BONEY FINGERS. Work, work, work…..but I am having fun in this challenging time in Cebu City, the Philippines. Here is a look around my condominium complex in Cebu City. It is between Ayala Mall and Mango Square, Fuente Osmena Circle area so I am pretty close to several malls.


  1. Hi Rod, Thanks for the tour. That’s a good cardio stair routine to do. You’ll be better feeling when you get out and about after the ECQ.
    Because we live out in the province and have an enclosed yard and garden, I can get out and walk around, and play with our two dogs. I have an elliptical bike that I was using quite regularly before the covid crisis, but haven’t had the mindset to get back to it during quarentine although I know I should. Maybe I’ll start with shorter times and work up. We had a downpour yesterday out here in northern Cebu. Maybe some rain will be in your area soon. Stay safe and do what makes you the happiest right now.

  2. I’m still working here in the states. I fall under the list of essential business’s. Weekends are boring, not much to do….

    Work my fingers to the bone. What do I get?…..a small paycheck. 😆

  3. Hi Rod, A nice look around. Will be great when the pool is done. A nice view from the roof with plenty of construction going on. Great job going up those stairs, you did well 🙂👍⭐

  4. Be careful Rod, there is good exercise and then wear and tear on the joints. I do like and trust your suggestions for supplements like Tumeric, and apple vinegar, how much harm could they do, also Dill, growing that, its all pretty sensible stuff. Thats what I like about your vlogs, its just sensible approach to life. With the Philippines aspect to them. I enjoy watching them, and I get your sense of humour. Keep the vlogs coming cos I do enjoy them. You asked what are folks up to keeping fit, I am busy with my potato patch in the UK, believe me, it takes some effort to grow them, but well worth it come the end of summer. In lockdown, everyone is gardening, cannot buy onion sets, veg seed prices have gone through the roof. Luckily I have a lot from last year, I am not buying any veg seed this year. In the kitchen front, there is no flour or yeast, I guess baking is the new hobby. What is it like in the Phils?

  5. I am doing small home renovations and some gardening preparation. Thanks for the video. Working hard results with a worn out body. My body now only good for watching videos! Lol .

  6. No beer Rod, your skin will be cracking, LOL ? Plenty available here in the supermarkets if one can tolerate waiting in the queue, bars etc, are all closed. Hope you don’t get stir crazy there Rod, LOL.

  7. How old is the building Rody ? It’s a bit of a red flag & a little spooky. With what’s happening now & few people living there I can see the pool & gym equipment remaining status quo for many moons to come……

  8. …The local Home Depot is busy, like a beehive with people spending money on home remodelling projects…If they are stuck at home, might as well improve things…I have put in 2 new storm doors that I needed…

  9. I used to use suspended scaffold like that when I worked in concrete restoration in Cincinnati. We had a job restoring concrete balconies at the regency hotel, 20 stories.

    I think one time I was at about the 17th floor, had 1 foot on the balcony parapet and 1foot on the suspended scaffold, a mudboard in my left hand, a trowel in my right hand with my hard hat pinned against the floor of the balcony above. Ha, you wanna see someone just about die, you should have seen my superintendent down on the ground when he saw me. I really thought he was going to have a stroke. Oh I forgot to say I had unhooked my life line. That was back in the day when you could get away with crap like that.  And that’s nothing compared to what the steel workers used to get away with. Now I can’t even get on my truck bed without fall protection.

    I almost forgot… Bony Fingers

  10. Hi Rod, I’m older and in pretty good shape, worked out to some degree all my life, on Bohol now which hopefully will give us more freedom soon. We live in a gated community with a hilly forest behind it and hike it most mornings, I do push ups, set ups and use a small weight. The complex also has a basketball court which we use most evenings.
    The stairs are a great workout, just keep moving, sometimes it’s hard to get started but feels so good when your done.

  11. Always enjoyable to watch your videos ,and very informative. As far as me,still working on trucks, mostly farm, as western Nebraska farmers likes to break them. Do you get any assistance or retirement from the Philippines while you’re there? I heard that people can retire at an early age? Maybe this was in a different video?

  12. New to the channel are you building just for yourself or an investment property?

    I own investment company here in the USA. I’ve done some international projects in Costa Rica ,Belize but the Philippines. so I plan on visiting in December January February March for a couple months. Cebu is where I’m going to be most of the time.

    Always tell people even when I don’t want to do real estate in other places I wind up doing real estate so thank you I appreciate it following along.

    Where are you from originally if you don’t mind me asking?

    Born and raised in New York here but I’m not residing right outside Charlotte North Carolina.

    Thy again for the video

  13. Congratulations Rod on your 21000 plus subscribers, and I’m one of your loyal ones!
    You deserve more for your excellent, informative, and entertaining channel… Best wishes and regards/Ned

  14. Rod i don’t live in a highrise so most exercise here is one day a week shopping.
    Wow get a hold of the view pollution clear skies thats a first.
    Construction stopped there
    here is Australia not stopped considered to important

  15. Hi Rod, that’s an impressive stairs workout, well done. Great views from the rooftop, it’s good that you can get out of your condo. I’ve always done a short workout every morning, often with dumbbells. Congratulations on reaching over 21k subscribers now. It’s well deserved with all the useful information you give.

  16. Rod,
    I noticed the windows in the stairwell as you were climbing the steps. Those extendable “slat-type” windows are called ( Or at least they were called in the U.S.) “Jalousie” windows. They were popular in construction during the 1960 -1970’s in Florida. They lost favor as they were very inefficient and they leaked air like a sieve. People who had them in their houses noticed a slightly higher utility bill each month than people who didn’t have them in comparable sq. footage houses. They were also very expensive to replace if the glass was broken. I’ve been clicking the mouse as I browse videos on YT for exercise. I guess the fact that the average household income is low factors into this, but I noticed that child obesity and I surmise juvenile diabetes doesn’t seem ( from what I’ve seen on videos) a big problem in the Philippines.

  17. Golly Rod see the steel tubing on that gantry set up .. that’s not just surface rust it’s like scale rust think 💭 what rust like in side the tubing …. you will hear a BANG one day that gantry coming down ..

  18. why i’m sitting here watching you do all the work plus getting dizzy from all the turns your making going up 3 flights of stairs I’m lucky with just one set of steps.

  19. Great tour. I have a question. If you are from Minnesota, I haven’t heard you say “you betcha” or “don’t ya know”. Don’t people from Minnesota say that?

  20. Hi Rod, I worked in a 10 story building for many years seldom ever took the elevators, always the stairs. Do you still have your small trampoline? I remember seeing that in one of your videos.

  21. Great video, Rod! It’s great to see you are still “out and about” as much as circumstances will allow. As someone who also enjoys getting out and walking, I imagine that is difficult for you. We’re looking forward to more videos as time and circumstances permit. Stay healthy!

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