Would I Own a Business in the Philippines? April 10, 2020

Little video about my thoughts and observations about working overseas


  1. I have a degree in Hotel and Rest. Admin and a secondary defer from the renown Culinary Institute of America..As the billionaire Ted Turner stated.. the restaurant business is the most complicated business on the planet.. I’ve owned four successful restaurants in the USA.. Am telling you subscribers out there listening to Paul not to even consider going into the rest business.. Even in the USA 4 of 5 fail.. A word to the wise is sufficient?

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  4. Who wants to go to the Philippines and put up with running a business. It’s a place to relax and travel around the islands. I just couldn’t see it.i own a plumbing heating cooling and electrical company here in the USA. For a lot of yrs now. And soon going to close it down. And head to the Philippines for relaxation. And travel.

  5. If you have your own place and alittle land and a couple of good wells a water companie would be good. You can get into it the filtraion equipment pretty reasonsble. You wont get rich but its a good long term investment.

  6. Hey Paul, I agree waitresses will make or break a beer joint for sure , a hot waitress who can mingle with everyone is worth her weight in gold !!!

  7. Hi Paul. As you know, for over a decade I used to have regular vacations in the north of Thailand. I became very familiar with the tourist areas within the city of Chiang Mai. I noticed very early on that many bars and restaurants would be purchased by expats and often within a year or two the establishments would have a change of ownership and there would be stories that most of the expats lost money. I got the impression that few of those expats had much business experience but just fell in love with the notion of owning a business. The service within a Thailand is generally excellent but it seemed there was a lack of business skills with many of the expats. (These days foreigners generally cannot run a business although they can buy a business for a Thai spouse to run, which can also be a recipe for a big capital loss) Cheers from Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺

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  9. I always hear guys bitch about tipping in the US but we have way better customer service as a result of people working for tips. My theory on working in the PI, why work for pesos when you can work for dollars online.

  10. Yeah just stay happy and retired. Now my wife was making her some extra money reselling clothes on facebook. I dont know if thats still going on there. She would list them on a separate page and make a small comission on how much she sold every week. She would get a delivery once a week and have her customers meet her in town for pickup on a certain day. Thats alittle thing Mae might be intersted in. Hell Paul buy a sewing machine and let her start making swim suits, she could open up her own bikini shop lol.

  11. Restaurants….
    The epitome of pretty much every problem a business can run into. Small margins. No control of your supply chain, Unstable workforce, govt regs out the butt, employee shrinkage…….and the biggie….dealing with the whims of the public

    I would rather wake up every morning knowing I was going to have salt poured into my eyes than own a restaurant.

    When people look at owning a business they always think about how much money they can make and imagine all the positives. But they really need to think about his how much money they can lose and all the reasons why the business might fail. Being positive is nice. Being realistic is more important.

  12. Just wandering around saying “What’s That”, priceless…Paul maybe some time you can make a video about what to do in retirement in the Phils to keep busy without owning a business. I know there are lots of thing to see but I am talking about the day to day…. Thanks for another great video

  13. Cool cover photo with your sunglasses, you look like 29 years old Paul, must be the good life there keeping you looking young. I think if you owned a Cafe Paul it would be extremely successful with your YouTube popularity and loyal viewers visiting Paul’s Cafe.

  14. Love the shout out “QUARANTINE” how about being the middle man and collection/delivery to the launderette, Customer pays before the work is done the trike driver collects more than 1 at a time needs fine tuning but might suit many. as always complaints will come but it is low/no cost

  15. Thanks for your insights on running your own biz there. Best to stay stressless, retired, enjoy BM, your apt and your gay little red scooter! 🙂

  16. As always paul great vlog, No I wouldn’t recommend owning a business in the Philippines for all of the reasons U mentioned. We have had a couple of Sari, Saei stores that were technically Ne’s U will certainly not get rich off of one but U can supplement U r income off of one if U do it right. Ron

  17. Hi Paul, I worked so hard for 45 years including a large business now getting my pension and living comfortable here in the Philippines. Why the hell I want to open a business for? No way! Let’s enjoy what ever time we have left. Stay safe.

  18. Having your own business sounds ok, but it’s a gamble that comes with a lot of stress and hassle, apart from the fact that you could lose a lot of money. You didn’t go there to start working all hours of the day, and getting good staff is hard enough in your own country, let alone there. Extra money is always nice, but it comes at a price in freedom and quality of life for you. If you are getting by ok, just enjoy your life there Paul, none of us know how long we’ve got left.

  19. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo !!!! Paul, this is one of your best videos ever….. no disrespect to Mae, but let her do her own thing on her own channel, once in a while an appearance in your videos is ok, but many of your subscribers are here to listen to YOU and great topics like this.

  20. Another concern about starting a business in the Philippines, is what happens if Duterte keeps drawing closer to China, and things start getting stupid there because of it. I don’t want to have a bunch of money plowed into something that might be hard to sell if you have to move fast…If I’m just a retiree, living with my girlfriend, I can move fast if I need too…But I do like your idea about some commission based bar sales. Another great video Paul

  21. Hi Paul, Thanks for the upload. I’ve seen the laundry businesses here in Bacolod city seem to do a roaring trade as well… But I was wondering just how many foreigners are going to still be here next month… tens of thousands have left and until a cure is found people may not travel and what sort of impact that would have on businesses here. I was also wondering about the online teaching… would that see an upsurge as many people can not travel from asian countries to the likes of Australia or New Zealand to do studies at the moment. Thanks again Shane

  22. I have a side hustle publishing on Amazon that I really enjoy. It’s the day job that sucks! So, I’ll probably continue that for beer money when I get there.

  23. Greetings from Downunder,my sediments exactly, who wants a job not me,I’m the same age as you Paul retirement is a time when you do what you want ,I’m just watching the wheels go round until we get the all clear from the virus then I’m over there,your not a bad bloke for a Yank

  24. Nice video. Here’s an idea. You need to get your chicken to lay eggs. Then you could sell them. Right now he’s just sitting on your couch. A total freeloader.

  25. Paul … There is a classic line in Cebu.
    If you want to make a $Million in the Philippines,
    “Start with 2 $Million”
    And be sure to get out when your down to the last 1Million.

  26. So you want to turn the country into a bunch of alco’s 😂😂. It worked over here 🇮🇪 but seriously how the hell can you make money where average daily wage is a little more than a meal, if you can’t get locals give up and expats are also living on a budget for the most part. The cost involved in setting up means it would take 20 years to probably break even. Not much of a retirement plan or business plan. I get sick to my stomach when I think of the wages there, I feel you got to pay 1k a day min $20 to be able to sleep at night, but then it will take 40 years to break even 🤯🤯

  27. I forgot to give a like while watching your video and had to endure 2 adverts for nearly 3 mins just to come back and give a thumbs up 🤯, hard work, hope you make money from me letting them run 👍🏻👍🏻🇮🇪

  28. Another thing with running a business in the philippines everyone is going to think your rolling in it, being foreigners we get enough of that without having a business, you would get no peace people asking for loans etc,good video Paul thanks for sharing.

  29. Dear Paul, I like your laughter. Three tings cheap in the PH, tobacco, alcohol and sex. If I was to chose between the three, I wold chose to run the worlds first business… I think you would be good at it….love your vids.

  30. Don’t try to figure the restaurant business out it’s a very difficult business period. Your chances of being successful are almost zero. Youtube is your way to go.

  31. Good points, and the same applies to the US if one thinks about it. Great food in the Philippines however I find hard to ….well, uh,…find! Great video!

  32. you are spot on Paul ,,,,, 100% agree i see the same thing happening in Angeles City bars and restos change names and owners all the time ,,, and if you did buy a place you would have to be there all the time ,,,,, locked in no freedom …cheers mate

  33. The most profitable use of ‘your’ time is to create one or more information products that is created for your YouTube subscribers and orhers who want more information. Other areas of interest or expertise can also be useful content. Build it once and sell it a million times….the return on investment is very very high.

  34. Rent a big house/ mansion with 10 bedrooms and turn into AirBNB ..with your personality and Maes cooking..could be a big hit! ..you could run the bar and have plenty of drinking buddies!..Ha! ..did you turn Baby Mae turn into a chicken? LOL

  35. I have been living here for a long time…
    EVERYONE who I meet always asks what is a good business to have here???
    More than 90% of the time the answer comes back…….NEVER HAD A BUSINESS….
    My advice is to him is NONE……….Don’t even think about it….

    I have been successful n the resto business in certain aspects but it cannot be done today…
    Also in trading in the different regions of Mindanao but it cannot be done today…
    So just come and relax……
    Forget about business or OWNING a house and land in YOUR name and buying a gun…

  36. very informative video Paul.
    i mentioned in your previous one that i started a business.
    let me be clear. it’s for my wife.
    i’m retired as are you.
    i don’t want to work anymore.
    i’m 4 years older than you.
    i’m done.
    i wait for every 2nd Wednesday.
    just like you.
    keep up the great videos. 😷

  37. I’m with David Kaiser, I would love to know how you fill your days and stay busy. You can’t just sit and do nothing, although that’s what most of us are doing these days being shut in as it were. The whole stay in thing really drives me nuts.

  38. Good and true Comment.
    keep the idea in mind that You are doing nothing more than

    “Buying yourself a clubhouse.”
    ,Been there done that.

  39. If you had a business that actually made any money everyone from the Mayor to the parking enforcement would be in line for their cut. Hard enough just to register a motorcycle around here.

  40. My ideas about a storage business. Finding a property , building the facility. And then the operation of the business. One factor to consider. Might be the humidity here . For it to work the building would need aircon .I just don’t see how it could would be worth the hassles. Much less the legalities of owning a business here .

    As for the laundry business . I have thought about that . But once again . I have to ask would it be worth the headaches . At 71 and having been retired since I was 62 . I can find and have many other reasons to get out of bed . Now maybe as a business investment for my wife , who is 22 years younger than me .

  41. I agree Paul. I didn’t listen and sunk 450,000 USD in a business in Thailand and whenever I would leave the country, to do my money making job, I would return to a crisis and would have to bail the business out time and again. People should stick to what they know and listen to those that know. Westerners would do best to do what they do best work hard in your country, save your money and RETIRE and enjoy the Philippines. LOL

  42. No foreigner is going to make it with a business. You’ll have more people wanting money than customers. And it is so stressful to do bussiness here. Just save your money.

  43. I am with you. No business. You said one good thing. Teaching online. Great shrtage now of teachers with the virius. Get a TEFL basi certificte. If you have the teacher mentality, go for it. If you move to the Philippines, that is a sound way. I met many guys there, that were young, and made a good living
    Us older guys could do it too.

  44. I’ve owned several businesses. Good employees are the hardest part of the business to find. And to be successful you still need to spend more time at the business than anyone else. I have never seen a successful business where the owner was absent. Personally retirement doesn’t mean more work – 60 years of work was enough. I want to relax, smell the flowers, drink my calamansi, and watch pretty girls walk by. Sitting out here on the lanai under the tree in the ocean breeze suits me just fine.

  45. The only business I would consider starting in Philippines is a BPO. It is the fastest growing industry in the Philippines. Other than OFW remittances, it contributes the most to the country’s economy, and it is on pace to eventually surpass OFW remittances in the near future. I also believe it can be owned by a foreigner and the start up costs would be low. With your salesmanship skills, you would make a great coach/mentor to help Filipino employees/partners make such a company successful. I am lucky my employer lacks the vision of using BPO services since I would be unemployed.

  46. Spot on Paul. I just want to add about Filipina employees you must treat them as they your own children and when they’re on the phone you have to tell them to stop and absolutely have to be present at all times because they will pick up the phone eventually and will be playing the games and gossiping about the customers or surfing on Filipino Cupid it’s their nature and there’s nothing you can do to change that
    I absolutely disagree when you said they don’t get paid enough yes of course to our standards American standards no they’re not but I never heard a Filipina complain that she doesn’t get paid enough in the foreigners restaurant. Basically what I’m saying is it’s a lot much harder here to run restaurant business then do what I’ve known from Canada it’s like a day and night and it wasn’t even that interesting to me doing it in Canada because of the hours I have to be there and hear it’s even worse in every aspect

  47. Of course the Philippines is not the only place busineses fail. There are plenty of businesses that cannot even get the basics right eg not treating your staff and customers correctly. Staff and customers need to be treated with genuine high regard.

  48. Great information and you are so right. Although you know how to make it work, I can definitely see why you wouldn’t want to deal with those issues in the Philippines. Your business model would work but would take a lot of oversight, especially since that isn’t practiced in the Philippines.

  49. Old dog there is plenty Youtubers making 4,000 and those guys are clowns a month without trying don’t cut yourself short buddy you can do it !!!!!! It seems like you like to chatter so YouTube is right up your alley

  50. I’ve ordered water from a water company that delivers. They took my order and forgot it. I had to call back. If you don’t want to go through this. Don’t come to the Philippines period

  51. Totally agree what your saying Paul, most of it is common sense, sadly lacking in many places in Duma. One place i like that gives good service is Tinto and we have seen the owner a number of times. Good service , good food and friendly smiles.

  52. Problem here in the province is everyone is broke, just not much disposable income around. I just hired 5 guys to put in some ceilings, they worked 3 days for 5000 piso. That’s 5 guys working 3 days for $100 total. They were glad to make it. Comes out to about $7 day/ buck an hour. We did feed them good, plus cigarettes, and I’ll give them a bonus once the job is done. The underlying financial base is just not here in the Philippines, “wellan pera..”

  53. Hi Paul,,, sound like you already made your mind up about your retirement,,, so that’s fine,,, Ide be thinking more about Mae,,, something to give her an income when your gone,,, Maybe you could either put more money into an insurance premium if you don’t want to run a business,,, Or if possible set Mae up for her to run a business,,, and you just keep an eye on it. what about like a print shop and school hardware like pens pencils notebooks ect im sure its a progressive audiance,,, and something that you could easily walk away from without to much of a loss,, if it didnt work out,,, ???. Or May buying and selling cloths on line,,, she could work from home with that,,, Just a few thoughts,,, Best Regards

  54. My idea of retirement is not working at all too. I am at a point in my life where I am tired of working. Semi-retired is fine. (Just 6 to 10 hours a week). If I could run a small business in the Phillipines that brings in a bit of pocket money that would be good but it looks hard. It seems more realistic to save up enough money and just retire in the Phillipines.. I am planning to do that.

  55. What I’ve observed in the restaurant business is you’re pretty much married to it. It’s your life. It’s all you do. It’s your life 24×7 even when it’s not open. No thanks.

    I had to laugh at your statements about retirement – that’s me too. Nobody seems to understand this desire not to work after 40+ years of doing it. Kinda of tough to run a successful business if you don’t want to work or show up. However, there IS a business I’ve thought about where as long as you can trust your employee, you don’t have to do either, and that’s an internet cafe. Especially ones near schools where so many of the kids go there in their off time to play games. You barely have to be aware of your clientele except to note how long they’re on and that they pay. But location is everything. And you do have up front costs. The one I really liked was superbly laid out and packed day in and day out – and across from a school. And there’s lots of schools in P.I.

    Will I do that? I don’t know. Maybe. It’s one of the few businesses I’ve thought about where you as the owner don’t have to be physically present all the time. But you’d better know and trust the person taking in the money.

  56. Just eat at the Merienda Filipino food places. That’s my plan anyway. No sorry sorry store for this sailor boy. Love the PI. Subicbaypi.com. Girls of Olongapo,1970,picture#3 is me with my mahal.

  57. I appreciate the good chat. I feel your videos are more informative when you are going solo. Like chatting with a buddy.

    I love Baby Mae’s videos as well. She’s so cute!!!

  58. I’ve always wanted to open a Mexican restaurant, but will the current situation, I have no desire to put my life savings into a venture that will be devestated with the next flu outbreak.
    Crazy world we live in when Governments worldwide are putting healthy people in quarantine.
    Something isn’t right…

  59. Old dog get on social blade and you can review Youtubers salary and all they do is travel And talk a bunch of Yak you’ll fit perfectly because you are outstanding chatter box Love your stuff buddy

  60. I have lived in Southeast Asia for 15 years. Makati — Pattaya Thailand — Cebu City. If there is one thing I have seen consistently over those years it is the number of restaurants that have failed. I lost count many years ago. Sometimes it seems like they are almost guaranteed to fail right from the start. Bars run a close second.

  61. A wise old expat once asked me: “How do you make a million dollars in the Philippines?” I replied, “I don’t know.” He said, “Start with 2 million because you will always lose at least 1 million.” Having lived on 6 different islands in the Philippines for 23 years doesn’t make me an expert at anything. I’ve owned a taxi business, restaurant, chicken farm, fish farm, shuttle service, trucking service, and a car rental business. Most expats that I know running a business in this country have had mixed results with a majority losing money due to the wife or girlfriend hiring family and friends. I made it a point never to hire any family members after my first business (taxi). I hired one of my wife’s brothers. Never again! I made enough to retire comfortably, but for me it was more trouble and aggravation than if I would have run this in New Zealand.

  62. No one looks for good staff and pays them a good wage. Everyone gets the lowest paid staff they can find. They don’t give a shit. They say yes to no questions they mess up every order they get. There’s no order in how you get food. They’ll give you an ice cream Sunday before they give you your meal.

  63. I looked at what businesses basically had a captive local clientel—-water purification plant—-propane gas bottles—-laundry—peso net internet cafe—bulk rice wharehouse—-own tricyles—-car wash—–or the big investment businesses of francised fast food—Mang Inasal @ around 1.2 Million Peso—Chow King around 10 Million —-Jollibee around 35 Million. Mainly I looked at them to employ relatives, but realistically, I am retired, so stay retired and help the relatives as I can

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