Will Bangkok’s Khaosan Road Survive?

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Today I visited Khaosan Road to see how it looked during this current situation. Let’s talk about if this will be the nail in the coffin for this legendary party area of Bangkok or not…


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  1. Tie love how the guy that runs the video directing the video they saying that this is the only time we will see it like this no I don’t think so the next pandemic might just wipe us all out how do you know you can’t predict anything I have a feeling it’s going to get worse and worse years to come

  2. Dirtbags. Thailand becoming more expensive will hopefully chase them out. They do nothing but cause trouble and dont realize the consequences until it’s too late and they cry for mommy and daddy.
    Those bars I’ll tend to stay away from, but as Bhat gets stronger the crowds got weaker and “normal”” vacationers will take over

  3. Last time I was on Khaosan Road was about 17 or 18 years ago, just like my last time to Patpong, and I’ve come to Thailand 2-4 times a year every year since 1999. Great insights and I too loved you description of backpackers. I’ve wondered over the years what happened to it and yes its a little nostalgic to look back upon.

  4. Love your definition of back packers. Just one question….Where do I get a selfie stick that does the wooshing sound from…..asking for a friend

  5. I was there 20 years ago and stop in every few years. Just wooden houses converted to bars and restaurants that used to show pirated DVD movies. Good times. Nighttime was rather shady with prostitutes and drug dealers lurking in the shadows. There were no big hotels or McDonalds and so on. The good thing is that the surrounding areas are still nice. Since Thaksin its gone upscale and it will survive because these days the nightlife is mainly rich Thai kids. So if anything it’ll convert more to Thai nighttime and the tourist thing will be on hold. Its quite interesting how the new public transit doesn’t go there and essentially they like to keep those fashion backpackers in their place haha. I was a backpacker when I first came here and quickly learned some languages and got away from them. They’re such a series of contradictions that its just a waste of effort to discuss them. Lean some Thai man so you can chat with the locals :_. Nice videos. What do you use to record?

  6. No i haven’t been to Khaosan Rd but when all this Covid-19 is over and people can travel again that street will be packed again and not necessarily with backpackers 🙂

  7. When CB Media goes hardcore expressing his opinion about backpackers (and begpackers ahah) and i imagine a hard future full of haters coming from visit thailand keywords ! I laught a lot and i think exactly the same… i made few bagpackers friend around here and they hate work, capitalism and anything that doesnt follow their way of life (whatever that means lol)

  8. Hey chad love the channel, as a suggestion you should do a walk and talk in Lumphini Park. I really enjoyed going on walks there when I was there 4 years ago.

  9. A fella from my area came home from travelling thailand and went to the local pub in a pair of idiot pants. Everybody kept asking him wtf was he wearin? and he kept sayin back to them ‘this is who i am now. i dont care what anybody thinks’. He returned the following week in his normal clothes. ie jeans and t-shirt lol

  10. Great video dude! I have been a weekend drinker at Kaosan Road for more than 8 to 9 years now. nothing has been changed so radically.But i heard recently in a news piece that Kaosan is going to be created as next siamicon super luxury venue. That is a pretty bad news.

  11. No offence,,, talking about definition of a backpacker and their idiots pants and how they hate the Americans 6:18 that is priceless that gold whahaha lmao 🤣😂🤣😂
    Nice video by the way, i sure miss Thailand hopefully i’ll be there end of the year…take care stay safe stay strong ✌🤘🌞

  12. I feel personally attacked. I considered myself a backpacker, but I guess not. I spend my time between Phrom Pong, Asoke, and Thonglor, but I always begin my trip at Bodega Hostel for a few days just to meet fellow party people and get it out of my system. Then I venture out on my own. I’ve been to Khao San several times over the last two summers, but I can’t stay longer than 2 hours or so. I just find it overstimulating due to the noise, crowd and action. Cheap beer is nice, but I’d rather go down some side soi in Thonglor to chill and drink.

  13. I agree, I’ve shifted my travels to Philippines and Indonesia instead of Thailand as the baht has become really strong over the years. But I do think khaosan is a landmark for Thailand and everyone would atleast want to visit it once in their entire Thailand trip. Great video Chad!

  14. Now I’ve never been which is a bonus on account of the way you describe it I close my eyes and see a majestic sight of DOUCHERS as far as the eye can see.

  15. Enjoyable vid big C. Laughed at your trash talking B-Packers. I always smile at least when you use the phrase ‘idiot pants’. Not a fashion statement I would ever make unless the alternative was to walk about naked. Last time i went to KS was maybe 7 years ago. I go to that side of BKK occasionally, usually on my way to somewhere else or a specific spot. I’m past the backpacker age well and truly so I don’t fit there. Not getting shitfaced anymore makes spending time till the wee small hours not much of an option for me either. It’s a trap for tourists too so I tend to avoid such high profile spots anyways. I’m not into hairy armpitted Euro girls who think not washing is cool and organic either lol. Dreads make me sorta nervous too (BP’s seem to attract folsk rockin’ dread … I always think of how dirty it must be way down amongst all those knots eeeyyyuuuwwww ;(

  16. the problem for me was, that the most thai there are thinking that farangs are naive and easy to get ripped off, and if they fail, you get the worst side of asian mentality faced. this area is not thailand, its a same shitty place like redlightdestricts just less brothels.

  17. First time I ever saw a sev close its doors was during the Kings funeral. We actually videoed the one on the west end of Khaosan closing. The employees said it had never closed before and now it has happened again!. Hope the Thai people are fairing well. Love the updated street. Wonder if they will allow vehicles with all the posts going in? Agree that the next street over is a better place to chill. Pitty to all those that only have Khaosan as their view of Thailand tho. It is not Thailand at all. Thanks so much for your awesome vids.

  18. Was at Khaosan Road in the middle of January. First time there. Seemed pretty packed to me. Seemed interesting and, yeah, douchebags abound. Probably wouldn’t go again tbh lol

  19. Hilarious 😂 and true description of a backpacker, really hoping to be in BKK again on September if your up for it I’m buying you a beer 🍻 👍

  20. “If you are a young, early twenties, late teens douchebag…” Dude! made me laugh so hard my GF came in to see what’s going on:)

  21. I went to Thsiland 30 years old. My first time i stsyed on Khasan road fir two nights but partied on Patpong. Thdn Phuket for 8 days back in 1999. It was good back in 1999. 30 baht beers in bars

  22. Prior to the Corona Epidemic, the Thais had made it very clear that their economy had developed to the point that they no longer wanted “Backpackers”, “Sexpats”, “Expats” and “Retirees”. They only wanted to “Tolerate” 5-Star Tourists with more money than brains. I’ve traveled to Thailand many times but have stopped in recent years due to the changing attitudes of “Everyday” Thais. I’d never return to Thailand again, too many other better value for money countries where you and your money are actually welcome.

  23. Yes, it will. Khaosan or Bangkok or Thailand will bounce back to it’s glory days in no time, when the gates open, tourist will come.
    With the new Administrations and City Hall, KhaoSan Road is under a major renovation to clean up the Backpackers image ghetto, to make way for a High Class Tourist attraction and destination.
    It will be a controlled area for all street vendors and peddlers with designated zones. 🙏😼

  24. I first went to Khaosan back in ’93 as a 21 year old ‘backpacker’ (i’ll put my hands up & admit it but i swear no idiot pants!)) & travelled Thailand when it was all bamboo beach bungalows, slow buses & trains, i also went & lived on Koh Tao for 3 years from ’99 – ’02, then to Phuket until ’04 at which point i returned to the Uk. I’ve been back many times since to see old friends & every time i do i can’t believe the amount of development, i say to myself people won’t come to see this but you know what, they do & they will continue to come (to a degree) as next week, next month, next year their is another 21 year old looking for that first ‘Thai’ experience.

  25. Hi I was in Bangkok in Sept 28 to October 28, though 2 weeks of that was in Pattaya in 2019. The night I went there I started in Soi Cowboy, at a pub at the top or bottom of the road depending on how you look at it. I ended up meeting a fellow Aussie he was oh about 28, a miner it the Northern Territory and catching up with his girlfriend, I ended up following them to Khaosan Road, the night I was there it was absolutely packed, a definite eye opener of all the young testosterone in full party mood :-). I did have a good night though. And yes scorpions, spiders and croc were all on the menu there, but I abstained :-). Cheers

  26. I like “BACKPACKERS”…
    They are great Roasted or Fried , they are also very good used as fertilizer for my “ROSE GARGEN”…
    Sometimes I enjoy one with some

  27. It doubt it will be, I believe the gov will try their best to reignite the tourist machine they’ve built and invested in for decades. To call it quits on something like that at a time when they’re just getting back on their feet is economically dangerous. Better to stick to what you know then after establishing stability, transition into another means of income.
    Won’t be surprised if they provide incentives for locals and foreigners to start up businesses.

  28. I lived in one of those $5 guesthouse for 2 months paying every night, was a fun and dark period of my life but definitely have a lot of memories in that short period of time

  29. That’s one thing I like about your videos Chad… You tell it like it is without building it up overstating or sugar coating… Great video man… Congratulations on your success

  30. It’ll survive.

    It’s way too noist and the restaurants on it suck for food though. You’re better off around the road not on the road.

    It’s biggest problem on the khaosan road is the rents on the businesses on the road really. and those can be adjusted down. So it’ll survive.

    Like there will still be enough foot traffic, it’s just the cost of doing business on the road thats high thats the risk.

  31. The shape of things to come in Thailands party areas is a big question . Many in authority have in the past expressed a desire to clean up red light areas and make things more family friendly / attract more so called quality tourists.
    Will they use this time as an excuse to wipe out what they see as undesirable ?.
    How many bar type businesses will never reopen because they can’t afford it?.
    What happens to areas like Soi cowboy or walking street Pattaya if 50% of bars are wiped out?.

  32. You have nailed the twat packer description😂👍 Khaosan Road is only good for 1 thing & that’s fake IDs

  33. When I first arrived in Khao San road in 1985 after the train from Penang it consisted of a lot of cheap guest houses and cheap restaurants. No bars, night clubs or live music. Occasionally we lashed out 40 baht for a bottle of Mekong whiskey.
    The guest houses seemed to be made of plywood and were probably death traps but that is what you paid for. I remember listening to an American trying to seduce a woman in the next room. Thankfully she knocked him back. There were no hostels, every had their own room.
    Khao San road was a 20 minute tuk tuk ride from Thonburi station just across the river where the trains from the south used to terminate.

  34. you left out scruffy beard & “man bun” in description of backpackers. Never been there, no desire to go there where 99% of the people are farang

  35. I come annually in nov/dec last 13yrs to KSR. Seen it change a lot , last decade but every year its a little less crowded . Last time i was there dec 2019. I think a lot of bussines wil go in the upcomming future.

  36. On point about those loser “Backpackers”. You did not mention cheap, broke and freeloader. Backpackers are the ones begging for money in foreign countries giving Westerners a bad name.

  37. I have the feeling that the Thai government,by doing all this construction work ,wants to”upgrade”this area to attract more wealthy tourists and get rid of cheap and noisy backpacker business

  38. Its pronounced cowshit rd….had a lov hate relationship wit it since 1994. Still full of falang pompoeey oun. Wonderin wer does a fat white feminist get laid in Thailand.

  39. I think once all of this shit is over and everything is open again a lot of businesses and accomodation will have super cheap prices which will bring a lot of the cheap charile backpacker crowd back… the big question is will flights be cheaper or more expensive? before I was able to jump on a return flight for less than $1000 AUD but with so many airlines going out of business will this be the case in the future?

  40. Been visiting Thailand for 20 years, now living here since January. I might just go now, since there are no backpackers. I might pick up some idiot pants while I am there. Just for home use. Would not be caught dead wearing them.

  41. Best description of a backpacker! Noticed this years ago…but you forgot the surfboard some of them carry around by foot or on bikes as a real burden. Btw, they didn’t go to Bali but moved to Vietnam and other new destinations after Goa. Bali looks wonderful for beginners tourist who have nowhere else to compare. Bali is almost done due to ridiculous prices. Nepal (relatively new tourist destination) has 10.000 stranded tourists…Bali has only 2000…

  42. Great content dude. Very informative and watchable. But you didn’t plug the motorcycle tour!! Anyway, maybe a thought…Chad hosted motorbike tours ?

  43. I like the backpacker life but you are so right. If you are outside of the norm then you ain’t popular. Best to be a 19 y/0 Vegan who thinks Jim Morrison is your soulmate.

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