Why I left China for Good!

Only now am I able to truly talk about all the things I saw, filmed and experienced in China. Having moved out of the country I now have the freedom to speak unreservedly and I would like to first let you all know why it is that I left China, a country that I loved in the first place.

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  1. scary now for Australians as there seems to be a building dispute with the Australian government. I suggest any Australian company avoid sending any personnel to China at this stage. If you are looking to manufacture in Asia, I’d now move operations to South East Asia or India. Safer bets. Advantage of working in any ASEAN country, gives you access to all of ASEAN.

  2. I think it’s been too long since you lived in the West. The attitude that the CCP has for its people that you describe at 8:25 is pretty close to how our Western elites treat us, except for here, its corporations and media that prop up civil life. Other than that, civil society is falling apart in America. People are more atomized and distrustful of others more than ever. We now have the religion of “anti-racism” where you entire life can be ruined if you say something against the status quo. And sure, China definitely seems terrible for foreigners, but it might not be so bad for its citizens. In China you may have terrible workplace safety standards and no quality control on baby formula but China also doesn’t have communists and black activists burning down its cities and tearing down public monuments. China has human trafficking rings? Ever hear of Rotherham, were the police were complicit in covering it up?

  3. You’re not awesome, you’re fucking awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ What a story – as was C-milk’s. Your journey has been an interesting one!

  4. I notice with this video and laowhys video the layout is made in a way to set the scene for chinese viewers used to a different style of video so it can ease them in to the video content concerning its subject matter.

  5. It’s crazy I been watching so long with this new hongkong law we westerners have to sacrifice some GDP unite and get everything out of China. There will be war if we dont unite. Capitalism sold out to communism what will be there price

  6. Thanks, enjoyed your experience in China and all your videos. Always wondered why you came to the states, seemed like you had a great time over there, now I understand.

  7. Mr Winston, you seem like a top notch fellow and I wish you all the best wherever you are. I have no doubt that you can and will succeed at whatever you want. I wish good health and happiness to you and yours!

  8. 99% conviction rate for foreigners.
    110% conviction rate for Chinese citizens and no chance to see another daylight. ๐Ÿ™

  9. Just subscribed. I have heard of you before, but this video is the first one I have ever watched. Wow, good information. You are welcome here in the USA. I just left California. Born and raised.
    You might want to go to Idaho,Colorado, Arizona, Utah,
    Washington (not Seattle) or Oregon ( not Portland).
    Anywhere but Cali. Hope you are not too tide down there.

  10. as a viewer, I have no idea what draws people to China. For me, Japan is much more interesting though. I do plan on visiting Tokyo one day. Theres nothing in china that interests me, and after watching these blogs, I am surely never visiting there unless the CCP is ousted. If I wanted to walk around at night and drink beer, I’d visit NY or Chicago.

  11. I have met a few people like you. When you were weak and toothless and failed to achieve freedom and happiness at your birth country, you went to China. You stayed there many years, eat their food, pooped on their land, slept with their women. Now that you grew strong and full of sharp teeth, you bit the hand that fed you. Just remember when you grew old and one foot in the coffin, don’t go back to China for nourishing.

  12. aye been in china for almost 3 years, i miss south africa. i miss open minded people this place really does wear you down. just arrived in Nanjing hit me up if you live here

  13. A lot of westerners always hold freedom above their heads, but never say that freedom has boundaries.
    It is true that China is not so free compared to the West, but as long as China stays open to the outside world, it will force Chinese society to become more free, and fortunately this is our national policy.

  14. Hi, interesting to know your take on the marxist movement by the left including their role in the current riots in America. May be someday America will be communist too. What a wonderful world.

  15. How were you able to train doctors when your profession has absolutely nothing to do with being a doctor??? You TRAINED DOCTORS??? WHAT?

  16. Iโ€™m glad you finally left that place. Iโ€™m sure your wife and Vivivene have to make adjustments living in America but itโ€™s for the better. I put off going to China and now Iโ€™m definitely not ever going there. My friend has been there for 13 years and she is brainwashed by the CCP. I feel sorry for her.

  17. Try criticising the Isreal in USA and see what happens to you.

    You dont understand the difference between Eastern and Western Culture. They don’t forget Westerners sold opium to china. Nobody does a dashlessly thing against humanity.

    You want freedom to criticise but don’t want the responsibly criticise with facts and not personal opinion.

    For example try say something against the monarch in Brunei Thailand and Saudi and see where you end up. Try saying somethings against Allah in Muslim countries and see where it gets u and kick a cow in India and see where it gets u.

    You are white and because of CIA actions they are naturally suspicious of you. Aren’t the USA doing the same to Huawei.

    My conclusion is that you are just a China demonising media. Certainly you cannot blame the Weapon of Mass Destruction lie in Iraq on China.

  18. This and other channel collaborator remind me of why I have never wanted to go to China . The most corrupt and self centred state. You are lucky you got out and let this be a reminder of how fascist and un tolerant the CCP and their followers have become and have always been. The videos have been great showing everyday chinese life and the mindset of some of China but it seems that the CCP does not want us to see this the real China and not the one they portray So sad that realist journalism is not allowed in China as well as having an opinion or a voice.

  19. Glad you are safe. I have been watching the noose tighten around your neck and was wondering if you would jump in time. Glad you did. Welcome back.

  20. Wise choice mate. China is about to become the new North Korea. All the rich fellas that are still investing in China are gonna get their assets seized and their asses beaten by chinese kgb soon

  21. Been watching you on and off for years. Re-invent yourself and see you soon.I know what it feels like to watch something you love change so dramatically that it has to be abandoned. You will do well.

  22. Been following for several years now. Safety for yourself and family are always a true mans first priority. C- Mlik and family as well. May you flourish in US and have the freedoms we all deserve.
    We look forward to more adventures when the pandemic is no longer a threat.

  23. ANd you think USA is going to be any different…? I hope you don’t get too comfortable here in USA? It is not at all like what they show on TV .

  24. The reality is you’re better out of China permanently in terms of residing there . Good people but with the CCP the country will not change. That will not happen anytime soon.

  25. If you are content to be a stunted human being, confined to material objectives, then you could live there, but to be a fully developed human, intellectually and spiritually, then forget it.

  26. You’re better off out. The CCP seem to have gone off the deep end the past 5 years and i’m gutted they are dragging HK down with them,

    It’s a shame as China is a fascinating country, but i don’t think i even want to visit any more.

  27. 11:40 I loved this shot. The state of being in this sequence is a state that true men want to see themselves in within their lifetime.

  28. And like Fools, they will lose the best things and people they could have for ignorant Pride; right, ignorant in not knowing what is real wealth and what is expendable wealth. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. You will always judge a Tree by it’s Fruit. You can’t tell what the Tree will deliver while it’s new and young, but when it expresses itself by its Fruit; and should it be bad Fruit, forever and a day, it will be worthless and good for nothing. It would be wise for the wise people of the CCP to see Change is coming, I would not tell you where it comes from, that’s something they’ll learn on their own, but it’s coming, and nothing is going to stop it either. They caste their bread upon the Water and now it’s returning back unto them, the time is now to start thinking wisely.

  29. People who have been born and raised in America SERIOUSLY don’t understand how good they have it in terms of freedom.
    Alot of countires don’t allow their citizens the freedom to do as they please.

  30. I’ve long since resigned myself to the idea that I’ll probably never visit the mainland. At least for now, I can console myself with the possibility of seeing Taiwan someday

  31. Can someone from China just come to the US on the basis they don’t like China? Did you seek refuge status in the US? H1B? what basis did you and your Chinese wife qualify? Interesting. I know its easier to cross the Mexican border and come over…

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