Why Vietnam needs to preserve its CHINESE roots.

Traditional values like having kids, respecting elderly, being humble, modest and conservative in action, dress and behaviour are being eroded as Vietnam gets richer and the culture gets in vaded like happened in the west.

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  1. Bro, we also have statues of great men and women in the west that the young generations look up to. I’m not sure why you are so against the west, it’s not like the vietnamese are forced into it, they obviously see that it’s for the better. Traditions change ya kno.

  2. In Vietnam back in the 60’s, the young people liked Rock and Roll and the Western Movies too. Nothing is taken away from a families culture when you can just add to it. Like learning a new language, but using your native language and culture the best. Just my opinion.

  3. The tsunami of progress is inevitable; whether it comes from any external culture or not. The historic traditions of generations past are dying away as quickly as those people who carried them forward, are dying away. The youth of today has a different agenda than the youth of past generations. As much as you’d like for these traditions to carry on with future generations, they will fall by the wayside and end up as folklore or museum pieces. You can only instill so much to a child of the 21st century, those mores and values from past generations. One can only hope the next generations will carry on these customs to their generations and beyond…

  4. I’m a “leftist” from the West & women are indeed admired for being mothers! However it’s when women are oppressed by men in the West that’s unacceptable, when women are verbally & physically abused by their husbands, be it religious or secular based. That’s totally unacceptable, period. I admire women for THEIR choices, whatever they may be. If they want to be a stay home mother or a single career professional either is fine as long as it’s THEIR choice!

  5. Lol. “ you probably can’t tell but I am conservative”. Yeah no shit, you want things to remain as they are, so that people can only be what they have always been. I know exactly how you think as I have been there but I am slowly learning to let it go. Vietnam of 20 years ago is gone. The country no longer belongs to 30 and 40 year olds. It belongs to the youth. The way they have always been is the house of palm leaves and mud in the Mekong Delta, and the new way is the two story luxury house with a 60 inch smart tv, central air, and an Audi in the driveway. Which would people choose?

    We lived in a different time, with a different mindset. It was good for a brief time, but if Vietnam didn’t change it would remain a slave to other nations that were constantly improving, evolving, learning. We see it as vietnam as losing its culture, but it’s also trying to be more competitive for future generations.

    It is what it is. Vietnam does not belong to VK, it belongs to the Vietnamese.

  6. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But I get what your saying at the same time. Just like mixing races is a way to lose identity.
    Genghis Khan did it.

  7. My white American Daughter Loves Japanese animation and language, songs and culture. I speak Japanese, lived there 4 years. Does not make me want to lose my American culture however. I love singing Japanese Songs am I turning Japanese? lol

  8. i agree. i seriously dont understand what the hell is wrong with viet people. Viets would rather idolize people who dropped millions of bombs on them and drop herbisides all over vietnam deforming people there for years to come.. Vietnamese people think that people in the west won’t attack them in this time of covid , but honestly in their eyes viets are chinese..

  9. There is so much bullshit to go over in this video. But all I got to say is your beliefs are so backward right now. I’ve watched you are years and have seen how anti-west and nationalistic you have become. It’s obvious you are a hardcore communist in which most hard-right people are around the world with the exception of America. The thing I am glad about though is the Vietnamese people are not ignorant like you have become. They know a step towards communism is a step backward.

  10. As an Asian, I’m fully aware that all of us have roots that go back to China. That being said, Fuck the PRC, the CPC, and the uncultured cavemen that think they are kings of the world just because they now make 1/6 of the income of developed nations. Respect to citizens of the PRC who speak out against their government and disgusting behavior of their fellow citizens.

  11. People here in Michigan USA, are all about family and a good education. Hunting, fishing, boating. Skying, hiking, biking, camping. Lots of love here.

  12. What’s going on mate ? Ummm , tell you what I don’t mean to insult your intelligence but if you do a little homework about “ APEC “ maybe then you and the people in Vietnam will stop blaming China because I heard a lot of this before . It’s about control of every Asian country . Like the “ E U “ if you know what I mean . You mentioned the powers that be , but defined the terms is needed. Stop the hating we need to love each other the same way I loved my wife ( Vietnamese ) I’m not Vietnamese see , “ LOVE “ is the answer to all this “BS” . Nothing personal mate I still love your country. Hoping to go back again one day .👍🏻🙏👏✌️👋🏻😁❤️❤️❤️❤️ .

  13. Hey my man these same Elite scum did the same to America starting in the 60’s we were family Country and God and its all gone now its what they do.

  14. Entire Asia except Thailand were once (some still is) colonized by the west at some point in their recent history.

    These former colonies were left with poverty while the West flourished economically, culturally, militarily.

    Concept of ‘West = success, beauty, power, future’ is heavily embeded to the people of former colonies. Hence the inferior complex and idolizing.

    Former colonies will continue to use the West as their compass for success as long as the west stay dominant.

    China is putting a lot of effort to re-brand China so they can become influential like the west. If they succeed perhaps Vietnam will go back to its Chinese roots, in exchange of bowing to China as their new colonizer.

  15. I did not know you had such extreme views of our culture to the point where you are disgusted about how we are influenced by western pop culture? beatbox? breakdance? You sound like a ruthless communist dictator bro, cmon.
    The world is constantly changing and you can’t control how and what people might be influenced by if the change of culture is neutral or heading in a positive direction then there’s no reason to hate on it. So what if the Vietnamese celebrate Halloween or digging Hip-hop music, what negative outcomes does it give? You want us to become like China? Where there is no democracy or freedom of speech? Or maybe like an Islamic state where women have to wear the burqa when they leave the house? Or men who only have 5 different hairstyles to choose from like North Korea? I’d like you to expand much more since you’re entering a deep topic which is fun to hear about but man.. like wtf

  16. Troy , just ” Shut Off and Bitch Up ” ( 2:26 ) , you’ll feel so much better , LMAO at your rants about young people , too funny …

  17. imagine ppl in my country thniks christianity is our religion. but reality is that even less than 100 years ago many ppl didnt know about christainty and have

  18. i am from slovenia. central east europe. most ppl thnik christanity is their religion by far. but dont realise that there was “old” religion which was there for centuraries without blood

  19. You are a freaking idiot. Are you chinese or vietnamese? Culture in every country is evolving and if there is any preservation, it is our VIETNAMESE roots not chinese!

  20. Dude, the kids were dancing to KPOP (BTS) in the beginning of the video. Relax..why you making this so deep. Go live in the country side if you resist change and evolution. Let ppl have fun.

  21. Your video title is stupid. Vietnam has its own roots. Why do they have to persevere Chinese roots, you stupid f**k??? You talk nonsense about things you see on the street. They are young kids and let them have fun with their lives. You should stay home with your old f**k.

  22. Troy, you’ve got a sweet gig riding around on your scooter doing good deeds giving away other peoples money. Don’t screw it up by going on these political/racial rants. Something sets you off, walk away, have a cold beer or whatever gives you pleasure.

  23. This guy. He hates the West so much because he failed making a life for himself in Australia. So he goes to Vietnam to feel better about himself among the local Vietnamese. Making these videos about random poor people and acting all mother Theresa with his money, but when seeing people who are doing better for themselves but showing signs of western influence he talks down on them like they have a sickness. This guy is blinded by hate and jealousy towards Western culture and acts like it’s a big evil entity with no values and morals. It’s just cringe worthy to hear his simplistic views about things.

  24. Liberalism is not the fault of the West. Its being pushed by socialists/communists, which want to destroy western conservatism. Look Up “Yuri bezmenov Interview”…hes a ex-kgb Agent WHO defected to the West and He explains this communist Plan.

  25. I am Vietnamese. All of my values are conservative; i am very pro family, pro traditional values but i speak “English” in Vietnam; wtf… so hypocrite lol
    btw, you need to change the tittle to “Why China needs to preserve its VIETNAMESE roots”. Just because they are bigger that does not mean they are our root. UK is 5 times smaller than the US; does that mean the UK’s root is USA? FYI, Vietnamese did not turn into Chinese even after 1000 years under its rule; my great parents know French and Chinese but they speak Vietnamese. And you think Vietnamese culture would turn into western lifestyle in a few years? The only thing i see right now is that you have already been westernized cuz as a Vietnamese, you don’t even speak Vietnamese in Vietnam.

  26. My dude, what are you talking about? It is called evolution. I’m all about keeping traditions and cultures but people need to come out of their caves my man. Changes happen in life and most of the time it is for the better. People aren’t to remain in the Stone Age. How do you propose government changes for the betterment of the people of children doesn’t grow to adapt to a democracy? You think people fled to the West(US, Australia, Europe, France, Germany, etc) because Vietnam was such a great place to live? Vietnam is an awesome place rich with traditions and culture for sure, but the world is evolving in general. Young generations adapt accordingly as time shifts. You are so anti-west man in all your videos when you ramble. Did you experience a lot of hate when you were young living in Australia? I feel you stereo type quite a bit. I am from the USA and without the promise land to afford us the liberty to make it and adapt to Western life we’d be in Vietnam right now on the receiving end of your donations instead of giving it.

  27. Well many Americans are pro family and marriage…. And conservative…. Don’t let your thoughts that were not get you confused… Because America is about being a wife mother and we also like to work… You can’t speak for everyone. most Americans want to raise a family and keep our tradition alive. Wich is the family life.

  28. May be Troy’s first video to get more dislikes than likes. But that’s OK. He’s not gonna change for ratings points. Personally, I think he’s feeling a little lost.

  29. Ahh the other side of Troy. So refreshing. Reminds me of the old video where you expressed your opinion about ‘white losers’. Actually I don’t mind these kinds of videos, atleast you’re not faking it. 1 Like from me!

  30. I agree with you, you shouldnt have to be pressured by society into something like a woman being a homemaker and the husband being the bread-winner if that is apart of your traditions.

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