Planning for future travel and retirement has become a bit more challenging with the present travel situation. Passport and visa rules for the nations may change in the coming months. Airline, ferry, and other transportion procedures may make for a pleasant or unpleasant experience. How will you adjust your travel plans?


  1. Glad you are staying healthy and upbeat during this turbulent time. Thank you for the informative and enjoyable videos/commentary. You are keeping many of us around the world up to date on what is going on in the Philippines. We thank you.

  2. If they punish the tourist they punish the economy. I hope things get back to normal soon.
    The longer this goes on the worst it will be for the Philippines. Im riding the wave out from cebu city

  3. Im.American living in Davao city 3+ years. I wont leave my gf, they have to tell me no choice but to get out. Id move to Vietnam with gf, not possible now. No news on when either

  4. The bottom line here Rod is the experts to fully study and understand this little knowned and unpredictable virus.As far normalcy,a vaccine has to be available for any international travel to resume.This virus needs to be fully controlled.As for the masks,they are here to stay and will part of our daily life’s.Hopefully,someone will probably develop some sort of high tech mask for the market.Be safe !

  5. Its all scary and diffrent ,im here with my girlfriend and this is my 4th month no want to go back to usa not knowing when can come back or what would happen to her ,its hard to leave your best buddy behind

  6. Already had my trip home to Davao cancelled at Easter from Cebu. My wife trip last weekend cancelled to see me in Cebu. Been over 3 months since I have seen my family. Work on the new bridge keeping me sane. Hopefully June I can be with them. Stay safe.

  7. well i agree flights here from the UK probably be around Christmas, but the travel insurance has gone up by 50% with restrictions where you can travel and of course flights will be expensive so it looks like 2021 for me either Thailand or Philippines not made my mind up yet and of course will depend on the exchange rates etc stay safe all the best gizmo UK

  8. Rod. I am starting to really doubt that they will do anything but extend the quarentine until at least the end of May. What bothers us is that even if they start to open things up they are going to leave the below 21 and above 59 still in lockdown. That is something I heard from someone who works at the Cebu capital.

  9. Like you I’m over the big 65 and still in my house here in Barili I can walk from my house to road to bring my trash can but that’s about it . Fortunately I still have my internet and my covered yard looking at the rice field with my exercise equipment and music and a small garden looking forward to getting out again like you my friend .

  10. I still believe once the dust settles the Phils will still be a top draw in SE Asia . It all comes down to the greenback. BTW Rody I finally got me a haircut today so I’m good for awhile. Try not to worry/fret about things you cannot control. Be the cool breeze & keep chillin n grillin….

  11. All countries fell hard for king Bill Gates propaganda. I don’t see any countries that have common sense or have any economic sense.

  12. what i see at airports are far greater security measures like antibody testing if you don’t have covid antibodies you won’t get on the plane,people will have to get too the airport earlier and there will be more direct flights to locations if everybody on the plane has covid antibodies mask won;t be required

  13. Yeah it’s disturbing, I finally found my true love in bohol and I can’t get to her, if I got the go ahead i would leave right away

  14. The big elephant in the room? is:
    *FORCED Vaccinations!*
    before you can Enter or Exit a country!
    No one can tell you what’s in it!
    In the USA? you Cannot Sue a Vaccine Manufacturer. Hmmm…
    *Go Figure?*

  15. Thanks Rod never been on that older Bridge there to Mactan always we go on the other one to the north the new one on our way to the Airport thanks always interesting your videos

  16. I enjoy your videos..you touch on many great subjects…I have now concluded that this was a panic hoax and didn’t warrant shutting down the economy of the world. The financial risks we are taking each and every day as this thing is prolonged will lead to a collapse of the first world economies and to destruction of the 3rd world.
    I am living outside of Angeles City and this entertainment area will be devastated for a long while IMO. I have no choice but to wait it out…considering returning to Rosarito in Baja, Mexico…but not certain as I have come to love the Philippines and its people too.
    My two biggest fears are food shortages and also of my own country going into another Great Depression.

  17. Dont worry guys soon Trump will announce several sure cures and open the US to everybody except china. The rest of the World will follow.

  18. Here in , South Carolina, USA housing prices have not changed …yet.
    The thing to remember here is real estate economy does not follow the economic economy moment by moment but takes more time to move. If Washington does not bog itself down in politics and moves swiftly to enact programs that help people to maintain the status-quo of their lives, then the economy will stabilize quickly …this is not to say it will return to normal but it will stabilize and that should be the target of thought rather then trying to focus on normalization, which is going to appear in some new form worldwide anyway.

    As far as international travel for myself goes. I left the Philippines in February with the thought of returning in May of 2021. Now I am thinking about the possibility that my return might be closer to October or November. Not just because of travel restrictions but also because of imposed economic slowdown …a.k.a I’m low on funds right now. I recognize one of three things will have to happen, I get a big pay raise or Uncle Sam will need to stimulate my personal economic growth for the remain fiscal quarters of 2020, or I just save as much money as I can from until I can afford to travel again.

    Have a blessed day and stay safe.

  19. I think that if you are Chinese, You may have a problem going to any countries. As an American I think they will welcome us back and of course our money. The U S has a lot of Filipinos that like to come home once or twice a year. I think they will find a way to travel to and from Philippines.As for tourists, If they make it too difficult with Health Certificates and Quarantines Then People will just not come.. When this is over THEY WILL NEED TOURIST DOLLARS. So they will have to bend a little.
    Many people are getting stressed out but , don,t stress about things that you can not control. Just know that it will all end and things will be back to Normal soon. I dont buy into the doom and gloom that the news media is pushing. Right now Nobody is going anywhere so I will just enjoy myself and save my money until I can go back to U S for a few months. Hopefully I will be abel to get a Visa to come back. If not, then I will just go someplace else.. I know the 60 and older house arrest is difficult, but I think that there has been some clarification on that. I think its ok to go out if you are going to get prescriptions or other essential items.
    Dont Stress too much. I think by August we will see International flights again and things will be much closer to normal.

  20. Good morning Rod. I remember the solar storm of 1859 well. It was a real troubling time but at least we had a honorable and truthful president then. 😁 The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was a real bummer. I actually do wonder what the New Reality or Normal will be. Stay safe. Best wishes Bob.

  21. i was goin to come in november…il wait an see whats happening there in march 21…keep me posted mate. love from liverpool uk

  22. They still have some sweeper Flights, But that wont work for me because I need to get an Export permit for my Dog. No office during ECQ. I dont mind leaving my G. F. but I will never leave my Dog behind

  23. I was looking moving from TH to PH on the special retirement visa program. But now as I see how they treat people over 65 in confinement I will not trust they would use this again in the future. Forbidding older adult s to stay home is kind of extreme.

  24. Here in Australia top end of the real estate dropped 9 drop 12% and the bottom and gain 4% here in Melbourne still everything’s shutdown I’ve got it under control here

  25. My family is on an island with a tourist industry economy since 1971. History proves that when disasters pass these micro economies spring back quickly as people who have endured the struggle of what has been going on NEED a break and will go on holiday ASAP.

  26. Just looked at the price of a holiday resort I go to in u.k. closed till possibly September when it becomes the”low season” but they are gonna charge”high season” price… that’s nearly double!!…cus let’s face it people ain’t gonna go abroad this year methinks

  27. Like you the Philippines is my home. Even with the quarantine on Negros I am happy to be here. I think it will be some time before tourists return in earnest like we have seen the last few years. I look for the BI to possibly set a few more policies to stay long term. I feel the days of staying 36 months on a tourist visa are limited. IMHO the SRRV is the best option but that is still no guarantee of forever. One day at a time is the best we can do for now and that is just fine. Salamat for the great content you post here. Have a wonderful day.

  28. Thats too bad. In October I was sooo close to buying a condo at Trillium Residences in Cebu close to Ayala Mall. Kinda glad I didn’t now. But I am ready for a visit. It kinda feels like my second home and not being able to go back is saddening. But hopefully they will start the visa on arrival again soon.

  29. In my country this Monday began the first phase of deconfinement, with the opening of small local trade, will be done in three phases, but if the cases increase again everything will return to the beginning, so it is difficult to make a prediction, since the future is very uncertain. Stay safe.

  30. While it is important to stay on top of current issues, it is equally important to recognize that much of the news we consume in the mainstream media is sensationalize and overly dramatize for effects. It can be anxiety-provoking so to maintain my sanity, I tuned out the news from time to time to take a break from the constant bombardment of bad news cycle. Thanks Rod for the wonderful article….

  31. You took the words right out of my mouth. I’m glad you are trying to be logical about all this. I had planned to visit in October but I don’t see that happening now. What is happening in my city? A couple restaurants have said that they will not renew thier lease and thus not reopen.

  32. Hi Rod, thanks for another enjoyable video. The Uk government is suggesting there may be some easing of the restrictions soon. New vaccines are being tested, and the results may be available by June. I’m not making any plans to travel until things become clearer, I’m certainly not going into 14 day quarantine on arrival anywhere.

  33. Thank you for lovely words I don’t know what our world has become anymore what will happen to visa regulations probably changes for the worst I’m in England right now death count is now as from yesterday 28,500 coronavirus, President Trump was right when he called it the plague that’s what this is live medieval times in England they called it the black death I have a pension 2 actually not big amounts but my money keeps rolling in I was coming to the Philippines this August guess that’s out the window I’m praying this ends sooner than later but governments are frightened of the second spike of terror

  34. In these very tough times all we can do is..Hope and Pray for the Best to happen..But expect the worst unfortunately..Thanks for yet another great very informative video Sir Rod..Keep up the good work mate👌👍

  35. Like you,Rod, I am here for the long haul (if they let me stay😂). Maybe with reduced, or no, Western tourists we might become.more valued. Thailand was over run with tourists but now with.reduced.numbers, the new rules might slowly disappear. I have learned though, that you can never anticipate what politicians will do. Take care!

  36. I have a fiance waiting for me on Bohol. My ticket is for July 8 and I am unsure how my ticket is going to be handled by the agent. I requested a refund but haven’t heard back from them.

  37. I’ve been telling you for weeks that your time for survival and exiting the Philippines is deteriorating by the hour you are in your own little bubble You’re not getting the real news the CCP our experts when it comes to propaganda soon the CCP will have all of Asia and all of the people thinking it was people from the West that is spreading this virusthese people that are friendly in the Philippines are nice to you will not want to ride in a jeepney will not want to be in a restaurant with you will not want to ride on a plane with you that is what’s coming

  38. People from mainland China will have plenty of cash to come to the Philippines and they’re only 5 hours away you are going to see a Chinese population explosion like you’ve never seen before bringing all of their gambling and prostitution rings to the Philippines

  39. You’re over 65 years old You’re stuck in an apartment You’re not able to leave you think you’re in Paradise we only in May do you really want to be stuck into your apartment for a minimum until August

    And the ’80s I was in a bad spot in pangasinan I said to myself what would Rambo do I left everything behind started walking through Rice fields Creeks writing on trucks full of pigs and chickens made it to Manila and got the f*** out of Dodge

  40. This is a 911 on a global scale The world has changed as you know it your days in Asia are over The people in Asia have no sense and no idea of freedom half of your audience from the West is not even going to know what I’m talking about they’ve been so dumb down listening to the news media

  41. I’m not sure what tourist dollars you’re talking about when I’m on the plane I don’t see very many non-filipinos on these planes coming from America

    The tourist dollars are going to be from South Korea and mainly mainland China

  42. You are right Rod.. It bothers me just to have the mask on for an hour or so.. Sitting on a plane for 12 – 14 hours breathing in your own Carbon Dioxide would not be good at all.. When I go out, I will eventually get away from everybody where I can pull the mask down for several minutes, and get some oxygen, even though I don’t have any respiratory issues.. BTW this is Bruce.. I changed my YouTube name.. I am interested to see if there are changes in 10 days on the 15th.. Take care, Sir..

  43. The people that went to the Philippines to shack up with a lady that is still married and now they are living together and they opened up a sorry sorry store and they have a life together are going to be in for a big surprise when they are kicked out of the country never to see the person they love again that’s coming soon in the future I hate to be Mr negative I’m just able to give next year’s news today

  44. This is exactly why the reason you should never buy in the Philippines unless you have unlimited money

    I make my money in America and vacation anywhere in the world I want

  45. Good video Rod and a lot of questions we all have to ponder before making any major decisions from now on.
    If there are forced vaccinations or travelers are forced to be chipped (as Bill Gates claims we all should be), I’ll have seen my last of the Philippines.
    It would suck after putting 4 years of down payments into a little condo over there, but sometimes a person has to think about the greater good. I hope it doesn’t come to that but there are some high profile people planning on making a killing (quite literally) on this and how many they have to destroy to get what they want is irrelevant.
    Having said all of that, … I hope by this time next year that we’re back in Pampanga and really enjoying our condo.

  46. I can tell you Rod our plans on visiting the Philippines have been cancelled with no plan to reschedule. Will the Philippines return to the welcoming nation I fell in love with? Who knows? Will air travel become much MORE uncomfortable and too difficult to consider? Who knows? Will the US dollar remain king? Who knows? As for me? I’m older and tend to be more and more like water and take the path of least resistance! lol Guess I’m just gonna click my ruby red slippers together and say: theres no place like home, theres no place like home! Thumbs up Rod you have a VERY good sense of things and express your take on things very diplomatically and crystal clear. Live life while you can no one gets out alive. Don Jenny & Asia

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