Why is Cheating In Marriage A Crime in the Philippines? | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. In Pakistan this is not crime at all this is glory
    You can kidnap any girl on gun point who belong to Hindu or Christian
    The force convertion and marry even Court, centre and state government support this act
    Recently a similar case happened in india a Muslim boy kidnapping girl in front of college and when she refused to go with him he shoot her in head and that boy was cousin of Congress politician

  2. Filipino pride intensifies as the overly proud filipinos annoyingly introducing themselves in 3..2..1.. As the overly proud filipinos are thirsty for a global validation.

  3. Religious country, outdated laws, age of consent of 12, and on top of that everyone is speaking some retarded mix of their language with english. What a literal shithole…

  4. kinda ironic how infidelity/adultery is punishable by law yet majority of the teleseryes that networks air in the PH use infidelity/adultery/cheating as their main theme and plot 😬

  5. I truely support this law.. in India thier is no law like that. It’s crime to not return someone else’s 10 rupee loan money..you can not cheat with regulations of any sector but you can cheat a person… You can play with someone else’s emotions, life,…it’s ok to cheat them… All you can do is divorce them and if you want it quickly they are not going to pay anything…

  6. dapat tlga mkulong ang mga nangangaliwa both men and women,,,kya nga dpat bgo sumabak s buhay my asawa pg icipan mbuti o marami bgo mgpkasal, kc ang pinagsama ng dyos d dpat pghiwalayin ng tao,

  7. Of course you should punish adultery, but jail is a bit too much !

    A big fine is enough. You’re married by law so if you break your vows, be ready, as a man/woman responsible for his/her actions, to face the consequences.

    But a CRIME, come on ! That’s too much…

  8. Well that was just staggering. From what I have seen with my own eyes and heard from Filipino friends, it seems almost compulsory for Filipino men and quite common for Filipino women (mainly young ones) to cheat.
    Criminalising cheating is simply going to make people live together without getting married, which I am told already happens anyway as a way around divorce not being allowed.
    And yes it might be wrong….but 8 years in jail?

  9. Unlike a lot of comments me and my partner disagree with that law, but we totally respect your culture and the reasons behind it. It’s kind of a beautiful way to think.

  10. Nakita ko pa title eto lang masasabi ko. Maybe because pinanghahawakan pa rin nila yung being “sacred” ng marriage bcause Pinoy are mostly catholics and if you violated such thing… Then they will considerd a big crime. Try to watch Pinoy drama. There’s lot of them if you want to know more about that stuff.

  11. Hey @Asian Boss, do a street interview in the Philippines about Raffy Tulfo. I’m sure Philippine Correspondents know about him a lot. This would be a great content though.

  12. I could somewhat understood if it was about the three children and that he will need to take ressources way from his main family but I am not a fan of this kind of moral judgements especially not if it is not apply equally.

  13. 3:40 Why do you think adultery should be criminalized?
    Girl in red checked shirt: So we can lower the number of people cheating and leaving their spouses.
    Same girl 9:09 : Based on my observations, it’s (adultery) common here.
    So maybe the law does not work as she expects.

  14. I don’t agree this, while cheating is wrong there are tons of reasons one would do so.
    like I know in Japan that a lot of people in rush to get married because society pressure.. they are often not happy, they become those “sexless couples”. divorce is looked down upon, so most just stay together anyway. sometime they just fall in love with someone else or could have hidden sexuality discovered later.

    divorcing is legal or almost impossble in Philippines right? what else can they do?

    it’s stupid to mix religious values with laws

  15. Hello, I actually want to say that i really liked your content, congratulations!

    I have subscribed to your C h a n n e l 😉 Maybe, You can do the same and we will become “real” Youtube friends

  16. What strange is this country has not good reputation regarding prostitution that involves even children, If it is a Christian country then they should be harsh on that too.

  17. I love learning languages and I am curious: Why do Filipinos use Tagalog and English interchangeably when speaking? Is it cultural, the majority speaks English or the native language lacks some words like “stick”, “dispute”, etc?

  18. I spent 1.5 years in the Philippines recently while still married and I stayed away from the women 😂. It was rough though. I had ppl there trying to hook me up with all kinds of women, but I stayed disciplined lol. A lot of eye candy.

  19. the law does not lessen the cases of adultery but, it leads you to think twice if you are in that situation where you are being drawn to another woman/man while being bind in a marriage contract. It makes you think of the consequences and result that will directly affect your children, wife, in laws and your own family, if ever you wanted to enter into that situation. I still think it is a good law to keep.

  20. Do not worry the law officials in the philippines are not that fast when it comes to run an errand about this cheating case.
    It will take more than a year if you don’t have money to pay them if you have money they will emediatly file an action i know this because i was born in the philippines and i know someone people out there still enjoying there two wives and have 20 children that are still running around in may streat smiling he doesn’t even care about getting caught until now
    It’s sucks to live here in Manila Philippines corruption are still a major headache in our country it’s not even safe here more crimes 24/7 getting killed by someone is always on the news

  21. 4:40 – That guy in the black and yellow outfit in the background looked like he tried to steal that blue canister but got caught by a cop lol

    And he did it in front of a camera too

  22. Our Country the Philippines is a Christian Country/Catholic country majority we need to Value the Relationship to each other…And Cheat is overall Wrong even you split the world it’s totally wrong. it can gives you Anxiety, Depression and Negative Mental illness etc. yes it won’t give you Physically Abuse but it can give you Mentally Abuse.. and It’s the Best Part to Get your Justice if someone will Cheated on you…Because you’re not a Thing, You’re a Human with Feelings

  23. Here’s the only solution,
    Stay Single. Save money. Be rich.
    Want a sex life? Get a boyfriend/girlfriend. Want a child? Adopt. Want a biological one? Get a sperm donor.

  24. A law to protect the concept of marriage that I’m on board with. I thought it was funny the one guy said the man shouldn’t be fined cause it’s negatively impact both of his families. Like dude has already negatively impacted both families! That’s why he’s being fined. He wasn’t worried about them kids at all

  25. even though there’s a law, not everyone gets punished for cheating. It’s up to the afflicted spouse whether to file a case or not. Most often they don’t because it’s a lot of hassle and entails money. Most often the couple just ends up separating (but still married on paper), while some wives who are dependent financially on their husbands just endure and live with the cheating. The biggest losers are the kids who live in a broken and dysfunctional home which greatly affect their mental state. while some kids live to be normal, some develop inferiority complex or get into vices, become trouble makers or unsociable etc.

  26. Cheating should be a crime anywhere and everywhere that applies to BOTH genders, male or female. Cheating is a big no no with BIG consequences🤷🏻‍♀️

  27. A lot of Filipinos are unaware of this law.

    I only knew of this when I got married 10 years ago :’D

    Reason for this law is perhaps because the country is rooted closely to the catholic faith and law is branched out straight out of the 10 commandments.. which states to not partake in adultery.

  28. Almost same in Indonesia. If you work for the govt, cheating will make you get fired. If it involve sex, you can go to jail. But here, you can get divorce easily

  29. Cheating as a crime, okay. But if there’s no choice for divorce, then the law is not good. Annulment is too difficult and long, also costly. It doesnt really work for average Filipinos.

  30. Did both the man and women who cheated go to prison? It takes two to tango. Honestly, what’s the point of getting married if your gonna cheat? So disrespectful not only to your spouse but to your kids.

  31. People will commit adultery whether they have a law around it or not. It’s not something you think about when you are doing it. It happens all the time and witnessed it when I was in the Philippines. Also, filing a case is a matter of whether you can afford to get a lawyer or not, or even get a pro-bono lawyer.

  32. For me I agree of this law if it’s apply to both husband and wife but the mere fact it’s only apply to husband,it’s not fair. Coz it’s not only men who’s cheating and destroying the family,it’s also apply to women because they are also capable of doing such things.

  33. Respect to the one interviewer who considered the negative impact of the fines on the man’s children not to mention the absence of income because the husband will be serving an eight year sentence.

  34. For me, I am a bit biased. Why do you cheat if you are married? Marriage is nothing but a contract between spouses. If you do not want to be prosecuted for adultery. DO NOT GET MARRIED! Just date someone and have a one night stay and that is it!

  35. Because the place is and has been run by religious nut jobs!
    “Moral Damage”? This, from a country that provides the world a never ending supply of indentured servitude! 🤦🏻
    I was stationed there in the AirForce in the late 70s early 80s. The kindest warm-hearted people I have ever known, but that religion keeps them as 3rd class citizens.
    Now that is the true moral crime!

  36. Thats actually good,now people will think 100 times before they cheat.
    if the relationship is not good anymore its fine to divorce,but why cheat?!
    i wish we have that law.😐
    Blessing to the Philippines from israel🇮🇱🇵🇭

  37. First of all, I think you shouldn’t ever cheat. I think what that husband did wasn’t right. If you don’t get along with your spouse then you should divorce. That’s just morally correct and perfectly fine, and no one should be forced to be with a person forever if they stop wanting to be with them. But never mind that, apparently you cannot divorce in the Philippines. That’s crazy. So then, you have no other option if you want out. Imagine if you’d be obligated to work at one company forever or never stop being friends with someone who mistreated you. Laws like these make more people avoid marriage. It’s quite a baffling law, really. The couple already has issues if someone is cheating. There is no point in forcing them to be together. If they have kids it’s even worse, in those 8 years the kids will have no father to raise them and support them financially. By the time he’s out he would have missed his kids growing up just because he doesn’t get along with his wife, and he will as well have a harder time getting a job to support himself or his children. This law favors just one side of the couple and ignores the rest. It’s not about protecting people, it really is about protecting the idea of a family at the expense of some individuals. And how about holding a person responsible for someone else’s inability to deal with their emotions? That’s stupid on another level. If we were to always blame someone else for how we feel about what they say and take legal action for that the world would be a terrible place. On some levels, this is already happening.

  38. The only problem here in the Philippines is it takes a LOOOOONG time to get annulment. The process is long and you gonna spend alot. But that’s it.
    Cheating can put your spouse and the other partner to jail.
    Killing someone over insurance isn’t common too.
    Fathers in other countries needs to spend thousands of dollars because of separation and children.
    So if you’re in the Philippines, be thankful.
    It may be hell sometimes but at least it’s not like Japan where cheating or getting a prostitute is NORMAL and widely supported by the society. 🙃

  39. Also, Philippines is a country where mistresses and home-wreckers gets congratulated and applauded by their friends and followers on social media. And cheating husbands and wives become the victims. Lol.

  40. Catholic controls most part of the Philippines government. From society, communism, political Party, environmental problems, Laws, schools, indigenous people, and even Prisons. The only people they can’t control are the Muslims who wants independent in the southern part of the Philippines.

  41. I like how I can click off this video despite not knowing filipino and figure out what they’re saying based on the English sprinkled here and there in their sentences

  42. Imagine being married to a person you love and thought he/she is kind but turn out to be abusive like he/she’s gonna kill you thats gonna be tough since divorce is illegal.

  43. Because the people are deeply rooted in their faiths and believes that ‘what God has joined, no man can separate.’ That is why before getting married, the couple go through a series of counseling addressing that marriage is a commitment for life. As a married Christian myself, my husband and I went through a lot of premarital counseling, discussed a lot of topics, asked a lot of questions, a lot of contemplations, a lot of communication, a lot of learning and that was just the tip of the iceberg. We fought, reconciled our differences, and learned to choose love at the most difficult times, compromised, put each other’s needs first, and learning each other’s love language. Marriage isn’t easy, it is hard work, BUT it is the best thing in the world to share your life with with somebody. But what glued my husband and I together is our faith. I agree with what the girl said, faith in God, treat each other as equals, respect & love, put each other’s needs first, give and take, and keep the communication open. I hope everyone becomes successful in their own marriages. Stay safe everyone! Great topic and it’s good to hear people from a faith based perspective as there is so much confusion, hurt, brokenness, & hopelessness in this world.

  44. Filipinos NEED:
    * condoms, birth control and all other useful contraceptives
    * family clinic and support networks
    * easier access to good healthcare, GP clinics and hospitals for less fortunate
    * user friendly marriage contracts and registrations

  45. Their wife’s working on cruiseship and taking big b 🍌 of different nationalities and husband back home working hard to support their families 😂😂😂😂 and I’m not philipino

  46. HUH.??? come on .. catholic country tayo .. although may ibat ibang religion sa bansa naten majority pa rin ang catholic .. nasa 7 sacraments ang marriage .. nasa 10 commandments ang do not commint adultery.. im not surprised na ganyan ang mga sagot ng mga na interview .. dont compare us to other country like china, south korea or india .. there’s a big difference between that issue ..walang kwenta sakin kung sasabihin nyo dapat na hiwalay ang church sa state remember this >>> “CHEATING DESTROYS A HAPPY FAMILY”

  47. Marriage is a choice and cheating is also a choice. Frankly, if you can’t control your animal urges, don’t enter a contract for civilized humans, it’s that simple.

  48. the real title of the video should be : why the crime is a crime ( because it’s a crime … see its simple unless u want the crime not to be a crime i mean maybe if u want cheating to be normal because u want to do it u feel me lol )

  49. A law is useless without enforcement. I’m Filipino and the punishment for cheating is essentially nonexistent especially if law enforcements can easily be swayed with money

  50. It might be a cultural difference, but I think this law is bit harsh. However, that’s not to say that I think it’s right for a married couple to do something like this to their spouse. I think the intention is good but maybe the practice not so much. Plus, there’s also the chance where 1 side of the couple could claim that their spouse cheated on them even if they didn’t…all with the intention to try and cheat the system and get money.

  51. Atleast Philipinnes is the only country that still maintains this decency. I am actually shocked looking at some reactions in the comments who think cheating should not be illegal, if you want to have fun get a hobby, if you want to have fun get a pet which you can take on walks, if you want to have fun play a game on mobile or sports for chrissake but you don’t have fun with the hearts of the ones who love you because it’s not something to play with. And as an Indian I think the supreme Court did a stupid thing decriminalizing Adultery & concubinage in India.. instead of making safer laws for Rape victims

  52. Because separation of church and state barely exists. And it is terrible, in my opinion! People really need to become honest and more open-minded. Divorce needs tone made legal. They need to stop vilifying being human and obsessing over the importance of “love stories.”

  53. Mmm… I don’t know about the jail sentencing, but being fined money makes sense. Have to consider future finances involved because of the affair whether that be mental support or child support.

  54. My family is actually a victim of concubinage. Things happen, parents separate (but not divorced), and last thing you know you’re living with your single parent while the other one is overseas and misses your most important years of adolescence. It is unethical, intolerable, and unfair.

    Cheating destroys families, whether you want to hear that fact or not.

  55. Asian Boss 2:35 Love your content but you really need to be politically correct in your wordings. Taiwan is not a “country”. Its stated very clearly in Republic of CHINAs constitution that Taiwan is a province of China.
    Republic of China was founded in China by Chinese people, sat in the UN representing the country called CHINA, and till this day is still flying the same Chinese flag.

  56. Cheating is definitely bad and stupid, and I think it’s better to just break up(which should be an option here), or just make sure if monogamy is what you want with this person (or any person for that matter), rather than deceive your partner and hurt them; That being said tho, I also feel like jail time is a bit much (especially 8 years!)

    I think if someone cheats while married, the two should 1. be able to get a divorce and 2. The cheater should have to pay they’re ex for the emotional harm it caused.

  57. 4:00 babaero ka siguro nyahahaha joke pero sana kung ipapasa yung DIVORCE LAW sa Pilipinas wag sana mahalintulad sa American Divorce Law kase ang panget doon kase sa America mas pinapaboran yung mga babae kesa sa lalake. Tapos ang mahal mahal magbayad ng Child Support.

  58. When it comes to Western countries, adultry should nullify the cheaters entitlement to alimony and share of property..watch the adultry/divorce rates go down down down

  59. Of all the conservative laws anywhere, I feel like this is just one of the ones that just makes sense to me? Why get married if you’re just going to cheat? Getting cheated on isn’t a good feeling. On the other hand though, I feel the law should apply to women who cheat too.

  60. The sanctity of marriage should be uphold and this particular laws is a reminder that cheating is a crime in the eyes of God and in Filipino society in general.

  61. Seeing as marriage is a legal contract between two people to be faithful to each other and spend their lives together, I guess it makes sense for breaking such a contract to be illegal. However, living in the United States I cannot imagine the same law being applied here. I do not think it is the government’s place to meddle in citizens’ personal affairs.

  62. I don’t believe in the part when the girl said “foreigners like to marry Filipino’s because we are more loyal.”

    – Lot’s of OFW’s cheat on their spouses
    – Cheating is still VERY common in the PH even if it’s illegal to cheat
    – And…a lot of Filipino’s cheat with a foreigner so, that doesn’t mean Filipino’s are more loyal…..

    And this has nothing to do with the topic ——> Did you know that some foreigners know that Filipino’s worship white people because a lot of us have colonial mentality???

  63. Pretty messed up law, for men only hmm. Women can do the same also but anyway. I suppose every country has different cultures etc. So I guess they just have to deal with.

  64. It’s just normal to human to cheat all over the world almost 90%” they did it for me I’m too happy to leave haha coz I have big chance to qfind another way so guys don’t be so depressed just enjoy it

  65. I’d 100% support this law for the countries where divorce is legalized, but for Philippines it just seems too harsh. I believe a lot of people’s life would improve from this.
    Most of the time divorce/infidelity affects a lot more people than just the two parties involved.
    Even though most people from our generation don’t make much of a difference between marriage and dating, from a non religious point of view, I personally believe that marriage is a more heavy promise and that people should respect that.

  66. I have been cheated upon in the past. And as much as I consider cheating as a completely detestable and unrespectful act that a partner can commit, it shouldn’t be considered a prison-worthy crime. Slapping a fine can be good in marriages because you are legally bound to each other with responsibilities.
    (1) These are mental trauma that people suffer and everyone deals with it differently. For ex. If my best friend or my parents “break up” or “cheat” on me somehow, they cannot be put in prison for that because I suffered from mental trauma (maybe I didn’t).. Unless there was physical violence, govt. and courts cannot decide what happens in our personal lives.
    (2) What if the marriage is broken or loveless? Philippines must provide a law for Divorce if they want to keep adultery as a criminal act. That way, a spouse may have the option of divorcing first before they choose to be with another partner so the trauma becomes less on the family. (They’re the only UN-member to not allow Divorce and it’s about time they did. No other catholic country has such strict laws).
    (3) It’s in human nature to cheat, be it man or woman or otherwise. Men especially are “wired” to cheat (unfortunately). No matter how strict the laws are, they’ll still do it. The approach of dealing with this has to change.

  67. Men and women that seprrate in the Philippines often many years later use this against the other party. Let’s say they seperate, find new partners and start new families. Let’s say the wife or husband becomes well off the other party (wife or husband) gets jealous then files a case demanding money etc. It’s sad that they have no divorce

  68. Correct me if i was wrong.. but as i know cheating in marriage in most south east asian country is considered as crime. ONLY IF one of the parties report it to police. Also if this cannot be solved by mediation.. only then, they bring this to the court. So there are lots of effort at many level.. like court is the final/last resort..

    Cos i have seen this news several times in other SEA country. Most of it are public figure which make it to the news..

  69. This is actually very good. But in islamic countries, a man can marry more than one woman though… So I don’t know if this is relevant for some… But I fully support this. The emotional damage can cause severe depression

  70. “You shall not commit adultery”
    -Exodus 20:14

    It saddens me that in some country cheating/divorce is considered normal 😔 not only cheating is a crime, but is also a mortal sin.

  71. 4:12 Tama ka po kuya mahirap ang buhay. Kaya bakit ka pa maghahanap ng ibang bubuhayin o bakit mo pa dadagdagan diba? Stick nalang si piniling pakasalan.

  72. imo cheating shouldn’t be a crime. That’s a personal matter that doesn’t really need government interference. The person who cheated should still be required to help with the financial aspects of taking care of the children but I don’t think they should go to jail for the actual act of cheating??

  73. Is it just me, or does anyone else find Manila-Taglish a little annoying to listen to? Dont get me wrong, I perfectly understand why Taglish is preffered, and I use it myself conversationally. Tagalog objectively has a more limited vocabulary, and so Taglish is useful for conveying more complex and technical ideas, but hearing it in interviews like this kinda makes me cringe. Inserting english prepositions like “which is”, “so”, and words like “ma-lessen” “good” which are so easily translatable. I actually find the man in the blue hat the most pleasant to listen to (from a linguistic perspective) because of his minimal use of English words.

    This just my opinion, wag matrigger mga lods, bored lang ako

  74. I wish Indonesia have this kind of strick law against cheatting in marriage.
    The isue is about protecting the family and marriage. It’s not about seperation of church and state.
    Marriage is a life time commitment and covenant. You make an oath of loyalty to your spouse, and legalized by the state.
    Those who betray, should be punishe. Think about a soldier, who betray his/her own country.

  75. I think this should be a law cause the cheating in the US is so annoying. Also these peeps are woke.
    I agree with the oldest dude there too cause the amount they have to pay is a lot… But guess if ya got a sugar baby then ya got enough money

  76. We Filipinos are very family oriented and religious, we all know that CHEATING is WRONG so I think it should be punishable by the law. Marriage is not like a contract were you just sign and then go. Mirriage is sacred and should be valued.

  77. Philippines is the only last country to forbids divorce. I think its time to allow divorce. Knowing lawmakers here and church it is has a small chance to none.

  78. I know someone who struggled with this… but that was so many years ago and I guess they’re numb and used to it… I can’t imagine though… I’ve dealt with more physically, but she is barely months older…

  79. Umm no. I strongly believe in separation of church and state, and that goes for any religion. Besides you can’t judge relationships honestly, you don’t know what goes on in ppl’s lives and I also don’t think it’s the Government’s business sticking their nose in personal lives. But that’s just my humble opinion. 🤷‍♀️

  80. 5:40 Interesting how this girl goes on and on and on about PTSD and supports sending the cheating husband to jail for 8 years, as if jailing the husband will prevent PTSD. Also, she’d basically be a single parent for the next 8 years

  81. This is like asking “Why is abuse/violence a crime?” 🤔

    If abuse/violence is emotional/mental, it isnt a crime? 🙄 Some people think bullying and libel are crimes but not adultery/breach of marriage contract? Call it what it is – adultery. Stop calling it “cheating” to make it sound less than what it really is.

    Doesnt matter if you dont subscribe to a religion or are a part of whatever religion. I never knew why this was so difficult to understand?

  82. They’re Catholic country. So unfortunate Spaniards went to Philippines and killed the Philippinos that didn’t want to convert to Catholicism and now they’re Catholic nation… Religion is what causes our demise…

  83. Wheither the law is right or wrong, is not really for outsiders to judge.
    Majority of the people interrogated seem to think a guy cheating and having another family on the side is wrong and should be held responsible for it. And some question the applicability of the law and the consequences for poor families. Alright.

  84. kung alam na natin mahirap na buhay wag na mag hanap ng ibang babae or lalaki lalo na kung kasall kana kung di kapa tlaga ready sa isang babae Lang wag ka muna mag pakasal .

  85. Cheating is a crime well that’s the first time heard such thing and feel like cheating is a no no on all levels because it’s so messed up and wrong. Because there have been men and women who have been cheated on and end up taking their life for it. And there are a lot of crimes that happened because of the Fatal Attraction and jealousy type relationships that has been happening in life.
    Fatal Attraction

    Unless it’s like a polyamorous relationship and you discuss it with your partner and I think that would be more fine than have to sneak around. And is it illegal anywhere else ?

  86. Most of the younger Filipinos speak English. We know this. Why do you keep making us read subtitles? Sometimes I just want to listen while doing a chore. I don’t want to keep my eyes glued to a screen.

  87. Well, if you think about it; a Civil Marriage is a bilateral contract. Both parties are intended to comply with the conditions. So, in effect Contract Law could apply along with its civil & criminal consequences for non-compliance.

    You have to wonder:
    1. If a marriage is consecrated in Church, but NOT officiated civilly or recorded in the Public Records, would the Supreme Court Ruling still apply?
    2. Would the Separation of Church and State in the issue be recognized?
    3. If “yes” to #2 above, would the Supreme Court consider the marriage “Common Law” and give the marital union the same weight as a Civil Marriage?

    It would be interesting to have a test case re. the above for the Philippine Supreme Court to hear.


  88. This opens the door to the state/government intervention into a plethora of aspects into peoples personal lives. Once theres a foot in the door, other seemingly overreaching laws will come into existence. Seems civilization is once again ebbing and devolving. What we have today took thousands of years to achieve and something like this is a leap back into the old days where public humiliations and executions are a form of entertainment.

  89. I think the debate shouldn’t be whether it’s right or wrong to cheat, we all know it’s wrong. But illegal? Go to jail for 8 years just for that? A personal matter? Is the justice system in Philippines catholic or smth?

    It’s just ridiculous.

  90. The reason is very simple, it seems to me – the Philippines is the only Catholic country in Asia. In other parts of the world, strongly Catholic countries (such as Ireland or Poland) have traditionally strongly frowned on extra-marital behaviour, even if nowadays sanctions are often more social than formally enshrined in law.

  91. I’ve been to the Philippines it seems the poor have more then 7 kids in a unit. All the kids living in poverty and the cycle of suffering continues, a drag on everyone and the economy.

    This edict though, is overstepping, but sonething has to be done from them screwing without consequences.

  92. Interesting to hear how much English they use while talking, things like “actually” ” in so far as” , “or something”. I guess phrases that may not translate easily

  93. I’m really surprised how much are saying it’s okay to cheat while married saying you can’t stop a man with what he wants… is this how a lot of westerners think?

  94. I’m okay with the law. As long as our trash politicians also legalize divorce. Imagine charging your husband/wife for infidelity, and then remaining married to them anyway afterwards. Not okay with the prison sentence though.

  95. I think cheating is wrong if you don’t like other person just have divorce and live with one you like
    Edit- sorry I didn’t know that divorce is illigal there
    , they just can be separate and live their life

  96. lol the comments 😂
    Get with the times. Monogamy isn’t the only way of having a meaningful relationship.
    Don’t push your narrow minded views on others.
    As long as the love, sex and relationship me and my partner is the same, I don’t mind if my significant other wants to explore her sexuality with other people. I don’t own my wife.
    We have been happily together for 10 years like this and about to have kids.
    I respect if people cannot handle that and need to be emotionally dependent to the point where they call sleeping with other people “traumatic” or “abuse” but that’s everyone’s own personal mental issue and shouldn’t be put into law.
    Imagine having an open marriage and being arrested for that when both parties agree to it.
    Ridiculous. This shouldn’t be illegal anywhere as well as it should be legal everywhere to marry the person you love no matter what gender both parties have.

  97. No society can function unless divorce, adultery and abortion are all criminal offenses with severe consequences. The Philippines is one of the very few places in the world that bravely stands up to the evil forces that want to dismantle the family unit.

    Degenerate Westerners refuse to face the truth, that they engage in all three, and that such actions have devastating consequences on their children, on themselves, and everyone around them. They are wilfully blind so they can continue a life of debauchery.

    Never mind the millions and millions of babies that they killed, or the countless children who grew up broken because mommy divorced daddy.

  98. it should also be applied to women who cheats.

    (EDIT: i just commented based on the video. My fault for not knowing that it applies both ways. Feel free to educate me, but do it in a nice way. Some of y’all are too aggressive. Not everyone knows everything. Have a great day 🙂)

  99. Honestly not in support, cheating is bad but I think it could cause a lot of issues as evidence or proof could be limited and lead to a lot of false accusations and potentially straining the legal system.

  100. Male and female married people cheat equally, it’s wild the Supreme Court is so involved in such a personal matter, it’s incentive to never get married as the courts wish to control even your love life, that’s tyranny, and that’s why men cheat… no one can control a man that wants what he wants. At least the single guy bachelor is protected to be a boy toy and the mistresses are protected by the courts, it’s the married people that seem like the prisoners to me, sounds accurate. Ha! Lol

  101. Because cheating should not be tolerated and normalize. And it should be considered as illegal like duh! You guys are LEGALLY MARRIED then what? Someone cheats and just let it off the hook? Oh honey no.

  102. Tbh I think more countries should have it as a crime. U ruined a whole ass family for some ass 😭😭😭. Also like the mental toll on the person who got cheated on is awful 😕.

    To me, cheating is a form of domestic abuse 🤷

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