Who Will You Count On in the Philippines?

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  1. Have you thought about joining an expats club? I plan on joining a VFW Post and participate in a Hash House Harrier Running Club when I move over. That way I can establish a network of friends for that support plus learn from more experienced expats and hopefully be able to meet locals that are foreigner friendly.

  2. p.s. Another way to meet other expats is via the FORUM section of my main site; LifeBeyondTheSea(dot)com . There is a section there for planning a MeetUp.

  3. This is an excellent point your making. The VFW and the lesser known FRA (FLEET RESERVE ASSOCIATION) are options but are Expat organizations. I would recommend known a Lawyer there. They are not really expensive and once you establish a relationship you have some connection. Knowing the Mayor is a good Idea. Just be sure they know who you are. Mayors and other Political types in PI are available not like those in the US. Even some priests would have influence should you need it. Just saying

  4. I don’t live in Phil yet, but visit often and I always remind my filipina wife we should at least try and visit the mayor once to keep that relationship intact for when we do retire. My wife and I have helped support financially some community initiatives, which the mayor found out about and expressed appreciation.

  5. I am sure they are happy for what you did. It doesn’t take all that much to make an impression or to become a respected member of the community. My wife’s nephews wanted us to sponsor a local basket ball team they played o by buying them Uniforms. We did but I ask that each person getting a uniform provide 2 hours of community service for some old person or church or any other thing they could think of. They were surprised by my request but did it. ha and I hope some old lady got some benefit

  6. Yah. As I mentioned with bringing the two women along to the inspector’s office.. it made things go so much smoother. I took them to lunch each day they helped me. It’s good to know there are Filipinos who will help out from goodness of heart.

  7. A very good idea. A guy I know who has a business invites the local police to his home for bbq’s and beer during their time off. Says his shops haven’t been robbed and he doesn’t worry about traffic tickets. ha!

  8. Of course, a side benefit is just feeling good about helping others, whether or not it indirectly causes you to gain some stature. In the province, it doesn’t take much to make a difference. One time we gave a donation to the local elementary school, and the school turned it into a big occasion where all the kids put on a show with singing and dancing. I think anyone making a retirement budget should set aside a small percentage to simply help the community. It’s a great investment.

  9. I’ve been following your video posts for the past three days now and I love all that I’ve seen so far. I have only watched several so I don’t know if you made one concerning your bike/scooter. What happened?

  10. Yes, actually, I got a scooter about 2 weeks ago and posted a video as I’m just now learning to ride one. I’ve since gotten pretty good at it, but still keep it under 35mph. That’s adequate for around here on Bohol. You can see the video if you search Youtube for; “Finally, Got Me A Scooter – In The Philippines”.

  11. Hello! I have studied Philippin because I thought travel there, but then I got all the information about the country from all the wonderful pages of the topic, I’m thinking about actually moving there for good! I am no spring chicken, but I’m open, friendly and happy class and therefore I think I can manage myself there. I will then live on the pension that I think I can do splendidly on. I’m also used to living in small conditions as well great conditions. It takes some time to put out the lights here at home, but I’m on the way!

  12. I’m confused. Didn’t you consider your “friend” Christine to be somebody that you could count on? And wasn’t it your friend Christine that eventually tried to screw you on the motorbike purchase? Do I have this right? If so, I guess the best policy is to trust nobody!  That is so sad, and eventually so isolating…

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      hello i know you wrote this a long time ago, but i was wondering what you think about maids in the philippines. where do you find a trustworthy one. one who won’t still your stuff, or worse harm/kill you and take everything (if you’re alone and no one checks up on the foreigner).

    2. p.s.  In fact, until I got my money back from Baby for the scooter, it was Kristine who helped me out by hiding the scooter at her house until the whole issue was resolved through the local police.  🙂

    3. Kristine, yes.. she’s been a good friend for almost 2 years now and has never screwed me over on anything.  It was ‘Baby’ (my maid) who tried to screw me over on the scooter deal.  Kristine and I would ride the scooter, but she wasn’t the one who sold it to me.

  13. Good point on knowing people there, especially those who speak the language. As corruption is rampant there authorities will find a way to take advantage of foreigners who can’t defend themselves or understand the culture and language.

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