Why Do Americans Live In China? | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. The capital in the United States was ALLOWED to be broken into. It was lead by DEMOCRATS… there is video proof of all of this… these people are clearly all brainwashed… just as people here.

    This is sick

  2. the guy who said losing his American exceptionalism was the saddest thing… I feel him so hard. everything he said feels like my existence for a few years now, being a bi-lingul dual citizen of us and an advanced asian country. the eyes with which my people see me is different than the way they saw me 10 years ago. being an American is embarrassing.

  3. From my perspective, the Capitol riot event was quite sad and embarrassing. The rioters were completely blinded by the president’s words. I honestly feel there’s nothing to gain anything when storming the Capitol, it was a completely waste of time. The San Diego woman who was shot and killed by the building security died for nothing, it was a price to pay for blindly listen to baseless words. Of course, storming the Capitol damaged my country’s imagery and America was laughed at by entire world, especially China, when it has three things to America, hypocrite, karma, and double standard as the way they perceived to Hong Kong which is quite sadly true. So I think US should be careful what they say, think twice before say anything. I’m writing this comment again from US Expats in Korea; as an American myself, I don’t side with either party, I’m just American, pure and simple.

    I visited to Shanghai many times as I have relatives live there. Comparing the living between US and China, I have to say staying in China is better because it is safe, more disciplined, very innovative, and has lot of variety of styles, food, and fashion, but I still love US as it is my home, so I regarded both China and US as home; for China, it is my ancestral country and for US, it is my birth country, have lot of childhood memories, and friends.

    And in the conclusion, I want to say, America is still a great country, but currently has a lot of domestic problems. I’m sure US can do better than this and improve itself.

  4. China’s not talking about it cause imagine if the population over took the CCP offices lmao
    But yes no I always wanted to visit China since elementary which has been forever

  5. Interviewing a herd of distant, misinformed expats does not shed light on the happenings of Jan 6. Investigate what happened that day properly rather than merely parroting the MSM’s false narratives.
    40 years of failed neoliberalism is the cause of discontent leading to the rise of Trump. The next Trump will be far worse.

  6. lol I’m still going to wear masks to avoid having to smell people’s BO and breath. But meanwhile in America… FWEEDOM! Wrong kind of freedom they’re fighting for really LOL they should really be fighting for economic freedom.

  7. 13:40 lady that group are the people who did go and live in the states and probably got harassed with all the racist bs here. They, unlike americans stuck here arent beholden to keep saying everything is fine when it really isnt.

  8. Just at the basic respectful and empathetic level, I have NOT heard ANY rampant ridicule of Chinese making fun of the tragic COVID situation in the U.S. Some Chinese are even willing to help us despite the trade war and ultra insulting language Trump and some Americans said about China……Pure venomous stuff. Most Chinese believe in Karma, so they are very careful in pumping out vicious venom about other countries. I am an American Chinese so they can’t tell I am an American. Ever since the outbreak started in Seattle, I very seldom see and hear really insulting things against the U.S.
    To think of it, I really can not recall once. I guess the culture is overall gracious and not kick someone when he or she is down, especially when it is related to foreigners.

  9. 4:30 Most People who have a decent jobs after school normally don’t have to worry about “paying Rent/eating trash food” sounds like your Lazy.
    This Lot can stay in China. If they were still in America some of the people they interviewed would still be living at home.

  10. To Americans the riots are the biggest things they can imagine. To the rest of the world its more of a “Oh that is unfortunate, moving on” reaction. You know how Americans react when they see some international news about a volcano eruption in Indonesia? That is how everyone outside America see’s the riots.

  11. Next : Mixed couple but stay not in their region will be great.

    Ex : Americans Korean couple living in Italy, Or Chinese Russia couple living in US, or Japanese Australian couple living in Qatar, or others.

  12. I have a feeling that American in China is much more reasonable and educated than American in the States. (I know is not true but I just feel this way watching this video)

  13. I’m not from China but from a little island from the Indian ocean and I’ve been laughing at the USA too for the past 4 years too .How can someone like TRUMP be elected president. A guy that would talk about amount of humidity of cyclone from a standpoint of water. A guy who wants to nuke cyclone or Lysol injections as a cure against Covid 19. The worst is all these white supremacist , far right movements and religious conservatives that followed him blindly. USA for the past 4 years reminded more of an African banana republic rather than the world number 1 super power.

  14. Yeah; sure the feeling of many foreigners living in China is great; I went to China many times, the deal of living in China is to NEVER critique anything you see and if you know about the Taboo topics; such as, Tiananmen, Falung Gong, Tibet, Uyghurs, Hong Kong, and Taiwan DO NOT SPEAK ABOU IT. Your honeymoon stage will come to an end. I love China and the Chinese people but NOT the CCP regime.

  15. Just some useful idiots. They only see what the regime want them to see. If they really see what is CCP’s true colour, government will not extend their visa. Soon they will become hostages because war is coming.

  16. In fact, some Chinese people now wear masks or walk away when they see foreign faces, because since April 2020, China’s COVID disease has mainly come from imported or imported cold chain foods. So it is natural to protect yourself. Because he (she) cannot tell whether the foreigner in front of him has just come to China or has been living in China.

  17. Some of the most famous celebrities are foreigners in China, South Korea and Japan… majority are Americans ironically…i see a lot of black people who are treated a lot better there and are successful than if they were back in the States.

  18. I was exposed to both sides of the coin born in the US going back to Korea to live there and then back in Canada. So I don’t tolerate BS and can see things at face value and clearly US is the laughing stock to the rest of the world now. I hope orange man doesn’t pardon himself so Iran can have a piece of him.

  19. If you guys wanna see a quintessential and like protoype of how America is vs China, look no further and youtube Trish regan of FOX vs Liu Xin in a so called ‘debate’ that is absolutely hysterical. Fox is right wing but still this is cringe to the max. Also Trish got booted from her employer a couple months later on because surprise, she’s also a trumppie and said on live that rona is a hoax LOL.

  20. I don’t think China is laughing at the U.S.. Despite tensions between the two countries, China values peace and harmony over civil unrest. It doesn’t benefit China to suggest that Western democracy is a failure. What China has done instead of the Western democratic system is create a political and economic system of their own that works for their country. It’s a unitary socialist republic built by China for China, consisting of over 90 million government officials across the country, many of which are engineers, scientists, teachers and doctors, not just politicians. And unlike the U.S., China doesn’t try to force their political ideology across to other countries. China recognises that it is a country of one billion people and if individualism was prioritised over collectivism, it would be very difficult for their country to progress as a society.

  21. Like 15:10 person said, most people just feel sad on what happened to capitol US, not cheering on it. People who never leave their home will always be closed minded, at least try to travel and see it yourself how the world is. And you’re not the center of the world actually, if you fall another big power will rise. That’s how it is and always be.

  22. India has some of the smartest people in the World but religion differences is like cancer hindering them back from growth. Also because of these differences they lack nationalism and patriotism and lack national identity. They need leaders like Xi to set things straight. Future looks bright for India.

  23. Although I am half-Chinese born in America, I’ve never been to mainland China. The closest I’ve been is Hong Kong. Recently I’ve wanted to visit China when I’m in college to see what life’s like over there. Someday. haha

  24. People just voted for orange man because they got tired of ‘life long’ politicians who don’t do anything about deteriorating economy of America. People thought he would be a fresh change and to experiment him but instead he was more of a looney than he was brillant lol. Dude is literally the antonym of smart.

  25. The old boomer lawmakers in the US NEEDS to address that democracy is becoming not so practical and that there is a NEED to amend constitutional rights, which changes EVERYTHING that America believes in. But doing this will only take a revolution because god knows how stubborn these boomer lawmakers are, doing nothing about the deteriorating economic state (think US as kind of like a mature company like Ford, that keeps losing market share because it’s old and they don’t want to innovate) but in this case America can’t really innovate because doing that requires amending constitutional rights.

  26. My family was from Latvia and at the time of the Soviet Union my grandmother said to my mother that Russian is the future therefore my mom went to a Russian school. Funny enough 15 years later, the Soviet Union broke up and now she regrets that her grandmother forced to go to a Russian school. Therefore don’t put your faith that China is the future. No-one knows what the future holds.

  27. America has got it backwards fighting for wrong kind of freedom that is social justice (which let’s face it will never get fixed 100% because it only takes one event to undo all of it again) when they should really be focusing to help fight for economic freedom of American people. But they can’t do that because government intervention in the free market ironically just becomes anti free-market. But China is doing great, got their priorities right understanding and realizing that first you have to fix the economic problems before social issues can be addressed because like hierchy of needs, it’s easier to fix social issues than economic.

  28. America is really focused on the wrong kind of freedom. They are fighting for ‘social and cultural’ justice, which by the way they’ve been fighting since the inception of the country but will never realize that it only takes ONE event like the pandemic to turn people back into monsters. Just because now people are starting to act all nice again doesn’t mean they’ve changed. The monster is all within still, which proves my point that this quest to end ‘racism’ just doesn’t work because we all are human and innately have biases. It’s best to admit that racism exists and our differences exist. Like the theory of relative advantage in economics people should recognize each other’s strenghts and weaknesses and specialize in those in order to produce most efficient outputs collectively.

  29. The issues with an authoritarian government become apparent when things are not doing well. A recent example of that is Venezuela, which was doing so well when oil prices were high and became an tragic disaster when oil prices went down. Trump is a wannabe authoritarian, and the judicial branch(courts) stopped him in his tracks, which is a credit to the American system of government. History has shown over and over again that authoritarian governments eventually become tragically oppressive against their own people and in China the CCP has absolute power. So yes it might be good now in China, although there is no Chinese institution that can stop the CCP if things go bad and that’s why authoritarian governments should never be tolerated. I would never trade economic growth or prosperity for the potential loss of our rights under an authoritarian government.

  30. Democracy is all good on paper but until you start to really EMBRACE people of different race and not just accept them, the slogan of ‘diversity is our strength’ is a BS, which many Americans have tendency of doing historically according to their track records.

  31. Late stage capitalism and lassiez fairez free market economy is failing. Founding people never could see this long term as to how freest of the free market would eventually need control and government intervention becuase it just doens’t trickle down. Just look at what happened to HongKong the supposed freest of the free market with wealth disparity higher gini index/coefficient and crazy real estate price and all that. But the West is STILL too stubborn to admit that their constitutional rights needs some amending until external shocks like pandemic happens for them to start giving out money.

  32. The reason why western media and govt are so biased and play propaganda against China vastly is for fear of their people admiring Chinese system over their failed DemoCRAZY system so that no riot or revolution happen in their Countries. Foreigners living in China know how competent and good the Chinese govt or system is.

    Covid has exposed the failure of Western system.

  33. Chinese food makes American forgets the years had spent in China. No one was mentioning this probably the food is really effectively erasing the espats.

  34. These guys should get out of this Shanghai bubble so they can understand China more. They will also understand more how hard is for foreigners to live in China. Shanghai is something between Chinese and western culture because it’s an international city!

  35. 25:40 If you want your kids to experience what you experienced when you grow up in the US, you should make the US invade another middle eastern country (for the oil or the gold).

  36. While I know these are random expacts in China they are still Americans. What truly needs to be known The Storm On The Hill was Ok’ed by the one currently contaminating the White House. When the one guy at the end saying “it would be 2 different messages” and then to say “You can’t talk to those people.” Who is/are “those people?” At the end of the day Asia (all of Asia) has and continue to be in the lead in education, finance, healthcare, etc, but as an American I may not like how this country is in this mess bc of the decisions of the Republican voters. Change is coming and I’m here for it.

  37. it’s the toxic masculinity machismo and the toxic mumble rap culture that is to blame that keeps on imploding America.That will cause people to not spend money in the economy and so economy will become stale. More selfishness is never good collectively for the economy. People need to spend money and have consumer confidence for a country to grow economically.

  38. [Serious] Can these people honestly answer these questions without fear of getting into trouble in China? The country is known to suppress and censor a lot of online media, let alone the lengths they go to cover up the truth… what can we really trust?

  39. China’s GDP grew more now than pre covid lol. Just shows you how exponential China’s growth is. First fix economic problems and social and cultural issues can be addressed and fixed rather easily. America is the opposite, they focus too much on social/cultural justice (which btw we saw it just isn’t going to work out) and they’d rather let Americans get poor because they’re too stubborn to accept the fact that late stage capitalism fails and that it never trickles down.

  40. The thing about social media is, it will feed you negative things constantly about a country or pretty much anything if it senses you enjoy reading those fake news(or maybe partially true). All you gotta do is search for the opposite things, for example, type in “is China Safe” and see what you can get on Youtube. or even better, go there when Covid is gone and experience it yourself to have a closer view. See if that can change your mind.

  41. LMAO China is leading intercontinental trade agreements like RCEP and ASEAN trade agreements. If anything this criminal and hateful potus united Asians more while he was trying to divide us from rest of the West LOL

  42. As a Chinese living in NYC, I experienced worse than 23:00 last March when pandemic fully broke out in US. I got spit on by Americans simply because I am asian wearing a mask. Some of my asian friends had even worse physical treatment around that time. Now China is safer and I am not surprised he experienced this. People related to more risky places got mistreated, though it’s unfair but really inevitable.

  43. 24:23 FYI: If you have a valid U.S. driver’s license, you can get a Chinese driver’s license very easily. If you don’t have a driver’s license, it is very hard because the process includes 4 tests and can take up to 1 year.

  44. 6:54 this man show how important it is to travel when you can
    Experience other cultures
    And keep an open mind and heart
    It opens your eyes and allows you to grow up

  45. Americans really need to travel abroad more often. Western media can and have done great disservice in how it portrays countries it considers rivals to no other effect than to just distort the average person’s world views. China is not committing any genocide, whether it be lives or cultures; the state of the country would be utter chaos if any of that were remotely true, since the place is not isolated like NK is. And more importantly, what difference does it make to the average person? Saudi Arabia and Israel are actively engaged in vicious infringement on human rights, with video and documented evidence mind you, and what’s done about them? Nothing! Because the US rich elites likes them so there will never be any military intervention, and the common folk who do decry the injustices have no power to make any real change. The best we can do is to be wary of misinformation and propaganda and try to not get caught up in any crossfires needlessly as we live our lives.

  46. China, for a lot of people, has become a land of opportunity, much like how the US was seen at the turn of the century. Millenials, Generation Z in China having lives that are vastly improved over their parents livelihoods, whereas in the US, most of us are worse off than our parents. I graduated with a non-practical degree, came to China, rose through the ranks of becoming a Managing Director at a large Media company. I never would have had this opportunity in the US. And it’s not for lack of ability. China provided opportunities for me to define, refine, develop, and excel my abilities. In the US, I probably would have been stuck, with little chance for upward mobility.

    And as one of the gentleman stated in the video, going back to the US… it just seems like a step backward, not at all an upgrade. I have to worry about health insurance, getting a job that doesn’t allow me to save, I’d have to sell a kidney to send my kids to college (if i have any), I’d be judged for being gay, and live in a society that thinks that wearing a mask is forced conformity rather than a necessary act of solidarity (and look at the outcomes for COVID in these two countries). The US has great potential, but we need to vote for that potential to actually happen.

  47. Lol a couple said they can’t afford San Francisco and New York so they moved to Shanghai. From the most expensive cities in US to the most expensive city in China.

  48. Unfortunately this is how it starts with this ‘diversity is our strength’ BS. Last year alone has undone years of work done for racial equality but I hope Shanghai doesn’t become like another NYC where they spew out BS talking about we embrace everyone with open arms and all that like LA and SF in the West coast because that’s how it all starts out like. If they really want to promote equality and equity racially and economically they gotta do it different than the US. NYC LA and SF are some of the most racist places in the US today. Really hope Shanghai doesn’t become like the melting pot of s h 1t accepting everyone and ignoring about innate racism.

  49. Shanghai is a great place for non-Chinese people in China. The people are more open-minded to the outside world, and there are a lot of foreign people. Wish you all enjoy yourselves in China.

  50. really interesting video. the irony isn’t lost on me that some Chinese ppl mistreat foreigners because they’re afraid that foreigners will give them the virus; meanwhile many in the west mistreat Asians because they believe that they caused covid and will give them the virus. Ignorance is universal. It doesn’t feel good when the tables are turned against you.

  51. 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

  52. Younger Korean people love China. I hope China accepts us as blood brothers and sisters! I’m not sure about Japan though they sold out too much to the West sadly.

  53. My question is how was asian boss able to go to China to interview people on the streets. I can’t even get a visa even though I already have a ten-year one but that’s invalid during covid times. They only allow foreigners in for work/school or family emergency lol

  54. America 2016-2020 is what happens when a meme gets elected as president. Sure, it’s been quite a cringe and laughfest, but in terms of social, economic and political progress… yeah, pretty much devolved into a dank 4chan forum.

  55. I would say that social unity and stability in Eastern values is more important than individual freedom in the West. However, in the past few decades, the West and the United States have been excessively beautifying freedom and discrediting the system of the East, especially China, so that the West, especially the United States, is now full of chaos, disorder and fake news. I think the West should give up prejudice and arrogance and learn from the East.

  56. Well I don’t understand why the western people always say something like do you eat DOG MEAT OR BATS ? Dude, u need to stfu and have an education. I am living my best of my life here in China even though I am from foreign country. What do you expect? Talk about racism, is there any country that doesn’t have racism ? The states, France and so the same in China. Not everyone here is racist af like y’all. My colleague are all very nice person and we often hangout. Y’all privileged brainwashed people from the media should know better. Smh. There is some part of China mainly minority of the people have diff culture and tradition and they eat dog meat. YOU THINK EVERYONE HERE EAT DOG MEAT ? JUST BECAUSE 20% population of THE PEOPLE HAVE DIFF CULTURE THAT EAT DOG MEAT AND U JUDGE THE WORLD COUNTRY? This is why the media is worst. Always potray the bad side even though it’s wrong.

  57. Asian Boss is trying hard to improve China’s image despite the fact that the Uighur issue is getting so much attention. What we have to know is that Asia Boss is S.Korea based company and leftist Koreans are generally anti-America and pro-China. The situation in the U.S. is desperate, but it’s all public, so you can see how desperate it is. Not so in China.

  58. These are the awaken smart Americans. Ahead of their american counterparts. When I see videos like this I feel like I’m wasting so much precious time of life living in a country that don’t have the Asian mentality. I want to move to Northeast Asia. It’s just so free and able to relax. In the US it is so corrupt, bad attitudes and institutions are so irresponsible. It is also a debt trap. You go to Asia, you can find yourself and grow and live with dignity.

  59. last advice I wanna share is just because someone defends China because some ppl, unlike you have common sense and can see things from at face value without bias. Doesn’t mean I’m pro China but to call someone Wumao just because I defend China because in reality most countries just blame China as scapegoat. It’s not right. But then again that’s the hate fuel that China needs like chips on their shoulders it’s the fuel that keeps feeding them to grow exponentially. Financial Times just reported that China’s GDP grew MORE than pre covid so. Have a good life

  60. Also southern states in the US make their prisoners be productive throughout the day in Texas they make them work like factory workers 10 hours a day. But I bet you didn’t know that because they don’t tell you

  61. US government funded blackwater security has been ravaging Middle East killing hundreds of thousands all in the false guidance and name of ‘freedom and democracy’. LEAVE MIDDLE EAST ALONE. We all know Bush admin wanted to invade for the shale and crude oil

  62. Also you probably think China surveilling ppl is bad but at least they’re being transparent with its people about it to ENCOURAGE people to behave better which eventually becomes win win situation. If it weren’t for whistleblowers like Snowden or Assange or Wikileaks Americans wouldn’t have known that NSA is spying behind ppl’s backs

  63. well if you have any slightest of idea of their atrocities and US government too, then maybe stop perpetuating double standards that’s not meaningful besides to spread further division

  64. Also it’s hilarious how you talk about Xinjiang when US literally invaded bikini islands in the pacific to ‘democratize and protect’ them when they used the ppl as guinea pigs experimenting nuke effect and to set up as missile sites even to this day.

  65. Kinda interesting to see the comment section.

    So.. american want to go get chinese citizenship even have gone through uyghur concentration camp, hong kong issue, no party choice but ccp and fully controlled media, banned pooh for stupid reason?

    Jees i had no idea how they hate republican enough to forget all the news.

    Well good for you.
    I wish you guys become chinese but i am wondring will you be satisfied afterward?

    I mean you can get biden in there but you cannot change xijinping unless you can reach CCP.

  66. I’m 15 and feel trapped in this joke of a country right now. It’s such a blessing to be able to live abroad and I feel like people should try and move to other countries rather than doing the exact thing and living in the same city their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents did. I don’t want to be in that trap, and it makes me sad to think that so many people are ok with living this life and not getting any excitement or seeing any perspectives from different countries. I have many friends outside the US that I have made online and I haven’t talked to a single one that has said that they don’t think the US is crazy. I’m seriously thinking about going on exchange in Japan for a few months to get a break from this hell hole.

  67. Ask them how they feel about the Hong Kong protests! Oh wait! You can’t ask and they can’t tell. Everyone is pissed here that these morons were allowed to get into the capital building, but on the other hand, it’s wonderful that in America people can protest without their lives being destroyed. Again, this went too far, but hey BLM can protest (rightly so) and poor white people can protest (too much) without getting shot. Start to think a little…why was Trump elected, because poor less educated white folks see their live deteriorating year after year. Both sides are legitimate…BLM and poor whites…both should be addressed by both sides. Chinese don’t know about what they aren’t supposed to know about…that is sad. Think of the trouble it is too block all that. Why is it so important to keep them all isolated from information everyone else in the world can access?!?!

  68. 6:40 I think some people back away because how she looks? She’s beautiful, but most normal Chinese people are still unfamiliar with her fashion style. In a Chinese city, she definitely looks unique and outstanding.

  69. The lady’s remark at 17:00 mark is spot on. You need to stop hate groups from forming before it gets out of hand especially on mainstream social media outlets where millions of people can get exposure to.

  70. Also it’s hilarious how you talk about Xinjiang when US literally invaded bikini islands in the pacific to ‘democratize and protect’ them when they used the ppl as guinea pigs experimenting nuke effect and to set up as missile sites even to this day.

  71. Also southern states in the US make their prisoners be productive throughout the day in Texas they make them work like factory workers 10 hours a day. But I bet you didn’t know that because they don’t tell you.

  72. US government funded blackwater security has been ravaging Middle East killing hundreds of thousands all in the false guidance and name of ‘freedom and democracy’. LEAVE MIDDLE EAST ALONE. We all know Bush admin wanted to invade for the shale and crude oil.

  73. There’s incredible double standard and western propaganda from the West, perhaps more than from East to West. Guy @ 15:40 maybe said it best. Chinese generally don’t have malice for Americans as much as they do towards them. Implosion is imminent in the West.

  74. pretty interesting how chinese citizens who move to the US today still say they “escaped communism”, but Americans who move to China, do so for the “opportunity”. Goes to show that people love to exaggerate sometimes

  75. Can you interview or see with other Asian countries regarding to this topic and get the same result on no one really knows about the riot?
    Edit: local native not expat.

  76. Don’t get me wrong China is a beautiful country with a wide variety of regions and a rich culture, these videos are very refreshing (abit it is pretty one sided) but if I could ask for a video topic about the things these expats enjoy about china and things they don’t.

  77. I’m so grateful that I’m the kind of American who can hear what these folks say. I’ve also lived all over the world and it makes you a better person.

  78. Why is there only few Chinese that knows the riot?
    First, Chinese are apathy about politics because we couldnt vote, maybe we can vote now (havent voted since i became an adult, maybe not, but 20 30 years ago your votes were probably “represented” by someone else. You cant expect people that dont care about politics of their own country interest in politics in other countries.
    Second, i guess its the media, there is a barrier of language difference. If no media in China spreads the information, majority of people wont know it.

  79. Traitors…. they are the enemy of the free world, they took the sweet juicy money from CCP and know they are spreading our country’s secret info to the CCP government

  80. I would like to stay in China for at least two years max, to immerse in the language because it’s hard to learn something I can’t actually hear everyday forcibly. I’m not in a big metropolitan area to be exposed often enough. I also want my son to get out the states and just enjoy life and not being impressed with people that really are bound by their contract.

  81. It’s easy to laugh at US or any western country like my UK and anyone or anything about them, same for most western, sadly it’s hard to laugh at china though… from hammering down on hong Kong, and threatening invasion on taiwan, cutting trade with countries over talks. Having concentration camps for Tabet… US is bad yes, but is china better? Hmm maybe in some ways.. but can chinese call there lord XI Winnie the poo ? XD surpose communism has it strengths but is it a good thing on a bigger picture… likely not

  82. As an American, I am so disappointed in the country Im living in. Im hoping that once Biden is in office, things will begin to get better.
    I hope you are stay safe. Have a good day/night! <3

  83. Great video!
    The guy speaking about opportunities with a Bachelors, what did he get it in, and where was he looking?
    Gal in the elevator without her mask, I would’ve said something like, looks like next time you won’t forget your mask. 😷 😉
    Traveling definitely opens up your mind, perspectives, and so much more. These are great insights that some people should really take to heart.
    Again AB, great, great episode today.

  84. Asian people make things happen rather than complaining. Most of world technology and infrastructures and products and services are Asia based now.

  85. There’s so much western propaganda in the West and misconceptions about China it’s crazy. But then again, Asian people have always been about that action boss. It’d in our DNA to try and prioritize others before ourselves and we actually make things happen rather than complaining.

  86. i remember going to china for the first time back when i was 9 to visit my family. america and americans live behind the idea of being the greatest country in the world, i was definitely subconsciously thinking like that, and judging before feeling and taking it all in but in many aspects, china is definitely a country we should learn from. really each country has something to offer, and i guess the lesson is to remember to always be open minded.

  87. It’s very easy for Americans to glorify their experience in China because they are relatively safe simply due to the fact they are American. For us Canadians, it’s a different story. It’s not too long ago that innocent Canadians were arrested in China following the arrest of the Huawei CFO in Canada. The Chinese government would never do such a thing to Americans (due to the possible ramifications), but they will not hesitate to hurt people from other countries. You can drink the kool-aid and make fun of the US all you want, but China is not a good place to be for most of us.

  88. i want to move to china so i can spend time there with family
    i dont really care for the global politics
    just care about the good food and the great living conditions in the cities

    edit: I am moving to China in a few years from now
    after college

  89. CCP brainwashed us, try to manipulate Chinese against the US because they need to consolidate their control. As Chinese, I feel disgusting to CCP and sad to those Chinese that have been brainwashed.

  90. The United States is a joke for the rest of the countries and not only with the Capitol or Trump, I mean, they have a Nobel Peace Prize President who spent his 8 years of presidency at war.

  91. I think it is the idea of a revolt happening in a place you thought was invincible… would birth hope. That notion in the news would not be beneficial to some.

  92. Countries go through rough patches. The United States has been through many of them since the Civil War. Americans will get passed this and come out stronger on the other end. It will take time but it’ll happen.

  93. I plan to move to China to teach English after getting my college degree.. I didn’t realize people thought Americans living there was such a big deal..? Some people don’t care about government/political issues and just want to live their life. I can’t wait to start a new part of my life there.

  94. I think what this set of interviews just shows is what having a high quality of life can do for a countries citizens. If people in America were taken care of better like they were in China, then perhaps those people would have more complaints of the censorship in China.
    When you have people with no healthcare and pepper sprayed for (hopefully peaceful) protest in your country and then something like this happens, its easy to see why these american have been in China so long. For China’s many faults, America perhaps has much more in the eyes of a regular middle-class person.

  95. the girl at 4:13 said that San Francisco was to expensive so she moved to china there are much cheaper places then san Francisco , i feel its 🧢 when she said she left just because of one expensive place she looks brainwashed

  96. The most obvious answer is opportunity. It’s the same reason why the Chinese live in America. Also, working or going to school abroad looks good on your resume when seeking employment.

  97. Coming to China as an American: “Because i only wanna earn some quick cash as an ‘expat’ and hang out with other only-english language speakers at a bar all day”

  98. We can only hope that after Trump leaves office in a few days, things will quickly get better. It’s all about hope. I totally agree we need to get through this pandemic situation. The problem is that *still* I see people not wearing masks in public in the US, and some just hang it on their chin. Then there are those people who wear only a face shield thinking that’s all they need. There’s a reason why the spread & deaths are going up like crazy in the US. People are just not considerate at all.

  99. I was an expat in central Viet Nam for a couple of years and can truly understand what these expats are saying and feeling. Showing respect for the culture and customs goes a very long way towards living a good life in Asia. There’s an amazing joy in walking out in the morning and having many choices in street food for breakfast. I’ve only been to China twice and hope someday when the US becomes more understanding of the world I can visit China again. She is an amazing country with good people.

    6:55 This gentleman’s comment is spot on. I was living in Viet Nam when Trump was elected and my Vietnamese friends were in shock over it. I sadly explained the conditions that allowed his victory to happen. Viet Nam is hardly perfect but they do some many things much better than the US. If people here could just see the same maybe we could be a better nation.

    Thanks Asian Boss for this video. BTW to my fellow Americans: live in Asia for at least a couple of years. It’s life changing.

  100. I spent a couple years of my life as a child in China and those were good years. Just three years ago, I went back for a month or so and I just want to say, it is a lot more peaceful and safe there for me. People are close to each other and neighbors know each other very well. Shops are just across the street from apartments, and if you go to a big city, it’s literally just a gigantic mall

  101. This is not a good study. Interviewing people who live in China would obviously lead to answers supporting that decision. Asking regular people in the US would give a much more accurate response.
    For the record, I would be very happy to live in Japan again or move to South Korea, but would never move to China.

  102. Really disappointed in your channel, Asian Boss. Hate to say it, but it does seem like you keep pushing China content recently, and by proxy justifying their human rights abuses. I’m not seeing as much content about Hong Kong and/or Taiwan. The last content about Taiwan or HK are from a year ago or more, and yet it seems like every other video of your channel is about China lately. RMB is everything I guess. Haiyaaaa

  103. Aye nice! I know I told y’all to post more contents about China and y’all really did!!! Now people can actually know what China is about and not get blindfolded by western media

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