Where Am I Moving To?


  1. Sad to hear about your troubles Peter. Best of luck to you Sir. Look forward to what content you produce next.
    As someone who has been in the Philippines. I’m not familiar with life in those other countries and how friendly they are to Americans so I have to side with the Philippines still. But your content on Thailand has been interesting.

  2. Sorry, I don’t need the headaches! Plus u decided to move..and go on with your life! I also decided to unsubscribe! God bless hope you find your happiness! Bye!

  3. Be mindful of burning too many bridges prior to leaving the Philippines, the chips are not in your corner and access to your Son could and likely would be drastically restricted. Curious if you married in the Philippines, if so your in a real bad spot…

  4. Your choice because I will watch your programs wherever you move too! However, make it right before you move and remember that running away from your problems will only catch up on you with time…. Stay healthy and safe 😷

  5. Thailand!!!!! Best food, quality of apartments/services (internet/4g)/hookers. Reasonable language. Viet/Cambo far behind Thailand, and Philippines for liveability.. IMHO
    Interesting news on what happened with politics latetly in PH, especially the ABS saga. Best source of news etc in PH, but obviously upset the president one too many times..

  6. am sorry to hear about your decision. and u might really need space at the moment. but i hope after clearing your thoughts, you’ll be back in the new norm and still prioritise your son… he need you more than anyone… Good luck!

  7. Is this guy engaged in some form of elaborate role play? It’s like watching a slow car crash. At this point, it’s the only reason I tune in.

  8. Have watched your videos for a while, sad to see that your are leaving the phils and i assume your gf and child too, you should really try harder to give it a go, relationships need a lot of work can be hard to deal with at the best of times , however bear in mind pregnancy can mess with a womans hormones, give your partner some time and space, be there for her and your son im sure in time things will work out between you, whatever happens , i wish you both happiness

  9. Thailand !! I think you mentioned you have a condo there already? It’s a no brainer. And when things calm down its close to go back to the Philippines. Take a break have a beer 🙂

  10. I worry that you are making some very unhealthy decisions. I honestly feel that once quarantine ends your life will balance out and feel normal again. If you make brash choices, you may regret them in the future. I will be praying for you. Be safe.

  11. Pete – the worst thing you can do is make a negative and irreversible decision when you are negative. And it is very clear you are in a bad place mentally, emotionally, and probably physically too mate. You cannot make the best decisions for your life, or your son, and wife when in such a state. And throwing it out there for subscribers to decide – what is that all about? Take a break, turn off your channel, make up with your girl, and stay put until you are feeling on an even keel again. Which might take some time. This lockdown has been stressful and done your head in. Its doing a lot of peoples heads in as well, so you’re not alone. Now your channel was about The Property Club – you have gone way off theme by bringing your personal life and drama into our lounge rooms. Get back on track. Take a step back and reassess what you just said on this video. Don’t make a negative decision when you are negative. Take a break from decision making.

  12. What the hell happened???? I haven’t viewed your vlog in a few weeks. No matter what you decide, just remember your son will always be your son. Secure his health and safety, get the hell out of there, and take this opportunity to reinvent yourself.

  13. Hey peter you should do a couple new condo reviews if you go to Thailand! What trustworthy website would you recommend and do you anticipate this pandemic have a significant effect on prices? Thanks!

  14. Sorry mate, you just need a timeout and not go anywhere – until you calm down and relax, without coffee or beers.
    Maybe this is not what you want to hear but this is what I recommend.
    Important life decisions should never be made under emotional or financial stress… A clear head comes from a relaxed state of emotions.

  15. I hope that you and your family can get back together at some point. Im married to a filipina and 90% of the time everything is great. If we have kids i don’t think i could be separated from them. But you know your situation better than
    Anyone. I guess the best thing you can do is to always have a good relationship with your son. Good luck Pete

  16. Advise you girlfriend she can petition the court to make you pay child support.
    Be responsible and pay maintenance for your 3 month old baby.

  17. Hey Peter dont quit your day job and start singing my ears are still ringing lol joking
    Seriously if you leave the nasty fire ant in your home you are an idiot. Which you are not. Send her packing to her family

  18. Hey pete, is it really over,i cant work out how love u had is dead think and try hard to find love again if not thailand is beautifull and enjoy my fave most place we travel too good luck best wishes from gladstone queensland sunny as still no rain lol

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