Will The Philippines Open For Travel in 2021?

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Will The Philippines Open For Travel in 2021?

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  1. Make sure Ging doesn’t drive the motorcycle without long pants or solid shoes! My gorgeous GF destroyed her right leg, knee, etc. She won’t wear a short skirt or bikini now!
    She was a RIDER on a Motorcycle taxi – he was drunk and hit a car! She was in a coma for several hours, and lucky to live!

  2. The “remote marriages” in Montana refers to getting married in a REMOTE LOCATION, not with someone from a foreign country…just out in the countryside! #;-)

  3. Gio you are 100% correct the Philipines must open up domestic travel before they will open up international travel right now it is difficult or impossible to get from province to province. Also domestic travel this a big part of the GNP. Not all Filipinos are poor as a lot of westerners believe.

  4. I’m about ready to start swimming that direction at this point. There should be enough of us now that we can all pitch in on a submarine or even a big boat that just kinda “washes ashore”…. 😉

  5. I really agree with your comment about traveling light! 2 suitcases max, and if you DO have “stuff” you must be willing to leave it behind!
    As a musician I have musical instruments – which is a little problem….but I can always break it down to “1 guitar” over my back. #:-)
    Give the others to some local musicians IF I have to “get outa Dodge”!
    Raining in Northern California tonight!

  6. Just got a reply from my letter to my GF telling her I “have no money!”….Her reply:… “Please send money!” … Is that a “nosebleed” situation? #;-)

  7. Blessing Gio, left ealry , but feel that by May things will get better all over the world. In Calif, they don’t even talk about infections anymore like they did last month

  8. Bummer dude…I keep missing your live feeds but will try my hardest to catch the next one. You are looking healthy, wealthy, and wise sir Gio. You do have an early morning look that reminds me of my son-in-law after one of them gud-uns … LOL…Take care bro!

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