Yello Hotel in Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, the Phlippines is a new and unique hotel with several room type options. There is also a roof deck bar and restaurant, event room and conference room. A dormitel is also part of Yello Hotel.


  1. Rod,
    The “Dormitel” is similar arrangement to the hostel system. They appear to clean and well – maintained. They seem like a very reasonable accommodation option. Notice how much lower the hallway noise was in that hotel. After the current situation stabilizes/resolves, I believe it will be a traveler’s market for an extended period of time.

    1. Good question Mark and I don’t know the answer. I don’t think many hotels allow them as a yipping dog will get your hotel many bad reviews.

  2. Very impressive.
    If ever I get over to Cebu I’ll check that out!
    I just want to have a party in that boardroom ( not a meeting…that would be boring )😂
    Thanks for the grand tour.
    Always a full watch.
    Take good care!

    1. Those are capsule hotel accommodations, very popular in some parts of Asia like Japan, Korea, Taiwan and even in Southeast Asia. Those are designed for backpackers or millennial tourists who usually travel in groups. While the rate is per capsule, you can actually buy the whole room or part of the dormitory if your group is big or big family. So you can save some as you share bathrooms and shower rooms as well as lockers.

  3. I know where you are now? I stayed at the Tsia Hotel. John? Is the Tsia hotel still open? It looked closed? I always stayed at Tsia Hotel and I know JY mall???

    1. @Amazing Philippines I would like to stay there sometime. Right now there is no travel. My step son lives in Iowa and his fiance was coming over from Mactan on a fiance visa but their planes were returned to Cebu from Dubai on they way to the USA. It had to do with the virus concerns. So the wedding is off for now!

    1. @lionhearted. I understand you have good intentions, but you often come across as quite intolerant, super critical of others thoughts, and sometimes even racist so you should really think before posting so many critical statements.

    2. It would be awful if they painted the hotel red when the hotel’s name is Yello! Being an artist myself, the color scheme is great. So do you have an issue as well with Radisson Blu using blue color for its facade and marketing collateral? How about Red Planet Hotels using red color for its facade and marketing collateral? 🙂

  4. That’s not a lot of privacy. I wish they added some doors to block the noise when you’re sleeping. This is like heaven for back packers though. The individual rooms are not bad at all.

    1. @M D Many capsule accommodations are usually part of regular budget hostels as found in Taiwan and here in Cebu. Though there are some hostels which feature all-capsule accommodations. Honestly, I find the Yello Hotel capsule accommodations more luxurious than the ones we found in Taipei both in design and amenities.

    2. Those are capsule hotel accommodation. Capsule hotels are now the trend among millennial customers all over Asia. You can find many capsule hotels in many parts of Asia especially in East Asia like Japan where the concept originated. Taiwan and South Korea also have lots of capsule hotels. Cebu is also building more and more capsule hotels recently as Cebu is popular among millennial tourists.

  5. Nice place.. Seems to be a first rate ran operation, as Cebu standards go.. Breakfast included is cool to.. Thanks for the video, Rod..

  6. Hey Rod – thanks for the hotel tour. Really liking the new style accommodations popping up there. I can’t wait to visit again. Stay safe, Sir!

  7. That’s an interesting place Rod, it looks big with a good choice of rooms. I look forward to coming back when this situation is over, and checking out a few new hotels. I’m glad you are still able to add videos and keep sane. Stay safe and keep well.

    1. Thanks Brian. I have lots of video footage I took over the last 4 years that I have never used so I should be able to stay busy for some time. This is a new and interesting hotel.

  8. Yello Hotel is called smart hotel because you can check in even before you step into the doorway. If you flight is delayed or get caught in traffic, you can check in using their own app. Physical interaction with hotel staff is minimized because the app enables you to check in even before you can board your plane, request anything from the hotel staff, view your bill, pay your bill, and check out – all with the app.


    1. I think I have seen wild rice somewhere, maybe Healthy Options health food store but not readily available. There is black, red, and brown rice available. I don’t eat many carbs but bought a few kilos of black rice/red/brown mix in case this crisis lasts a long time.

  10. Thanks for walking me through the process, I also use AGODA BUT WILL TRY BOOKING.COM. nice modern place with some good prices. Thanks 👍

    1. Thanks Todd. Agoda was asking me to send them 2 id’s to prove who I am, even after having no issues with my CC payments. and are easier to do business with after Agoda cancelled 2 bookings the last 2 months because they weren’t satisfied with what I sent them.

  11. Crazy prices bearing in mind the lockdowm and squashed tourism industry… unless 1 guest must now supplement 5 under current chaos

    1. LOL. I didn’t think of that Jim. Happy Easter to you as well. Easter here is usually quite active and noisy with fire works and religious celebrations starting very early morning, but not this year with the lockdown.

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