1. Let’s say the game says your property increased 2%, and you want to sell it to lock in your profits. Do you sell the tiles back to the server for money or can you only sell the tiles to other players? If you can only sell the tiles to other players then it is a scam. Money in never comes out.

  2. Hi Pete, regular visitor, purchased next to you in zambales. My return code is 00X1EQLAHA….It’s a bit of fun..I’ve also purchased in playa laiya….love it there lol. I might buy for real there …

  3. Bought a lots of low price middel east coast shores and also lager african villages. Including: Luang Prabang. Laos. Kabul Afghanistan. Dubreka Guinea. Quinara-Bissau. Rivercess Liberia. Matam, Dubréka. Copenhagen Denmark. Aalborg Denmark. Saint Helena.
    Started with Net Worth 1020 USD to days ago. Today im around 1270 USD now.

    5% please use my code: BF0LU6C78V

  4. I missed out on Bitcoin and have been looking for the next big thing, looks like this is it. Going to buy into E2 tonight, thanks for the video Pete.

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