Why Did India Become the Most COVID-19 Infected Country in Asia? | STREET DEBATE

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  1. I am a Chinese stay in Mumbai right now, I feel the Indian Gov shall not be blamed too much. if they keep luckdown, the COVID situation will be better, but there are too much people need to work and support their family. It’s really hard to make the balance. Anyway, Thanks to all the doctors and please keep the safe distance when you go out and wear an mask properly.

  2. I’ve seen people wearing masks incorrectly and I can’t help but laugh really.
    and these are the same people who will question why is the infected people not decreasing

  3. Indian government saw other countries operating lockdown, they lockdown India, they saw other countries unlocking, they are unlocking India.
    This is a complex problem, it had to be handle with taking our situation in consideration .

  4. More like indians won’t bother taking care of themselves, instead they will wait for that Vaccine which Serum Institute of India is currently developing and has a long way of testing before getting an approval.

  5. Reason: they are not testjng properly. Theres a boy in our town he fell down from a post which is enough high to break his leg and when he go to hospital for treatment doctors said him he has corona even he hasnt a single sign of corona . 😅

  6. Indians and the govt have basically given up hope of controlling the virus. Everybody is just waiting for the vaccine. China is the only big country which is unaffected.

  7. There is a serious discussion happening internally in Indian IT industry to let employees to work in tier 2 or tier 3 towns ask them to take a lower salary and permanently work from Home.

    This will result in less people going out for works especially in high tier areas.
    IT companies in india are expected to see phenomenol growth.

  8. Dear *ASIAN BOSS*
    Please do an interview about why the government banned the Chinese apps and how did the people of India react about it?
    What did the govt. Of India planned for the youngsters of today that are influenced on those games?

  9. Population is definitely a big issue; especially those who live in homes with 1 or 2 rooms and like 5+ people living.
    On top of that, India has such a large population in general and that in itself would make it difficult to control.
    In addition, there are many areas in India where people are living in slums without even toilets so hygiene is not a priority in those areas. So especially in those areas, people are more likely to get infected and spread COVID among other illnesses.

    The aspect of students not having WiFi and computers would definitely be a problem.

    In the US, we have requirements to wear masks in public places.
    However there are groups of people that think the masks are oppressive and not useful.
    On top of that, there are those who improperly wear a mask by leaving their nose exposed, and someone regularly open their mask and just hang it under their chin in public.
    Shopping malls have opened for a few months now, but under limited hours.
    Businesses have opened as well but under limited hours as well.
    When you go to a doctor or dentist, they give gloves, have sanitizer and they’ll measure you’re temperature before getting treated with the IR scanner thermometer.

    But the fact that I see people in public without a mask at all is problematic since even 1 person without a mask can easily potentially spread the virus; often without knowing it.

    I think what needs to be done is for law enforcement to fine people without a mask in public like $500, and public places (shopping mall, stores, etc) to have security ask people to wear a mask or ask them to leave.

  10. India will get better soon, people should help one another specially the poor people. Government cannot do anything now, the situation is out of their hand but people can still be the change agent to contain the virus.

  11. lemme put this in perspective: social distancing is a privilege in India. Having the country under lockdown and putting strict precautions in place has a much worse effect on various communities of India then the virus itself. Corona can’t be handled by all, getting food every day is more important than not getting a fever.

  12. Try asking in streets of karnataka. Our government’s contact tracing is on point. We get a call from govt contact tracers even if we come in contact of covid +ve person within 20 feet. Also…. Mumbai friends… Have you forgotten about arogya setu app( this app in India helps u see who and all have covid near you). In karnataka people are getting fined for not wearing masks. The hotels and all have sanitizers for sure. Even small vegetables shops have sanitizers. Ask us bangloreans too. 🙂🙂

  13. If you don’t take care of your people, You’re not taking care of the nation. Because the people builds the nation. The same goes for “If you don’t take care of public health, Then you’re not protecting the people who build the economy.”

    I’m quite sad because the Philippines is not winning also. The government failed to serve and protect its people (Who they swore to protect and to serve). The government failed to do its mandate as the foundation of the Republic. The government should provide Concrete and aggressive action for their people.

    Love from the Philippines! We can get through this India! 🇮🇳🇵🇭

  14. Because they’ve the bggest population in Asia (i know they’re really close second) unlike their fellow billionaire club they’re not a autotharian nightmare who can do whatever they want without consequences.

    Never use total case or total death as an indicator, always use case/million or death/millions for more accurate indicator.

    Also this virus isnt that dangerous only 6% purely died from it and that’s excluding people who asymptomatic, the rest have 2.6 commordibitieson average.

    Dont make this virus like another spanish flu or black death, this one aint it.

  15. Govt is making best use of Godi media to make awareness about covid 19 situation. It’s good to see Godi media is so focussed on covid 18 that they don’t broadcast unnecessary “so called jingoistic news” for trp or to benefit certain political parties.

  16. Can we take a moment to understand that out of the 1.3 BILLION people , the active cases currently are 10 Lakhs which isn’t a huge number!!
    No offense to people who lost their lives and suffered because of covid!
    Can we stop blaming the government for everything and take precautions and be self conscious for once?
    The people who were complaining about the GDP and economy and the same ones who are now complaining about the relaxations!
    What exactly do you guys want?

  17. *First step begins with yourself*
    *why should blame government and police when people don’t feel their life is important and don’t take self care and precautions*

  18. Man seriously… nobody’s mentioning the fact that India is the 2nd most populous nation in the world after China, so once infection spreads…there can happen nothing short of a catastrophe…have hope folks… recovery rate is pretty high and another relieving fact is that about 80% of patients are asymptomatic…I know there’s a problem in that as well, but still… we should cooperate with the government, maintain all safety precautions and all those bravehearts who are fearlessly facing and fighting the pandemic…Jai Hind 🙏🇮🇳

  19. 20% of world’s population living in one country having second-most highest recorded cases , HOW IS THAT SUPRISING TO ANYONE?! Considering the *population density* , we handled it quite well in first few months but in late July we were bound to enter into an Unlock-down situation coz economy couldn’t take it anymore. Large no. of people have already lost their jobs and basic livelihoods. Even then the government insisted and initiated Un-lock to be gradual so that people will be cautious enough in adapting but it’s the casual attitude of people here. No one is afraid unless they see someone sneezing near them.
    Also, what I don’t like about this video is that no one is talking about the High-recovery rate in COVID cases in India. It’s much higher than the countries below us in the tally.
    *Stop blaming government for everything and start changing your own attitude towards it.*

  20. It’s just because India billion of populations compare to other country but when you see on percentage according to the population is less percentage than other country

  21. Bruh, that blue shirt boy🔥🔥
    We need more ppl like that blue shirt guy.❤️❤️
    He knows what he’s saying, he knows about the situation and Reason…
    Every answer given by him was dope and better than all of em💙✌🏻
    Thumb up from my side bruh!! 👍🏼👍🏼

  22. That pink dressed girl be like:-
    What’s do u think?
    Girl: Stuff, Stuff…..yes, no stuff
    Covid Situation
    Girl: it’s just money-making stuff
    Girl just a little advice, go to a better hospital, going to gawsalas or house hospitals and then blaming all hospital are bad, just grow up
    do u think being a doctor is a joke, they’re working 16 hours a day, that girl be like it’s business….kasam se, sorry guys, this video, it’s just I can’t watch it any further.

  23. I’ve never wanted to be a friend with someone across the world from me so bad. That girl who says the truth about false covid death for profit and says that it’s fake is my best friend. I need her as my friend. She gets it. My goodness. How has this affected the temples? This is a spiritual war. With biological warfare manufactured in a lab in Wuhan, China. The facts and information is out there. There are very good pharmaceutical companies in India. There are also false positive tests.

  24. Simple answer: India follows superstitions more diligently than science. People should take care of themselves and each other first, and then we can look to blame the government. Wear masks and wear them correctly, f^(|

  25. Government has done very gud job , plus doctors and other frontline workers too . Recovery rate is near 80% and mortality rate at nearly 1%. In a country of 1.3 billion people, with low quality of health infrastructure as compared to europe and america , i think we have done a gud job

  26. Why you always hit the streets of Mumbai even the Mumbai Government bad, so what do you expect from the people, sometimes I think even if they watch news or etc. They all are saying that India is worest affect and etc do anybody of em know that India has around 78% recovery rate that hell better than any countries in Asia or Western

  27. After a long time Asian Boss has another India baiting video 😁😂 They never fail to portray India in a bad light… I remember before 2019 general elections were tons of such anti India videos most probably funded by left liberals but then Narendra Modi had a landslide victory and Asian Boss went into depression😂😁Now they’ve found another stick to beat India with, that is the Chınese Vırus. Not mentioning that despite absolute numbers looking very high, the positivity rate, death rate etc are remarkably low for a country with a population so humongous. Recovery rate is excellent too and despite some people hoping that India will be wiped out by the virus, nothing of that sort has happened and in most of the country things are under control. It’s only handful of states that are pushing the numbers up. Heck, the virus is not even the number one news in India anymore.

  28. India’s lots of people should do work outside to make money to feed their family members but the current govt didn’t suggest plausible alternatives to try that. India’s hot spot of the virus has remarked by many international presses like CNN, FOX but India’s govt can’t find ways to solve those problems. I’m so sorry to hear that.

  29. It happened due to the unplanned lockdown at the early stages of the infection. The government suddenly announced the lockdown due to which the migrant workers lost their jobs and accommodation. Hence, they had no other options but to return to their homes in different parts of India. The millions of migrant workers traveled thousands of miles from far ends of the country without any protective gears were one the biggest source of virus carriers , which exploded in due time. Second is poverty and lack of awareness ! The present numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. Not, everyone is being tested nor hospitals are admitting everyone for treatment.

  30. Main reasons for such high figures:
    1. Huge population as well as high population density.
    2. Initially, the government was not testing much. But now, the government has started conducting around 1 million tests per day.
    3. If you observe properly, still the number of cases and deaths are quite low for such a huge population, meaning… the no of cases per million and deaths per million are still lower than European countries.

  31. First of all, you’re not immune to the effects of covid-19 no matter how young or healthy you are. “Long Covid” can debilitate people affected by the condition, so don’t take the risk and don’t put other people at risk. Now that you’re aware that more people are vulnerable to the coronavirus than we were initially aware of, it’s your responsibility to be diligent at all times.
    The pollution is definitely making people more vulnerable as well. People were dying because of air pollution before covid19, but now they’re both compounding to the point that everyone who catches it will have long lasting symptoms. Unfortunately I don’t think India will be able to recover from this for a long time, assuming that the government or health institutions don’t “cut corners”.

  32. Yes, the cases of COVID-19 are rising day by day in India but the recovery rate is nice here. You can’t stop people to go out and do business in this situation where people have lost jobs and have nothing to eat. What we needed is a precaution and awareness about Corona Virus and govt is doing great in that area. The Indian economy is worst in this quarter. India is not a rich country and also due to the population, it’s not easy to handle things here. What you are seeing right now is the better version of this country because if govt didn’t do what needed to be done, the COVID-19 cases will much higher than right now. We Indians live in the moment, we don’t take things seriously just like a teenager😂. As far as I know, the biggest problem arising right now is the distribution of vaccine and availability of Vaccine.

  33. Indias population is 4 Times bigger so i think we are not worst as US but in India real covid patient numbers are less than numbers what they are really showing…..

  34. Woman in red shirt is actually a prototype of “Indian mindset in pandemic”
    She agrees that pandemic exists but virus is fake. And that doesn’t make sense.

  35. Aren’t China involved in an armed conflict with India along their shared border.

    America has become more and more anti China with Trump wanting to move manufacturing back to the USA.

    Obama/Biden sent Millions to the Wuhan Lab.

    And it turns out the USA and India both have large numbers of infections.

    Who believes in coincidence…..

  36. Discipline of the people is one thing, but poor supply and lack of help from government is also one of the cause i think. I hope whoever read this stay safe and take care! Peace.

  37. We are the 2nd most populated nation on the entire earth!!
    But on positive note even tho we hold the 2nd largest number of covid19 cases, ( 5.21M )
    The recovery rate is good which is 4.03M+
    With the count of all total
    84,372 deaths.

  38. 0:30 She said it’s surprising? Lol.. It’s more surprising how ignorant someone can be. Even I have an Indian friend that proudly said in the beginning of this pandemic that India had a very low number of COVID cases. I mean, seriously?

  39. daily rise in cases are high it’s true but recovery rate is also high in India compared to other counties, and low death rate per million.
    only 800k active cases by now.

  40. The reason: Money.
    Either you die from pandemic or die starving.
    At least they tried with little to no support from gov.

    As Indonesian, I think our life is simillar to India in many ways.

  41. More Testing = More Cases (and probably the tests are really bad there)

    it’s simple math!

    if you think it’s anything other… you clearly deny FACTS and are blinded by the MSM!
    if so WAKE UP!

  42. Such kind of politicians spread worst idea to people using such things like cow dung and gomootra also pappad those eating not infected corona
    I think they make ugly situation in india and ignoring indian medical system as well

  43. Because of high density of population and apart from that people are negligence. Most of the daily wage earners wear mask below their nose or chin 😁

  44. China is 5 times richer than india …and india has 3 times more density …and indian cities are 10 times more denser than china …. that’s why vaccine is only hope for india …you cannot compare india and china … lol

  45. You should also focus on the recovery rate. And with this population of India, there is more to come. But the main thing is that people should not die.

    Peace ✌️

  46. In India..our politicians (including our PM) make us bang our utensils ..light up diyas and chant “Go corona Go” to fight bthe Pandemic. While so many doctors have sacrificed their lives while fighting the virus…the government says that it has no data about the doctors’ deaths. This is how they treat the COVID warriors. This government is pathetic. Especially our PM Mr. Modi who is only good at distractions and taking selfies.

    He is such a coward that he has never done a single press conference since the time he was first elected as our PM(in 2014) because he knows he wouldn’t be able to answer the questions. He is only good at boasting and giving lectures.

  47. The lockdown was imposed not to contain the spread virus. The lockdown as a measure was meant to slow the pressure on the already crumbling healthcare system.
    Also, the economy needs to open up but that doesnt mean people should start resuming their so called normal lives. The virus is still here and it is still deadly. We have just opted this attitude of not caring anymore, not like we cared ever

  48. They are conducting exams even in such a PANDEMIC.
    Today I had to miss my exam just because I am SHOWING covid symptoms 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    When the whole world is shut down, they are conducting exams in India and not even giving equal opportunity to each and every candidate.

  49. That girl saying that government doing nothing she is wrong gov doing what it can do public here throwing stone on covid essential worker when they go to check them, public(people) in india is more guilty den government.

  50. Nobody said a word about why people are going outside that’s for earning money not for enjoyment because they haven’t earned money in last few months they have to run their family who care about pandemic if you will die out of hunger

  51. インディアンは、マスクを着用することは冗談であり、決して社会的距離を保つことはできないと考えました。これは、インディアンのほとんどが教育を受けていない愚か者だからです。

  52. Govt is not doing anything 🤔🤔providing free food since last 6 months..
    Providing guidelines to wear mask..gloves..make social distancing..use sanitizers
    🤔🤔and what people are doing..I don’t care ..I am superman🤣🤣
    I don’t wear mask bcz it irritates me..and like jo hoga dekha jyga.

    The right question is…what people are doing to prevent covid 19🥱🥱🥱

  53. If anything bad happens Poor people suffers the most. They don’t have any govt job, they also have to feed their families.
    “Remove poverty not poor people” 🙏

  54. In ASEAN Countries we are the leading country in Covid-19 cases and our government is not ready to give up that title (Lol). What piss me the most is our so called religious leaders are very adamant to open the churches for mass services which makes the situation worse. I am from the land of Covid 19(Philippines) according to Thailand’s newspaper😂🤣😂…

  55. I’m from UP and people here are not serious at all about COVID Spread. Forget about Social Distancing, more than 60% of the population is not even wearing Mask and most of those who are wearing are not covering up their nose but just Mouth. We can’t blame the Govt for our Own Stupidity and Irresponsible behaviour.

  56. If Covid 19 ends in India, it won’t be through social distancing and lockdown measures. It should be when either the disease fades naturally or a reliable vaccine is made available to everyone. Trust me I know my people’s mentality.

  57. Once again I am saying now.. Mumbai is not the only place in India.. You guys are asking a small group of individuals.. you should ask such questions in other places as well

  58. this is just really unfortunate. india isn’t the richest country and there are tons of poor people who can’t survive under strict guidelines. i hope the government can figure our a way to keep the public safe while alleviating economic burdens and helping people take care of their families. i think as longs as people wear masks, people can operate businesses. for restaurants, just do out door dining with lots of shade

  59. The girl in red t shirt is dumb…she said the “goverment is doing nothing”
    The government is doing their best ..just look the most technologically advanced country like USA is leading in covid cases with much less people and more area than that of ours…so it’s a miracle we are 2nd …and in mean time the government have to deal with the Chinese on the border also

  60. Cuz their PM celebrated too early that they won the battle against covid (he’s just for antics and nothing else, hope people start realising how bad he is for India!), probably one of the most foolish leader in the world. Just like Trump. Dumb, racist and also a fascist.

  61. We cannot blame the government only. If government told public to stay at home and maintain social distance as much as possible, and we, the people are ignoring it, then it is us who are responsible.

  62. It’s difficult to control large populations like India and America. People need to be responsible not just for themselves but also for their families and everyone else around them and take at least the basic precautions to stop the virus from spreading.

  63. Hello asianboss thanks so much for the information of sucess of the world.. i’m from 🇦🇷 Argentina también complicada la situation estamos on this moment on the face 1 cuidesen mucho good nigth from 🇦🇷

  64. People in Bangladesh are like:corona only happens in city not in our small towns.people who r rich, corona only catch them..corona can’t catch the poor 😂😂😂

  65. Hope India will recover soon!
    But from our experience, people and government should really work with and trust each other. That’s how East Asian keeps covid19 under control

  66. They should do this video in Pune and Bnagalore as they are the most affected cities in India along with 12% of the active cases right now from these two cities.

  67. Not surprised the comments section here is fairly difficult to sift through.

    On the one hand there is a bit of nationalistic knee-jerk to perceived criticisms , and on the other you have people still peddling the conspiracy that China secretly has the highest death toll. Issues in the initial stages aside, if the numbers really were that high you realistically couldn’t cover that up. The rest of the world would know.

    By any objective measure, China’s infrastructure is better than India’s and even without the government, there is a degree of social responsibility ingrained into the culture which would make the mask wearing and distancing possible to manage the crisis.

    A lot of people from my mother country are just insecure and racist.

  68. PLEASE do the interviews in the local language which people are more comfortable with. I can see people struggling to articulate their point. For every other country you do the interviews in their local language. You are translating their interviews anyways. It will make the interviews more authentic.

  69. They are reporting from the state which is the worst in the country in terms of Covid.
    Maharashtra Government really don’t doing anything to prevent the spread.
    Please came other states to Interview. Where recovery is more than 85% . Just like my state W.B. or Bihar .

  70. Main problem is it’s population density .. it’s very high as compared to any country . The spreding of virus can be captured if WHO declared the pandamic pretty soon ..so it’s really difficult to capture a huge diverse people of india so it’s a fact that government of India failed in doing lockdown system to counter aginast virus … Thank you I love your channel ASIAN BOSS

  71. Come on the population is just below China. We Indians knew that we would definitely come to this position… Lockdown was announced timely but the GDP is so so low , that we have to open up the country ….

  72. Population is very high. So it’s sure to get high no. Of cases here but death rate is much less in comparison. Statistics are just showing total no. Of cases but not the cured ones

  73. Boy in 8:20
    He is clearly a privileged kid. Therefore his main priority is to meet his friends and family.
    Also the country has opened up again due to loss of millions of jobs. Not due to fear of companies backing out

  74. This is just new normal for us …😂 I don’t think anyone cares now unless they themselves r infected…. But where i live there is no COVID cases😁coz people are really following the rules😌 touchwood 🤞

  75. I just don’t understand why they are saying like government is doing nothing?? From my perspective ….I’m from Karnataka last month 27th I got tested for corona positive and till today the govt doctors or nurses called me everyday
    To know my symptoms and daily they said use masks , sanitizes ….& I was prescribed some medicines!
    Daily ( mrng , afternoon, evng) I used to Send my temperature, oxygen and pulse I did this for 14 days…
    Maybe Where I live the govt officials are taking care well…stay safe

  76. If Asian boss wants to interview chinese they go to the most developed place in china they don’t want to go to the undeveloped places because the want the world to see china is well developed like other western countries everyone knows how the other undeveloped cities in china looks like. This is how the want to portrait their country. but if they interview in india they only show the undeveloped cities or dump streets. Hats off to China’s YouTube propaganda. “Save journalism”

  77. Government of India revised the labour act during this pandemic period. They provided superior powers to the private sector organisations and resumed their daily works in offices, without providing sufficient transportation…. they are forcing People to reach their workplaces in such a unhealthy environments, that could not be explained. Our PM Mr. Modi is building temples instead of hospitals. Day by day people are dying without proper medical infrastructure, but government is not taking any effective actions. Seems like human resources is getting so much cheaper than usual day by day. May god bless India.

  78. Dear Asian Boss Team, a huge gratitude to the work, the exposure of many topics and voices, the curiosity you guys are creating and quenching to reduce our World’s ignorance of Asia and it’s many souls, but PLEASE can citizens of other parts of India be explored in your interviews?? And perhaps not just major cities?? And move a little away from Bombay??! 😏
    (Though thanks for this one, surely needed!)

    Naturally, one city of any country doesn’t entirely represent that country, but as India is super diverse, heading south, for example (I’m dwelling in Tamil Nadu) would be more balanced and varied in voices for your viewers to see of topics of/in India.
    Thank youuu!!! 🙏🏾

    P.S. Thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Do NorthEast Indians Consider Themselves Indian?’ video! Been forever curious of those states, and am yet to go and explore firsthand. A big appreciation for being able to hear some voices of residents there!!

  79. *Here are the reasons according to me:*
    1.We have a huge 1.4 Billion population.
    2.Nearly 40 percent of people are uneducated. They simply don’t take this pandemic seriously.
    3. Since economy is collapsing, Government is easing the lockdown and most of the public spots are reopening
    4. Few people who lost their jobs are demanding ease in lockdown to earn money for their living
    5. People are religious and want religious temples and mosques to reopen
    6. Since Government don’t want to waste an academic year, they are now conducting nationwide exams
    These are the reasons for rise in cases.
    *NOTE: The present number of the cases are very less than the actual number of cases since test per million is still very low in India*

  80. This is really upsetting to watch , America has institutionalized lying about the numbers , Mexico is lying , you can see the “truth adjustments” in their curves , the same with Nicaragua , and Chile , Brazil probably has no idea what it’s numbers really are , Russia has a well organized system for lying about it’s numbers , the UK was lying but has finally gotten it right , we hope , and lastly China is the biggest liar of all . India looks so bad because so many other countries are lying so much . It is probably 3rd or 4th or possibly even lower in reality.

  81. India implimented one of the strictest lockdown in the world but…… Firstly the population of India is huge , so it is difficult to contain it with less personal space and also a vast majority of Indian people survive with their daily wages, so for these people lockdown is like a way to die for hunger, also lockdown is not going to help with this virus as it is highly contagious.

  82. If Indian government can’t save its own citizens to safe and secure livelihood then it’s really puzzling to win war over China-India border disputes. Speech will not digest in reality but only action does.

  83. India has lot of poor people. If lockdown continue, people will die by hunger not by corona and corona is not going to end it will remain even after vaccination so, we have to live with corona.मतलब जो हो रहा है होने दो और सबकुछ शुरू करो हम कोरोना को खत्म नहीं कर सकते।

  84. Looks like asian boss is forgetting there are 29 other states in India. In every state the way the govt is handling the pandemic is different.
    You should interview other state people too .

  85. If whole population of India is tested I bet there will be more cases Guys we need to take proper precautions to stay safe from this contagious virus God knows when this pandemic will be over !! Recently a men with Corona was forced to get married by their family and due to this in the function around 100 people got infected and the guy died his family knew that he is having the virus but marriage was more important than his life !!😤

  86. Incredible india…👍 may win the race this is what you get when you have an unplanned lockdown & mismanagement of the current situation add to that a falling GDP,
    rise in unemployment in the mix.

  87. Contracting Covid is normal, much like catching the flu or cold. When a person is in good health, a flu-like virus has little to no effect on that person. This is why many people are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms. Mask, social-distancing and shutting down the world as health measures are grossly dishonest and an insult to intelligence. The person next to you not wearing a mask is not the problem; the issue is what are YOU doing to make yourself healthy and thereby, virus proof.

    It was new when it first spread and unknown, the response to it was justified. We now know it isn’t as deadly as first anticipated. The current hyper-avoidance of covid should be labeled germaphobia. Instead we are witnessing every corporate health agency coordinating this case-count propaganda. They are negatively manipulating what is normal biology of human and virus interaction. These agencies and the politicians aiding them are not acting on behalf of world health. If they had honest concern with health and eradicating disease(impossible to do), they’d have started with the easiest targets; shut down all fast food, shut down all toxic chemical use, shut down all cigarettes, limit alcohol consumption, etc…

    Please stop participating in this falsehood. This is agenda driven at its core and is an insult to science.

  88. Main problem in india is even if people are told to do something they won’t and even the situation like pandemic is being politicised. Some people were even saying it’s a way to stop them from protesting. Also the main problem that I can think of is that the symptoms of corona is very household thing in india. I believe even before this year most people have cough problem with breathing problems throughout the year (I myself included) so when covid did finds their victims they dont even know if it’s ordinary cough or corona. Also in india most people consider themselves doctors by themselves and even in serious cold they dont go to hospital instead try few common medicine names like paracetamol so it adds to the tough jobs of health care workers. Also india is a country with 1.4 billion population and the only country I can think which has neither reduced testing(like America) nor stopped publishing results (like brazil) or is hiding it’s cases(like china). I much liked the fact that govt is being true to its citizens and is presenting every problem as is and not misleading the people in fear of panicking them.

  89. The recovery rate is around 79% and mortality rate is also under control..
    Only 5 states are the most affected states which contribute to the majority of covid-19 cases in India..
    As citizens we have to follow the precautionary and preventive measures from our part also.. Self- disciple also plays a major role..
    We cannot blame government for anything and everything unless we do our part correctly..
    Considering the population, recovery rate and mortality rate, India is doing a good job..

  90. Govt has given entire responsibility to the citizens now. If tomorrow it happens to you it will be your own fault and only you will have to pay for the treatment.
    I don’t think so the population of the country will allow the govt to provide free facilities.
    We all know what kind of health infrastructure we have from very beginning.
    Social distancing is a big time job in this country,all the more people are stupid and selfish.
    So let’s not pressurize our medical staffs and maintain social distancing.

  91. India as tested more after US. US tested 90M+ followed by India 60M+. More the testing more the cases. Positivity rate in India is 8 which is good than other countries also death rate is too less. Also check the population 1.3b and 40% cases are from 3 states of India!!

  92. Quite insightful….
    But would really appreciate if you people beyond Mumbai…. India is vast n I guess you can trying interview in other metropolitans as well…..

  93. people are only wearing mask in public places so they don’t have to pay fine, and those who are paying fine are saying that they are not informed and blaming the govt.

  94. One thing I had noticed in india, those who have good amount they can feed and have a good living they have one child and those who have not good amount to feed themselves they have so many childrens (6-8). They will suffer from hunger and then they blame government, please drag attention in this topic too.

  95. Due to population and density size India and China were always going to be the top 2 infected Asian nations. China official numbers low only because of a cover up.

  96. i think if we are going by per 1000 population, iran is probably worse off than india. also russia is probably worse too. iran doesn’t have the test capabilities and russia cares about looking good and lies about their numbers because ”russia”. china also lies about their numbers but are doing draconian lockdowns. all those poor asian countries are probably in a worse or same situation than india. the more you test the more people you see, most countries don’t have the pharma infastructure that india does and therefore cannot test as many people as india.

  97. Indians did their best even though government didn’t helped financially we managed to help the poor ngo and transgenders gave their money to feed the poor middle class is suffering both financially and mentally but still government is not their with any solutions the rich class is the only once who are having fun in pandemic

  98. I have serious doubts it is the case that Indiahas the most COVID-19 infections because China has been lying about their numbers from the get go. China stopped reporting cases from a number of cities early on when it would have been impossible to have the rise in cases instantly go from hundreds of new cases a day to zero new cases. Even if no new infections were occurring, it would still take a couple of weeks for all infected at that moment to manifest symptoms and be reported as a new case. New cases always taper off, they never simply drop to zero overnight like that.

    Some Chinese whistleblowers have claimed China was reporting 1 out of 20 cases. That would be in line with the satellite images of Wuhan hospital parking lots have 90% more activity in mid-October when compared to the year before. That level of activity would indicate a possible 1.9 million cases in the Wuhan region alone at that time.

    Hubei Province where Wuhan is located reported 85,255 cases. Multiply that number by 20 and you get 1,362,700. That sounds more accurate to me when the increase in hospital activity is taken into account.

    Also, the United States has performed more than 80 million tests, more than the rest of the world combined, so it’s more accurate to say the United States is able to see more cases than the rest of the world, not necessarily that the actual case load is the highest or near the highest. The confirmed cases count is usually never the actual number of cases in a pandemic. The actually number of possible cases there was during Spanish flu is still up for debate 100 years later. Governments, especially those who could be blamed for the crisis, have many reasons to lie about the numbers. I don’t trust any numbers reported to be truly accurate.

  99. india aren’t the most covid 19 infected country. they test more that’s all. i love how more testing is spun to be a negative thing because now you are classed as ”the most infected country” rather than being praised for caring enough about your population to get them tested.

  100. the interview from over 3 months ago w/ korea’s top economist was strikingly accurate in regard to the amplification in income/class inequality. at 6:45, we see increasing resentment towards those that are better off.

    personally i think people are becoming very emotional and not thinking rationally. starting at 11:50 we can clearly see that nobody can even agree on what the right thing to do is, several months into the pandemic. lack of guidance, distrust of authority (possibly justified), and selfishness all contribute to this. the vast majority of people act in their own self-interests, losing sight of the bigger picture. many people are also looking for people to blame too; its always easy to complain, moreso than working toward a productive solution. none of these phenomena are particularly surprising though.

    overall everyone needs to take the virus seriously, much more than we have been. in america at least, its far too easy to spot someone not wearing a mask in public or being way too close to each other. even when people wear masks, its fairly common for people to wear it below their nose or on their arm. some people literally take it off to speak to others (no lie this is crazy). and of course, some people are living in a fantasy, dont believe the virus exists while blaming others for its existence (not sure how they resolve the cognitive dissonance), and actively go out protesting the use of masks. 🙃

  101. Indian people don’t understand seriousness about covid19 . My dad wears mask under his nose. My sister wants to travel. My mom is brought vegetables without making social distance. I think 50% people older than 27 YO are irresponsible.

  102. god this gives me so much anxiety. i have grandparents in india who are immunocompromised–one of whom is a doctor–and i’m really scared they’re gonna get it 😣

  103. Why does it look like these people have no idea what they are talking about or what is happening in their own country?? I literally had just started living in India a few months before the pandemic broke, I’m new to this country and can say more than these people…. Not trying to shade but they should really keep up more with the news….

  104. 2nd largest population though cases is high, death rate is very low if we compared with our population its only 1.5%.We are taking more tests compared to other countries

  105. parents order their children to procreate, then their well educated /aware children masspopulate in the name of lineage and culture and then together they live happily ever after blaming the government for being selfish and corrupt.
    this is the story of 1.3billion.

  106. Cases in india is high because people here doesn’t obey rules and law and social distancing is a joke.,Government did all they can for 3 months to force us to obey social distancing,but now they r running out of options and money so they can’t babysit us.,And we are also the masters of blaming we always blame everything on the government while we didn’t follow the rules

  107. That girl thinks government is doing nothing, coz the police is not stopping the people from going to their relatives houses. Really? 😂
    It’s just that we have people like her, who complaints but will never take any precautions and responsibility by themselves.

    And yes we do have a lot of people like that.

  108. The girl saying her friend lost her father and her mother lost her job, still believing it’s all a hoax…a country wouldn’t go through so much economic loss for a hoax. What kind of logic is this

  109. this is a no-brainer bcos:
    1. culturally they live in tight knit communities
    2. the traditional caste system force them to live in clusters according to their caste ranking
    3. they eat using their hands and eat communally
    4. the lack of clean water due to poor sanitation is one of the country’s unresolved problems for centuries
    5. the wealthy escape to live overseas from their slums of shame
    6. The richest person in india built $2billion dollar home to show to the majority poor that he is king
    7. decent healthcare is for those who can afford. The majority poor are just left to fend for themselves and die unceremoniously with almost zero humanity

    Covid19 proved all of these. Yet, india being india, the country will continue as before. No apologies needed. 🇮🇳

  110. Almost 1.4B population, surely their number is higher than others whose population is only millions.
    Let us pray that our brothers and sisters from India get over this pandemic. 🙏

  111. China has the most COVID-19 infections in Asia or probably in the world. They are just hiding it, nobody believes China. India tells everything because of democracy. China is the disease capital of the world.

  112. I think the reasons are very simple.
    At first goverment issued strict lockdown in the country while there were only minimum cases without proper planning which lead a large section of poor & middle class people to suffer. People realised that they will starved to death more than covid19. They migrated & spread corona like bush fire in the whole country. In the name of Corona many fishy cases also came into light to the public. Corona became no more fear among general public minds. Indian media is distracting people by showing some stupid bollywood news instead of these real issues as always. Now the government has totally given up on these lockdowns & rules & depending upon the vaccine to arrive. It will totally be not suprising when India will be on top of this most covid19 cases list.

  113. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
    India has a lot of great & amazing minds. Come on this is the age of technology, minimise face to face retail, or implement contact less delivery or contact less collection of purchased goods. I don’t think the economy can handle another lockdown, but you can restrict in person interactions while still allowing some cash flow ♥️

  114. So, so much misinformation and mixed up information about Covid19. Confirmed infections/unconfirmed infections, Hospital care yea or no, ICU yes or no, live or die–all these things keep people confused. How about deaths, how many & when, over 50 years old, above 65. How about between 20 & 30, what about young 20/18 down. Google it for yourself in the world and where you live AND other places too. If and when you do that you will be so surprised. I’m 76 and I had it and came through it. I say we go hug each other and go for herd immunity.

  115. Mumbai is not the only part of India. Every interview is from the streets of Mumbai. You are only giving views of people living in india. Atleast hit the streets of capital of the country Delhi. Asian Boss please hire a Delhi based reporter. And what these people are saying don’t they know that recovery rate is also high.

  116. Honestly there’s no way to tell, India can’t afford to count their real total, and China is almost certainly censoring their 9wb totals.
    Even then, I’d probably say it’s worse in India because there are so many damn crammed spaces. The solution for covid in India currentlt is to get rid of the poverty, but that obviously unfortunately won’t happen.

  117. Asian boss videos abt india
    Abt indian accent
    Indian obsession with fair skin
    Abt being muslim, christian and NE in india
    Trash and slums in india
    Kashmir issue
    India dangerous for women
    Tseries for obvious views
    So did theyy find anythin good abt india yet 😏😏 apart from the math video.
    And india is not only mumbai 🙄

  118. Asian boss can’t their camera and ask questions like theses in china.(They will arrest the people who speaks against CCP and they’ll edit the video nd upload) You can only watch these videos on re-education camps😂😂

    We feel proud because this is India

  119. This was expected . No power on Earth could have stopped this happening . This could have stopped if Thanos came to India and snapped his fingers . Think realistically . India is three times smaller the size of US where as US’s population is 33 crores and India’s population is 1.32 billion . So what do you expect ? . The government tried it’s best at the beginning but due to the poor economic condition , the government was forced to relax the lockdown and then the problem started . What can the government do if the people of the country don’t maintain the precautions . India is a highly densely populated country and this was bound to happen . The current scenario is
    Total Cases – 5.1 million
    Recovered – 4.2 million
    Current scenario – 9 million active
    Deaths – 83200
    The recovery rate is pretty high and it’s the only hope..

  120. It’s been proven this virus can’t be isolated specifically. False positives can be attributed by past vaccines or flu. So all this shows is fearmongering tactics are being used and mind warfare is working. Don’t believe it people of India!

  121. Well I am being Indian i feel very bad about the situation in the India right now. I also feel that the situation might go very bad in future in India and I think we all need to suffer badly in future if we don’t take precautions now. But huge population in India is the main cause for this and i don think so it will come to control so fast in India.

  122. India is case in point why China did not want to move to democratic governance with a poor and uneducated population. At this point they’re basically f-ed even if a vaccine came out — they don’t even have the infrastructure to effectively administer it to the entire population, let alone securing the vaccines in the first place.

  123. Oh India 💔 I love the culture and the people. Please try 2m distance and frequently wash hands, sanitise surfaces etc. If you can, work/study from home. If you can, buy or supply those in need with such sanitary and cleaning things. Self isolate if you have symptoms & seek medical advice ♥️

  124. Universal Basic Income would make sure the poorest folks can afford masks and precautions, or self-quarantine instead of spreading the virus while working to stay alive!
    A system that sucks people dry undermines itself.

  125. India is still developing country and it has low health care probably every other country know,in my opinion I would say unlock is best with precautions. Almost every one may attack to this pandemic after few months.
    But once our recovery cases dude 40 lakh out of 50 lakh people had recoverd from this virus in India
    I hope vaccine comes out early

  126. It was interesting to watch several of the interviewees speak about how if people only did their part and took precautions while people in the background weren’t wearing masks

  127. the girl who said it’s fake she wanted to say but she couldn’t put it in words
    her saying is true here if one goes to hospital with like cold they put them as positive with no checking

    one of the doctor died and the hospital kept her dead corpse on Life support for 5 days and sent bill to the family that’s so disgusting to see and my sister was traumatized by this so she left working at that hospital.

  128. why this 15 mins long video?😂😂

    the simple answer is because of ccp and Wuhan lab.

    they spread corona and now they are feeling sad about other countries and doing cheap journalism.

    If PLA can’t retaliate India then they take asian boss to do that😂😂😂

    Paper dragons

  129. It is simple. People don’t take precaution even after telling so many times. I still see people not wearing masks, not maintaining distance, etc. So, it is bound to happen. Also, overpopulation is another major problem.

  130. It’s because of the overpopulation. The country is jam-packed with people living like sardines in a can. Also, the poor people living in slums don’t have the opportunity to socially distance or access proper hygiene so it’s the perfect storm for spreading the disease.

  131. To all the people hating on India,
    Before hating on any country (not just India), please remember that every part of the world has had their own issues (even before COVID). Just because the grass looks greener on the other side, doesn’t mean it always is.
    This is a difficult time for the entire world so it is imperative to nurture and spread positivity so we can bear this and survive.

  132. Since 20th March, I had not even step out from my home, just think how I am felling right now. I also want to go out, do please understand this and stay at home.

  133. Recovery rate in india is 78% which is highest in the world in large population countries and mortality rate is 3% which is least . 80% corona cases are in 5 states like Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Delhi, Kerala. Corona cases are increasing rapidly due to inability of state governments, not centre government. Large number of corona cases are increasing in states like telangana due to large gathering more than 10000 people on muslim moharam festival at a place without permission of Hyderabad police department

  134. There have been many data which support India has already had 20-25percent population had covid and being cured and people don’t realize it . It means India has 20-25 percent people with anti body which is huge and . Now we should not panic . In few months ahead we will have herd immunity.

  135. Idk why I feel more disgusted looking at the comment section,like backward culture,poor hygiene and slums everywhere,T series. Neither do I watch t-series,nor do I stay in slum but I follow a culture of which I’m proud of.
    I’ll develop Xenophobia now😮🙏😝
    Thanks BBC,for keeping our image alive

  136. The virus can be infected thought eyes , that’s why when you see the video of the people taking the patients, people cleaning the infected area , people work in the lab wearing eyes protection . All your governments are lying , facemask can’t stop virus in the air going through your eyes ,idiots . All the number are corrupted and fake .

  137. its simple, india is one of the largest, and crowded country in the world, also they are under powerty, most of them even cant feed themselves at the slums how they gonna deal with corona ?

  138. Here’s the thing…. Our country is relatively poor in comparison to its western counterparts. The government can only afford so much lockdowns and stimulus packages for the poor untill the treasury runs dry. We were in a state of complete lockdown for almost 3 months and the cases during that time were quite low and manageable. But even the government has to relax norms and open up the country after a certain point of time so that the economy does not collapse completely. Ignorance on part of the citizens is the major cause of a spike in cases after the restrictions were lifted.

  139. There are many reasons
    1 at first they didn’t did enough test.
    2 lack of awareness among people
    3 even when we are denger
    They are still saying that they doing good

  140. It’s so sad to hear that Government denies data regarding the death of health care professionals who sacrified their life for society. The least we can do is to acknowledge their work and salute their family by just imparting them respect

  141. Please provide yourself the best self-care and self-sanitize, because no matter how hard the goverment and the whole world fight the virus, if we don’t take care of ourselves, that will be another case. Stay safe India and everybody in this whole world 🙏🏻

  142. No it is illuminaty concept we are healthy the corparte son of bitches are planned to sell vaccine in the name of disease example: mask which give us breathing problem if breathing problem comes immune will reduce so Corona will caused to you and u want to buy vaccine so corparte making profit
    I’m Bagavad gita lord Krishna says that world will not lead by government but my business man it is true and all vedic predictions are coming true one by one 🕉️🕉️🕉️🕉️

  143. Peminat2 Asian Boss sekalian boleh tak support channel saya?
    Saya berasal dari Malaysia. Baru sahaja membuka channel saya yang bertema jalan2 di Malaysia. Harapan saya nak jadi Youtuber yang berjaya di Malaysia macam Asian Boss
    Harap2 dapat sokongan daripada kawan2 sekalian ye 😇🙏🏻

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