Why are Kung Fu masters getting BEATEN UP in China?

You’ve heard about MMA guys beating up kung fu masters, but why did this whole thing start?

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  1. Believe me if it was an all-out war between the west and China yes China has more numbers and a little bit of artillery power but when it comes straight down to it China has not been in a war for decades the Americans alone would wipe the floor with them especially with their new non-nuclear bomb it has almost the same power and range

  2. We know why , during the revolution they were killed and today it is only “culture” as in to look at. This MMA fighters are not up against real masters, Chinese and other traditional martial arts are the very bones of the winners in the UFC etc.

  3. Where are the “real” kungfu masters beating real MMA fighters? Avoid “classical” martial arts if you’re looking to practice effective self defense.

  4. it is super shameful to see a man of such old age getting knocked the hell out like that so badly but this is what happens one day or another lies catch up to the first 1 and if you’re living is a charlatan you do deserve what you

  5. Mao killed most of the master during Great Leap Forward. Mao didn’t want the students putting their master before him and Communist. China has been suffering ever since that fool came to be.

  6. china forgets that Indian Buddhist taught china Kung fu when thier pathetic kings didn’t have weapons to fight, those days china was not run by idiotic ccp and chinese people had some values, the relationship was stronger back then with India.

  7. Kung Fu’s a killing art, it can only be practised during war or in mortal self defence. no real mma vs. kungfu has ever occured. those ‘masters’ are all fake.

  8. The extent of Chinese control is starting to annoy me. I got banned from an mobile game I play, Hillclimb Racer 2, because my name used “inappropriate or offensive language”. Do you know what my name was? Wuhan Bat. I am not even able to change my name to something else. The game is made in Finland, I live in NZ, and I have to live by Chinese politics in video games now?? This has to stop

  9. There has always been some mystique about Kung-Fu, even in America. Black folks did not have much power in the inner cities like CHicago in the past. My father was really old school, a European and he could fight drunk with his feet, not box. He could even do this in his 60’s. The old blacks feared people like my father, who was in general a great guy to drink with and drank with everyone . Blacks saw these Kung Fu movies and they saw it as a magik or way of power, they seem to be feared in America nowadays and they have built on this magik!

  10. It stands to reason that any classical style is going to have constraints. While it is conforming to style and looking pretty an unpredictable competent freestyist will move in, hit hard and its game over. Unless of course they are fighting classical king fu frog style – which beats anything.
    Put Mike Tyson high up in bamboo with a sword and see how well he survives. His rooftop flying skills are atrocious.

  11. I’m hearing an echo from your guest because you are playing his audio from the speakers. That means the computer records it twice. Once from the system audio and once from your own microphone. You either need to record this while wearing a headset or you have to use a mic+speaker system that has built-in Accoustic Echo Cancellation.

  12. Serpentza nobody cares about China right now. There’s a lot going on around your doorstep with police and black brutality. Why are you not talking about that?

  13. Some of these “kunf fu masters” have been eating so much of their own bullshit that they actually believe they are masters at fighting. Why else would they risk it and actually fight Xu?

  14. Cause they train for health and show…. not for actual full force life and death COMBAT.
    Not, of course, saying there “aren’t” those who DO train in the traditional COMBAT way, there likely is.
    Personally, that’s how I’ve always trained, I’m talking deep traditional too, like being naked in the snow meditating and training, and much more, so I DO know it works.

  15. Japan did better tea ceremony than China. Tea qualities are much better in Taiwan and Japan. A lot of teas in China are polluted, even fake.

  16. 7:31 I dont think any westerner fell for that… Looked fake, looked as fake as if the Kardashians were told to act like kung fu masters fighting world class fighters of the world and it being staged for the Kardashians to win.

  17. Wait… What they can’t jump 20 feet in the air? They cant fly roof to roof top? MMA beat the crap out of a kung fu master? I don’t believe that.

  18. basically big mouth and no solid skills except fancy works and demos, what can we expect from them except seeing them being beaten up from time to time? Online beefing is more popular than before and we will be seeing more, a lot more, hell lot more.

  19. Great interview Winston! Byron has some great stories to tell, very compelling. Except one little thing. I’m an uncle. I’m an oddball. Who is going to teach the children how to put a hemi in a lawnmower if there are no weird uncles around?

  20. Another Chinese HERO stands up to the EVIL ccp! We all need to support Hong Kong! ….and Oppose ccp China. Boycott ccp China till ALL the Chinese people are FREE! Despite prisons and being used as organ transplants for dissenting the Chinese people are standing up against communist dictator XI!!! Let’s all HELP and support them. till ALL China has FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHHTS! SEARCH>>> Chinese soccer superstar calls for ouster of Communist Party, stunning nation

  21. Kung Fu keeps losing because it isn’t as effective and practitioners don’t engage in real fighting so they never learn to apply it. It’s filled with BS, snake oil, and Face, so it’s never challenged and improved.

  22. Winston is awesome, he has incredible amount of valuable information and advice. He is smart, articulate, thoughtful and sincere. Best wishes to Winston and his family.

  23. The other connection has been in a Nationalist sense is that there was a big push to show a tougher image, especially for the army, the no ear ring, androgynist male fashion etc.

  24. Over 20 years ago there was a master of Tai Chi here in USA that came to full contact Kuoshu tournament he was mouthing about how the competitors could not fight and he would do this or that if he was in the ring. Months later he entered the competition and lost in the first round. I think it is not the the techniques of the style that was the problem he lost, but the “training technique” of his style had not been practiced in a full contact setting. The next year he came back after he got coached in the full contact setting and won. Please ask Byron his thoughts on this. Does he think it is the lack of full contact training techniques in a style and not the style?

  25. The only problem that exist in this area of demonstrations is that people have titles and no skills. They are fighting the paper tigers of china. China is doing this on purpose so that after the 3rd world war begins they will have a secret army of the very best samurai, ninja, shaolin, and boxers. The beauty of their plan is that no one will think they are real or that they even exist because they are tearing down their image in the public now.
    China is the one place that is 100% ready for the coming Armageddon/apocalypse/rapture … or whatever happens after the next, the last, world war of these generations.

  26. Nice to see Byron here! I remember when you did that Taiji video with that guy in the park teaching you some moves years ago… I commented you should get Byron on here

  27. It’s quite simple, CCP has problem which has historical existence, so it can brainwash and tame people, the same idea was and is used by ISIS.

  28. Bruce Lee specifically created JKD (Jeet Kune Do) because of his disagreement with Wushu Traditionalists about the efficacy of Wushu in street combat. He was ostracized by the Traditional Martial Arts Chinese cultures……and he annihilated their B.S !

  29. He’s the bear grylls in survivalists, The chris angel of majic, the Dr oz of the medicine, bill dance of professional fishing, guy fierri of cooking, or the ty Pennington of carpentry.

  30. You mean they believed that fakeA s up til now? It was a riot bid, in the 70’s, even as kids, a hoot. We all knew it was totally worthless joke. In fact, YEAH – lol, it will get you beat up if you go into a fight thinking you’re gonna use it. duh

  31. As someone with no knowledge and little interest of either martial arts or MMA, I found this video fascinating. I will be checking out Byron’s videos, he seems like an extremely interesting guy.

  32. the ccp brainwashed so many people making them think that the world is up against them all the time, its always chinese vs the west. if they would just step back and think about it, its so childish

  33. the match should be of same caliber. Old vs yound, different weight etc. You can have your technique but fighting someone who is bigger and younger is no way. try ask those shaolin monk to fight to be fair. .

  34. The relationship between Master and Apprentice just like CCP and people, the apprentice must follow the master no matter what the master said ,so CCP want this kind of relationship to consolidate their domination.
    Xu Xiaodong was hated by the CCP because he tried to expose those false masters. He has now been banned from flying, high-speed rail, going abroad, etc.

  35. Winston 🙏 thank you for putting out a Martial Arts subject video I’m a Black Belt in the Korean style of Tea Kwon Do but it doesn’t mater so much the style or art you decide to study their are good fighters and their are bad fighters in all styles it’s just the way it is’ some folks study and train hard and some just study and train.

    And they say when you become a black belt you now have just begun to learn.

    But it’s really in the individual where a Martial Artists’ they are born to be a bad ass in fighting’ and some are not but, it’s the many disciplines and self respectful aspects you learn along the way of the life of a Martial Artist where it all becomes a true meaning of being a True Martial Artist .

    And when you enter the life of showboating and disrespecting of any Martial Arts is when you should be a shame and bow out of the sport or life style of a Martial Artist.

  36. I feel like they gave up on kung fu for serious things (military etc..) after the khans came with a million bow and arrow guys.
    But before that China was pretty hard core with kung fu fights by the wall and stuff.

  37. Boy these parlor tricks were useful when I was 16 in getting money out of starry eyed high school students. We bought magazines, throwing stars, invested in martial arts schools. All kinds of wonderous bullshit. In hindsight Tai Chi seems like the healthiest, not good for self defense but low joint stress bloodflow that will add ten healthy years to your life(and you might meet some fit ladies). If you want self defense learn to use grappling, boxing, and a short baton that you bring with you everywhere….and your feet – run away.

  38. If Chinese martial arts would be more effective than Western boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and so on, elements of it would dominate MMA.

  39. I did look it up. I loved Bruce Lee Too ! I love old China culture . I knew they had a vast shipping fleet that made it to South America Way Way Back before Europeans. (Spanish) They have Images of Chines on pyramids in South America . Then the Empora said shut it all down. We are talking long long ago. There is a great history of China being lost that people could be proud of. Asia is Beautiful cultures. Then East met West so much Wrong. I believe in all life matters. Stone hedge has nothing to do with UK people today. Royal Family of UK are German. I love to learn a woman kicked Romans bottom. Then they came back killed her and raped and killed her Children. Hawaii is from East till the west changed everything. Once more all life matters respect what you do not understand learn there ways. Every person should be free to live as they see fit. I did not think what Lennon and Communism did was better than the Royal Family in Russia. Sadly it all was the same. Power is dangerous.

  40. Forget the political jargon of the ccp calling them “masters” that too on national and international propaganda televisions. These clowns aren’t even on strictly amateur level tai chi. The real masters have no political concerns whatsoever. Nor they are interested in any kind of showboating. Unlike these political losers.

  41. China has become a bad example for the world how a country should not be. The CCP has changed the society, their culture, martial arts in bad ways. And as we all know that mainland china people dont know about all these coz CCP spins stories according to their motives.

  42. I am a student (‘was’ since they are both recently passed) of the REVERED Lacey Brothers, whom EVERYONE either knows or should know as the friends of Bruce L., involved in that infamous ‘fight to the death’ affair in HK. And an instructor with their school. Further, I was also a personal direct student of the Chairman of the World Chinese Martial Arts Association Chan Hon-chung. Recently, I have observed a LOT of videos on YT about a range of classical Shaolin styles – and it is a genuine tragedy because it all looks great and it is absolute rubbish and a complete fraud. Of course there ARE authentic Shaolin practitioners INSIDE China, but these ones being widely depicted are not the real thing. I think it is an absolute tragedy for the younger modern person who wishes to pursue any of these disciplines.

  43. Because kung fu is very ineffective against a real street fight especially with someone very strong and violent Bruce Lee never had any real fights except for one time when he had a real fight with a white fellow and he got his ass kicked

  44. lol If anyone knows anything about Tai Chi and Qi Gong its primary purpose is not fighting its about healing the body emotionally and energetically and for creating health and happiness.

  45. I’ve been in a few real life street fights I could probably take on these Kung Fu Masters number one element that aids you in a fight is fear
    I’m able to speak with a very scary sounding demonic voice at a very loud volume that alone usually makes people and dogs run also I am very quick and hit hard

  46. I always thought Kung Fu and Tai Chi are more in the ‘art/excise form’ and not at all meant for combat. It would be fraudulent for a “master” of the ancient Chinese martial arts,who are usually older guys, trying to take on a much younger thuggish MMA street fighter,the results can be hard to watch 17:34

  47. Kung Fu is Fake News. MMA has shown us the truth and exposed how useless Kung Fu is as martial art. It’s just dancing. Really cool too watch. Good way too exercise. Garbage at actual self defense.

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