Woman with broken soul gets more help. Vietnam.

We take her to the supermarket for a shopping excursion. And also a donation of 1.8 million vnd.
Thanks to Gordon Hanaka & Daniel Tran (Napalm’s brother).

Paypal link for those interested: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=P3GHTNEDA3JM6

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDrKsdXYGXs


  1. Simply fantastic. It was so much fun watching her know she could even purchase a couple of household things she otherwise would have had to do w/out. Troy and coffee in the mornings.. that’s where it’s at.

  2. Enjoyed watching this video even more than when you just hand over cash. She smiled every time she picked out an item. Could see the smile even with the mask on..What a cool feeling.

  3. Terrific video. It’s like a mini Christmas or tiny birthday celebration. It’s so meaningful to give someone food security even if it’s only for a short window. I don’t know any kind of successful way to start a small business there. Is there something that can be done that helps people earn? Maybe some kind of tool or Method of production? Things are so cheap and mass produced, I don’t know what someone can make as a craftsman that actually sells? Tourists overpay because of their visit, but I don’t know what kind of tourism is going on these days to sell to? Does anyone here have any ideas? Maybe she can teach some kind of skill? If so, maybe create a video course online with a petreon link of her own?

    It would be nice to feel that she wouldn’t have the burden of food security with this batch runs out?

  4. Look how much Troy and his donors do for the people in need , and the some stupid celebrities sing and go without make-up , while they sit on millions.
    People must stop idolizing some celebrities , because they dont help for shit when its needed. Troy and his donors are a blessing .

  5. I know we can’t feed the World, but if each of us can help just a liitle, think how nicer this World can be. What a lovely woman. She was so happy. Big shout out to you and your donators.

  6. When you put “good with noodles” for that cleaner it caught me off guard, that was so funny I had to start laughing! Nice video! Got to finish watching it now.

  7. That is awesome the way you took her to the supermarket! Sometimes you get the idea that people just cant seem to give themselves permission to spend their money that way even thought they probably should! Good idea Troy Sir! 😁👍

  8. euh… i did not realise..she had a MOTO…and petrol to fill up.
    :/ stuff is still hard for these people…but once you have a moto there.. you are not part of the sorry and deprived.
    You are a “league” higher…

  9. Viet put coffee over tea all day lol, such a great video and beautiful letter as well! I bet her mom was in shock when she got him with all that stuff!

  10. This lady is very humble and seems to be a good shopper ,you can see the apprication at the cashier great job as always Troy and special thanks to your donor

  11. For some reason, I keep hear a kookaburra kooking in the background of your videos. I see the white English is rapidly replacing the Viet language just like it is doing in many other countries. Everything in that store was labelled in English, even the signage.

  12. Now see Troy? Not only did you help a deserving grateful lady, but you brought back great memories of shopping with my daughter. Oanh would take her damn dumb dad to the grocery store and even though she didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Vietnamese we got along. It brought back tears of joy remembering that skinny 12 year old exasperated trying to make dad understand. She was so sweet. Except for Ben Thanh I never really shopped in Saigon, only in Nha Trang, and Hue and a few villages around Central Vietnam. But the store you went to was so real for me. 10 or so years, 2 to 4 months a year that was my world too. My baby girl is a full grown lady now, on her own in New Hampshire, USA. She’s got a nails shop (go figure, right?). I watch your videos, and think back.

  13. hey Troy, why did you take her to these expensive super market? Why not the street market? its a little crowed and dirty but more bang for your bucks. Anyway keep up the good work.

  14. im canadian from ottawa the capital of canada and supermarkets allow only 50 people in at a time – you have to wait outside until someone leaves before they let you enter = no joke

  15. Bless her, taking it home is more delightful, she’s lovely. interesting to see the supermarket, cheers for taking the time to do that. Good luck out there.

  16. Its a great feeling to be able to help others. I can hear it in Troys laughter that the shopping spree was enjoyable and something a bit different. I think you should do more of this sort of thing. Maybe a full makeover + grocery shopping next time. Like the lady said, it was exhilarating! She wanted to bring the haul home herself so that she can share the joy with her family. It’s always the simple things that we take for granted.

  17. Troy that was a touching video and one of your best to date for me.keep up doing what you do.once this world-wide virus goes away and I’m working again.id love to donate to your cause.im hoping it will be soon.im tired of this mandatory in home shelter life.

  18. What you mentioned about Canada is garbage, i live in the province of Quebec where the death toll is highest in Canada or food stores they allow a high number of people but you must wait in line outside at a safe distance and they let you in when one comes out of the store , you must wash hands in front of a guard before they let you in .

  19. It reminds me of the first flat I rented alone, I couldn’t sit down, I just wanted to walk around looking at everything, the feeling of joy that you’re actually getting somewhere is in a league of its own. I grew up about 5 km from you Troy, you do both countries proud.

  20. I sent you a bad critic before when you gived a bike to a young girl telling you to have more respect…but this time you was exemplary. Please try to translete all conversation because even what you think is not important can be to keep your followers well connected to the moment, good job Troy!

  21. She was so happy!! Thanks to you Troy, thanks to donors who as a team with you change ppls lives, I was so happy for this wonderful and so very grateful lady!!

  22. It’s so great seeing happiness in someone just getting groceries. Something that others take for granted and feel it’s a choir. Such a good feeling. Hey I gotta remember that one about the hindu maker! That was great!

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