Why Do Americans Live In Japan In 2021? | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. Hope you enjoyed this video. We appreciate that you rely on us to bring you the most authentic insight and information from Asia. On that note, we’ve been getting a lot of requests to do an update video on COVID and interview a vaccine expert so we will be releasing a video on it very soon. Please stay tuned, subscribe and turn on the notifications. Thanks everybody!

  2. If I had a hard time finding work in the US, there’s a snowball’s chance in hell I’d find any overseas, much less in Japan. So that stereotype doesn’t even make sense.

  3. Bottom line a lot of western men have fetishes for asian women. They like the submissive stay at home cook clean type females thats tough to find in western women and mostly because of of the sexual desires from seeds planted at an early age. Mostly sexual desires though. Ive met enough people around the world and asked plenty over the years. This is the answer i get basically 99% of the time. The other 1% is because of business and military. If women had the same testosterone males had then you would see a balanced ratio of asian makes to white females. Trust me the answers are quite different when they know they are not on camera, especially for a bug channel like AB.

  4. That guy is delusional if he believes foreign residents should adapt to the Japanese practice of working overtime for no reason. Zangyo is literally killing people.

  5. I hear this way too much. No matter how well you speak Japanese people are hesitant to go up to you. THAT the culture….. also if you spoke it well they would definitely keep in contact with you. Speaking from experience. everyone’s shy, you don’t go up to random people in the USA and start a convo with them like come on.

  6. What tf you mean by ‘why do Americans live in Japan??’ Japan is one of the most developed and culturally rich countries, most people would love to go there

  7. Do we know Asian Boss just flags people down on the street? Is it possible they do a, not a casting call, but essentially put the word out they’d like to interview foreign individuals and then coordinate a meet up? I’m wondering if they do a call if Americans are just the most responsive. Odd they run into more Americans than individuals from other countries.

  8. I’m curious how Americans (or foreigners in general) living in Japan who works in a typically cash type payout job such as perhaps, a ‘personal trainer’, or ‘personal coach’, etc., are taxed in Japan ??

  9. Don’t be fooled by that girl saying Japanese companies are great. Japanese companies are one of the main factors of overall depression and mass suicide rates. Nobody here not even Japanese people like Japanese companies. Plus Japanese companies are really inefficient. There is a reason why out of the G7 countries Japan was shown to have the worst work performance.

  10. ahh excellent episode, super interesting~, would love to hear more from those who choose to live/stay in Japan (not only Americans)! thank you!

  11. Why does Asian Boss just keep making these videos interviewing just Americans in asian countries? What makes them so much more intriguing to viewers compared to other nationality’s? Honestly every time I see a new video pop up, its about what American’s think….. Why can’t it be what British, Australian, Canadian, Brazilian, etc…. I find these videos very biased and just surrounded by what American’s think, do Amercian’s point of view really matter that much? I don’t really care what they think.. I find that there needs to be more diverse interviews from other people than just AMERICAN’S…..

  12. The last comment is very true. Moving to another country won’t change the problems that you already have; if you’re depressed, have health issues, financial troubles etc, these won’t change. You’re better off getting help and resolving those issues as best you can first. Then and only then, should you look at moving.

  13. Wow I enjoyed listening to them all. I love how well educated they all were. I wish I lived over there. Thank you Asia Boss again for another great vid. ❤️

  14. I’m curious about Japan but I don’t think I could ever live anywhere else but the US. I admire these people for taking such a big step though. That last guy had some good advice.

  15. Again…? I mean Asian Boss, I understand if you ask why Asians live in the US in 2021, but Americans aren’t the only foreigners living in Asia. It’s already frustrating to see them get so much more privilege compared to other foreigners, but if now they even get privilege in media coverage from you…

  16. I think every Asian teacher has struggled on getting their pay that they really deserved. Many of them got into English teachers especially online because they think they’re more well paid in that career. I also admire the woman who talks about the suicide rate in Japan because one of the well-known issues there is about it and it’s disturbing.

  17. the brunette with blonde streak hair, she doesn’t know how to read or write Japanese, how could she manages to live there? …. Like she need to learn it because that is the local language?

  18. As a Brazilian myself I felt sad when she said people would follow her at a store and stop her to see if she hasn’t stolen a bicycle… I’m not of japanese descent and even here in brazil I’ve heard about some Brazilians that mess up in japan. I’m sure that the majority of Brazilians in japan won’t do any of this. It’s shame that a few Brazilians plus prejudice from the Japanese side makes our image look bad in the country…
    I lived in japan for 2 years and never really felt prejudice for being brazilian but it could also be because I’m white and they don’t expect Brazilians to be white because of the misconception they have about the country.

  19. It’s really great to hear expats’ personal experience of living in japan. Japan is a fusion of eastern and western culture, which makes it such an amazing but also sometimes perplexing place

  20. Have been learning Japanese for 2 and a half years. This video really motivated me to study more.
    Thanks Asian Boss 👍
    I hope things get better for all of us.

  21. There’s an concerte between men and women? In the US, you literally don’t know the difference between man and a women in your country. Maybe it’s time the Americans start accepting other countries as they are and not teach others what’s better

  22. To Americans, don’t learn Japanese through anime or manga.
    I met some American who speaks weird Japanese… and it’s turned out he learned Japanese through certain manga.
    The expressions in the anime or manga is quite exaggerated and artificial. No Japanese use that kind of expression. except for some otakus.
    Just learn Japanese through educational books.

  23. Japan, like any other nation, has its fair share of companies that are flops too… I don’t understand how someone can come to the conclusion that Japanese companies are “longer lasting” than American ones. I mean, Japan as a nation is much older than the US – how does that comparison make any sense?

  24. I used to live in Tokyo, and I loved Tokyo.I even learned how to read and write Hiragana and Katakana. As a black american man I never had no problems in Japan at all. The Japanese people was so nice to me. One day I would love to move back to Tokyo.

  25. Japan is amazing for being top economy in the world, tho from what i know, they don’t have natural resources in Japan but they still manage to be 1st world. The good governance made them in the top.

  26. 19:57 “American” is not an ethnicity.

    Imagine restaurants and stores in the US refusing to serve Mexicans/brown-skinned Latinos (or not even let them in the building) just because the restaurant/store owners assume that they don’t speak any English (and only know Spanish) and it will be uncomfortable trying to communicate with them.

    I understand that Japanese people who don’t know any English can be very intimidated by trying to communicate with foreigners/people who “look” like they only speak English, but to actually /refuse/ them service (or tell them to leave the property) is extreme and offensive. Not even trying to put any effort into communicating (especially when everyone has iPhones (what, google translate/language translation apps don’t exist anymore?) and Japan being number one in the world in terms of technology advancement) with foreigners is quite ridiculous and a bit xenophobic.

  27. Japan has free Healthcare and has an extremely low crime rate. In America you can’t walk alone at night without worrying about being mugged. Also just for a physical exam it costs hundreds of dollars.

  28. Americans count everything in terms of Money and thats why Xenophobia towards them cant be removed at all. America needs to build some Tradition as a part of Discipline too.

  29. Very normal, because Japan have been a ally of USA , people got zero negative news about Japan in the USA . USA medias report Japan always positive. The natural good image from the people of United States.

  30. I fell out of love with Japan a long time ago after I stopped looking at it with rose colored glasses and learned a bit about the way Japanese society operates, plus some really bad historical stuff having taken East Asian Studies as a minor subject in university.
    Ultimately, I realized that I would never thrive or fit in there. I already struggle to fit in here. And since I live in Europe, there are really no upsides social security/crime rate wise to living in Japan for me anyway.

  31. What difference between interview videos in South Korea and Japan is :

    Americans in Korea : wearing perfect KF94(=n95) mask

    Americans in Japan : just cloth mask or very thin weird mask 🙁

  32. Great video Asian Boss! I was wondering if you guys could do a video on the protest against the military coup in Myanmar. I’ve seen a lot of articles about it on Facebook but I don’t really understand the history or the situation of it. It’d be really cool if you guys could do a video on this.

  33. I really love what that last man said at the end of the video, know your reason why you’re moving to Japan or any place for that matter. ❤️💯👏🏽

  34. 5:00 é constrangedor saber que seguiram ela no mercado pensando que ela ia roubar algo pq a confundiram com brasileiros que moram na cidade.
    Mano não é possível que tem brasileiro fazendo merda no exterior, revoltante , pra onde vamos somos chacota

  35. I have a solid reason for wanting to move to japan and spending 2-3 mo/yr there for past several years. Otaku culture, women and food. Don’t tell me these aren’t legit reasons.

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