1. U should just adopt her. Her mom is teaching her bad traits. If someone was looking after my child I would respect them. I am sure there is more to the story.

  2. What is going on with the mother? Is she not capable of work or is there no jobs? She seems to love her child. Thank you for helping these people Troy you are a kind man.

  3. For now, her innocence immunizes her from depression but soon when she is a little bit older she will realize how much family disadvantage she has to overcome then she may fall into a depression like her mom. I just wish that my prediction is wrong.

  4. 😎Br Troy, please, don’t read me wrong. Obviously, the mother does not teach much her young daughter’s manner. The young cutie smart girl only learns from school and in the street…kid’s living by the moment…is it what is it! All about the mother??? Lol💝🤞✌ God Bless…

  5. Chau Anh’s voice is very sweet when she’s is happy. Her pronunciation of the English words she knows is wonderful. Thank you for all that you do Troy.

  6. Is it possible to set up a bank account for this family. I would like to donate a small monthly amount as I’m sure would lots of viewers who have been touched by these videos.

  7. 😎Br Troy, kids don’t know what is spoil about. If anytime they can get away with things they would of…especially with this young smart cutie girl💝. ✌ lol. P.s. Your doing is a great job bro Troy 👍👍👍, God Bless!!!

  8. Once again, thanks for making this happen Troy. Seeing Chau Anh smile and being happy as a kid should be made the donation worth every single penny. Thank you.

  9. What a nice happy vid! It was too funny Chau Anh was not going to stop until she had you next to mom in the cab. HaHa Chau Anh was happy and mom got a new cap. Nice…

  10. I think you may need to speak to some other resources that may offer some insights and and support to help deal with a situation like this Troy since you seem like you’re at your wits end.

    On one hand staying with her mom is extremely toxic and damaging for her development, especially during these early formative years of her life. One the other hand, a mom is a mom, seems like she’s the only pillar and an important one in Chau Anh’s life right now, and taking her away could also be detrimental to her growth and development.

    Mom and Chau Anh needs some special attention, separately, but enabling them to stay together still. I don’t want to speak for everyone but I think the majority can see that she’s extremely bright and intelligent, and with the right nurturing and support could enable her to help herself and her mom later on in life.

    Really hope you continue to explore how to further help set them on the right path.

  11. Maybe talk with the mother and tell her if she really loves her she will let her go. plenty of people would adopt her. i feel bad for people i am not in the greatest spot in life then i see stuff like this and i remember it could be worse.

  12. Would like to see her get a Birth Certificate, so she can be legitimately enrolled in school , and obtain all the necessary books etc. and not viewed as a charity case by other students.

  13. The mother is suffering from major depression. when a women has a child they feel this desire to work hard at all cost. To support the little ones. I think her mommy needs help.

  14. Thank you troy for being roll model to this little girl I’m sure its very hard for a single parent specially with no father figure in her life I hope you continue being in little girls life many blessings to you Troy I know it must be overwhelming sometimes but god called you for this to help the people 🙏

  15. Troy, they must have relative somewhere, find out for them Troy, especially for the little girl. 😥 Troy ơi, em cố gắng giúp 2 mẹ con cháu Châu Anh tìm lại gia đình của cháu nhé em.

  16. She is so adorable and street smart. I hope you can keep in touch w/ her and mum. She needs all the help she can get. Pains me to see she will probably not get an education, papers ect… I would adopt her in a heart beat. And make sure she gets all the love, education and a great opportunity to succeed and be happy in life. Such a bright beautiful little soul w/ heart of an angel. I hope she doesn’t get lost in all the turmoil in her moms upbringing and living situation. Keep up the wonderful work Troy. Youre a terrific man.

  17. Did it again mate . Chau Anh experienced happiness as a child , that makes me feel better that’s I didn’t commented on the videoclip before this one . She actually looked upset for something going on in her innocent mind . But nonetheless thank you bro . 👍🏻👏🙏✌️👋🏻😁❤️.

  18. It’s amazing how a change of scenery can make someone feel so much better even if only for a while your daily stress diminishes nice job troy and donors

  19. That last video was one of your best Troy it shows why we all have to help all our brothers and sisters as if they were actually family members, actually, we need to treat our family members better too. So many times we are self-centered and cant feel the pain of others and that is a character fault I guess… This is probably a byproduct of being an individual and seeing yourself as a separate entity when we are all here together…

  20. What I find strange is that people hardly say “thanks or thank you/ cảm ơn” anymore after they been helped. For the simple things such as buy items or food. People just don’t sit down and be grateful…Think about it. If you were living on the street then all of the sudden you get a donation that gets off your feet temporarily. You would be probably be thinking OMG someone actually cares…every time thinking I need to be appreciative of what I have now that I don’t have before… instead its the idea give me the money (donation) and see you later. Come back and give me more later…I have seen this cycle happen a lot in Vietnam especially with charity work. Perhaps it is, upbringing or maybe manners are a not as important. When you just need to know where your next meal or where to sleep for the night. But, after you are helped, the simple phrase “thanks or thank you/ cảm ơn” should be use more often, in my opinion 😐

  21. Great video, making such a big difference in a young life that otherwise would have little hope. Biggest fear is how they end up surviving without Troy there

  22. I agree this is not an easy task you have undertaken Troy but the more difficult cases are usually the most needy so please stick with it and good luck

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