World’s Leading Vaccine Expert Fact-Checks COVID-19 Vaccine Conspiracy|STAY CURIOUS #23

We want to thank Dr. Jerome Kim, the Director General of the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), for sharing his expert insight on the development of a vaccine for COVID-19. Visit IVI’s website for more information:

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  1. Bill Gates ain’t in in for nothing you know he’s a murderer and proud of it I was all for you up till I found out that Bill Gates is involved

  2. On the microchip issue he didn’t say it wasn’t possible he just said it would have to be “discussed” because of laws, but what if government already decided that they wouldn’t “discuss” any laws and just do it secretly…..
    What we thought was science fiction before is science fact today and will be even more in the future, but the main thing is that he didn’t say it wasn’t possible which means it very probably is possible and will happen.

  3. It’s now confirmed, this channel is propaganda and these “reporters” are official order followers, all they do is follow a script, the nwo probably loves this channel and the low iq viewers(one’s that believe everything they hear)

  4. Thank you Asian Boss and Dr. Kim for this video you almost convince. I live in Pennsylvania, USA and refuse to take the vaccine.

    Why not look for a cure first rather than a vaccine?

    I was under the impression that it took a minimum of 2 years to create an effective vaccine.

    Being associated with the Gates Foundation makes me leery. After listening to Bill Gates statement regarding population control by the use of vaccines makes it hard to trust the vaccine.

  5. Excellent interview. If I may share something that may assist…I got the virus in early March. Virus attacked my nasal passages so severely that I thought I was having a stroke. I was ill for 2 weeks. Later, I just happened to read an article from a 2017 research paper from UCSD in San Diego. They had been experimenting on coronavirus (SARS, I think). The paper talked about having some success with Zinc (15mg). While it didn’t cure the virus, the paper stated it “interrupted or interfered with the progress” of the virus. While I take no vitamins, I do drink chocolate Ovaltine on a daily basis. I was surprised to learn that it contained 1.5mg of Zinc. I believe that it helped minimize the harm the virus did to me. By the way, I’m 68 yrs old.

  6. Bill Gates funds his institution because he thinks they are useful to his cause. And He has publicly stated that his cause is population control and management. He has stated that Vaccines are one way to reduce the population. As far as the Army goes, they gave soldiers an Anthrax vaccine in the gulf war in 2000. Now thousands of veterens are sick/damaged and seeking claim against the US Government. Vaccines are poison.

  7. They’re using aggregate data.
    And we KNOW those data are flawed.

    Receive $13k if you diagnose as covid. $39k put them on a ventilator.
    They aren’t even testing for covid before calling it a covid death.
    If you had covid symptoms and died of diabetes, then they record you as a covud death.
    Testing is lower so the infected are much higher than the official number say too. so that means the numerator is lower and the denominator is higher. No, it is not 10 times more dangerous than regular influenza.

    He is using aggregate faulty data, just like how GDP is flawed for the US.

  8. I smiled when Dr. Jerome Kim started talking about Small Pox and Cow Pox because a few weeks ago a saw a Kdrama(Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryun) that talks about it, exactly with the same words😁

    Yes, I’ll🙋‍♀️ take the vaccine as soon as it’s available at my local pharmacy.

  9. To mandate it is wrong. When they can show all ingredients in it are safe then I’d be more open. When a vaccine industry can never be held liable it concerns me. And ” being funded by gates foundation ” is huge red flag!

  10. Thank you Asian Boss for letting us hear Dr. Jerome Kim. I woke up saw the new video notification thought oh, there goes my one hour but I’m so happy for spending my one hour for this great video. I can’t thank you enough. Very proud and happy to know that India is a funding country of IVI. Could not be prouder of my country. Polio is eradicated in India now. Thanks to the vaccine. I admire Stephen for remembering all the terms like antigen and so on despite being a lawyer. Shows his dedication to work to bring out quality information. Thank you so much. Dr. Jerome Kim looks like he’s the happiest person just to work for people. How fulfilling and encouraging to see people work for a greater cause without an ounce of malice. This will definitely inspire other greater minds to follow his path. I pray and wish you stay healthy, safe and sharp always. Bless you❤❤❤❤. Thank you again

  11. Very informative, thank you. So many conspiracy theories out there that it’s hard to know which sources are credible and are telling the truth. I wonder if all drug manufacturers are required to make the drugs based solely on all the drug/vaccine components suggested by institutions likes IVI?

  12. 21:23 The WHO said in January that the virus wasn’t transmissible by person-to-person contact. They also said that people shouldn’t be wearing masks before it became a pandemic in March. People have a reason to be skeptical when they got it wrong from the jump.

  13. Gates is a straight up humanitarian hero. I suspect all the conspiracy theories come from fundamentalist religious groups, because he also funds birth control.

  14. The conspiracy theorists make theories with a sole belief that America is the only country in the world.

    The bill gates conspiracy is just bs. As if any other country won’t check the vaccine.

  15. Was this not about keeping the hospitals from being overrun? That’s what we were sold on in the beginning. We cannot close until a vaccine comes, we cannot live without jobs to pay our bills or without being allowed to enjoy each others company. This is going to cause mass mental health problems and a spike in suicides. So long as the infections are low we should re open, people can take care of themselves.

  16. Asian Boss is propaganda. I first came here because I wanted to know more about various Asian cultures . But now with all of these “experts” supposedly fact checking theories it’s getting out of pocket. I did know one thing about a few Asian countries is the fact they are totalitarian. They may want to claim it’s something else but the people are not free and close to getting a boot on the neck for thinking otherwise . So I understand the purpose of curving theories.

  17. This is why I am grateful to live in BC, Canada with Dr. Bonnie Henry as the chief public health officer. She did get the curve flattened and people have been listening well to her calm science based daily updates.

  18. I mean…according from a news interview almost half of the US still thinks this virus is made in a lab, like megezus they watch too much movie and can’t accept simple scientific evidences……

  19. Depopulation. An injection that will stay in your system and probably in your passing on of your genes to a partner. Never take medication as they jam your complex system.

  20. stop saying fact check. no one believes so called fact checks anymore. the term is meaningless. this guy is trying to sell vaccines. if I think he won’t lie to make mllipns, your as dumb as a doornail. He’s getting big money. and international organizations are never transparent. They’re all scams This is all a scam. your a fool if you ever take a vaccine. it’s going to harm you.

  21. i have some doubt when he mention gates foundation. well most people i think dont hate the organization, they just hate some out of touch comment made by the founder.

  22. I don’t know where to begin with the media savvy of this guy being interviewed. Impressive. As a former corporate PR person, its something to behold.

  23. He’s lying 🤥 about autism. Watch Vaxxed.
    What did Dr. William Thompson from the the CDC say about autism and vaccines?

    Why does Korea have the second highest autism rate in the world?

  24. I’m surprised that Dr. Kim doesn’t seem to know the difference between case fatality rate and infection fatality rate. So the CFR in South Korea is 2.3% and over 10% in Italy, Spain, France, the UK and NYC. He even said that one of the reasons it was so “low” in South Korea was because young people were the largest group to get it (20-29 year olds actually are the largest demographic with the virus with well over 27% of the reported cases) yet New Zealand and Australia are far lower at around 1.4% to 1.5% with higher recovery rates (New Zealand has only one active case left). Iceland has a CRF of less than .6% with only 2 active cases left and almost 20% of the entire country tested so their CFR isn’t that different from their IFR….

  25. His numbers are incorrect, for example the morality rate and deaths in New York. His recommendations go against those of the WHO. His funding comes from suspect sources. The rest of his statements are suspect.

    A vaccine expert is not the same as a virologist.

  26. 41:24 “use heat or formalin or different kinds of alcohol to inactivate the virus”
    I’m sipping everyday a little rum or tequila because why should alcohol disinfect only externally?

  27. First yale institution, military, bill gates🤦‍♂️These title holders are most suspect. Iran and Africa have cures and noneone wants to investigate that or fund that. Gates dont need royalty he has plenty of money he wants control in which with that vacinne comes a chip

  28. Fear will make you submit against your instinct to do the opposite. Regrets can be lived with this type of regret is life changing

  29. if he had a korean accent, it’d feel like he was an old wiseman, but with his fluent english he really does feel and sound like a bro lol

  30. I’ll take the vaccine, but I’ll wait for the first round of people to get it. It is a rushed vaccine no matter how you feel about it.

  31. Can Dr. Kim (or other expert in the field) answer: why the death rate in Russia (3d most infected country) is only about 1%? Does the treatment differ or is it fake statistics? Russia also announced a DNA vaccine ready and trials on military personnel on the way. Is there truth to that? Is Russia’s ability to promptly develop a vaccine even possible taken the state the country is in? Or everybody is ignoring those facts just because nobody likes Russia or sees it to be too corrupt to trust? Thank you.

  32. This is how an interview should be conducted, non-editorialized. Exceptional content by AB. Science-based insights from a highly-credible source. Pls share!

  33. I’ve noticed a lot of head-figure doctors are from the military. I guess the military really does pick up great talent and managerial skills!

  34. I love how you establish on key important factors such as establishing credibility and facts but ome brains cannot accept truths and evidences like one of a racists’, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying.

  35. This is an excellent interview that is fact based and no on some speculative science from some “expert”. It is too bad that a lot of people won’t believe or have the critical thinking to understand what Dr. Kim is talking about. It is too bad that this kind of interview are so rare.

  36. Developmental countries should always feel grateful for all the vaccinations we went through since our childhood… I don’t even understand why do we have anti-vaxxers in developed countries

  37. But there is great bias if you listen! He talks about sales and investors just frankly but that means vaccines make money and are bought by nations and there are policies crafted that are going to inevitably be bias because of the existing issues of the world.

  38. So with the stakes so high, what are Dr. Jerome Kim’s motivations?

    Lots of suggesstions of suspicion and innuendo here, but little to discredit. A very polished, world -renowned scientist with a surprising current business and public relations knowledge and acumen.

  39. I can not emphasize enough on how incredibly useful and informative these interviews have been for me to understand this as a layman and decide how to manage my family’s lifestyle and plans for the year and next.
    Both the questions asked and answers given are so good- this should be shown in PR or comms classes.

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