Will Begin Incubating Eggs Again Soon

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  1. I am feeding our rabbits, shredded banana leaves, they live them. Wondered about your chooks, saw this, seems beneficial!

    No influence (p > 0.05) were found, for performance and egg production, in Carijo laying hens fed supplemented with banana leaf in natura. For the treatment with inclusion of banana leaf, yolk pigmentation were superior (p < 0.05) when compared to control diet, producing eggs with more yolks orange color. In respect to endoparasite analysis, there was significant effect (p < 0.05) in the percentage of infections present in excretas. Among the treatments evaluated, the one with banana leaf supplementation reduced in 26.54% the endoparasites presence. The inclusion of banana leaf in the diet of Carijo laying hens does not affect performance and eggs quality and decreases the amount of endoparasites of the genus Strogyloides spp.Yb

  2. Feeding system – a 5 gallon plastic bucket, four 90 degree PVC bends. Cut one of the bell ends off the 90 degree bends (on the end that sticks out of the bucket). Cut 4 holes in the bucket for the bends. PVC glue the bends into the bucket, with the 90 degree bend end facing DOWN. Fill bucket with feed. The chickens can put their heads inside the bucket and get the feed with minimal waste. Can put most of a bag of feed inside the bucket. Close the bucket with the lid. An automatic waterer can be made in similar fashion by adding the waterers around the 5 gallon bucket. Can put 5 gallons of water in and have lots of water for them. Less work, less waste. Save time.

  3. The Basilian chickens sure have a long neck. The roosters make good cockfighters. You could sell the male chicks for that, though that sort of thing is not my cup of tea.

  4. You know you can feed the chickens kangkong and any other greens you have to supplement their diet. Chickens love greens, so do ducks. ( if you were going to Mitch’s). Even banana leaves is yummy. Scraps from the kitchen can do also. They should have some greens every day just like humans.

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