Wuhan Citizens On Coming Out of COVID-19 Lockdown [Street Interview] | ASIAN BOSS

On January 23, 2020, the city of Wuhan went into lockdown as the epicenter of the coronavirus, now referred to as COVID-19. After 76 days, the city announced that the lockdown was over, allowing its citizens to finally come out of their homes and get back to their normal lives. What happened in the city throughout these few months? We’re on the streets of Wuhan to find out.
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  1. Regardless of how you may feel about China, be respectful towards people who agreed to interview with us. Even getting inside access to Wuhan was a huge challenge for us as a tiny media company based outside of China and we want to thank all members of our Asian Boss community for making this video possible. If you think people’s answers are biased anyway, then technically there is no point of conducting interviews at all. We risked a lot to do this interview because we believe it’s still important to show the world how ordinary people from China think on this issue. How you choose to interpret their opinions is to up to you. We encourage everybody to have robust discussions but in the end, we expect our community to be better and more supportive of each other in these difficult times. If you consider yourself a member of the Asian Boss community, we ask you to report any hate speech and unproven conspiracy theories, and those comments will be removed immediately.

  2. Holy Smokes!The Citizens Think That The Virus Didnt Spread From Wuhan?Bruhh!Brace Yourself People Another Made In China Disease Will Spread In The Future!They Should Bow Their Head Down To The World And Take Responsibilty To Try To Help The Poor Countries And Pray For The People Who Lost Their Family because Of the Virus That They Spread Around The World,Instead their Chilling Outside Giving Interviews Roaming On The Streets,Wow China Wow!

  3. It seems like they could ask questions what they allowed to! Because they are well known that people won’t be able to give answers of some questions which are rising in world! Even after we should appreciate the efforts of Asian boss for giving information about different surroundings and helping needy people 👏👏👏

  4. Pls people direct your anger at the CCP, not the Chinese people as a whole. They also suffered, they became experiments and sacrificial lambs to this virus. PS – that health code for going to work is great. I hope many countries adopt it.

  5. 7:50 Zhao Lijian, the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs says the US Army brought the virus to Wuhan. Sorry, but I have nothing but contempt for the Chinese government. Nothing but lies 24/7.

    8:20 and clearly the propaganda is working on chinese people. “No evidence”??? Really?

  6. so… many people in china either do believe some stupid things or they feel presured to say that in front of a camera. i obv. do understand that saying the corona virus is a chinese virus makes you feel unease atöeast if your patriotic i guess, but it is proven that the virus originated in china. there was the first outbreak. no scientific proof? are u… fcking dumb? sorry to say it like that. but you know, hearing ppl say smth stupid makes me really angry. unlike you ;}
    edit. no one with more than one brain cell believes china spread the virus on purpose.

  7. Certainly i cannot say Chinese government done everything correctly, but the ordinary people has nothing to do with it, and suffered just the same. However from this pandemic, i recognized how toxic the western media is, which i never thought it is, and overall how divided people are in general, the ugliness revealed, stupidity revealed, and how bias the media is to create anti China effect, where the same horrible things happening in other countries is absent.

  8. 6:32 I’m correct, some of these wetmarkets have been reopened. However, China needs to be transparent and lay down all animals, including these so-called “exotic” animals that are being slaughtered and sold, so that there can be a universal law strongly laid down on what meat can be sold and consumed. The fact that the labelling of “exotic animal” is contextual in different areas of China is a worrying sight.

  9. These people are delusional. “There is no evidence that the virus came from Wuhan” “selling exotic animals is illegal in China” therefore it doesn’t happen. YES THE VIRUS DID ORIGINATE IN WUHAN CHINA. YES CHINA DOES SELL EXOTIC ANIMALS IN WET MARKETS. Hint we’ve seen the pictures and the video. STOP LYING.

  10. “No evidence that it originated in China”? …Really? 😑
    I get that they are angry that the whole world is blaming the Chinese (even though they are not at fault because it was ONE DOCTOR WHO STARTED IT ALL THERE), it still originated there. You just can’t avoid the fact that it started in Wuhan. But yeah, they really suffered a lot from it.

  11. Asian boss is pro-CCP. I barely saw videos which criticize China in this channel even about HongKong protest or Covid19 situation. And Asian boss even ban the word “Com–nist”.

  12. I think that only the ignorant people blame China, here in Israel I sometimes see that on forums and I try to set them straight with some hard facts about the carefree way some governments acted when the pandemic was still contained.
    People talk a great deal about how the Chinese government was supposedly hiding the extent of the pandemic in its initial phases but lets not forget all the brave people of Wuhan that sacrificed themselves to get the information out there and still my government did not treat these reports with the required gravity.
    So In my opinion its wrong to blame China, this virus is spread mainly through the social irresponsibility and stupidity of some people regardless of what nation or ethnic background they come from.

  13. So they are tracking everyone via the mobile tele system. The ccp gov now knows where everyone is at or was . and they are thinking of doing this in the States. Those that give up liberty for safety deserve neither

    all the people interviewed really have to be careful what they say or the CCP will find them and punish them

  14. They HAVE to say these things that makes China look good. They are literally living in a society from minority report. Oh wait im sure they banned that movie too 😂

  15. I am awed that Asian Boss was able to do such a painfully relevant interview under the current circumstances. Wuhan was hit first and these individuals have been lucky to survive. Yet this comment section is cross referencing every answer as if they are speaking at the United Nations 😂

  16. I personally feel very sorry that the outbreak frist occured in China,, but I don’t think that we are accountable for the current worsening situation.
    I have always been wishing that China were the only affcted counry if there must be one.
    However, with globalization, there was no way that we could stop the virus from spreading.
    If a virus occurs somewhere on the planet, it’s inevitable for this virus to spread to the rest of the world, just like HIV, H1N1, MERS, Ebola.
    Spreading is just a matter of when, not a matter of if.
    If you must pick someone to blame, you should really blame your own governmen for its uncapability of preventing the virus from spreading in your country.

    If we could, we would have asked or forced all of you to take this virus very seriously when we were suffring the most months ago, but we couldn’t because of the sovernity matter.
    We could not tell other governments what to do or what not to do.
    We could not force other governments to stock up medical equipment in advance.
    We could not order people in other countries to avoid gathering, praying, & parading.
    All we can do is to try our best to contain the virus.

    We did not produce the virus, neither did we want to spread the virus.
    All countries should have been alarmed and prepared when we were suffering 2 months ago, but you were not.
    We hope that you could learn some lessons from the mistakes we made in the early stage, but you didn’t.
    That’s the problem.
    That’s the very lesson we all should learn from this pandemic.

    Now, the situation is getting better in China through months of sacrifices and efforts, & we are also trying to help other countries to fight against the virus.
    Stay safe everyone and please don’t let the hatred in the way of fighting aginst the coronavirus.

  17. The number of Chinese propaganda bots in the comment section is concerning.. YouTube should do sth against people spreading propaganda

  18. At this point It is fair to say that the virus originated in China, but the average chinese citizen is obviously not responsible. If science will prove otherwise then I will change my mind. Good luck to Wuhan

  19. So much hate…ya’ll really getting depressed staying at home don’t you?

    Why not suggest to your trump to declare a war with China if you have that much hate? Or is it just that quarantine and you have nothing else to do?

  20. To those that claim that these people are in denial.. Ever come across ur mind that this is what happens when ur government heavily censors and feeds u with only information that they want u to hear? Be glad that ur media outlets r not state controlled n u have different sources for u to determine the truth.

  21. It’s not about the chinese people. It’s the chinese govt that is to blame. In Chinese culture face is more important than the truth, hence the govt covered up by putting doctors in jail. Problem is chinese people take criticism of its govt personally which is due to brainwashing

  22. I understand the anger towards us since up till now, there is no other evidence showing there is another origin of the virus. But I don’t think to blame and asking China for a pandemic compensation is a good idea. The reason is simple: no country will report its epidemic to the world next time because of the “fine” it would bring.

    A way to understand why China is so defensive and trying to control the media is to understand the pressure of admitting and reporting the disease, especially as a government with a really bad global media reputation. The defensive mentality of Chinese people, when asked about the pandemic, is also understandable since China and Chinese people were long portrayed in a more or less biased and discriminative way internationally, and some of them obviously aware of that.

    Many Chinese were actually very friendly towards foreigners until more and more people were affected by media, both the Chinese domestic small media groups profit from conspiracy theories of western countries and western media’s biased reports of China.

    In the end, it is all wars between governments, facilitated and profited by the large media groups, for ordinary people like us, no one will receive anything from expressing hatred towards another group of ordinary people. What we can gain from this video shall not be hate, but should be a broader vision of the world, and I believe that is what Asian boss’s community is looking for.

  23. They sound and and act as if the virus didn’t come from China 5:45-6:18 and 7:46-9:31 They are denying that it came from China, blaming U.S.A. and even blaming black people in China.

  24. Please do not think that all Americans support the horrifying and ridiculous things the U.S. Presidents says and does. My heart goes out to all of those who have suffered (often to the point of death) because of the Coronavirus–especially those who live and work in Wuhan who were the first to be hit with the virus and are often criticized in the international media. Remember that there are lots of people supporting you and praying for your welfare. We just don’t have big budgets and media broadcasting systems (but we do have energy broadcasting systems…hope you can feel the high vibes).

  25. they are incorrect…. there is scientific proof that it came from China… the whistleblower, and doctors tested their first patients.. .and it was in China…. it was release on social media and then taken down.. as you know, CCP has control over the people, the media and everything that is release to the radio, media and people….. of course the people believe that they are not the cause of this virus because its what they are told.. but not the whisteblowers…. people have a voice and people should use it, even if its to criticized your own government. the real heroes are the whistleblowers who died for the country that should protect you. dont be afraid of government.

  26. Just found it how funny some of the comments are when people say ‘tHeY ArE sAyInG tHiS BeCaUsE oF cCp’. Only negative comments about the government are considered rEaL? These citizens are making comments according to what they saw not what’s on the nEwS.

  27. Thanks for enlightening us with this video interview. These Wuhan citizens are intelligent and calm even when felt angry at the unfair accusations they received by ignorant other races, who can only blame instead of work together with compassion for a solution.

  28. それがどこから始まったかに関係なく。 人々はこの流行が全世界をひどく痛めつけたことを決して忘れません。 それにもかかわらず、誰かが行われたすべての損害賠償を支払わなければならない、中国は最初に責任を負います。

  29. its good to see somewhat healthy and happy people on the streets of China and not dead bodies on the streets. CCP is doing all they can to clean up the mess.

  30. i don’t believe china is at fault. this just sad this had happened .. trump is trying to get americans to to say it’s ur fault it’s there fault we need to stick togather we r all in this togather!! god bless the people around the world!!

  31. And spanish flu…??! Spaniards didnt complain much on it being called such. Eventhough its origin wasnt from spain. Call it wuhan or china virus isnt wrong just because it s been used as political tool by some political entities

  32. These people are giving pretty generic answers. Nothing of importance in this interview tbh. I was expecting people to tell us how the govt helped them through the entire situation but nah, can’t believe anything coming out of China because most of it is just propaganda.

  33. Chinese citizen are as much victims but because of some reason they are not able to question their leaders. Exotic animal business is real (and legal) in china…lets not forget Dr lee. Regardless of any country every citizen should have freedom to question their government. Its not just our right but duty.

    Liking comments who are praising you like a warrior or something?
    You didn’t asked questions that were needed to answered? I feel bad because they probably can’t read much research papers across the globe there because of the firewall and 5g but at least you could’ve done much better job , and alot of conspiracy theories are turning to be proven right , based on facts and numbers . There are videos circulating collecting urns and people gathering and lashing out ,you didn’t asked anything and wanted to prove yourself the best journalism . Great 🙏

  35. ‘Although the first case of covid19 was found in Wuhan, there’s no evidence that it originated in Wuhan.’ wtf is that woman saying? Is she brain dead or communism has really gone to their heads?

  36. Seeing this they say they was n lockdown for like 2-3 months and we have not even goten that far, but already some states are bugging to end it already. they gotta have states wear mask and gloves if feel need to reopen then slow open. but if get then cant bug out cause got it since they was so hurry to open so soon.

  37. i was surprised that so many western people were so arrogant,they will never admit their fault even south korea have set a good example for them

  38. Started out nice to reel the viewers in, then quickly turned into Chinese propaganda. This is either a video that is created by the CCP or is being made in a way to not make the CCP mad. None of these people had a single bad thing to say about the market or exotic eating, really? And they will also go against all the science and evidence that shows it’s clearly from China and still not take any responsibility? Do they not realize this has happened before with SARS and was the exact same and respiratory illness… so apparently both SARS and COVID-19 both just magically originated and began in China yet it is from another country… give me a break. China is trying to play victim after many decades of backwards eating and tradition, the Chinese have blood on their hands and they refuse to acknowledge it or even realize their mistakes. This is why a SARS 3 will come again in the 2030’s… such a shame.

  39. funny enough in certain parts of Asia they blame Africans for the virus. Not allowing people of color to even buy food from some grocery stores.

  40. If they would admit that the virus originated from Wuhan then they would be dead because Chinese Government already blamed that the virus originated from US and if they contradict the statement of their Government the World knows what will happen to them next!

  41. I appreciate all of the effort that you and your crew put into bringing us this interview. I think it is important to be able to hear different points of view. At some point the blame game needs to end, we should be past that, it is here we all need to deal with it and hopefully learn something so that in the future we can all be better prepared. As one of the young ladies stated “We are all in this together.” We have all lost lives. Sending everyone Peace, light, love and compassion.

  42. Interested to know how and why it was a huge challenge for a tiny media company based outside of China to conduct interviews. What risks were involved in doing this interview?

  43. Blaming the whole country just seems so childish to me. Yes the pandemic broke from China and wadever the conspiracies may be true or not it doesn’t give us the right to blame the all these people when they are also affected by it like we are. Some saying they are defending their government but isn’t it natural. Everyone defends their home and seeing how controlling the govt of china is who knows they might be thinking something else and saying something else out of fear. Just stop being racist thats all I can say

    Ps: don’t be fooled by my name I’m not Chinese 😑

  44. They wouldn’t have been happy if people called it the Wuhan virus either. The whole world is suffering because of these wet markets, you don’t get to just be defensive cause the truth hurts.

  45. Chinese: “Wuhan people dont eat exotic animals much because….”
    Western People Blaming China: “You need to contact/eat only one infected exotic animal to start world pandemic.”

  46. =) Nice interesting to see other people’s point of views. Also, I think the guy in the black and blue sweater with glasses made some good points.

  47. I agree most of the Chinese people are innocent just like other country’s, but I think the CCP government needs to take full responsibility for keep hiding the truth.

  48. Very eye-opening responses. I thought the young people displayed varying degrees of ‘self-justification’ bias, simply unwilling to acknowledge or take responsibility for the fact that yes, the Virus originated in China and subsequently spread around the globe. The same as the SARS Virus was exported from China to the outside world. The real problem is China has a culture that is one part ‘medieval’ and one part ‘modern’. Development into a quasi-capitalist manufacturing country has occurred too rapidly. So reforms of their traditional culture, the wet markets, the sale of exotic endangered animals parts for Chinese medicine, eating selling dogs and other bizarre exotic animals has to stop. They really need to clean up their act and stop exporting Viruses. I realize they’re defensive because the world is holding them responsible…whereas the CCP is trying to twist that narrative so they can remain in power. Ultimately, the world will definitely hold them accountable for this latest Pandemic.

  49. We are all in the same boat with this virus. Let’s discuss how to get through it safely. Ideas on how to do something useful and positive at this time would also be great. 🎈🎈🎈

  50. Hopefully, NO MORE eating of bat meats or any meat of forbidden animals, and more importantly, NO MORE UNSANITARY wet markets.
    I mean the government should makes sure that all wet markets in China are operating in accordance with strict sanitary standards. IF NOT, then this epidemic will just happen again and again.

  51. I think rather than called “Chinese Virus” it better to call “Wuhan Virus”, so that our next generation will know the origin of the virus suspected to start at Wuhan with one personnel eating Bat. It will raise awareness to people around the world to take extra cautious when they wanna try out exotic food. or perhaps reduce eating exotic food.
    And everybody together work to fight and end Covid-19 rather than being blaming here and there.
    And I hope that one individual who ate exotic Bat, face can be shared. And the world could release as much hate on this person rather aiming at innocent people.

  52. Asian Boss, I can understand that you want us to respect the Chinese people you’re interviewing, but why didn’t you take it one step further, and ask why are some Chinese people, not all, blaming Africans and the United States for starting this virus??? The virus started in Wuhan,China, and has spread globally. Just own up and take responsibility that China is the origin. There are asians in America being beaten, cursed at, people calling them derogatory names, and honestly, I don’t think that’s right, but then I read how they’re treating my people over there. Africans or anyone that’s black not allowed medical care in hospitals, turned away from restaurants with signs saying “No black people allowed, being evicted, I mean as a black person, how can I continue to have sympathy for the asians here in America???? Overall, it’s a sad situation to be in, and I wish know one contracted this virus, no matter what country they live in.

  53. I would like to see a video where they interview people in Taiwan regarding this topic as here we have been generally unaffected by the virus

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