Who STOLE all the masks?

Why is it that you cannot find medical or N95 masks in your local pharmacy or hardware store? Why is it that hospitals and medical professionals are short on these very important PPE items? Join me for a discussion.

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    1. I’ve seen the Chinese come in from China like a flood to NYC especially after 2007 that’s all fine and dandy but this womens behavior mirror most of the Chinese over here!!! it’s disgusting and needs to stop. I seriously believe we Americans should seriously think about deporting them unless their behavior changes. I really really really hate to feel like this but this behavior is like a virus literally. We are to be considerate and a benidit in the society that we abide in but these people do the opposite virus locust however you want to put it, make me angry and sad at the same time

    2. @Heroes AtMidnight good point lots of Chinese are hit in usa,lots of comments said nuke china ,eliminate..Chinese those whitepeople never change ,like thier ancestor

  1. She should have taken ten percent of the stock and left the rest for others. Then make a modest profit on her purchase. There is a lot to be said about maintaining a degree of proprietary secrecy. Don’t put your business, so to speak, out on the street.

  2. How to fix Daigo? Simply make it illegal to send mail to china without having to apply to the USPS for mailing things to china*. Make it a pain in the ass. Then deny every application of certain goods that are on a list. Make it like reverse Customs.

  3. Not sure if this affected me here in Australia but I haven’t been able to buy masks since the whole thing started. It seemed the masks disappeared very quickly a lot quicker than they should have given most of us white people don’t use them unless told we MUST wear them.

  4. SUCH PEOPLE DESERVE THE HATE! We have the same shit in Germany, all these foreign chinese ppl bought all the masks here and shipped them back! I also bought some masks in February for me and my family and I could have EASILY bought 100-200 FFP2 masks BUT I LEFT THEM IN THE STORE FOR OTHERS!!!! Now the chinese gov convinced the Chinese ppl that the WUHAN VIRUS supposedly came from the US?!And they get racist against us white/black people? Sorry but FUCK YOU!!

  5. 1. They didn’t make a profit. But they did try to make a profit,is irrelevant if they succeded or not in their oportunism.
    2. Since they knew it was going to be a demand on mask, they purposely endangered people for a profit.
    3. Him being a veteran makes things worse as he knowingly endangering the people of the USA. The reasons or lack success are irrelevant. This is treason.
    4. Her bragging about shows malice. Not error.

  6. You could limit the amount by credit or debit card number.
    So if the limit is 4, the only way they could get around it is by paying in cash or by doing store hopping. Not perfect but still better than letting oportunist harming people.

  7. Same thing happened in Australia, we have no masks to buy, that’s why western government does not encourage common people to wear mask, as we need to save supplies to doctors and nurses.

  8. Australia we had bus charters traveling into regional areas cleaning out our pharmacists. It’s a greed problem. The same thing happened with infant formulas.

  9. I feel shamed of being Chinese, that’s something I can not change though. China communist party export coronavirus, most Chinese people are not innocent, some defend for their government, some keep silenced, somehow Chinese people and their government supplement each other!

  10. Never mind, we can all accpet that if you buy essential products for your own/family use at times of Pandemic thats good. Taking these VARY products OFF the shelves, Depriving the most needy and sending them abroad to sale and make money this UGLY way. Shows that who ever do this have ZERO humanity. SHAME ON YOU !

  11. Mate just a small correction: the title of the video was 一点没给美国人剩,剩 (sheng)means left, so it should be translated as (I) didn’t leave a single bit behind for the Americans.

  12. They should make laws to prevent this even if is not going totally stop them buying all the things. at least police can follow the law to arrest them and if they get arrested they will have to give all the products back and pay the money and band from get in country that should stop them

  13. Well, learned from best teacher. ”A certain 10 percent will ensure its employment anywhere; 20 percent certain will produce eagerness; 50 percent, positive audacity; 100 percent will make it ready to trample on all human laws; 300 percent, and there is not a crime at which it will scruple, nor a risk it will not run, even to the chance of its owner being hanged.”

  14. she seems to me to be a horrible human, horrible humans come from all countries. A apology would have been the smart thing to do. She didn’t apologies because she is incapable of seeing the terrible way she acted.

  15. What is the Government (and supermarkets) doing to stop the daigou phenomenon. Perhaps they could devise a registration system that reserves products for local customers?

  16. I don’t even take all my favorite cereal from the self when it’s on sale. I make sure to leave some for other people. Let alone critical equipment like masks.

  17. Here words were not the only thing that was wrong and she need to apologize for, her BEHAVIOR was also completely wrong and not only does she need to apologize for her words and her greedy behavior, she also needs to learn that. What she did was unacceptable, greedy and unethical. She fully intended to make money, karma bit her in the butt and shipping prices increased which is the only reason she did not make a profit. I hope she learns this is unethical and stops buying everything off the shelf.

  18. Even millionaires in Australia bought over 30million im mask they bought over 80% of mask world wide and sent back to China and now they are reselling them again

  19. Witnessed the same thing up here in Canada at a Canadian Tire store, they had just put mask’s out by the front cashiers, an Asian couple bought them all up in minutes. We didn’t release how important masks would be, the Far East had already gone thru the SAR’s crisis in 2003 so had the heads up. You know if they had picked up a few masks and then said “you should buy some masks we learned the hard way in 2003” It would have been different for them today, but today when we see somebody hoarding they can expect a different response. It’s our way of teaching a “learning the hard way”.

  20. These people are a plague on top of a plague. Western governments should stockpile and ring fence masses of this stuff in future for civil emergencies!

  21. I would like to add that we have Mexican people that come up and buy groceries items formula diapers and other products. This is happening in Arizona Nevada and California. Couple that with Chinese doing this too. I have heard of people driving over 100 miles to find diapers to buy. It also is causing difficulties in housing. The illegal immigrants are housed rent paid for by the American government the landlords in these areas say they cannot refuse to rent to them because they would be sued for discrimination. So people that even make a decent living are having difficulties in finding places to live. This is what is driving people to move out of California along with other economic factors. I think this pandemic will at least slow things down maybe people will wake up and see what has been going on. It has too stop. I am all about free trade and commerce but this goes beyond that. I am not a prejudiced person. I see why this occurs so easily is because no one wants to be labeled racist. It is not about race it is about greed and countries like China and Mexico that encourage their citizens to do this rather than find a way to provide better products for their own countrymen.

  22. I don’t know much about the milk powder. However, for the masks, early on, when the American government and WHO were telling people to not wear a mask and they said the effectiveness of wearing a mask has not been proved. but in China, when this thing was spreading in Wuhan and numerous people were dying every single day, there weren’t enough mask supply, and the Chinese government was telling people to wear masks every day. many people who bought tons of masks from the US are international students, Chinese Americans and innocent travelers who buy masks for their families and friends in China, frankly I don’t see anything wrong with it. So are they 代购(daigou)?of course, but I would say the majority of them were just trying to protect their loved ones Now, 2,3 months later. the US government started telling people to wear masks. of course, there won’t be enough masks !!! like what do you expect?

  23. In January I was online and out shopping for masks since my husband is a DOCTOR who NEEDS that mask! NONE!! These people make me spitting angry!!

  24. Some Chines? came into B&Q DIY shop in Penrith 4 weeks ago and bought all the face masks and respirators they looked very happy about it so I went to the checkout to complain and they sed there was no limit on how many masks people can bye this made me very pissed off. I have some masks and I have been giving them away to local people for free.

  25. Who “stole” all the masks?
    Common people all over the world who hoarded them, just like in case of toilet paper. But I’m sure you will blame China. It’s easy and doesn’t require evidence to convince your viewers.

    1. ​@brenton schaffert No, it is all nationalities who have hoarders not just Chinese. They just want to point out the Chinese assholes, while ignoring the rest. The hoarding seems to happen even in national level and all over the world.

    2. If you watched the video, title of the ladies video is I bought all the masks and didn’t leave a crumb for the Americans. Also, if you’ve read the comments people are reporting the chinese doing this all over the world. One person reported a tour of chinese traveling around collect all the ppe and medical supplies. Yes, this epidemic has brought the worst in many people, but this was deliberate. The daigou all over the world collected medical supplies and sent them back to china, much like they do with baby formula in Australia.

  26. Now what the hell happened to all the hand sanitizer?
    I’ve got a family of four, with two small children. I can’t even buy a mask much less a bottle of hand sanitizer to help keep my wife and children safe.

  27. During WW2 Japanese people were rounded up and put in camps where they wouldn’t be able to commit acts of subversion and sabotage like this! Buying up essentials before anyone else can is a sure sign of having knowledge of something is going to happen. This is an act of passive aggressive terrorism that targets everyone who is not Chinese!

    1. You chinese wouldn’t be able to make one mask without the White man’s technology. Hell, we even had to teach you how to use toilet paper, those of you who are clean enough to do so.

  28. People like that first lady piss me off because she’s made it hard for all Asians. My wife is Japanese and she as well as our daughter are being harassed. Stupid Americans saying things like “Go back to China” or “F U Corona Chink” are just a couple examples and this is happening to Korean-Americans as well as all other Asian-Americans. Funny how racism in America against blacks and Mexicans is taboo but when it comes to Asians there are no consequences.

  29. I am lighting my torch, sharping my pitch fork, and just wait I will buy some tar and feather from Home Depot if the Chinese haven’t bought them all.

  30. If I was the manager at those stores, I’d leave the baby formula shelves empty and only stock them sparingly throughout the day. Might not eliminate the problem but it would make it harder for those vermin who were buying it all up.

  31. @serpentza I have a temporary solution to the Daigo problem- drive-through-only. For any store/pharmacy that HAS a drive-thru.. they can have the products not only behind the counter with a limited quantity.. but drive-through ONLY! People who *actually* need the products would gladly wait in line to get their formula/sanitizer/masks or whatever, even in limited quantities. The store employees would have full control over quantity and be able to ration things for everyone. More to the point- these families/workmates carpooling to stock their car full of shit they’re not going to use would NOT find it profitable to wait in line at drive-thrus for a couple boxes of each item. They’d lose a *lot* of time because they cannot rush-buy anything and the incentive to bring two or more cars would cut into their profit even more due to multiplying gas prices.
    I really think Drive-thrus with limited quantities would be a fantastic temporary solution.. only problem is that many stores don’t have one- though they can be built. Any new or alternate item that begins to disappear off the shelves could simply go right into the drive-thru-only system.. mitigating the loss of product to one or two restocking deliveries. Even further- a product holding system with names could also work well too, though checking IDs would be a pain for everyone and also not entirely legal. I don’t think withholding products to the drive-thru would be illegal anywhere, I assume. Anyway, there’s my 2 cents. What do you think?

  32. So basically mainland China is determined to destroy its own economy? Because no one can either trust their own made products, or they tax it to the extent that just right next door it’s much cheaper this does not make sense but I’m not surprised. Also surprised people didn’t grab and steal those formula

  33. It was not a good idea for him to write that email and request you to read it.
    Selfish and shameful of them.
    He enables his wife. She walks all over him.

  34. Those people are taking advantage of the kindness of our open democracy and they won’t stop. We must dissuade the Chinese of this practice, this practice is intolerable and we don’t care if we are called xenophobe.

  35. Thanks for exposing what the real China is all about for those of us that don’t have the inclination to go and find out for ourselves.

  36. China wouldn’t give out any masks but bought out the world’s supply and forbid companies in China to export any. Most recently I’ve read China has sent out shipments of masks to Europe and Canada, ALL DEFECTIVE AND FAILING QUALITY STANDARDS. The free world needs to cut ties with this SCOURGE on humanity.

  37. The character 剌 as an ending is used in an insulting fashion meaning cut or slash, the la that’s used to be cute is 啦. Her choice of character use makes it undeniable that she is being purposeful in her actions. Let’s hope this behaviour stops and soon.

  38. why cant australia sipmly produce more baby formula, the manufacturers are milking this situation on purpose, they are delibertaly not raising production.

  39. I see that chinese people don’t change lol even when living in other country just look at this woman wtf , jesus those are mature people and have jelly in the place of brains why she is recording this , haha and I would literally steal their shit if they didn’t protect it like on the clip they went to shop , one thing is them doing this but the other thing is entrepreneur
    , big companies doing something about this

  40. He is not defending her at all. I am sure that people who has very irresponsible action to other, usually they brave each other when some problem is risen. Hope they can keep a good marriage

  41. Listening to the husband trying to justify his wife’s behavior over and over just shows he STILL doesn’t think she done anything wrong, just doesn’t want the negative consequences.

  42. serpentza: One of the best points you made was about the baby formula. The one made in China was toxic. So these people go to other parts of the world, deplete our goods to help themselves. Sad and so aggravating. Maddening, as well. Now, when it comes to corporations, I have a wee story to share. Back in the early ’90s, would take my lads to Zellers to get some fine winter socks. One year, went to the department, found the socks with the particular label and went, Whaaaaa??? My lads felt them and grimaced. Looked at the label. They were suddenly made in China.Of course we didn’t purchase them . Therein lies the problem.. the corps want a higher bottom line. They send their contracts to China who do horrible work. Then the chinese go abroad to purchase safe and well made goods. Time to hold the Corps accountable. Thanks again for such a fine article. Brilliant, as always. Take care

  43. This woman and her husband have zero morals…it’s the same as people hoarding shit!. If you saw that video of the elderly women in The UK that stood at the empty shelf and just cried. It’s heart wrenching…T.T

  44. On the opposite side of the coin, several sports teams sent planes to China to buy A LOT of masks for people in their home states. *but that was not buying all of the stock*

  45. It’s true. For some odd reason certain AAA brands of hand sanitizer are sold out structurally since the Chinese outbreak. Before COVID-19 was actually a thing in The Netherlands. Every supermarket all stock of brands like Palmolive and other are sold out apart from house brands. The house brands are also from the same factories from Unilever, but just have a different label. They are just more cheap, because it doesn’t have a Mercedes star on the hood. The fuckers don’t know. LOL

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