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  1. you are funny, peace is where to go, U.S is getting worse and worse!!! Violence everywhere!!! I want to move back home, to Da Nang though, next to the beach.

  2. You cant give money for those poor kids.
    What was that women thinking asking you for money.
    Can’t she tell you are selfish ?
    She is trying to get money from somebody that helps people more than most people in that country.

  3. U talking about riots and diversity. U know the black guy Floyd was a criminal? 5years in prison for robbing a woman with a gun. Drugs,fake money. Don’t support a criminal.

  4. Oddly my favorite video. Not necessarily because of the politics (although I do largely agree) but it’s just so nice waking around Hanoi Hoan Kiem District seeing people just enjoying life. The serenity in itself just makes the place in my opinion the best part of Vietnam.

  5. to me its weird cuz i only know sarcastic Troy in the subtitles bar not him talking about it,the Troy from the subtitle bar is the one with jokes and sarcastic remarks

  6. hey Troy. Nice scenes of Hanoi early morning I’m guessing? As Australia is a multicultural country and is fairly diverse I would say it has brought a lot of benefits even in the face of some capitalist negatives such as crime and poverty. For instance, just one I can think of personally is that thanks to this multiculturism, and the diversity around me, I was able to learn Vietnamese in Victoria at Uni, meet lots of people and go out into the community and mix and connect with the large Vietnamese population there. Learning a bit about other cultures such as Vietnamese and others has broadened my perspective of people in general and opened my mind to other views and ways of thinking and living. But I am just one person so I don’t think for one minute that Australia doesn’t have any racism or issues around multiculturalism but it does seem to do fairly well all the same. love your videos mate! keep it up

  7. Vietnam lacks diversity because the Vietnamese didn’t uproot/ dragged/ massacred an entire continent of people to work on their cotton farms. America has diversity because it was built on diversity, so now it must reckon with its past and accept that gift, and not pretend that it is a monoethnic country.

  8. You don’t need to apologize mate cause even if you’re in a minority of one the truth still the truth . Thank you for the clip was β€œ AWESOME β€œ .

  9. I love your sarcasm!! You are so right!! Yes liberal idiots say multi cultural is our strength! Lololo that’s why they have roots in streets and not in Veitnam!! Its truth and thank you!!

  10. Great vid Troy .. so much rioting I couldn’t stand it .. I was waiting for a scene from the exorcist after you drank that green drink ..lol 😜

  11. Troy, you’re absolutely right. It’s so sad to see what is going on in California and America. πŸ™
    Keep up the great work, it’s so refreshing to see so much peace in Vietnam!

  12. Still there are a lot of Vietnamese want to immigrate to the US than vice versa,. The same with China, there are 80-90,000 Chinese immigrate to the US every year, I don’t think there are ten of thousands of American want to immigrate to China

  13. Troy, you spend alot of time in VN but you obviously do not know any about communist country, they DO NOT allow foreigners to become a vietnamese citizen therefore it is bloody hard to be diverse society. It is very strict control who gets in and out man.

  14. Troy, I love the work you do. I notice in many of your videos that you seem to delight in putting down the United States. I don’t blame you, However, You must realize 60% of the people in the U.S. are not happy with the current Fascist government. But… Even those who are on the left can feel the arrows you sling. Many love the ideals of our country and despise the wrongs it has done and continues to do. I was one of MILLIONS who protested U.S. involvement of the War in Viet Nam, where is your recognition of these people? Protesters and rioters are different people too. Today you sound spiteful and you’re doing a bit of Gloating! Ok……..I get it!!! …. Viet Nam has not always been peaceful! You’ve had a civil war, Warlords etc. but not today.. …. You have every right to feel angry but please consider, even is the U.S. there are always two sides……. Thank you for your humanity towards the less fortunate! Take good care.

  15. Aren’t you a staunch supporter of the Chinese? What about the “riots” in Hong Kong? Not too long ago there was a Civil War in Vietnam, people fight for ideologies and in the US black people are murdered in cold blood just for the color of their skin. I think a little rioting is past due.

  16. β€œAn error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self sustained.” Gandhi

  17. That girl in the blue shirt is part of the communist youth party. One day she will be the Ward Boss of your district. hahaha…. be nice to her.

  18. Yes there rioting in the country that fucked Vietnam over, are people still dying of the agent orange they left behind? You should be happy

  19. You drank mysterious green stuff, in an unmarked container, off a street person, with no known ingredients, and it had lumps in it. Your the man!

  20. Great walking video keep saying it as it is if people are bothered by it too bad so sad this is a huge problem in the west they have to sugar coat everything as for the riots sad that a man died but it doesn’t mean you have the right to riot and loot

  21. Multiculturalism isn’t the problem, it is systemic racism. If you mistreat and oppress a group of people, don’t expect them to be model citizens.

  22. Unfortunately, not very many poor people want to emigrate to 3rd world countries to seek a better life. It’s usually the other way around. So not very many 3rd world countries have diversity. And it it weren’t for the buying power of the 1st worlds’ currency over the 3rd worlds’ currency, there would also be no international trades or tourism. The good thing about you living in Vietnam is that you will experience almost no racism (unless you are mistaken for a Chinese tourist with a video camera walking pass that lady’s hair salon) as you would in Australia.

  23. You live in a country of oppressed people but maybe your cowards and that’s why you don’t protest. No that’s not right you’d be slaughtered in the streets.

  24. You are absolutely correct that Americans (and I suspect many other European countries) cannot speak the truth without being labeled politically incorrect, and in many instances losing their jobs and their livelihoods for speaking what they think and feel. Our country is going downhill like a speeding bullet.

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