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  2. I can really relate that comment at 6:10. Koreans know their English. I went on a trip to both Japan and Korea. I had a much more difficult time navigating Japan since no one really spoke English compared the people in Korea.

  3. Last few moments really spoke to me. Also 33, no ring on the finger, also thinking about life in Korea lol. Like to imagine I don’t fit the loser stereotype though. I’ve had a few decent jobs that could have worked out fine here in the USA but after having a taste of living abroad before (teaching English in Japan) the call of heading back out is pretty hard to resist.

  4. Because: cleaner, safer, educated, modest and well behaved?! I like the spirit of the New Yorker Kindergardener. She is such a positive Personality😍

  5. A lot of Country’s have issues with getting a visa. It always takes up to minimum 6 months and then staying is another thing. Living somewhere else than the country you were born in, just takes more effort. Even in Europe.

  6. 🤣 That ending, “well I am 33 and 🖐 it’s still empty so…” LOL. I completely feel you dude. Thousands of folks 30 & up single in the U.S. I would rather be living single in South Korea. I miss it very much.

  7. In reality western people mostly leave the country less than 10 years mostly because of depression. South Korea has one of the highest suicide rate in the world.

  8. I agree with what the guy said about the pop culture phase. Like it’s one of the reasons I wanna visit but to want to live it in a country is much bigger than watching dramas. Like you have to be willing to adjust to the culture.

  9. So glad they found some Asian Americans

    Side note: This experience is exactly like how it is in Shanghai, China. Even the whole LBH (Loser back home) thing 😂

  10. this was literally the perfect interview.The interviewees had really good insights about what it is really like to live in Korea and the interviewer also done a good job on constructing an unbiased interview

  11. When every koreaboo want to visit South Korea to see and hold their idols, me, an Indian, wants to live in South Korea forever only to escape from marriage pressure and there are very less Indians compared to Middle East, United States, Europe, Canada and Australia.
    East Asia, especially South Korea, is a safe place for Indian woman like me.
    Hi-fi Asha, I am also 30.

  12. I’m crying 😭😭😭. The guy from Carolina really said there’s something wrong with those Americans idk what they doing over there. I’m gone 💀. He’s not wrong though, our education system is alarming and many people probably couldn’t point out Korea on a map.

  13. I’ve traveled to SK many times for business. So, just a heads-up …. If you come across a Korean who has had a bad experience with a US expat or military person, or if anyone in their family has had a problem, you will definitely NOT feel welcomed by them.

  14. This are the real news that you wont saw at fake news media ,Fake news media like cnn msnbc abc and others are the real threat or enemy to the people of the world
    They are the one incite fake news

  15. I’m amazed that they are wearing mask lol. I swear expats in Asian countries like ours are so mindful. Ours is not even strictly implemented but when I get to see a lot of expats in business areas, they are really following. I hope US will follow to lower their covid cases. And I love the Korean masks, I just started stocking up on those.😅

  16. 10:19 9:05 This white man living in Korea articulated exactly how I feel as a Korean American living in the US! Stereotypes have so many negative implications 🙁

  17. This was a very good interview. I have been interested in Korean culture since I was young, it had nothing to do with the k-pop or k-drama, that is just entertainment industry just like any other place, but they have very talented singers and actors. It’s just a very interesting country to get to know and their type of value in life is very respectful way that I wish was instilled in my country. I just wish it was easier to be able to come and live there. I also wish they were more open to foreigners to become a part of their society, and enjoy working side by side with them, but we as foreigners need to respect their culture and learn their language to do so.

  18. Asian Boss always addresses interesting and probing cultural questions. I hope Netflix, HBO and Amazon are watching. This type of intelligent programming deserves a place on those types of platforms

  19. Oh damn that ending “33 and still empty”
    But also that girl is not wrong, the single life abroad gets tiring. Esp in Korea where half the dates you go on are just a ‘mark on a bucket list’ or not seen as ‘real’. That’s a whole different video though..

  20. I live in Korea. Lived in suncheon and near paju. So yeah lol seoul is too crowded and life is decent here. Korea is where it’s at. At 16:20 that dude is speaking the truth about American culture. Facts

  21. Love the people
    Like the idea of no guns
    The people are peaceful and kind
    There are other things I love about S.Korea also love to checkout other places in S.Korea
    Loving peaceful country

  22. super interesting episode; thank you! having studied in South Korea and knowing Americans who teach/taught English there (some just for fun, some were real committed), this was insightful.
    also, LBH (loser back home) hahahah god..

  23. The “loser-back home English teacher” stereotype is one of the most annoying things about living here. I have been here for a year and a half and it’s pretty much nonsense. There’s a ton of people who were burned out of their corporate job (like me), licensed teachers, STEM degree graduates, etc that could easily make it back home. And for those who came because they couldn’t find anything back home, who cares? They found an opportunity and took it. No one is a loser if they show up to work every day and pay their bills.

    Also, the idea that English-teaching jobs are low-paying is veeeery relative. I was working in a Nasdaq-traded company before coming here in a fairly well-paid position in a moderately affordable city. I make a lot less working as an English teacher here but I can save sooooo much more. My student loans will probably be gone by the end of the year. So economically I am better off here than in the expensive-af US.

  24. It’s nice to see other people’s perspective and opinions about korea. I am addicted to kdrama so I also have this fantasy in mind and plans to visit korea.

  25. random sidenote but the masks in South Korea look so much more efficient. like the ones in the US are so spacious and have so much room for a lot of air to protrude through the sides

  26. American politicians continually tell their ppl that the rest of world are not safe and American is the best, so their ppl will support their world police policy, however, the rest world was tired of American exceptism.

  27. Is this common for us to play into the stereotype of getting shot at as Americans to others?? I come from the suburbs, so maybe I just don’t know, but I have felt more threatened by other social issues than this all my life. Just curious as a few have said it in this video…..or is this just heavily edited to show this bias for views?

  28. Stereotypes are just the result of mass media as well as the general ignorance of people. Not everyone is ignorant but enough are. I think this was a very interesting interview.

  29. I wish I can go back to Korea again, but my parents are here in Canada. I heard there are about 30,000 Canadians living in South Korea. Probably more now. Living in Vancouver is much the same as living in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. It is getting boring. I do not mind living in Busan. Seoul is nice, but it is getting more crowded and when I lived in Anyang it was very cold in the winter back in 2005 and 2006.

  30. Because they were “not doing great” in USA so they can only teach English there or pursuing their fantasy (more like fetish) of Korean pop culture. And why doesn’t Asian boss make video about Korea’s world’s lowest birth rate while you made the one about Japan like ten times? Their people are literally going extinct. Korea has the highest suicide rate itw and the lowest birth rate itw at the same time and I want to know do Koreans even realize it

  31. Works in “English education content”
    Describes himself as an “upright”, rather than “upstanding” citizen…
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  32. I hope the interviewer got the pretty teacher with the braids to go out to coffee or lunch with him. They both seem like really nice sweet people.

  33. It’s so heartwarming to see so many Americans emigrating out of the country to explore other nations and adapting to the cultures as the globe is too valuable to not be explored.

    I would consider myself an octagot for speaking at least 8+ languages even though I’m semi-fluent in 3 of them but always wanted to travel to South Korea along Taiwan due to my Chinese roots. ❤👲💛

    It’s also a little shocking to me how more opened South Korea is as they’re a homogenous nation as I would be quite nervous as a darker-skinned person for attracting attention. I’m too introvert to interact with many people along having autism & social anxiety. 😁

    *PS:* I really adore the black woman with the violet face mask as I can tell how inspired she is to be in South Korea. 😁

  34. I like the guy who made a PSA for koreaboos. I just read about the Won Nation controversy and I hope that story is a wake up call for the young people (mainly young women) who have a fantasy of Korea.

  35. can we say how dope is the researcher mask…i wanna see that new york kindergarten teacher again…. and the interviewer is smooth as hell in the end…

  36. Can you ask them how well their language skills are in the language of the country? I’m curious about that in all of the “Foreigners in _____” videos.

  37. Because America is experiencing what South Korea experienced in May 1980. I still cant believe how many innocent lives were killed by Chun Doo Hwan.

  38. I have to respectfully disagree with the lady who gave the story about the coffee shop and the barista who spoke perfect English. It’s true that Seoul might have a lot of people who speak English well, but I’ve lived and traveled to many cities outside of Seoul and most people I’ve run into don’t speak English well. It’s like that in Daejeon, where I live now. Daejeon is the 5th biggest city in Korea, but English is relatively rare here. Not that I’m complaining, lol. I’m trying my hardest to learn Korean. I’m just saying that a lot of the interviewees’ experiences are based solely on Seoul and it would be nice to get some other cities in the mix once the pandemic subsides.

  39. I wanna hear from people who lives in out side of Seoul.. like 전라도 or 충청도 middle of no where ……you knows those odds one.. who perfectly camouflage with locals

  40. Hat guy has a YouTube channel @tastesseoulgood. I follow for the food reviews and travel stuff. Interesting to see the other side and his thoughts on his home country.

  41. When you’re living in Asia, it’s like you’re living living everyday in the future. When you’re living in the USA, it’s more so living for the present and past. I never knew the stress I carried as an American, until I returned & felt it hit me all at once (Sandy Hook). Never once did I worry about a school (public) shooting, police harassment, fear of mugging/rape. Yes, racism exists there but it doesn’t feel so personal or hateful.

  42. 19:48 That guy just shattered every Kpop fan in just a single statement. Every K-pop fan or drama fan wants to go to South Korea to be able to visit places that their idols were going into or somehow got close to meet them personally.
    That ending interview got me shookt. That lady is a mood. HAHA.

  43. 15:53 Bravo, very well said. Those who experience the communial society like South Korea and the way they emphasize community over self, your sense of belonging and sense of worth will generally increase compared to living an individualistic ” my way or the highway” life style. Individualism is a lonely road while communial society is a wholistic approach to life.

  44. Me being an immigrant in Korea, I would never go back to my home country again, The Netherlands. This pandemic really has shown people’s true colors and it has told me that my home country is not the place for me.

  45. Woah, Alex works for Asian Boss now?! That’s awesome. Also, gosh, I hope I run into you all on the street one day, lol. I’m an American who lives in Korea, and I’ve never seen you all out and about 🥺

  46. “We were kind of brainwashed” ok but,,,for real though he’s right. It really does feel like that?? Like, I’m Filipino born on a US territory (Guam) and in the private school I went to, the history we were taught was American history instead of the island’s history. We said the pledge of allegiance before learning our island’s national anthem and we were taught that America was basically jesus. it’s sad really

  47. Almost no guns possessed by non military and non police except hunting rifles. Cops almost never have to worry about getting shot at a traffic stop.

  48. By any chance are there Americans there possibly learning a trade or a real marketable skill? If all you are getting are academic types, I feel kinda bad that you aren’t seeing our best.

  49. 16:50 yo, that is def a white man’s take on the usa. lol as a black woman who’s fave holiday is July 4th, i have never not seen my country’s flaws.

    also i thought every person loved their country like americans.
    i was very confused as to why folks not living in a dictatorship or warring country would want to live here in the usa. it really makes no sense to me. unless it is for work ,why would you leave your own country for another? visit yes. live for like 5 years, sure. but move permanently??? why?

  50. I live New York and prefer to live in a much clear environment like Korea. Especially a better paying job. I think they pay more in asian countries than America.

  51. The guy whose dad was in Korea in the 1990s- what parts of Korea was his dad going to where it was underdeveloped in the 90s? Even back then Korea was like 5 years ahead of the US with cell phones.

  52. when westerners in Asian countries receive the EXACT experience and discrimination non western looking people living in western countries, difference is one is expats and others were born there

  53. “33 and it’s still empty”, lol. Me too, bruh. But it’s ok!!! Your life still has purpose and meaning and if you desire to have a family or a spouse one day, it will happen! Bless everyone who reads this.
    Great video and insight into Americans living in Korea.

  54. I’m American living in Korea and I love it ! I live outside of Seoul and have traveled to different parts of Korea. Korea is really really beautiful! There are a lot of opportunities here !

  55. Why is no one talking about how good this reporter is. He never interrupted once, he is respectful, and is committed to letting the voice of the interviewees go out with being stopped or paused. If you examine closely, the people could go on and talk on, and this man wouldn’t interrupt once. Kudos to him

  56. Amazing street interviews as usual! My name is Shivi Royal. I kindly ask if you could check your email, as I have sent a couple of messages to you, in hope you could read and respond to them. Thank you!

  57. Western media: lots of cameras in the streets in China, that’s human rights, privacy violently .
    Western media: lots of cameras in the streets in Korean , that’s for protect the people avoiding violence. 😂( speak silently, we are ally)

  58. Kevin from “America, North Carolina” with the sweet southern drawl, is amazing. Sounds like he’s sharing some of that amazing Southern charm to Korea.

  59. I just have to say….I love that teacher from NY. She’s hilarious! I cracked up when she listed stereotypes about how black people are perceived as great singers and dancers. So true!

    Also, I lost it at LBH(loser back home). Omg!! Hilarious!

  60. If the reason for being in South Korea is genuine, that’s cool. There are some that are seeking otherwise. Seems like a few of the ppl interviewed really didn’t have a legit reason for being there, probably for a Korean experience…..

  61. I’ve never been to Korea, but I was hoping that within the next five years, someday in the future I want to go there with my family. To see the culture, authentic Korean food, the culture, the people, stereotypes, environment, and the languages. Not only I will visit Seoul, I will visit any other South Korean city like Incheon and Busan. Besides the city, I want to visit the countryside as well, to enjoy seeing the greens and nature. I am also looking forward to see some history museum, including Korean War museums. If there’s an opportunity to visit North Korea, I would. My grandfather visited North Korea back in 1970s for some sort of science diplomacy or something, not political related, so I was thinking it’s my turn or family’s turn to visit world’s most isolated country. By the way, I’ve seen North Korean people when I was in North Korean pavilion during Shanghai 2010 Expo. So in the conclusion, once the pandemic is over, or truly over, I will be very happy to go to South Korea and enjoy new experiences if possible.

  62. I do want to travel. There’s no place in the US outside of Chicago that I want to live. Korea and Japan are at the top of my list of countries to visit

  63. (From u.s.) When I visited Korea 🇰🇷 almost 10 yrs ago I realized how little I knew about the world and really how little they teach us about the world and The Korean civil war. Such a beautiful country and soooo happy and thankful I was able to experience it ❤ ♥ 💗

    I got to visit the Korean history museum and I felt way smaller than the girl with the coffee assumption lol

  64. I’m in the airforce stationed over here in korea, it’s been an amazing time so far but Covid has us locked down, any places to visit? I’ve been to Seoul and busan so far, it’s so different but I love it

  65. As an Army Brat that lived in Korea twice, and grew up there. I miss it and it’s my home outside of the U.S. Hopefully I can go back there one day. There should be something mentioned about the U.S. military presents there.

  66. Everyone provided such good answers especially in regards from experiences and what kind of background they came from. I’m personally thinking about moving to South Korea to teach english abroad, because it would push me out of my comfort zone of North America & Europe and I feel like I can learn a lot from the culture and the people.

  67. So “expat” means to move abroad temporarily and “immigrant” move abroad permanently?
    Because I thought the former meant “white western rich person” and the latter meant “non-white underdeveloped country person”

  68. i feel like a lot what of the white people in korea realized abt america are things that immigrants and poc in america already knew

    EDIT: i’m not saying that in a bad way, just as an observation. like the whole thing about the american dream, becoming a walking representation of your community, etc.

  69. On a side note, the South Korean face masks are a really sleek and fitted with little room for air to flow in from the sides…seem much better constructed than those we wear in the US…..

  70. Just as an aside: When they say “living in Korea” they really mean “living in Seoul” since this is where this interview is conducted. For some of us living outside of Seoul and are in other places of the country it’s hit or miss. Just wanted to point that out lovely humans 🙂

  71. AMAZING VIDEO, really loved everyone’s individual answers and insights! The man who was talking about American individualism and the other man who was talking about America’s brainwashing was really on point.

  72. It’s so weird seeing Americans identify themselves as foreigners. I feel like every bigoted American should go over to another country have to go through the visa process and live within that society to see how other people in America feel every day.

  73. Countries in Asia will pay twice or even triple the average salary for an American teacher. I met a lot of American teachers that were simply tired of being overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated in American schools. A lot of international schools in Asia will even cover the cost of the teacher’s travel expenses and arrange a home for them to live in when they arrive, so it’s very convenient.
    ***WARNING: You still need to be careful when accepting jobs in a foreign country and read your employment contract carefully. There are unaccredited schools out there that take advantage of foreign teachers. Always do your research!

  74. 8:22 facts the Americas education system is horrible. Most people don’t even know South Korea exists they only know about North Korea. While others think all Asians are Chinese 🙄

  75. The fastest I can to see Asian boss video and like it.. If I have 1 crore I will give 75 lakh to Asian boss, but sadly I don’t have money.. Keep going Asian boss

  76. As an American soldier, I was living in South Korea. We are there because we are helping the South Korean Army defend themselves in case North Korea declared war. Again. I loved being there. I miss it.

  77. I am trying to move to Seoul to be with my boyfriend who is Korean. I hope to be there later this year. I feel like I belong there and I know I can be happy there.

  78. Amazing street interviews as usual! My name is Shivi Royal. I kindly ask if you could check your email, as I have sent a couple of messages to you, in hope you could read and respond to them. Thank you!

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