Why Vietnam needs to help Cambodia & Khmer people.

Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Vietnam and China are brother nations.


    1. nowrd2xpln he calls it that because the company Toyota made a car called the corolla wich sounds like corona hence the Toyota virus 🦠

  1. 3:56 “sounds like a bunch of seagulls squabbling over a potato chip”

    said the guy walking around an empty mall talking to himself with a camera on his chest

    jokes aside this video is great! keep it up

    1. @Cong Nguyen I’m from Sydney and it’s similar here too. A lot of Cambodian girls are not attractive but I was lucky to know a few pretty ones.

  2. I actually like Cambodians and think they are quite nice people overall. I do however had a bad experience with a former Cambodian friend who turned out to quite a backstabber. It was weird because he ended up turning on everyone who helped him including his wife and was obsessed with a woman who ended up leaving him homeless. Maybe he was abused as a child and it messed him up, but I don’t really know.

  3. That’s a pretty loose connection between the Americans and the rise of the Khmer Rouge and calculated, systematic genocide.
    How about China’s support of the Khmer Rouge, to whom they were ideologically sympathetic to? Or even Vietnam’s? No mention? Ok, but those are pretty glaring omissions.

    1. t ng .. yep the US, along with China, supported the Khmer Rouge along the Thai-Cambodia border to keep fighting with the Vietnamese while Vietnam was helping rebuilding Cambodia and finally withdrew after the new Cambodian government was strong enough to defend the country on their own. Not to mention the USA and China used their power at the United Nations to recognize the Khmer Rouge as the official Cambodia government despite of what pol pot did.

    2. I don’t really blame anyone for their roles in the rise of the Khmer Rouge. No one had any idea that the Khmer Rouge would commit genocide once they’re in power. It’s the fact that America just turned a blind eye to a genocide that they knew they had helped created. And it got even worse because as Vietnam was driving the genocidal Khmer Rouge out of Cambodia, the US secretly stepped in and helped them maintained the war with Vietnam for the next 15 years.

    3. @mypartyisprivate How did the taliban and ISIS became so strong? Thanks to the US bombing everywhere like retards. Why dont they go after saudi arabia? There is your answer.

    4. @Inte Dinensak By your comment, it seems like overtly capitalist governments weren’t the only nor even the main ones pulling the strings of the Khmer Rouge here, no?

  4. Dude, you just said ” you do admit Cambodians are not as smart as Vietnamese in general” then went on saying that Vietnamese man looked down on them. By admitting that Cambodians are not as smart, you already looked down on them. There is no such thing as one race is smarter than the others. The environments, circumstances, opportunities and others factors are the reasons one race is not as advanced as the others. Nothing to do with the colors of the skin nor the nationalities.

    1. TKN V yea you’re a fool, you are just racist at heart or a “national socialist” since that term will tickle your tummy better. You’re a fool man, no race is better than the other and if you think so then you’re a prime example of the mentality you get when you look at the world through the lenses of Darwinism. Do you applaud hitler for what he was doing? Trying to create the “master race” the sad thing is I used to be as lost and idiotic as you. Repent because God has no skin color and doesn’t care where you are born from. We all fall short from the glory of God, rich/poor, smart/dumb, black/white, we are all idiots without God and will continue to roam this earth having your type of mentality, that is the same mentality that makes Koreans and Japan’s so proud and look down on Vietnamese people. It’s a never ending stupid cycle. Repent dude that is so stupid and let go of the hate you have in your heart for other races, you see injustice? God will punish all who are an enemy to him so you just do your part and spread the gospel and not more racism in the world. In a world without God it truly is a dog eat dog world, is that what you wanna be a part of? Cuz I guarantee you just how you believe there is a food chain in the human races there is damn well someone above you so what are you even trying to be proud of? God is on top of that chain anyways. As I said think before you speak and seek God for true wisdom and not wisdom from men.

    2. Well the reason why it is so is exactly because of the circumstances. Are you seriously telling me that a chinese man is equal in terms of cunningess and smartness to an african man?

    3. Look at the inbreds running the world economy that is a prime example of operatunity you can take any dipshit that’s not afraid to work teach them how to make money work for them give them a fair sum of money to start a business and as long as they don’t start living beyond their means anyone can become wealthy

    4. Thái you are absolutely 200 % correct ” environments, circumstances opportunities & others factor ” To me opportunities is the most important factor. You can be well educated and living in the best country in the world but if you don’t have the opportunity due to reasons out of your control then you will not get anywhere in life. Thái you are a very smart & wise person. ☺👍

    1. @TKN V stop acting tough on youtube, id drop ur lil frail ass, u vietnamese ppl small af pls dont act tuff u know u not yall get bullied everywhere

  5. I’m so happy that Cambodia is getting happy again. I was there during the occupation and Phnom Pehn had almost NO people. It was the saddest thing I’d ever seen. It was torn apart. Happy you brought it up Troy. They deserve happiness.

    I won’t go into the horrors I witnessed. They deserve happiness.

    1. @TKN V yes. I have no argument with you. I was in Cambodia to document and photograph the atrocities of Pol Pot and his idiot child army. I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED I WAS THERE AFTER IT WAS STOPPED by the Vietnamese Army. My Vietnamese wife and daughter know too. My wife and her great family lived thru it ALL. I’m not as ignorant as you want to believe.

    2. Pol pot massacred 1/4 of the khmer people. Vietnam stepped in cause that ni88a killed 3157 viet civililians unjustly (ba chúc massacre) and the khmers invaded and captured land (later reclaimed by the viets) because they thought vietnam was going to conquer the whole of south east asia. What happened after that? Vietnam fu(ked over the cambos (at least the ccp shills) and took their capital in two weeks for being a bunch of bit(hes. We will never forget the ba chuc massacre.

  6. You should know whether or not it’s an authentic product, based on the store and price you’re paying. If they say it’s a real Rolex, selling for 50 bucks,,,it’s on you.

  7. I dated a Cambodian girl…and yes, they have derogatory stuff to say about Vietnamese too. Keep in mind that Vietnam and Cambodia has had a history of conflict

    1. TVo Does your Cambodian girlfriend know about the genocide of Vietnamese living in Cambodia back to the time of Lon Non and till Khmer Rouge? Back in 1978, Khmer Rouge cut off Vietnamese settlers in Cambodia and their corpses were floating in Mekong River to Vietnam territory. Khmer people living in Vietnam never face random beatings, businesses burning as Cambodians do to Vietnamese.

  8. Cambodians discriminate against Vietnamese in Cambodia for some weird reason, they prefer the Chinese! Vietnam has helped Cambodia many times during the war but they seem to have forgotten all of the favors.

    Just like how Vietnam sent medications to Korea as a good will gesture when they had the diarrhea pandemic in 2002, they then turned around and sold the cure to India for a huge profit.

    Vietnam sent hundreds thousands of masks to China to help with the Covid-19 fight but they sunk our villagers’ boat this month.

    Vietnam has also sent a huge amount of masks to Laos , Germany, Italy, Spain and a few other European nations.

    Vietnam will always help with what we can because that’s how we are, we can’t look the other way when others need hlep.

    1. @Ric parts of south china used to be vietnam eg: guangdong province and some vietnamese still pissed over something that happened 2 thousand yrs ago. vietnam took khmer krom from cambodia in 1800s not thousand yrs ago like china took guangdong province from vietnam.

    2. 25th hour ..yep. Parts of south Vietnam used to be the Khmer empire and some Cambodians are still stewing over something that happened thousand years ago.

  9. USA – just pay $100 billion to clean up all the bombs you left in Cambodia and Laos – and do it now. So the world can have respect for you.

    1. The majority of those are landmines laid during internal conflicts and conflicts with Vietnam. Hate to burst your bubble, but the Cambodians laid most of their own mines within their own borders.

    1. LE REDDIT COMMANDER they’re for sure not testing but they are not ignoring the issues. For example, they quarantined an entire village in northern Vietnam, this is not ignoring the seriousness of the disease.

    2. The weather theory is BS. Peru and Ecuador are taking a beating while japan cases are starting to rise and its getting hotter there. But i do believe like japan, mexico and thailand, vietnam is another country just not testing and ignoring the issue.

    3. @Thao Brewster wow interesting of hearing how the vietnam goverment acted/i’m in canada and we are peaking the curve next week, and well be releasing people around may 4th or so….we are doing not bad ourselfs

    4. @Billy Bob Texas Lack of adequate reporting, obviously. Why would you trust the numbers? India has comparatively “few deaths” as well.

    5. Walking by -philippines-
      Yer I can tell you , as soon as the cat was out the bag about the virus the Vietnamese government sprung into action. On 24 January all universities and schools was closed indefinitely. All Chinese tourists was sent back pretty much immediately. All flights from China was canceled. The Vietnamese government put their people before profit. Unlike most of Europe who was very blasé and did not take this threats seriously and now they are paying the ultimate price.

  10. Your comments about the Cambodians is so similar to what white people say about Native Americans. “Not as smart as whites, not as sophisticated, and they
    lack social skills. What the whites don’t get is that we are a separate culture with different traditions. You never see stories about Natives on the national TV networks. 
    Even during this crisis of covid 19, not one story about Natives. Stories about sick dogs, cats, zoo animals, but nothing about Natives living on reservations.We are
    the invisible people!!

  11. There is a saying ‘The Vietnamese plant the rice (eg. Do the hard work) The Cambodians watch the rice grow (eg Wait around for the results of other’s hard work) and the Laotians listen to the rice grow (eg. Do absolutely nothing)… And it does sort of sum up the national characteristics of these countries…

  12. 1:25 Cambodians are not a “race”, it’s just a name given to the people living in the imaginary line of land designated as Cambodia. They are brown because of the sun and menacing looks are probably from squinting in the sun. Why don’t they wear nón lá like Vietnamese? Because no one taught them. Almost everyone with the ability to teach was killed. Khmer Empire, officially the Angkor Empire, the predecessor state to modern Cambodia DOMINATED SE Asia. What you see today is what’s left after wars and genocide. All empires fall, eventually. I have personally heard Khmer, Vietnamese, and Thais ignorantly talk crap about each other. It really doesn’t matter anymore, it’s all going to be about the rich vs. poor, doesn’t matter which country. Before Vietnam helps any country they need to help themselves, TRULY unite North and South, take care of their poor, and become self sufficient. Are you under the impression that the new mall you were walking through is Vietnamese? Are you sure it was not built and owned by Japan, South Korea, and/or Singapore? Keep doing what you do Troy! Great content!

    1. The US has a regime probably worst than those countries. At least these countries are progressing but the US is killing itself. The PotUS always changes, but the boss pulling the string will never change.

    2. Tommy Lee
      More fool you Tommy , The Vietnamese Government have done an incredible job of containing this virus. They have put their people first instead of the economy unlike the rest of Europe who are now paying a terrible price.

  13. Good video man, I pretty much agree with you on everything you said. One point I’d like to mention is that it was the Vietnamese army that went into Cambodia and wiped out pol pots army after witch they restored power to the Cambodian King.
    Then against all the American propaganda returned to Viet Nam. So much for the domino theory the us government was pushing.
    I’m often ashamed of the USA. All the bombing, all the UXO in Viet Nam, Cambodia and Louse. Lest we never forget agent orange witch is still causing great suffering in all 3 countries.

  14. No. Your wrong Troy. There is nothing wrong being honest all. The. time. You reap what you sow. Good or bad. Karma is at work. You are right about Vietnam. I was disappointed at how dishonest & how the merchants were opportunist. Not all but alot. Also,,, Cambodians had many people killed eg teachers, didn’t they by a dictator ( pol pot) a few years ago ? So it’s the government’s fault for killing off educated people.

    1. truth sets free
      There was no government at that time it was the Khmer Rouge The Pol Pot regime that slaughtered a3 of the Cambodians .

  15. Would the population of Cambodia play a part of the lopsided statistics? And btw Troy, did u came to the conclusion of the country honesty by questioning one person if the product they selling is real or fake…. Come on Troy. U can do better than that…. Let’s be fair here, there are honest and dishonest people everywhere from around the world, I’m sure there are better ways to go about it to figure out a more accurate conclusion to portray how a country is really like. But hey it’s only my opinion. Hey Troy I know ur a good person so please don’t take it as me having a go at u…… All it is is just me giving u my honest opinion…. No hate, just love…. Keep up with the good work you’ve been doing and only because u mentioned it maybe hopefully one day u would help out the locals in Cambodia like u do in Vietnam. That would be great to see. Anyways take care and peace out brother. 👍✌️😀

  16. Blueberries – usually have a white bloom on the surface of the fruit. This is natural.. i’m wondering if that’s what you are referring to when you say mold?

  17. Cambodian people are very sweet people not Loud or aggressive and same price for everyone, they don’t put up the price if you are a foreigner not like the Vietnamese. If I want to buy something I have to send my wife otherwise I would pay way over the odds . Many Vietnamese people say to my wife your husband must be very rich because he’s from England. That is so dumb, people looking at too much TV England has a big poverty rate many old people more than 3,000 die every year because they cannot afford to eat and keep warm and there’s more than 10,000 X military sleeping on the streets of the UK.

  18. Do some research into how much Vietnamese oversea send back to VN on an annual basis : $16.7 billion in 2019 (since the 70s when people start leaving there been money/products coming back. I did some quick math and $157 billion been going back since 2000). Yet with all that influx of cash, where does it go? I know you live in VN, understand some vietnamese but I wonder how much you really understand about the condition of the people living there or the history. Back in the 50s, HCM was the jewel of SE Asia; then all the other asian country start passing economically, while VN/Cambodia/Laos fall further behind. The Chinese are investing ton of money into Cambodia (check out Sihanoukville), do some digging on what’s going on there. You have good motive in wanting to help the impoverish, but there are more deep root issues : social, educational, psychological…The amount of poor people are like sand on a beach, plenty.

  19. I’m not sticking up for the Americans in anyway shape or form but they were bombing Cambodia because of the ho Chi Minh Trail. The north was using Cambodia to move all their military south .

    1. @LE REDDIT COMMANDER I know you’re a fan of the Khmer Rouge and its communist allies, but let’s not forget nearly one million people fled North Vietnam for South Vietnam as refugees. The US did a crap job, but the entire COLD WAR wasn’t just “making a point.”

      How can you have such a juvenile level of understanding of this?

    2. Thao Brewster there were some people that welcomed them. But the vast majority, especially the peasant class hated them for raiding their villages and destroying their crops.

    3. “lets bomb another country on the other side of the world just because we want to make a point that we hate communism” – The US

  20. You should find out the illiteracy rates in Vietnam and Cambodia. China pulled itself out of poverty with education but was completely illiterate in 1980. It goes to show you how fast things can change, in 40 years they developed to this point and all in half a lifetime. Things can change fast.

    1. @mypartyisprivateYes indeed. Look how Mao turned on Liu Shaoqi and threw him into prison to die a humiliating death for wanting economic reform.

    2. Vietnamese also uses roman letters while cambodia uses their proprietary writing system. China also simplified their kanji to make it easier. That has a lot to do with literacy.

    3. China plunged itself into poverty in the first place with the Great Leap Forward and other genocidal, failed initiatives. It’s not an accomplishment to climb out of a calamity you yourself engineered.

  21. It’s estimated 90% of foreign aid to the Khmer Rouge came from China. Your condemnation of the US here is just, but “brother nations”… are you sure you know who you’re endorsing?

    As a Vietnamese, you should be more suspicious. I love ya Troy, but your positions are contradictory. You can’t blast the Americans for the Khmer Rouge but embrace the Chinese.

    1. @S H I don’t know enough about the history to take sides but China has actually poured millions into Cambodian infrastructure projects such as roads and dams. No doubt there may questions over their motivations.

    2. Unfortunately Troy doesn’t know the true history. The U.S. Bombing in Cambodia was an attemp to stop the Communist Khmer Rouge from taking over. It failed. The bombing wasn’t the cause of the Khmer Rouge taking power.
      The U.S. Have given Billions in aid to Cambodia for over 30yrs . What has China done for them ?

    3. @LE REDDIT COMMANDER You didn’t rebut anything I said. You should try. To ignore the obvious Maoism of the Khmer Rouge is not only disingenuous but laughable.

    1. Exactly. But there isn’t just one good side and one bad side. They are all on the bad side, just some have it more than the others

    2. @Richard Jolly Finally someone is talking sense! China, America, and Cambodia all behaved monstrously. No excuses for any of them. All statements can be true at once. These countries pooled their monstrosity to make a Cambodian genocide. May their souls rest in peace.

    3. Can one point the finger of blame at any one nation ? The fact is that people died , lots of people , go to the killing fields and see the tower of skulls , see the bones still being washed up from the ground in the rain , see the tree where baby’s heads were broken open to save bullets and the stench and mood of the place fifty years later , China , America or Cambodia itself are all to blame ! 😪😪🙏🙏

    4. Yeah lets just try and forget about the US dropping 540,000 tons of bombs , killing up to 500,000 civilians. Just wipe that away from history and pretend to be stupid

  22. China was the main player in Cambodia recent history including support of Pol Pot. US to blame too but its Communism expansion from China that caused genocide.

    1. @Konstantinos Palaiologoshmmm im not exactly a prpfessional on hmongs but my take is this: the hmong arent a part of the yue tribe, they were a separate race that originated from the yellow river and are a subgroup of an entirely different group of people called the miao people. The Qing kingdom that ruled china at the time wanted to genocide all the hmong people and so some escaped down south into the SE asia areas while some stayed and hid from them. Han chinese itself is a mix of all the different tribes, hmong included, which is probably why the qing wanted to wipe them out or somsthing. But everyone lists the hmong as not of han, which is weird since they did originate from china, but I guess northern/central china is too different from the hmongs i guess. China really is weird, they are a mix of many different tribes and many more from the mongolian steppe barbarian tribes. Ir really is confusing lol

    2. TKN V, What about the Hmong? I read they where originally from inside China, but lost a war and escaped into Vietnam and Cambodia. Were they Han, too, originally? It’s hard to figure out. So many Chinese speak so many different languages. To me they look “Han” but somewhat shorter than Vietnamese and Southern Han.

    3. You do have a point. Og viets originated from north vietnam and southern china, they were their own people (yue tribe), they are not chinese and not from SE asia. The only reason why some viets have east asian phenotype is because of the chinese domination (which we eventually fought back and successfully took back our nation) and maybe because of some of the yue tribe got phenotyoe similar to chinese. And the only reason why some have SE asian phenotype is because we expanded our nation and took laos, cambodia and champa land and instead of genociding or exterminating we made them assimilate. So i guess you could say vietnam is more east asia because the original viets came from the yue tribes.

  23. I live in Cambodia for 6 years it a good place an Khmer people are very friendly I love it . Cambodians don’t like Vietnam people that’s for sure mate lol

    1. Ric from what I could make out of it .A lot of it’s from the Khmer Rouge an Vietnam sell a lot of stuff to the Khmer an rip them off

    2. Grant Thomas .. in your opinion, why don’t Cambodians “like” Vietnamese? Is it because there are quite a bit of viet people living there after the viet-Cambodia war, and they don’t like it?

  24. Troy, you are quite younger than me, but I remember a war many have forgotten. It was the war between China and Vietnam in 1979. My in- laws, still alive today, are from Luoyang, Henan. China may have won this war, but paid a terrible cost in human life. They told me an entire Chinese military brigade of 2,000 men, from their district in Luoyang, was destroyed in the war and only a few men returned home. My wife explained the cause of the war was from Vietnamese crossing north into China and stealing large quantities of food from Chinese farmlands. My take on it was that it had more to do with Vietnam’s troops pushing into Cambodia to crush the last remnants of Khmer Rouge. So my wife and I disagree.

    1. More like the chinese invading and stealing vietnamese fiid and livestock and killing innocent civillians.. chinese govt like to lie a lot.

    2. Konstantinos Palaiologos ..the US media probably didn’t want to give it much coverage because the USA, along with China, supported the remnants of the pol pot army and setting camps along the Thai-Cambodia to continue the war after being driven out of Phnom Penh. The pol pot army just crossed into Thailand when being chased by the viet army. This prolonged the war for another few years while Vietnam was sanctioned by most countries for occupying Cambodia. Vietnam also helped rebuilding Cambodia at the time by sending over civilian specialists/experts to help out, and some stayed there after the war. That’s why there are quite a few Vietnamese call Cambodia home nowadays.

    3. @Billy Bob Texas, Thank you for that response. It was informative and hopefully others can get something out of it, too. Back in the day, it was only 4 years after the Americans pulled out, so it was all that much more confusing as to why this happened, and from what I remembered during my college years, the U.S. media didn’t do a great job covering that war, so that added even more to me not knowing what was going on.

    4. your take is correct. during the vietnam/american war, north vietnam was helped by both china and russia. after the war, there was a fall out between china and russia and vietnam was “forced” to pick a side and they sided with russia. it’s probably vietnam thought russia was stronger than china and the history of conflicts between china and vietnam didn’t help either. To “punish” vietnam, China supported pol pot raiding and killing viet civilians along the viet-cambodia border. Cutting people head was their specialty. Vietnam showed some restraints by not retaliating but after the Ba Chuc massacre where the khmer rouge massacred over 3000 viet civilians, vietnam finally invaded cambodia and steamrolled pol pot army while having to deal with a second war front when china decided to invade vietnam. To be fair, China didn’t intend to occupy vietnam. They just wanted to “teach” vietnam a lesson for siding with the soviet union, so the northern war front didn’t last long after china pulled back.

  25. 1:08 to 1:13.. Since when does someone with darker skin seem more menacing? I like your videos but I didn’t like what you said about dark skin people.

    1. TKN V that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. So black people just look in the mirror and are just terrified of themselves naturally? What if all the people around you is black, do they just instinctually fear one another or do they just go on about their day like a European community would. Idiotic thoughts dude, think before you speak.

    1. Dave sivirn so are you…you have a bias and face value perception of people before you get to know the. Too…all humans are like that
      .dont lie and virtue signal like you’re this virtuous person that loves everyone and has no bias in you…at least troy is honest

    2. Dave sivirn most people are but they won’t say how they feel. A bit of honesty is a little refreshing. At least you know his true intentions, many people are wolfs in sheep clothing.

  26. Some countries, for various reasons including luck and geography, have fostered a propensity for commerce. These can be developed over hundreds or thousands of years, especially if they are located along convenient trade routes. If this hasn’t had the chance to grow organically in a country it can leave them with a large disadvantage when it comes to ingenuity and commercial development. Vietnam, especially the north, has had the luck of geography. It has had the massive benefit of having the world’s largest trading nation on it’s door step. If China has seen Vietnam with suitable land to give them what they want, they will have started trading with them. This trade infrastructure and mentality has been in place for thousands of years and has much to do with location and luck than anything else. have to disagree with you on the Philippines in a big way also. I’ve been to the Philippines and Vietnam. Manilla is a far more impressive city when it comes to commerce and just general progress and development. I live in Europe and every Pinoy I met is professional. They either work as nurses, doctors, medical technicians or engineers. They value education very highly. They travel all around the world to better themselves. I think I have only met 2 Viet’s in Europe and they were not professionals. Maybe do a bit more research into this one Troy.

    1. @TKN V ..part of the reason why there are so many Filipinos in the US, is, based on my anecdotal experience and opinion, many Filipinos in the US are nurses from the Philippine. they export lots of nurses to the US. just go to a hospital and see it for yourself. secondly, the US used to have bases in the Philippines and many american service men there married the local women and took them back to america with them, and then their families eventually come with them.
      I am not going to debate whether vietnamese or filipinos work harder or smarter or anything of that matter. Just look at both countries then and now and see for yourself. search youtube for expats who have lived in both countries and listen to what they have to say about both countries. One thing that most of these expats agree on is, the Filipinos speak better english than the vietnamese as a whole. As for other matters, well, see it for yourself. If someone only met 2 viets in europe and they both are not professionals and you think most/all vietnamese are like that, then you need to travel more.

    2. @jdivision79 so basically the reason why there are many flips in the us is because of work shortage? Or is it actually just for cheaper labor (like what they did to the africans) lmao and i can see they all of the flips do sponsor all their family members from the filipinos and ship them to the us. Very interesting

    3. @TKN V They are English speakers for the most part. They have a big healthcare education system. America ships them over because they have a shortage. Filipinos bring over their extended family after that. They are one hardworking bunch.

    4. Also, china and vietnam have been at war for each other for MILLENIUM, ever since the BC era and it has not gotten any better. Trading isn’t exactly as efficient as it could be if they were friendly.

  27. Vietnam doesn’t need to help Cambodia nor should Vietnam mingle in Cambodian affairs. Vietnam invaded Cambodia from 1975 to 1979 and that prompted mainland China to invade Vietnam’s northern border in 1979. Cambodia has since then been run by Hun Sen faction, which are the remnants of the Pol Pot Khmer Rouge military junta, and everyone knows Cambodia has close ties with mainland China. The Khmer people don’t trust the Vietnamese nor their own government. Many just want to live in peace and cultivate a living, freely.

    Vietnam has her own set of issues and agenda, as you are aware.

  28. Troy, enough of the America bashing. You really don’t know the history. The bombing was an attempt to STOP the Communist Khmer Rouge – it wasn’t what created it.

    On 9 November 1953 the French finally allowed Cambodia to become fully independent and in 1955 Sihanouk abdicated in favor of his father and elections were held.

    Sihanouk formed his own political movement. From 1955-1970 he dominated politics in Cambodia so much so that it is sometimes called the ‘Sihanouk era’. In 1960, when his father died, he named himself ‘Chief of State’. Sihanouk called his movement ‘Buddhist Socialism’. However it was not really socialist at all.
    Sihanouk’s reign began to crumble in 1968 when the communists began a civil war. In 1970 Sihanouk left the country. While he was away the National Assembly voted to remove him as chief of state. Cambodia was renamed the Khmer Republic.

    However the communists slowly made headway. The Americans bombed Cambodia to try and stop the communists. Nevertheless they captured Phnom Penh on 17 April 1975.

  29. red khmer cáp zuồn my fiend family in 1977 in long an border and now and b4 we still don’t like each other any way you need reading history for sure all south asia they are don’t like each other . accept Laos pepole .

  30. I think on an individual level we all want to get along, but then there is the collective groupthink perpetuated by government opinions and holding grudges for historical events. And as far as history some fixate on the 20th century, but really we’ve had interactions for several centuries – especially as Vietnam expanded southward. I think it is touchy because we need to help each other, but respect each other’s sovereignty.

    Me personally, I don’t mind the Khmer and I don’t look down on them. Then again I’m from the north so it’s not something I’ve had to deal with much personally.

    And as far as Filipinos I like them too. But I do get annoyed when the pinoy communists/socialists groups there use Vietnam as a beacon of how it can work, especially with the Toyota Virus response. The problem in the Philippines runs deeper than their system of government, so I don’t think socialism would magically fix their country.

    1. We can be friends. Just, not too much. SEA nations should just interact with each other econmically instead of being friends. In general, it is not possible for us to ever like each other. But on a personal level, it is possible. But we always tend to look at it on the outside because we support our motherland and it is the more logical choice.

      One of the many reasons why many viets hate cambos: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ba_Ch%C3%BAc_massacre

      Some reasons why viets hate filos:
      Some filipino pirates murdered a vietnamese fisherman just last year.

      Phillopines could never compare to vietnam tbh. They’ve lost every war they’ve been in and all their invaders managed to beat the locals each and every time. Most flips are mut(t) r&pe babies. Vietnam managed to fight back our invaders and win. We must never forget our warrior spirit or else we wil become like the filos who got r&ped.

      Cambodia is a weak nation, a fraction of what it used to be and many of its people especially in the government still hate viets to this day. We can’t just be pu55ies and sympathise with them. We have to stand up for ourselves and attack anyone back that has attacked us. That’s always been vn way. The khmrs and flips never did that and they lost.

      You look at it from your country’s point if view, not a personal point of view.

  31. The reason for ” friendly issue ” is that you speak vietnamese in Vietnam and english in Cambodia. Think about that. You need to learn more the historical relation between two countries to understand what is happenning.

  32. Americans should of never been in SE Asia (Vietnam War), then they wouldn’t of had to press into Cambodia to search for the Vietnamese freedom fighters, who were defending and trying to reunite their country, and whom were attacking the US from staging points in Cambodia and Laos. Not saying the Americans were right in bombing Cambodia and Laos, but they were trying to limit their casualties prior to them withdrawing troops out of Vietnam. Vietnamese soldiers broke neutrality in Laos and Cambodia to carry out insurgencies w/in those countries, but hey…i would of done the same too if you’re going up against a Superpower. That was a very unnecessary war and i wish it never happened. Countries such as Cambodia went through much turmoil, and is still relatively a young nation trying to rebuild it’s infrastructure from the ground up; Cambodians may seem lacking the so-called knowledge or skillZ you’re referring to, but doesn’t mean they’re any less intelligent…perhaps they’re generally not an aggressive peoples. If anything, i would say they have pure hearts than other aggressive nation(s). Moreover, yes the Americans probably helped Pol Pot and his regime as a ‘buffer’ in Cambodia, in fear that (near the end of the war) Vietnam would not stay in Cambodia or used it’s country to stage ongoing attacks, and to withdraw back to it’s borders of today. So in all fairness, it’s a question of ‘ifs’; if Americans weren’t in Vietnam, if Vietnam didn’t use neighboring countries to stage attacks, if Americans didn’t bomb Cambodia, if Pol Pot hadn’t seized power due to the above. In closing, i would say Vietnam had an equal hand to the millions murdered under Pol Pot’s regime.

    1. A loser. Someone who wanted to spend other people’s money to bribe voters for their support. America doesn’t need him, or Comrade Sanders

  33. They need to help themselves. They already think it’s our fault that the genocide happened and that their president is a Vietnamese puppet. I know a girl who is half Viet and half Cambodian and she hates Vietnamese. They think we’re evil, pretty ironic because she’s half Viet. If we help them, it’s only going to back fire. I’ve never been to Cambodia so I could be wrong but it seems they harbor a lot of hate for us even though we didn’t do anything to them. Let the Chinese help them.

  34. Troy, I suggest you search YouTube with this key phrase: “ Dan Viet tai Campuchia van bi phan biet “. It’s a short 5 min clip about the Vietnamese-Cambodian who live there and how they are treated by the local Cambodians. More similar videos will come up with the search.

  35. Forgot…If you are a scholar and then put in solitary confinement for 4 years you might not be to sharp later. We are all of the same race. Only difference is blood type and how long our ancestors spent in the sun. A very dark man was the first doctorto do a heart transplant.

  36. As a Cambodian , your speeches are rude , racism , arrogance ,,, You mentioned about Cambodian people hate Vietnam people , it is true and it comes with the reason. Stop trash talking about my country again Viet dude, you can tell everyone that your country Vietnam is a paradise , a powerful country , a wealthy country blah…., what ever you want but don’t talk about my country again. You said Vietnam has better lifestyles than Cambodia , why those Vietnamese illegal immigrants come to live in Cambodi , why your people still want to immigrate to Cambodia ? Does it make sense huh Viet dude?

    1. man you are the exception not the rule. i am glad you are doing well in your studies, but, most khmers are not doing well at school because the education system is so bad. our culture also doesn’t focus on education as much as other cultures. i have studied with indians, chinese, koreans and vietnamese. and the amount of effort they put into studying is crazy. i knew a chinese guy that would study 6 hours a day after college. we have to call a spade a spade and change our mentality to become more competitive

    2. I think our people has better lifestyles than Vietnamese , everyone here has car , motorbike , all ppl have smart phone to use. Our people even have higher salary than Vietnam , in Cambodia minimum wage is 200$/month while in Vietnam you get only 150$/month. Here I don’t talk about GDP , I talk about money that each citizens can make.

    3. @Kush Kunte I don’t think the same way like that , everyone has different ways of life , has different ways of thinking , has different behaviours. Every country has differents kind of people , bad people and good people. I tell you myself experience : I come to study abroad in China , in my class there are various students from many countries. There are 5 Cambodians in my class and 3 students from Vietnam , 1 students from Indonesia , 2 from Laos , 1 student from America , 2 Students from Spain and the rest are from middle east and Africa. Top 5 students in my class are the students from Cambodia. And that students from Vietnam even come to admire me and want to learn math , physics from me , so does it show Vietnamese is smarter than Cambodian? You even mentioned Cambodian is lazy , you know what , Cambodian people work against time 15-17 hours a day , everyone move and busy everyday. We earn less because we live in poor country but we work the same as other country do.

  37. have a look at otres beach near sihanoukville (in cambodia)… compare satellite views with google street view. chinese are “invading” new casinos and apartment buildings built beside poor local beach shacks. pretty sad

  38. You should stick with what you do best and avoid ‘politics’ completely. Otherwise, it makes you look like a moron for commenting on something that you absolutely do not know much about anything on the subject.

  39. Troy-

    You commonly make racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and fat shaming comments on this channel all the time. You hate on Sudanese, you speak negatively on gay marriage, you call the bigger girl in your videos “fattie”, and then publicly shame the same poor people you claim to help. Have you looked in the mirror? Cause you’re about the most busted Asian dude of all time. Get over yourself and stop acting like you are better than EVERYONE. You look like a low level free COD skin

    1. @Troy Vietnam I can legit start pulling quotes from your “help” videos to prove each one of my points right now. I’m locked down on quarantine and I have nothing better to do. Just admit you’re a dick and promise you’ll stop shaming people.

  40. Vietnamese being more enterprising may be due to larger number of ethnic Chinese (especially in South Vietnam). They form a minority but control a large part of the economy. It’s in their genes.

  41. Agreed. Cambodians are more honest and will help you without an agenda. Vietnamese tend to look down at other Asians…not just Cambodians.

  42. Lol … The guy is arrogant as shit. Why don’t you talk about Vietnam pubplic debt, inflation and immigration to other countries. I bet you parent are boat people 😀 Vietnam is smart??? Lol Boat people brag that they are smart! help yourself first

    1. he actually does talk about the shortcoming of viets when you watch his other videos. the dude is pretty fare and honest. it may sound harsh but is quite true.

  43. I’m really new to your channel and I absolutely love what you do!! Can you please write USD dollars for the mount of your money? God bless you and keep you safe!!!

  44. Cambodia Khmer Rouge they make a invasion Vietnam country first..and today they keep said Vietnam invade them. That is stupid. thousands Cambodian running to vietnam country live at that time.

  45. Troy Vietnam funny the things said about Cambodians , they were kind honest and very welcoming is exactly how I feel I was treated during my visit to Vietnam, Hanoi and Da Nang. Yes I am sure I got ripped off but as a whole Vietnamese I met were lovely honest and kind people. They were so kind and considerate. In a hotel I stayed they got me a birthday cake without even me letting them know or requesting it. They are kind all the little things like Taxi drivers make sure they drop you off in a shady place. I only got shit service once in a Korean run chicken restaurants.

  46. if you look at the old videos Saigon before 1975. the vietnamese had the same personality, relax, none aggressive attitude and very polite people. BUT after 1975, they are very ghettos and thugs attitude. Người việtnam khôn lỏi, mất dạy!!!!!!

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