WHY is NOBODY traveling here?! Bali’s Secret Spots

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If you’re traveling to Bali, I hope this video challenges you to visit the lesser known destinations like the Karangasem region of eastern Bali. Coming soon is my “How to travel Bali” video.

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  1. Hey there, I can see that this was published on December 10th, but do you mind letting me know what time of year this was shot? We are wondering if the rainy season (December-January) is really as bad as some sites make it out to be?

  2. *Hey Indonesia how about you help Australia!!! They gave you millions of $$$$ after your Tsunami and you have done NOTHING. Australians are starting to boycott your country!*

  3. Guys, you are those only people who show Bali not only from the side of most touristic places and beaches where all the people are hanging around , but from the side of it’s true traditions, hidden places where the real spirit of Bali lives. And of course , your editing is amazing! Thank you for all you do🙏🏼
    P.s. sorry for my English btw

  4. I’m in Bali right now. We are constantly getting bombarded with trips to those places by all the travel agencies. Those are not secret places. This videos has too much production, but very little relevant info.

  5. Y’all are the second YouTube channel I have seen at this hotel with these amazing views!!! They are to die for! What hotel did y’all stay at?

  6. Guys get ready for the next year because its gonna be most busiest year of indonesia because we will held u20 fifa worldcup bali is the one of host too and motogp in lombok mandalika

  7. Hello. Been enjoying your videos. My wife and I are going in about a month so I can really use some advice and the name of the hotels you showed in the beginning of this video. Thanks

  8. 1:48 Bali villas and resorts are seriously breathtaking. It really made us feel like royalty! But… sometimes you get some unwanted critters and I mean Bali is a jungle you gotta just get used to it.

  9. I’m getting Moana vibes from 5:32 through to 7:00 doesn’t it look like the room her grandmother was telling them stories when Moana was a kid?

  10. Hi, we been in Bali last year in April for 2 weeks. We absolutely loved it everything,was amazing 2 weeks. Didn’t want to leave the island. Highly recommended for everybody once in the life must visit. Nice,great video! 👍👌

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