Working On The Hanging Tomatoes

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  1. Buffer the tree trunks with cut car tyre to stop the wire cutting the tree also make some jadam liquid fertiliser to feed your plants. Also add powdered in blender egg shell activated lemon or calamansi during growing also little,wood Ash.

  2. I have seen this set up for tomatoes, in my opinion, it would be better to make the hole for tomatoes plants on the side for the bucket. Doing this will keep your plants stable until your plants root well.

  3. Covid drove grooves prices up in the states meat and vegetables everything jump in prices paper goods now gas and diesel is going up in the last 3 days

  4. Put one broke up fish in just one pot, just for me. Lolzzz. Put the initials PB on it. Let’s see what happens. You know that I am like a dog on a bone with this. Hahaha.

  5. Brian what kind of tomato plant do you recommend for the hanging tomatoes?
    I’m here in the United states.
    I really like Beef stake but I’m wondering if they would be to heavy to hang.

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