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  1. Nice Video! A couple of points that I can help clarify – I have researched the SRRV Visa – The cost varies depending on your age and whether you can prove an outside pension. I my case I’m 58 with no pension so I must deposit USD 20,000 in a Philippines Bank. This amount is blocked for as long as you have the Visa. However you can use the 20,000 for a property investment after 6 months. This amount is attached to the Title Deed. If you stop the visa or sell the property, you must move the 20K back to the bank. There are several other benefits with this visa. I believe the whole process is straight forward and a good way to get a permanent visa in a beautiful country!

  2. You pair are a good double act. My problem is, the Philippines has suspended their Special Retirement Visa for foreigners like me (I am Australian). Any clues on on ways around this?

  3. fellow aussie, love the info guys. I’m 41 and have friends live and love it there and have been thinking about it for the past 2-3 yrs. Right now I’m in my early stages of forex/binary trading online and once I hit my goal consistently in profit I will be making the move there. I love hearing other ex pats experiences. It’s so motivational. Keep it up fellas

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