Why I Retired Early and Took Social Security at age 62 Old Dog New Tricks,April 12 2020

Why I Retired Early and Took my Social Security Early at age 62 and moved to the Philippines,Old Dog New Tricks

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  1. Happy Easter old dog Outstanding strategy you’re beating the system That’s why you’re donating your revenue from YouTube to Mae 🤓🤓🤓🤓 so you don’t be penalized on your Social Security outstanding

  2. Social Security uses longevity tables , in the end the total you will receive is about the same. Collect early in life /collect later in life the totals will be more, or less the same. They have that stuff all figured out.

  3. Thanks for being honest Paul. Everyone has there story. I retired at 49 and plan on getting my SS at 66 and 4 months. I’ve lived here for thirteen years since I retired

  4. Your experience isn’t unique compared to many Americans. I am retiring at 63 because I get no more $ for working longer and I will have a state pension. The number one reason though is that like you said, you don’t know how long you are going to live. You can’t buy your time in this life–once it is spent it is spent–nothing is more valuable than your time. Also, I hope I get to enjoy a long retirement (my mother got to enjoy 15 years before she passed) but now with this virus, who knows? Hope your retirement is long and enjoyable.

  5. I also retired at 62. When I did the math, I would have to live for 17 years just to break even had I retired at 65.

    The other way I looked at it, if I continued to work I would be working at less than full wages since I would have received my SSI regardess.

    Also Paul as an aside, I have forbid Miel from watching anymore videos. All she wants to talk about is that cock on your shoulder….😁

  6. Good talk, I’ve only got till Dec to get my full payment. Need to really bear down and start getting rid of stuff, make a little extra money for the cause. Although this lockdown is screwing all that up.

  7. Hi Paul my life is a lot alike! With the realistate. And in my fifties. I went back to police work. After 10, years got hut on the job! Small pension but thinking the ss at 62 myself. But medical im concerns me there if something happens. Do you have medical there? If so how expensive and dose it realy help? I see I’m charged higher price because being American there! We do have the house there so that helps. My wife makes good money working here but like one of your viedos

  8. You are right on point with retirement. I’ve had enough of California (all over the USA), the Rat race is wild!.
    Working on setting myself to leave later this Year if all goes well with this Covid-19 🙏
    Collect my Social Security in 3 years & afew months afterwards.
    Our home is paid for and Scooters, we are good on $500 per month or so …🙏
    Happy Easter to you both ☕

  9. This is one of muy favorite videos, You share a lot of good points that others may be considering. I would say this is one of your top three.

  10. To be or not to be? That is the question Paul has presented. Be alive and living, or be walking dead hoping to get a few more dollars and survive to see it, maybe. That is also my dilemma. I listened to your rationale and saw my face in the mirror. I am tired of just existing. After this Chinese Wuhan virus has past I am making a run for the border! Which one? I don’t know at this point but somewhere. I traveled the world as a younger man. Now it is time to return as a 54 year old. Here in the States life at this stage is just existing. To be a zombie or not to be………..Seems pretty simple.

  11. I agree with you 100%. When I hit 62 (I’m 54 now) I’m done working, I don’t care about the extra couple of hundred bucks a month. We never know when we will die plus who wants to retire at 67 when we possibly already have one foot in the grave (depending on your current health). I want to enjoy my life before I die, an extra couple of hundred bucks won’t change anything.

  12. When I turn 62 in a couple of years I’m definitely filing for social security. I was contemplating when to get social security but now that my Filipina girlfriend and I are expecting a baby it’s a no brainier. I spend time in Dumaguete and time in the USA. The driving chaos in Dumaguete gets me so I return to the USA for a break and refill my savings by working some. I’m currently in the USA and can’t get back to the Philippines. After one month back in the USA I find myself wanting to be back in the Philippines. When I get back to Dumaguete in a couple of months would love to meet up and tell stories, some maybe true. Funny I never see you around Dumaguete/ Valencia but see Bud Brown around. Peace, Love and lechon

  13. Glad you found peace and better health! Yes… you cannot listen to “conventional wisdom” in many cases as that is conditioned on what’s “best”(?) for the “herd.” I chose a different path, because that works for me (not you, just me). Have fun! Happy Easter. 😉

  14. Happy 🐣 Easter Paul, I wish I could retire now at 63 but coronavirus just destroyed my plan so I will have to work until September of 2021 after which time I hope to meet you in person. Be safe young man👍

  15. I did the same math Paul but waited till 64 to take SS. My FRA was 66. I figured if I’d waited till 66 to draw SS I would be about 78 before I’d break even on the money I’d draw at 64 vs 66! Thumbs up! Take care.

  16. Without the cost of living factored in you would be close to 100 until you make up the difference between collecting ss at 62 instead of 65. I did the numbers and started at 62 also. I put all my assets in trusts so I had zero personal income. I started collecting ss at 62 and my pension too. I invested everything in real estate and during the recession had more of a demand by tenants than prior because everyone needs a place to live and they were losing their houses. I don’t know how you lost your real estate investments. I, in over 45 years of investing in real estate have never lost money on any property. I started with sfr’s then ended up in apartment complexes. This month I have given everyone one month free rent to help them out with all that is happening. What happened to your real estate? Where was it located? I am really sad to hear that. I wish I knew you then I would have made sure it was avoided. Take care and God Bless you all.

  17. You quite obviously made the right choice.

    And by the way, real estate is an excellent investment because it is always self-correcting. That is if you’ve got the time to wait for it to correct.

  18. What Americans can’t seem to understand is the essence of life is attitude. It’s Paul’s Christian attitude that’s has rightfully rewarded him.. Americans for the most part call it stupidly bullshit ..Paul has it right

  19. Thanks for sharing your story, I knew it intimately because it was mine. Lost everything in 2010 ended up leaving Atlanta where I was a real estate broker and investor for 30 years. I returned to Youngstown Oh that I left when I was 19. Spent 5 years there reconnecting with family and returned to Atlanta in 2015 after my mother’s death, re starting my real estate career. Was able to by a house to renovate. After a trip to Thailand in 2017 my mission was clear. Sold it all and moved to Thailand in early 2018. Began receiving my social security at 62 that fall. Got off all the pills…BP cholesterol, painkillers ect. Lost 20 lbs. Thailand works for me. Why did you choose the Philippines? Great video. I could use the script with almost no editing. Happy Easter

  20. I can’t think of a better place to be right now for the quarantine. Can’t even go out for a smoke it’s raining so bad. Atleast when it rains there it’s warm if you stand under a cover, it’s bloody freezing here today. On what your talking about. I think I will be saying the same words in a few years when I retire after this crash, I’d say most of my pension has gone down the toilet. 🤯😱

  21. Nice video, I’m 67, have house, ss, pension , no debt, and 1.2 m portfolio which I am apprehensive with this virus…..always wanted to live abroad…is 67 too old?

  22. Your videos have really made me rethink my life. I’m going to be 49 this year ( which is still too young to retire, lol ) however I don’t want to wait until I’m 67 to collect my pension, which is the age of retirement here in Germany for my generation. I’ve been saving a bit and if it’s financially possibe, I would like to experience Southeast Asia ( either the Philippines or Vietnam ) and enjoy life more, doing things that have meaning instead of working until I’m old and sick. Your testimony makes sense. Keep up the good work, Paul.

  23. So much I can personally identify with, Paul. Life is rarely perfect, but the comparison of what was and now what is, is night and day. It’s something that is probably never going to be understood by many that we said goodbye to in the states, but my state of mind, soul, and disposition have improved immeasurably. Some of this improvement can be chalked up to simply shaking up my life, allowing me to realign, but a great deal is obviously Philippine life. Thanks for the validation.

  24. I was that solider for 6 years, word for word from 43-49, I did nothing. Work home dinner box, work home dinner box. I finally took a holiday the 1st in 10 years and realised things had to change after walking the Vegas strip for 14 nights alone. I long trip from Ireland to do nothing different. Happily married to a Filipina now for 3 years. Someone to share my day with now, I don’t think this quarantine would be fun alone. 🇮🇪😀🖖🏻

  25. after hearing from you what you went to the philippines with and what you live with i am only encourage to pull the plug myself once this virus shutdown crap is over. wish continue wellness for you paul.

  26. For all those people out there like me. There comes a time when you realize you don’t own stuff stuff owns you. Setting up a agri biz for my kids then I am in the wind.

  27. Most of my story is similar with the exception of all the pills and ❤️ attack. At 59 I am trying to figure out how I can get out of here before the age of 62. Probably not possible but I sure am looking for a way out.

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