, location or size. I’m actually surprised that more wasn’t stripped from the house. I’d love to know what landlords are thinking when they assess the value and subsequent asking price.

  4. This needs a good cleaning outside and inside use a power washer and a good coat of paint trees need to be trimmed and yard needs a good cleaning nice size rooms but some plumbing in the CR’s and kitchen needs help but I think it doesn’t meet American Standard but some Philippino may like it

  5. Good size building, and yard.. I don’t think Filipino’s know what making a place ready for sale or rent is.. Still a lot of work to be done… 25k php = NO… Thanks for the vid Ned…

  6. Own a house even if it is small enough for now…it is open for renovation little by little….$500 is a lot to do other things..self expenses and little help for others…just saying..
    Unless you have lots and lots of money that $500 is nothing 🙂
    That gate can be build for less than $300
    🙂 *peace*

  7. Would you be on the hook for AC unit in master bedroom & working shower in master bath ? No bedroom for nanny. Seems over-priced for unfurnished and no appliances. Good luck trying to use bedroom closest to master bedroom as office. That would be Zoey’s room, man. The three of you taked care & good luck.

  8. It’s better to loan a house in the bank, instead of wasting money for rent, use it for loan payament. This is how I got my capital money for my build and sell business. First house I profited 2M peso in 2 years. Took me 2 years because I lived in the house first before deciding to sell it. When I found a buyer part of the contract to sell is they would give me downpayment to fully pay the loan, then the remaining when the title is out of the bank. Not I on my 5th house of flipping 😊 just ideas out there

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