What’s It Like Being From The Low Castes In India? (Viral Gang-Rape Case) | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. *As a Dalit I want to say i live in urban area.I myself faced so much descrimination bcz of my caste..But the descrimination in urban areas is different from rural areas, for example in rural area they discriminate people direct infront of their face, but here they use different tactics,,i myself got rejected in interview despite having best marks and knowledge,they selected a guy from JAIN category who very hardly knows anything about electrical engineering..And personally biggest problem i faced is descrimination by girls bcz im dalit..since im a gym guy and have nice personality, many girls try to become my frnd but when they know my caste they gradually end frndship with me..And the kind of violence i seen from higher caste people against dalit boy who married or dated higher caste girl was very brutal..so i myself always maintain distance from higher caste girls…I seen in comment section that many higher cast people are saying stop the reservation given to dalits..so hear this facts..we dalits faced discrimination since last 2000 years, we dalits did only slavery from 2000 years and became the poorest community,,more than 90% of Todays dalits live in Slums..u can also see that in video which was shooted in slums..Thats why reservation given to us to get over from this social descrimination and economical condition…If u see data 90% crimes in India committed against poor people bcz they dont have any contacts in society, and all police r controlled by higher caste people, thats why people dont hesitate to do crime against us..if u dont believe this then tell me which businessman or rich family’s girl is Raped (very less cases) and even if it happens they get justice in 100% cases,,but when dalit girl is raped then this all so called police turns against victims family and don’t even register the case…Dalits are 22% of population but 90% rapes committed against Dalit women And the reason is We are Weak. They know that nothing will happen to them…Hope our future generations will not face this problem…But thanks To Mr.Babasaheb Ambedkar bcz of who we can atleast take education…And god give some sanity to these people who abuse us just bcz of we born in so called lower caste..🙏🙏🙏🙏*

  2. Someone said upper castes enjoyed 5000 years of “reservation” but now that the lower castes get to have an advantage for 70 years, they are crying and complaining 😂😂 true brooo

  3. The roots to this travel so deep that we can’t expect a sudden change in the way society perceives the people… but an individual effort can certainly be made… All we got to do is; look at each other as just a human being…

  4. I don’t think it is that much prevalent in urban or metropolitan areas especially in young generation. I can’t say the same thing about the old generation as most of them migrated from rular areas to urban areas and cities . As they were raised in villages where people prefer to live in their caste/ community groups, it becomes highly difficult to eradicate this system.

    But still there are many political parties which focuses only one group of people / caste for their votes which makes it even more difficult to eradicate it.

    I saw some people here commenting to end this system. I mean yeah it should end…… It’s not like that it is any offical law….. Caste based discrimination is extremely prohibited by the Constitution.
    But the problem is that even though it is banned, you can’t just change the mindset of the people , it will take time.

    I myself belong to OBC category ( other backward classes) ,though most of them
    are now socially, economically and politically strong. I shouldn’t be saying this and never felt the need to say but most of my friends belong to both upper caste and lower caste categories. Caste was never a barrier between our friendship.

    caste will slowly fade way as soon as indians becomes more educated and more metropolitan,

    Now socio economic factors are playing major role in deciding one’s position in the society.

    But still one can’t deny that caste plays a major role in marriages (though most of time it’s not a problem if you are economically strong and self sufficient). People tend to marry within their own castes. That’s why government and judiciary is promoting more and more
    Inter-caste marriages.

  5. I think we need to take this reservation for some time to remove this caste system ,I will have some problem in getting examination but I guess it should be in use for the improvement of dalit bro

  6. 4:05 having that said… it is so much worse for women. I really hope one day they can move forward from the caste stigmas. Every nations has some class conflict, but it should at least pass this.

  7. In Tamilnadu ,
    We dropped the caste based surnames
    It’s one of the revolutionary moves by the Dravidian movement.

    Surnames give away one’s caste
    The moment you hear the caste based surname – discrimination starts

    So the least Indians can do is start using father’s or mother’s names as surnames

    Even( most )brahmins from TN don’t use caste based surnames , some Casteist ones stick to surnames like iyer or iyengar

    But ,
    If you notice the prominent people from TN – you can see the trend

    Ex :
    MS . Subbulaxmi – Madurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi

    K. Sivan ( ISRO ) – kailasavadivu Sivan

    J. Jayalalitha ( former CM ) – Jayaram Jayalalitha

    Vidya Balan

    R. Madhavan – Ranganathan Madhavan

    Most of them use no surnames or father’s name as surname !

  8. When I was studying in bondamunda,rourkela of odissa I haven’t seen any discrimination ,I had several SC(schedule caste,several lower caste including dalits),ST(schedule tribes, people belonging to the family of some tribal groups like Santhali) and OBC(other backward castes), I also had many Christian friends, and I can say that a bit of caste discrimination exist in boomer’s or older generations but in millennial’s or my present generation it’s completely gone.
    This is for my Odisha,rourkela but I don’t know about UP’s hatraas(where that incident took place) and Maharashtra’s Mumbai(where this interview is happening)

  9. Majority of the points in upper videos were exaggerated. Also the reverse discrimination faced by Upper caste far exceeds the lower caste. Reservation system 50% of the seats are reserved for so called lower caste. They can get jobs, University admission by scoring 60% while we can’t get it at 90%.
    To make matter worse reservation is also extended to promotion. My father started his job in 1995. His colleagues from Sc/St category got promotion every 3-4 years and now atleast 2- 3 posts above him, while my father who will retire in 2023 got promotion only 3 times in his lifetime. And FYI promotion in government job has nothing to do with merit only seniority. So how come my father who was of same batch of his SC/ST mates didn’t get promoted as easily as them. My family/Me are/am someone who havr never discrimated with anyone then how is it fair for us to be discriminated.
    Only thing i agree with is there is lot of inequalities between higher caste and lower caste but it doesn’t mean all higher caste are rich as AF. Remember majority of India is poor regardless of caste. The video tries to show Upper caste eat in gold utensils while in reality majority of upper caste like majority of India can’t even afford food on their own without government subsidies.

  10. Even though I do fond of India, I do aware of such thing still do exist nowadays. In Indonesia here, there are Indian comunities as well, and one of the friends I have from there did confirm something like this. It is sad really, some people still stick to such caste…

  11. Ok asian boss. When i will pass my 10th standard with 60 to 70 percent pay my extra admission fees for college . Huh!! Even if lower caste people get 50 or 60 percent they get admission in thier favourite college and we struggle for it and as for myself i think this is unfair and when making kind of news like this cover all the points of both lower and high caste people and then post it. Dumb news.

  12. Continuing after-effects of colonization looting and and poverty artificially imposed on India. Always a land where the learned were the poorest while the artisans and workers had reasonable means of sustenance. Unfortunately cases like those are a reality even now, though constitution and political power has minimised those to a large extent.
    Outsiders just fail to realise the strides in agressive affirmative action that India has managed in just seventy years, and also how many millions have been pushed into the middle classes from abject poverty. Our maid, cleaner, cobbler’s and cook’s kids are all doing higher studies in engineering and other vocations.
    Nation of 1.4 billion, with Maharashtra having 125 million people. It takes time. Enough said.

  13. As a Brahmin I wanna say that the “ so called “ privilege is given to only the lower caste people
    For example, my mom gave an exam for government job when she was 23 and scored 80 out-off 100 but still didn’t got selected because she belongs to upper caste and in upper caste you need to score above 90 in a 100 marks paper to get some results whereas for lower caste if they scored 50 or 60 in a 100 marks paper they are selected . I wanna be a doctor and my mom says that I should study for 8 hours a day after school to pass neet exam and I have a friend who belongs to lower caste so I asked my mom that mom my friend also wants to be a doctor , so we can stay together everywhere but she never studies this long, then my mom replied that even if she scores lower marks than you she still be a topper and if you score more than her you still be a loser because of reservation we all upper caste people are dying we are working so hard just to get rejected by the colleges and universities so that they can let the people take admissions who didn’t even tried as hard as us.
    And caste system is mainly seen in villages and places where uneducated live rest of in the cities you can see that caste and religion is just a name . I have been to many villages where Hindus where not allowed to eat with Muslims and Muslims were not allowed to eat with Hindus but here I live in city and we even exchange our tiffins/ dinner / lunch .
    There has been a caste division from past based on the our you do (your work/ job ) like [Brahmans were said that they are the superior because they had the capability to learn about almost anything and they had immense knowledge which now a days someone rarely could have, so they became teachers who taught the people back at that time ]
    [ Kshatriyas are the second one and they were upper caste because they had immense physical power and mostly Kshatriya were the rulers not any other caste]
    [ vaishya were third and middle caste because they did trading business and mostly viewed the Kshatriya as they king as of course they were rulers and they considered Brahmans as superior because they respected them and their knowledge]
    [ shudras were considered as lower than the rest because they were involved in cleaning and working as a home worker they took this as their priority this what they liked to do and as we all as home workers or cleaners so this is why they were treated a little different ]
    [ Ati – shudra( dalit) were treated most differently in the past because they used to be dirty and unclean most of the times they this is why they were not allowed to enter the temples or any holy place because there’s a rule that we should be clean while entering the holy places ]
    Like I said I am a Brahmin but my dad is not a pandit who only learns vedas or puranas he is a business man / trader which is Morton the work for Vaishyas but still he is doing this so now it doesn’t matter that much how it was in past.
    The rape case people are talking about took place in harthras the most backword area in Uttar Pradesh and so due to the lack of education and manners + discipline the boys of upper caste raped her . Not only this in Hyderabad Dr. Priyanka Reddy who belonged to upper caste was raped to 5 boys of lower caste who were encountered the same day and another case the most famous case in India till now NIRBHAYA CASE took place in Delhi in which a girl JYOTI SINGH who was a Kshatriya BELONGED TO UPPER CASTE was raped and murdered by six man out of them 3 were of lower caste and 3 were of upper caste raped her .
    Caste discrimination in India happens because of LACK OF EDUCATION
    Now I will never be proud to say that I am an INDIAN

  14. In school when we were first taught about caste system it sounded so illogical and baseless. The worst part is some people still believe in it. If caste system is our “tradition” then we need better traditions.

  15. Only the villages still hold such believes but i think it is no where to be seen among youth and among well educated ones…
    I have many friends among the lower casts and i honestly dont care about caste and i have never seen him face any of the discrimination,
    And i have seen them comparing it to Black lives matter, all forgien friends it is not that severe in india as in america so just keep it on mind before judging the whole country

  16. As a Brahmin I wanna say that the “ so called “ privilege is given to only the lower caste people
    For example, my mom gave an exam for government job when she was 23 and scored 80 out-off 100 but still didn’t got selected because she belongs to upper caste and in upper caste you need to score above 90 in a 100 marks paper to get some results whereas for lower caste if they scored 50 or 60 in a 100 marks paper they are selected . I wanna be a doctor and my mom says that I should study for 8 hours a day after school to pass neet exam and I have a friend who belongs to lower caste so I asked my mom that mom my friend also wants to be a doctor , so we can stay together everywhere but she never studies this long, then my mom replied that even if she scores lower marks than you she still be a topper and if you score more than her you still be a loser because of reservation we all upper caste people are dying we are working so hard just to get rejected by the colleges and universities so that they can let the people take admissions who didn’t even tried as hard as us.
    And caste system is mainly seen in villages and places where uneducated live rest of in the cities you can see that caste and religion is just a name . I have been to many villages where Hindus where not allowed to eat with Muslims and Muslims were not allowed to eat with Hindus but here I live in city and we even exchange our tiffins/ dinner / lunch .
    There has been a caste division from past based on the our you do (your work/ job ) like [Brahmans were said that they are the superior because they had the capability to learn about almost anything and they had immense knowledge which now a days someone rarely could have, so they became teachers who taught the people back at that time ]
    [ Kshatriyas are the second one and they were upper caste because they had immense physical power and mostly Kshatriya were the rulers not any other caste]
    [ vaishya were third and middle caste because they did trading business and mostly viewed the Kshatriya as they king as of course they were rulers and they considered Brahmans as superior because they respected them and their knowledge]
    [ shudras were considered as lower than the rest because they were involved in cleaning and working as a home worker they took this as their priority this what they liked to do and as we all as home workers or cleaners so this is why they were treated a little different ]
    [ Ati – shudra( dalit) were treated most differently in the past because they used to be dirty and unclean most of the times they this is why they were not allowed to enter the temples or any holy place because there’s a rule that we should be clean while entering the holy places ]
    Like I said I am a Brahmin but my dad is not a pandit who only learns vedas or puranas he is a business man / trader which is Morton the work for Vaishyas but still he is doing this so now it doesn’t matter that much how it was in past.
    The rape case people are talking about took place in harthras the most backword area in Uttar Pradesh and so due to the lack of education and manners + discipline the boys of upper caste raped her . Not only this in Hyderabad Dr. Priyanka Reddy who belonged to upper caste was raped to 5 boys of lower caste who were encountered the same day and another case the most famous case in India till now NIRBHAYA CASE took place in Delhi in which a girl JYOTI SINGH who was a Kshatriya BELONGED TO UPPER CASTE was raped and murdered by six man out of them 3 were of lower caste and 3 were of upper caste raped her .
    Caste discrimination in India happens because of LACK OF EDUCATION
    Now I will never be proud to say that I am an INDIAN

  17. When i was in school i thought that caste system dont exist anymore because my grandma used to treat everyone equally but when i started growing up and noticed how my Grandfather used to ask my friend’s surname and judge them on basis of it and allowed to visit their home for a limited time (i don’t have a father and we live with my grandparents) according to their caste i realised how it’s still deeply affect life of soo many people.Since I belong to a brahman family i never really faced anything like that but a lot of people judge others on the basis of their caste. The least we could do is teach little children that everyone is equal and we should treat them according to their deeds or behavior not caste gender colour or religion.

  18. Disgusting 😤
    Caste system is really disgusting!

    “If Dalits went near the temple and listen to the chant, the upper castes would pour hot molten lead in their ears as punishment. . .”


  20. Dan Anda bisa lihat komentar-komentar di bawah. Enggak pernah berubah, orang-orang India selalu melakukan pembelaan diri terhadap negaranya, meskipun salah. Cinta tanah air yg berlebihan sampai berpikiran sempit.

  21. Yes caste system exist in india!! But that doesn’t mean whole India follow caste system it in some parts or in some backward region it’s followed.. U can’t judge whole india on basic of this.

  22. So much misguidance
    Yes cast system exist but our religion don’t teach us this ur not good or bad by ur cast but by ur action
    Brahmin shudra kshatriya vaishya is varnas which in ancient time used for social structure whoever use to to ceremonial things called Brahmin who was fighter soldier called kshatriya and shudras who do normol work and vaishya r traders
    But later many people started thinking that their cast makes them great
    Yes cast system should banned
    But do u know SC st obc people get reservation’s in jobs and clg
    I’m from obc but never used my cast i alaways get admission from general category it should be on based on their financial situation not cast though I’m not rich myself the person who wrote our constitution was also dalit and this people have free education and all reservations

    Another thing is people r blaming religion it’s not the truth
    Meanwhile Muslims have Shia Sunni ahemadiya Bohra cast
    Christian have Roman Catholic Protestants they have different churches and mosques for this
    But Hindu temples r open for everyone
    I’m not denying the fact that their is a social problem but don’t target our religion Evey country have their own different problems
    Btw i have friends from all religions and cast I eat at their home never think about each others cast or religion

  23. Hahaha 😂, don’t tell your audience that people from these so called low casts are present Prime Minister & President of India.
    I don’t know who funds your propoganda campaign but india is now uniting & understanding how agendas are implanted in the minds of people.

  24. To those saying this incident is about gender violence and not caste, this is clearly steeped in gender, caste and class. Poor women from lower castes are the most vulnerable in Indian society. All women feel unsafe, but social status, education and more money makes you safer. You’re less likely to be attacked by a stranger if you have a secure home, car, socially acceptable man, etc.

  25. All these OPPRESSORS in the comments talking like “you need to hear from the other side”.. NO. WE DON’T. NO ONE NEEDS TO HERE FROM ABUSERS! END YOUR WICKED WAYS OR you’ll PAY!!

  26. I am ashamed of my country and there is still a lot of exploitation going on in the name of caste and religion.
    All the states in India should follow the example of my state Kerala.

  27. Seems like building democracy in India still has a long way to go. I reckon the day Caste System comes to an end marks the beginning of true democracy in India. Best wishes. Peace❤

  28. If rich people in the west buy their way out of a rape charge it’s similar. Or if a judge were to say “so much potential” to grant a lenient sentence.

    Feudalism got smarter it hasn’t left.

    The comments are all so shocked that this happens in India… this is a part of human nature.

  29. I still have friends who take pride of being an upper caste and wish to marry in Same cast and says it’s because my parents won’t agree or else i am very open minded and write paragraphs on social media how cast system does not exist on 21st century…🤦

  30. *Asian boss can you interview in India about atheism and theism…. I know that most people are theists. . But I want to know what they think about that*

  31. during my school early 2000 we have no idea about caste etc but bow even youngsters talking about that ..in those days ppl won’t talk in either public nor social media…but recently it seems frequent bcz of 🙄economy and internet boom which make them to think back when lack of money ppl focus on there development only…..! mainly social media which make the castem return back to metropolitan areas. recently

  32. I am from India, not an Upper Caste and I learnt about Casteism only after I graduated because of reservations until then I had no idea that it existed. What Non-Indians don’t realise is ‘not having’ a caste system is not that simple as they think. Caste is like a Race. Caste System is akin to Race System in the New World. Racism exists because Races exist so does Casteism until Castes exist. Even if Government abolishes the system everyone knows their Caste, Casteism and Casteo-Racism is going nowhere.
    If you want Racism to stop, would you end the Race System? You can’t! It’s just stupid. Rather Casteism or Racism should be discouraged and people properly enlightened as generations pass by it will eventually decrease but will not be eradicated because it’s just not possible or maybe it will one day.

  33. This caste its like they dont have any hope of being better in the future. And they should find another country who can accept them without looking at their caste.

  34. I know cast system is a bed thing in India……not only in villages but even every where and also ifthey got a good jobs they even doesn’t treat everyone well…..and also cast system making us devide and even in governments
    But, yeah new generation more open with everything and we think we focus more on make our country better
    With every religion and every cast🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Indian

  35. I am Indian and I don’t like caste system mainly because of jobs .govt won’t give us jobs based on our skills it’s based on castes .For example I am taking test for police job and for higher caste guy we should get 75/100 and for lower caste guy 40/100 .caste system sucks👎👎

  36. Yes problem does exist 100 agree, as an Indian youth I never discrimined anyone, people also discriminated against me, I am upper caste. Because I have dark skin. Caste system does exist in india, I watched it with my eyes, how we treat dailts. I will teach my children never to discriminate against lower caste people. Social injustice is everywhere but you cannot target one country that you always do and your simple and easy target is india. Fair enough

  37. The jobs sc class people used to do were mostly sanitation jobs this made them more prone to various diseases and they were poor so maintaining sanitation was a big task so the lower class people used to catch more diseases than other class people that’s why the upper class maintained distance from lower class but the scenario in today’s urban area is opposite we get and gather with all class people but in rural areas still less than 60% people follow this our government and education system is trying to break this division among indians today in many urban area sanitation works are done by machineries but in rural areas sc people are forced to do those works which are nasty and dangerous its a natural reflux in humans to maintain distance from such things and with people do such things what wrong is we can’t force a person who belongs to lower class and want to achieve big but has to do sanitation jobs

  38. Here’s some irony: if any of them could just get to the US, they would immediately become honorary whites, and get treated better than people who have been fighting for equality for 400 yrs.

  39. You know what there are some shitty people out there who still talk about cast system and there was one of my classmate who was proud of being a Kshatriya and once she asked me which caste you belong to and my parents never talked about caste system she asked my surname then she told me I am OBC 😂 I can’t image that there are people who are proud of being a upper caste person and in today’s world nobody is gonna feed u if u r a bramhin or whatever

  40. As a middle class Indian i would say caste system still exists in some rural areas and it’s very similar to Discrimination based on skin in west but it’s declining rapidly in rural areas too i hope we will finish this completely 😃

  41. What about reservations for lower class people in schools and colleges even if they secure 40percent marks they will get seat for good courses but if general people scored 80 percent they won’t get seat.

  42. Asian boss, highly disappointed. You don’t even know what the topic is, this is just a biased interview. Its all politics, and there was no caste system in ancient india. When Britishers occupied india they introduced this system, that is there divide and rule policy. Politicians today do this before elections to win Favours. Before also, you Potrayed a topic wrongly, when you were talking about kashmir. Rape can happen to anyone be a boy or a girl. Its because of the mentality. Not because of caste. In india lower castes have more power than middle or upper class. Highly disappointed. Stop spreading wrong news and making people think wrongly of us. I am just seeing whole comment box full of negative comments towards india. Makes me feel sad. You need to study the history about india.

  43. It’s surprising how this stuff still Exists in a city like Mumbai, I’m from Rajasthan and I’ll be attending my “Lower Caste” friends’ wedding being a Brahmin. My friends Never faced any discrimination from my side or vice versa.

  44. I have no problem with the reservation system
    It is necessary to uplift the people
    But what is the meaning of other backward classes (obc)
    My friends of obc in medical College are far more rich and even educated in the expensive private schools and coaching center like Allen then a person from general category like me who couldn’t even go to Allen because of high fees
    Why are they given reservation
    And every year government keeps putting more caste in reservation
    Obc people neve face caste system in any temple or other places
    There is no point in giving them reservation other than for politicians to increase their vote bank

  45. thankyou sooo much for this video
    I really wanted the rapes and caste system of india to be drawn to the media because obviously the media of india is not doing much about this and has been concentrating on the death case of the famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput
    it actually annoyed me and I have been praying for the people of my country
    for the women who are going through this because thousands of women in india are getting raped everyday and at the end the people blame them because of what they wear which OBVIOUSLY shouldnt be that way

    it just saddens me to hear different cases everyday but nothing changes


  46. I totally support the reservation system.. like upper caste had discriminated from so many years taht lower castes needed a system to get them up.. or even today you’d see brahmins at the top and dalits at the bottom.. it was most needed till 2000s but when we hear these incidents it becomes clear that people haven’t stopped discriminating so ig the reservation should be kept.. till the time all the lower cast people get to good position in every field and new generations are educated not to discriminate it must be there.. if high caste people feel that reservation are an injustice to them then I’d say your older generations did the same to dalits.. let this thing sink in you and till the time caste is not discriminated the reservation won’t go

  47. It’s the 20th. Century …this caste system should be erased…each and everyone has the same chance to getting their life better! education education what have you done to the human being? Enlightenment does not exist but injustice…may this people be given chance to be the same as the rest of the people in that country!!!

  48. The caste system is ridiculous and should not be promoted but the people from the lowest cast need to understand that it’s not okay to forcefully come to an orthodox family reunion and ruin it (it happens a lot like A LOT where I live) . If they want the caste system to end they need to get educated. There’s no compulsory need to get into crazy expensive schools but they need to get some type of education. I am friends wity many and even they accept the fact that they tell lies about theur surnames and caste , gods knows why they do so. But to get an equal state both the lower caste and the other castes need to join hands.

  49. as a Brahmin and what they would consider as “upper-class” I understand my privileges in the Indian society. I am thankful for many things but at the same time I really really hope this caste system would come to an end. Some boomers in my family still discriminate against the “lower-classes” and it’s so painful to watch. We shld rlly stop categorising ourselves. We all have the same two eyes. the same mouth. the same two ears. the same nose. we’re all humans, we do we categorise ourselves like this? I hope our new generation will put an end to this.

    Edit: If you’re of an “upper-class” like me, check your privileges. If you see discrimination towards anyone, speak up. Defend them, that’s how you can help. Keep your castes aside, learn to look at each other as humans.

  50. ( Pinhole camera video ) Recommend: Implement identity card (IC) register to purchase, and every pinhole camera should have their identity serial number so that the owner will use carefully as he need to bear consequences and responsibilities if his pinhole camera lend to others or get lose

  51. India looks all gold on outside but is in fact a hollow from inside. Corrupt government, inflation, wicked politicians, money hungry officers and backward thinking of most of the people has made the country collapse. I stay in Mumbai and to tell you I don’t even feel safe when I step out because there are soo many men watching and giving those disgusting looks. Imagine what women must be going through in rural and suburban areas. Due to this caste system students which fall in open category like me already suffer in each and every field in India.

  52. India has now become the most unsafe country for women. Rape & murder cases are increasing day by day. No matter her caste, religion or age of a girl and her clothes all womens & girls are unsafe here. Most of the cases are happened in Uttar Pradesh where women still have less freedom they still discriminate lower caste. I am from a lower caste living in Mumbai. Many of my friends are from upper caste and my best friend is Brahim but I never experienced any discrimination. We have a good family relationship. This caste discrimination is very low in Maharashtra as compare to other states.

  53. India is country who follows the constitution written by a Dalit, the current president he himself is Dalit, the rape case was in Uttar Pradesh but the interview was taken 1300km away in Maharashtra, where is the sense of proportion there!? There are around 131 Dalit MPs in Indian parliament, this video is misleading and defaming India, not all of it is true and the current youth of India does not support racial superiority in any kind so you should also look the story from other side. Next video you should make on reservation how student are not getting colleges despite scoring 95% and above.

  54. I can feel the sadness and anger and frustration in the girl with glasses. What year is it? Why does this still exist? It’s deplorable to think of others as lower than you. Shame on the Upper caste people who still practice this.

  55. Okay let me clear few things here.

    I am a dalit from a middle class family. Historically dalits were denied land so after independence when the country progressed they had neither money nor land. Upper caste people had land which they used for businesses and industries. Dalits were also denied education so people could not move forward in social structure.

    But after independence with public schools and right to education lower caste can be educated and get govt jobs through reservation. This was the way my own family moved forward in social structure. I live in urban area but still cannot disclose my caste to other people because they would treat me differently. I can imagine how lower castes can be discriminated in rural areas. Even after reaching influential positions you are treated differently. So caste discrimination is a reality in india.

  56. Indian society is based on cast and the cast is created by some groups of antisocial elements, creations of cast means ruled over majority, now the Indian cast system is becoming global problem……..

  57. Colleges have reserved seats for lower cast people and there are government jobs reserved only for lower cast people in their exams and to get these seats filled they make cutoffs like 20-30% for lower cast whereas upper cast have to get above 90% for remaining seats
    And they don’t give unfilled reserved seats to upper cast even if they have 85%
    Now government keeps lower cast people unskilled and tell them that this is because of cast system and keep maintaining conflict between upper and lower cast people for political benefitts

  58. Lmao I am not joking my father says caste system is a very logical system. I swear these right wingers are taking India backwards with such mentality.

  59. In India the cast play a vital role in people’s life . Due to cast the lower cast people suffering a lot . They get discrimination in every field due to cast. Till today there are untouchable in every field of there life. They are compel to remain backwards in socially, educationally, religiously, politically etc… but a new wave is going on that upper cast people’s doing propaganda continously that the demerit people of low cast getting facilities in the name of qota . But actually it is not like that. The meritious people of lower cast getting the facility very little . And its giving the name of qota. Actually thing is that the lower cast people doesn’t get any equal facility in all sectors. Till today the dalit (lower cast) are struggling for there basic needs .

  60. Actually where I study yeah I’m a high school student .so my whole class looks down on me because I belong to the tribal community actually they don’t know I’m tribal but even my social science teacher says such words that I can’t bear and it really hurts me how ppl look down on us .if someone is behaving bad or very disgusting they would often say why are you behaving like adivasis(the caste im from).and even more happened when we went to buy a new home we actually liked it alot and were had the money to buy it but the owner asked outlr caste and when we told him he said we don’t give houses to low castes.that was really heartbreaking.

  61. I read comments below and I like to tell you,the person who maded the constitution of India is a lower caste untouchable Dr.bheem rao ambedkar and I am also a dalit but in my region there is no discrimination,caste system exists in india because the castes in past who didn’t enjoy equal rights as upper cast So goverment given them more chances of getting job so their condition will be good in future. There are too many dalit living good life but in rural areas you can find discrimination and upper caste suppression of lower caste but these type things only happens in some parts of India that’s why protests are happening

  62. Why so biased Asian boss, why don’t you get an interview of upper cast people and ask them how rich they are after being denied admission in colleges even after having better grades than lower cast, and many privileges we have when we can’t buy any lower cast persons land but they can buy upper cast people land etc. There is discrimination for both sides.

  63. Can someone explain caste mobility? I heard it before but it’s pretty complicated and bend towards dragging more down to lower caste, pretty interesting.

  64. Imagine you are considered as Dalit in India. Then you play Binomo overnight and get $1 million..

    You can buy luxury goods, houses, or even lands.. As long as you get rich by yourself, the caste system dont really affect you.

    The power of Money

  65. Casteism, racism and colorism are still extremely prevalent and people are still affected by it. Upper class Indians will still pretend they don’t though.

  66. Casteism and discrimination against women still existes here😢…one thing my aunt ‘s husband was died , he always alcoholic and always beats my aunt but my aunt kept him due to relative pressure and cant get divorce and also she supported her husband ( maybe soceity brainwashed her ,that there should be male in house,dominating figure, married man with woman gets respect in soceity)…also after all her dark past with him, she took care of him at his terminal stage ,finally he passed away,do you what soceity made her do ???? Isolation at home for 4 months, should not meet anyone…even i m from City ,I m shocked seeing those customs😭😭😭

  67. In India upper Class wants to end the reservation but not caste system and lower Class wants to end the caste system not reservation. And will u say when the title of your name determines your caste (here people will not that much concern about your name as they used to concern about the title of your name).
    More thing is that reservation is never the part of caste system it’s basically a scheme in which government for the upgrowth and equality for those people who are very much behind the development and in social activites of the country introduced it unfortunately and obsiously under this category mainly people from lower Class come and when you will go with Indian history it is highly disappointing ……😟 to know about their livelihood in those era people used to blaim British era but only that was the part of Indian.
    history in which they didn’t discriminate on the basis of social Class and status .
    And the last thing is that caste system and religion used to flow in the veins of Indians irrespective of your religion if you are hindu , muslim , christian , buddhist etc. For any thing even for a job or for education you must lie under reservation and for reservation caste is mandatory because only this can determine your social status irrespective of even you are from upper Class but poor there isn’t any kind of reservation for u and this implies for lower class as well that is even u are very rich and there’s not need for it but still u will get it .so the thing is that it is that much common in India that 90percent people even doesn’t mind it the issue it only rises when it comes for job or social status otherwise no one concern for it .. so the people who are saying that this kind of thing doesn’t happen in their part of India please don’t listen to them.they are fooling 🤥.

  68. Shame on such narrow mentality of people and all the political parties who are greedy for votes but do nothing for the convenience, equality and the justice of the people . How can we be a democratic and secular nation if the government bodies themselves are oppressing the opinions, education and voice of it’s own citizens, not only the dalit community but of all communities who want to live in a better India . We need a change and we are all into this together! Thank you so much Asian Boss to giving the voiceless a stage to speak up!

  69. The caste system have always been just an artificial construct designed by those in power to keep others down, so they can stay in power. In a way, it much worst than slavery or racial discrimination. By the statistic, there are probably rape happens there everyday perpetrated by man from higher caste done to those in lower caste, because by their recognizing, the victims deserves it, it’s their fate from birth afterall for being born into a lower caste.

  70. Such a biased interview, showing whole india as bad when caste based discrimination is non existent in cities and is decreasing in rural areas too. President of India is a Schedule caste( Dalit) and Prime minister himself is from backward caste ,but these idiots are spreading lies.

  71. People from”upper caste”who are defending in this comment section please stop…you look highly ignorant…what is your problem??!!
    Just that dalits have reservations in colleges and for jobs and there is just a chance that a little more capable might get ignored..
    Is this problem bigger than what the social injustice dalits are facing…??!!
    And there is no need to reply me…I don’t want any negativity…and I know this might be a rare problem in cities but people living in towns and rural area still face discrimination…so just stfu…

  72. In India
    Lower caste discriminated by upper caste, BUT
    Upper caste is discriminated by government
    Government provide lot of benefits to lower caste. I know discrimination is wrong and I am also against of it .

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  74. What about reservations by government which doesn’t give admission to poor upper cast but gives admission to rich lower cast even if upper cast person has far much better grades than that lower cast person

  75. So almost all north eastern states are dalit cause majority are Christains and Bhuddist ?😂. But yes … I can proudly say that our Hindu brothers and sisters in NER do not have caste based discrimination to us or among themselves❤️ .

  76. The worst thing about this scenario is that we can see this type of division everywhere, but in a more subtle way. Capitalism makes it easier for this kind of division by class to happen. Rich people only exist because they feed from the work of thousands of poor people who are immensely underpaid. This system only works when there are people to explore. So if you think that the reality seen in India is much different from the life on your country, you should definitely check the social inequality that surrounds ALL of us.

  77. Well I don’t see it that much in town
    areas in rural areas it’s aproblem yes
    but there are also things like reservation based on caste system
    which you should address .There
    is never a single aspect of a coin

  78. I’d be lying if I said i dont see caste system still in indian society. My family is adamant about which caste we can marry to and my parents even ask me which caste my friends are. If a repair man like a plumber or an electrician comes to our home he is always asked his caste (ever so casually) but it is obvious why they want to know about that. If an untouchable entered our house then the house will cleaned totally. People don’t even see lower caste people with basic respect.

  79. From what i knew. Caste system was created to balance and stability human social. To make sure people knew their work and duty as a human. Every caste have their own duty in their society.
    Example a warrior or soldier his duty to protect his country from any enemy, a king lead his people and make sure his country in the peace.
    If people against their hierachy the society will into chaos and collapse. Example a bussinessman cannot lead the country because he not have any knowledge about political stuff.
    Unfortunately the real reason behind the hierachy was forgetten by people. Instead they manipulate the hierachy to discriminate and looking down other people.
    I am muslim malaysian

  80. Every coin has two sides…try to interview upper caste people. There are also incidents in India where upper caste also faced physical and sexual assault by so called dalits (incident happened in kopardi , Maharashtra where upper caste girl raped and later murdered by group of dalit youngsters.This incident didn’t come into light only because victim belongs to upper caste, And the worst part is Dalit assilants are roaming shamelessly hiding behind an atrocity act without feeling any guilt for their nonhuman doings.)Besides these there are cases where dalits using atrocity act allegedly against upper caste people, even if upper caste is being assaulted. This atrocity act needs to be revised.

  81. The father of the Indian constitution is a Dalit Dr.B.R.Ambedkar if upper castes didn’t respect lower castes or Dalits then they would have never adopted it !

  82. Caste system exists in villages but the guy who said he wasn’t getting a promotion because he belonged to lower caste just made me laugh 😂😂😂 they’ve had it so easy everytime, in all the competive exams there’s reservation and they take up seats of much more capable aspirants, leading to suicide of that upper caste child, why is no one not talking about that????

  83. I see a lot of people talking about how sad all this is, but let’s talk about how we can change our attitude towards it and what we can do for it.

  84. Fun fact : The person who abolished caste system Dr. B.R.Ambedkar his name ambedkar was given too him by his upper caste brahmin teacher Ambedkar ! The very first people to stand up against this system were upper castes too ! Make fair videos from both sides

  85. I would request people to not bring reservation system topic here…
    Crime is crime
    It could have occur to our own sisters but the fact people use caste to abuse is disgusting..

    And also we Indians ourselves condemn such crimes …there was such outrage..but whenever some forieng media covers it ..people suddenly become protective …
    Please don’t do this.
    please acknowledge that just becoz it doesn’t happen that much in cities does not mean it doesn’t exist.
    In cities people don’t care about their caste unless asked in documents.
    And caste system was originally just categorization based on profession but it’s norm to abuse power by powerful so it became rigid.

  86. I don’t want to sound ethnocentric but this sounds like a thousand year’s old institutionalized prejudice. it is really unfair that someone is treated different and might have no chances in life just because of a system so old.

  87. The issue of caste system is much more complicated. That caste is determined by birth is rather a loose definition of the phenomenon. The first question one should ask is, why would a population with any sense agree to align itself with such a rigid hierarchy? It did not happen overnight. It did not happen by command. It also did not happen by design, at least not in its early stages. No book, or any single individual, community, organisation or ruler of any sort could have enforced such a harsh and unjust system wherein a large number of people would be left in disadvantageous positions.

    Let’s begin with Varna system, the four classes or broad categories of castes that were discussed in this video – Brahmans, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. There was a fifth category – the untouchables.
    If one considers the functions of each of these categories, one will realise that this is a worldwide phenomenon.
    Brahmans belonged to the intellectual class. They influenced policy decisions, education, religious structures, literature, etc.
    Kshatriyas ranged from soldiers to kings – everybody who physically participated in defence, aggresion and ruling activities on behalf of the state belonged to this category.
    Vaishyas – traders and businessmen belonged to this category.
    Shudras – the working class. These were regular people who indulged in various professions.
    The untouchables – people who did not belong to either of these four categories; who had to perform those kinds of works that were considered lowly (cleaning the streets, disposing off animal carcasses, etc.)

    Each category enjoyed its own set of privileges (the untouchables presumably would have the least or no privileges) and had to put up with different kinds of restrictions.

    Compare it to modern times and we still have these categories all over the world.
    You have the intellectual class, you have the ruling and/or warrior class, you have the business class, you have the working class. You also have dirt poor people performing all kinds of work for their livelihoods that most regular people will never imagine of doing.
    The castes were originally professions. Caste communities were lobbies. We still have them (By we I mean the world). Whichever lobby was stronger, enjoyed a greater influence in a given society’s hierarchical structure. With changing times, technological advancements, market cycles, different castes enjoyed higher statuses at different times.
    The caste system, hence, was fluid in its initial stages. Your profession became your caste, your lobby became your community – because of lifestyle similarities.
    Two phenomenons made the caste system rigid over time. The first was nepotism. They did not internet back then to explore career options, neither were there academies for each and every kind of profession out there. So fathers taught their sons about their work and the professional skills were passed on over generations within the same family. It gradually became a rule that one should stick to one’s own traditional profession since that seemed to work for the economy at large. People’s occupations became their identity.
    Within their own profession based lobby hierarchies, everybody wanted to secure a higher position so that they could enjoy more privileges. So everybody was after building strong bonds within their own communities. This led to kids being married off within the same communities.

    So, nepotism and marriages within lobby members became the norm and the system became more and more rigid over time.

    Still, the entry and exit opportunities were not entirely dealt away with, as such references can be found in ancient epics as well as in biographies of saints such as Sant Tukaram etc. These opportunities became rarer though. Yet, depending on economical cycles and technological advancements, positions within the hierarchies could still change for a long time.

    This stopped after the British conducted a caste based census for the first time in India. As a result of this, caste based hierarchies at the time were set as permanent. What we have today is the result of that.

    Indian society was smart enough to identify how the lobby systems worked. The society was also foolish enough to think that it worked for the better. Lobby systems are seldom good. Anyway, this is how the caste system emerged over a really long period. India today has two caste systems, one is as functional as it is in the rest of the world, and thankfully remains officially unrecognised. The other system is outdated and needs to be done away with, but for that to happen, the society needs to participate much more enthusiastically and in the right direction.

  88. Make a fair video on what upper castes think about this ! and make a video on the struggles of being a so called upper caste middle class student who is struggling to get an admission in clgs and trying to get a job ! Make a video on reservations and how the upper castes which are actually just normal middle class citizens have no other option but to go abroad bcos their merit has no importance in their own society bcos reservations are given to lower castes since the last 70 years to uplift them !
    Btw fun fact the houses of brahmins the highest caste were burned bcos gandhi was killed by a brahmin and the upper castes were poor but no effort was put in uplifting them !

  89. there is even a weird thing in our education system. this video may be from undeveloped areas and these problems do exist but in developed areas, it’s totally reverse. like in education and government exams, lower cast people need the least marks possible to pass the exams, and the higher cast people need to acquire more than half. like if an exam is for 100 marks, lower cast people need to acquire like 25 to pass, mid cast ppl need 40 and upper caste like 60 to pass.

    With this kind of system, a lower cast family which is well educated need not much work to be educated and poor upper caste family can’t even afford education. I even have my mates who say “I’m lower caste dude, I can pass the exam with my eyes closed”.

    this caste system went too deep that it even affected the education system. education needs equality but that will never be found in India. of course, Dalits and other lower caste people are facing such problems; but the reality is, the poor are facing more problems other than being poor and there are more Dalits in poor. not only Dalits and low caste people have these problems, but also the upper caste poor have even more problems.

  90. Outside of India I’ve heard people tell it as though the poor caste are content in their condition as some kind of spiritual zen thing. that’s horrible.

  91. I am an indian even i am shocked to see. I am a Dalit too but where i live i never felt any kind of discrimination my best friend is a Brahman so what. In india caste discrimination depends on places. I live in West Bengal. If anyone from west bengal never faced any type of caste discrimination reply or like.

  92. In this age and time, for an outsider like me, I’m actually surprise that systems like this still exists. I only heard of this in history class from when I was in middle school. Thanks asian boss for informing those who are unaware of this issue. The people of this country needs to be heard.

  93. You would think the old customs would begin to die with the older citizens in Asian countries. How sad. How ugly. To hate someone because of how much money they do or don’t have. Smdh. So the people who come from there to the US and open their stores, they treat some of us like garbage because they assume we are the social equivalent of their Dalits? Makes sense now.

  94. All you pressed upper class Indians are forgetting that in nearly every village in India Dalits are considered outcasts and are forced to live on the outskirts and drink from a separate well

    Don’t say it’s just in villages
    Villages make up 60% of India’s population
    Millions of people face discrimination and segregation
    stop bringing up the reservation system just because you don’t benefit from it

  95. All the uppercaste people be commenting on how reservations are there. Even I couldn’t get into medical college because of reservations. Now after years I understood reservations should and will have to be present as long as people couldn’t get caste out of there heads. Like I’ve seen people in uppercaste feel superior most of the times. So y’all need to freaking stop getting reservations into everything as long as the feeling of caste is in your head. ( I just guess this will change after a few generations) . And people complaining about reservations should know that this type of assault to any people is inhumane and they don’t deserve it.
    I just don’t understand the point of getting the reservation card here to this type of assault as it is just plain stupid and ignorant.

  96. I hate this.. watching my fellow brothers and sisters accusing each others for being lower and upper caste 🤦 just gonna say one thing *BOTH SIDES DISCRIMINATE EACH OTHER IN THEIR OWN WAYS* (don’t come after me for this coz en only you haven’t seen it AKA not aware of the other sides doing 🥱) you can’t judge whole caste based on their deeds right? Because not each of em is like that and if we talks about in average yup what I said above is damn true…and trust me for *discrimination you don’t need caste system* 🤷 humans can do that in every aspect/field just look around you more you’ll find more love/hate. they works together side by side just like a coin have do sides… *Which one is your favourite? Choose wisely because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE* 😁

  97. According to this 14% people doing discrimination with 86% population 😂😂😁🤣 it all about propaganda .. in my college admission .. if you belongs to so called uppar caste you need 92% marks if you belongs to so called lower caste 60% marks is enough… Same happen in govt jobs…. A uppar caste student dont able to take admission with 90% in good college while lowercaste easily got admision in any colz with 50-60% marks.. it is not discrimination ??? That reason moatly uppar caste hindu wnet to abroad for study nd job …. In india if any lower caste people if complain About discrimination than that uppr caste people will be under bar without any inquiries .. nd it is no-bell crime .. i don’t think still there is any discrimination in ground level .they only talking about political behalf..they only telling what politics telling him evey time to gain vote

  98. Yes caste system still available in villages mostly . We have one Dalit worker in our mile but we dont discriminate agaist him or his caste and he also come to our house and celebrate our festivals. And about rape case it can happen with any girl not just because of her religion.

  99. lol this is so different from reality dalits and lower castes are given reservations and a lot of lowers castes are on influential positions the current prime minister of India comes from a poorer background too…You should take the interviews of upper castes too infact brahmins the most upper caste are in the middle class section !

    It is more worse than it is shown. I mean it WAS because now there is a little thing known as reservation
    which helps lower castes in many ways BUT still the upper consider the lower caste scum, Yeah it is improving but at a very slow rate. Well History is not my forte but according to the Hindustan Times Caste system came into being in 1500 BC By the Aryans . Though lower caste people still have the same rights as the upper caste right now, But then also you can’t do many things :-
    1. you are allowed to eat or even DRINK in the house of a lower caste
    2. you can’t speak against upper caste
    3. lower caste people will work in the homes of upper caste people and upper caste people will just sit back and relax and are not allowed to work in the homes of lower caste.
    The list is long like you can’t touch them, you can only marry someone of your own caste according to hindu religion.
    lower caste people can get job easily because of reservation
    You know every system has a default but this caste system is total s**t.
    I mean if A PERSON IS OF UPPER CASTE and is financially not good then he will not be provided any concession
    and if A PERSON IS OF LOWER CASTE and is financially good then they will be provided concession.
    I mean people should be provided concession according to financial status because if they are born poor and can’t get anything its not their fault that they are born poor.
    Why are they giving concession according to CASTE .
    The Brahmins don’t even discover or invent anything then also are considered very upwards
    AND I am not going to use sentences like ‘as an INDIAN’
    LOL I don’t care If I belong to anywhere
    I mean at the end we are all human and we can’t be divided by CASTE , RELIGION , RACE , GENDER , SEX , OR anything else
    Because according to theory of evolution we were all one cell at a time
    I mean I have broke all the rules of caste system I have Drank water, ate food, worked at the homes, I have friends, I have touched them because they are my friends……………
    Not anything else you filthy mind LOL




    I am sorry if I am wrong because I was in haste and typing whatever I was feeling

  101. This is only half truth which ovcurs in rural areas. But caste system even occurs in any filling forms in India. We are not a low caste, but my family is in bpl. Due to not being in low caste. My sister couldn’t get free education in the school she wanted neither college. I am just in 10th standard, but I know my family’s struggle. I don’t know what will happen when I keep allotment for free education next year.

  102. No matter how many laws you create
    A secular democratic system can never remove caste system only Hindutva Dictatorship or communism have capacity of totally eradicating caste system

  103. As a Indian i want to add some point and want to said from my experience.
    Let me introduce my self. I’m OBC/Vaisyas by birth. And I’m from Odisha, one of the states of India. It considered one of the less modernised and backyard states of india. So you can say the place where I’m living in its not that advanced in technology or thoughts.
    Coming to the caste system. Yes, the caste system exists. But I don’t think its that extreme. Like in marriage thing it’s considered. But nowadays many inter cast marriage are happening. In my family my cousins did love come arrange marriage and their spouses are from other caste. In rural area it’s more strict but it’s changing day by day. And about friends from lower cast. What are they saying in vdo,i really don’t know. Like i have so many friends from every castes. But it’s never happened. Like they spends nights in my home . In my village home also, no one discriminate like that. As you all know, Indian don’t have small family. My grandparents and their brothers and other children live their. You can say they have more ancient thinks. But they still don’t do that. And about temple, i never seen those problem. Every caste goes there if you have a Indian religion. Indian religion means all four religion originated from india (hindu, Buddhist, Sikhs, zainasim).
    But I have some question for them. If you’re a coverted why you’re still using those caste system. There are no caste in buddhism or christianity. You all are getting all type of facilities provided for minority religion and the lower caste. Like lower caste have reservations in jobs. For upper class it’s harder to get a job in govt. And in graduation, post graduation every system have reservation for them. The deserving one don’t get the spot bcz of this dam reservation.
    I’m not saying there is no problem but it’s not that big nowadays. I don’t know about mumbai. If small town like mine have less problem , then Mumbai have really have this mentally…..? O doubt that.
    I also want the caste system go to hell but along with reservation.

  104. Dalits come under sc/st caste bracket and also, this divide is not perpetuated by the parents but the schools when we are asked for our caste certificates in front of everyone. That is the moment the divide starts. Prople of any caste in India look the same, there isn’t any difference. The government doesn’t want to remove the caste-based reservations because they can target them to fill their vote banks. That is thr reason caste is still prevalent. Also, did you know there are parties which are focused on religion more than anything? What our government can do, instead is that they can add economic reservations. That would be so helpful. Do you have any idea how many poor upper castes are there? If you truly have guts, show two sides of the story. Ask people about reservation.

  105. You expect a 3000 year old system to be forgotten in just 70 years? It’s the boomers and their parents who are clinging to it. But the indiscriminate young children of boomers suffer. I believe the caste system is dying a natural death every generation. The graph is of exponential decline.

  106. Sounds like a good ole French Revolution might to take place, if not regardless of how cliche this will be, but look down look down you’ll always be a slave, history repeats itself take a page from the cheat sheet and rewrite it as your own.

  107. Well about the Hatras…it’s fake ( that’s what they say and maybe am convinced) because in the first time ever in the history the accused family(upper cast)wants the CBI to investigate and the victim family(lower cast) does not. They were totally against the idea of investigation for god knows what reason.Even the CM of the state personally contacted them and assured justice but they just weren’t ready …(wanna know why because that would expose them and ofcourse the opposite party that planned it ) .And it’s election period in INDIA so it because very obvious that it was all pre planned by the opposition party in order to disgrace the ruling party. ……..In india ever since independence it has been an opportunity for the Gov. To divide people on the basis of cast and seek vote…..being said that I completely agree that it does prevail in some parts of our society but i would like you to learn the power they are provided that has slowly divided the society in other half ..upper class student has to score 99.95% to get job or even a seat in college whereas the lower cast has very easy access to it with only 60%….almost every single thing in INDIA has quota for them but not for upper class (this ain’t discrimination?)…in some states there are also insane rules like if a dalit(lower class) complains about sawarn(upper class) he/she goes to jail without any trial for 1-2 months straight ( fair for uhh right??) There were so many cases at that time in india where the dalits accused the sawars with false allegation but even after being proven the sawarm was released but no action taken upon the dailt….. (AM USING THE WORD LOWER CLASS , DALIT ,UPPER CLASS ,SAWAR FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND MORE BRIEFLY WE DON’T USE IT IN AUR EVERYDAY LIFE..WE JUST CALL EVERYONE BY NAME) …..so ASIAN BOSS AM happy that uhh look after certain issues but please do get the whole information and if u don’t just don’t start the topic. Sawar (upper cast) are the ones facing problems too….why not make a video on that??..
    And we Indians are all United…THIS GEN. is not the old India…REMEMBER

  108. Arghhh it’s so frustrating and depressing. It won’t get better anytime soon cos police hand in hand with government bullying the lower caste.. wth is this??! Just have mass protest like hongkong and thailand.. cos the law is no use anymore..smh

  109. You’d think Education will solve this, but many students even in the bigger educational institutions, face discrimination because of their castes. Some even commit suicide.

  110. I do agree on many points mentioned in this video but i can see they are highly polarized to their idea of them being victims and also they didn’t tell how they get several benefits from government due to their lower caste status also they fail to mention that most of the young indians do not care about caste system. I am not from higher caste, i am also not a dalit but my grandmother used to say how higher caste people would not enter in our home in the past but now that discrimination is long gone for the most. My best friend is a brahmin and among my other 4 close friends 3 are from higher caste and one is shudra we have been to each others home many times and have been involved in many religious events and none us faced any discrimination.
    Now a days due to cheap data and biased information i see a lot of people from different castes highly polarized with their thinking. i and my friends always believed that we are humans but due to politics i see people’s intention more about dominating others with their indentity of caste rather than being equal as humans.

  111. Do you people know that all the government jobs in india are given to lower caste people by reservations, no media will talk about such things because these do not sell more such as this vedio it only occurs in ver very few areas in india

  112. Indonesia was a hindu nation long time ago. But now it’s the biggest muslim nation.. now i know why leave hindu.. this caste system is just TOO scary. I’ve been to Bali before, the remaining hindu community in indonesia.. their hinduism is so different from India. they don’t have caste system as well..

  113. All those people crying about reservation spoiling their lives are the ones who migrate to Western countries and brag about their own caste or take part in their history like raising slogans against their countries thinking that they are a part of that culture. No matter what or when you’d migrated you’d always be an immigrant who came there for your livelihood and will never belong there. You might say might west is for the deserved and India is for the reserved but had you given up your caste this wouldn’t have happened nor would reservation system would prevail. Take a moment and realise why reservation was brought in the first place it’s only because of caste based discrimination and now people are trying to dilute the whole concept of reservation for lower caste people by asking for reservation based upon economic status. No matter what happens you people don’t want to give up your caste

  114. I feel like the dalit discrimination is very strong in the north while in the south it’s there but not at a level like this, this caste system needs to be abolished asap, no wonder in the north there’s a lot of gang rapes, lack of education. I hope the government would do something but…..😒😒

  115. how can you literally be treated like a slave in your own country. systematic oppression seems to be happening all around the world. i never knew about this happening in india.

  116. Happy to hear some people are trying to take action. Seems odd that a place that is actually oppressed got some inspiration to rebel from entitled protesting Americans. Best wishes for India!

  117. That pyramid is stupid… ppl need ppl for everything.. in and out… so obnoxious ppl should stop trying to be ott.. these are foundations n learnt from forefathers … which will be hard to eradicate.. rich ppl .. poor ppl.. both need to take a dump n become decomposed when they die.. that’s karma 🙏

  118. in America, you will not be judged by birth, generally. In America, if you can make something of yourself, you will garner respect from the people in your life, generally. In America, there is a relatively even playing field, regardless of who you are, granted you are willing and able to work hard and smart, generally.

    Even after all that, America naturally divides itself into “castes”. I think a social structure like this is normal, but the ABILITY TO MOVE BETWEEN CASTES MUST BE ALLOWED.

  119. Only dalits community can’t alone annihilate casteism. Wish other community and democracy alliance join together . Wish you India become casteless society.

    Smash Braminical superimacy

    Jai Bhim 🖊️♥️
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  120. I am indian , i accept that caste system still exits in india but in very few places in the rural areas, because i didn’t go through any kind of discrimination and i never find it in my surrounding

  121. i know cast system is wrong but all of lower cast people get way more advantage for government colleges and jobs. even our government is supporting cast system so what can we do

  122. Everybody’s talking about lower caste people so Dr Ambedkar said that lower caste should get reservations as they were suppressed by upper caste people in the past so after independence they were given reservations but for only 10 years now it’s been more than 70 years if they too really want that caste system shouldn’t be there they should agree to get rid of reservations n should be given to only poor one , I belong to upper caste but I’m not rich I comes from lower middle class and they say it’s their right but dude it was only for 10 years the deserving people should be the to get the employment not the one who aren’t even getting proper marks and getting higher post jobs no one will say that if you want reservation this will happen if they can say that they have been exploited then I can too say that bhramin girls were too raped (I respect everyone but putting my views here)if we want any government form we have pay double than them so if asian boss can make videos on this topic that how general caste people feel ok it will be better the poor people should get reservations instead of those Richie rich people who are still getting reservations I think we shouldn’t see caste we should see the condition of one person , so sorry if you feel bad and ha if dalit people say anything against us it’s okay coz we don’t have any right to complain but if we say or not n they put allegations on us we will be behind the bars it’s the truth m not saying don’t give reservations give but to those who deserves it when our community girl is rapped on one mentions bhramin in front of her name but when it comes to muslims sc st then the new propaganda emerges if you really cared about that girl don’t mention a dalit girl was raped I’m also a girl I know how it feels when someone even hits on you in a bad way !Do listen to point of view of both the sides .

  123. I am waiting @asian boss…when are you going to make a video about discrimination against general category (jobs seats,govt vollege seats)nobody talk about it


  125. Still the upper caste people think that caste system doesn’t exist…
    Also i am happy that these people were interviewed in their native languages ✨🙏

  126. Even if you get admission in open/Gen category but you are from lower cast, people from higher cast still think you are inferior, one of my higher cast friend didn’t get admission in first round he said me you get admission because of reservation, then i showed him my merit which is better than him, higher cast people always think they are superior, but not all of my higher cast friends are Same many of them treated me very well.

  127. I don’t know why some people are barking about reservation in comment section , Poor upper caste people get Reservation in Government jobs and College admission despite never ever facing persecution from other Indians. Even in urban India honour killings and persecution do happen to Inter-caste marriage couples

  128. What I don’t like about Asian boss? That they only shows one side of coins in most of them are lies, fake and propaganda without any verification they uploadthe videos.
    Where is other side asian boss ?

  129. And the truth is.. Even in schools our teacher point out u and humiliate u in front of the whole class on ur caste… It happened to me many times….. I feel so bad . I cried so much on it

  130. Well all those Dalits should try to flee India, or convert to other religion instead. Let’s see how those “upper caste” love the idea of caste when they have no one to boss around.

  131. Those people claiming they don’t got opportunities in government jobs, politics, bla bla bla nonsense
    Even president of india is dalit and give opportunity and elected by NDA government which is BJP , even in past there are dalits ministers in government.
    So much lies in one single videos there are more plenty of videos you will find on you tube made by those peoples

  132. Man you will never show them positive side… even dalit have there own rights MORE than a upper cast in every aspects…… “OUR PRESENT PRESIDENT IS A DALIT” So please dont make a wrong expect of this cast systems its long gone but some influence is there but not that much that they cant live under a upper cast ….and on second point its only a one State… It can’t decide what is india like…. You have to understand that Mumbai is not a country its a State and there population is 1/999 of our population so don’t take there words too seriously

  133. Dalits giving insight into their world was great, sad, I beleive it is possible for it to change, but it will take time and when it does India would be a better place for all and not just for the few

  134. It’s crazy to me that something that I thought existed in the past century currently exists in the biggest democracy in the world.

    If India gets over this caste system it won’t be a win just for them but for everyone else in the world. Keep fighting the injustice! We’re rooting for you! Nothing but love here in the USA

  135. People from lower caste get any jobs at lowest marks… But upper caste people have to struggle the most for the job.. They have to attain maximum marks… And sometimes the seats are not available for them 😭😭😭

  136. I think you should do another interview to get the insight from the upper castes people to see what they think about this castes system. Its even better if you can get it from various kind of ages, old and young generation.

    Btw, great interview, Asian Boss. Thanks for sharing this information.

  137. I am Japanese. I love India. I know I’m foreigner. But I want to say. The caste system is really unfair. Everyone deserves to get high salary jobs. Please remove caste system. All the people deserve to happiness.

  138. My neighbour’s oldage members are still practising this system and their no way we can explin them this is wrong so we have to wait until they die

  139. Great Interviews … I’m a 60 yr old Canadian…Love watching Asian Boss on YouTube .
    This rape / murder case of the he young 19 yr old girl… So very sad and brutal and hard to believe how cruel some people are … The Indian caste system reminds me of the brutal CCP system in China.. How they treat the Uyghurs and Falun Gong practitioners even regular Chinese citizens … Honestly I thought the Indian people / culture were much more civilized ! Now I know why everyone wants to come to Western Nations . God Bless all good , fair minded and compassionate people of India.
    Dinesh D’Souza originally from India , now an American. Such a great and decent man. One of my favourites ! Now on YouTube !!!

  140. Don’t think me bad I am saying the truth which I saw
    The lower caste boy who got very low mark but wealthy got the government job
    But the upper caste boy who got very good mark due to his upper caste he was forced to pay bribery he was ver poor too and his grand parents had money only for bus but they gave that.
    Even if we accept these people never accept because they want discounts this is the sad truth

  141. Hi
    Im from poor maratha middle class family I score 89% in 12th I apply for admission but I got rejected just because there are so called dalits in a countey who earn more money and become a rich in 72 years of independence
    They have got reservation in education, health, safety, government jobs and ration.
    I got more shock and depressed by news when I find out a person who got admission in my place is dalit and he earn 39% score in 12th exams and that college accept students who have 71% scores in 12th. I paid 82 thousands rupees for my junior college admission in other hand one of my dalit friends pay 3 thousands rupee in same college why because they have reservations and even that 3 thousands got them back in from of free uniform and books his dad earn more than 70 thousands a monthly so much hypocrisy still those people cry they got discriminate we need right safety money food list is long enough

  142. I’d like to see a sit down forum between the upper and lower members of the cast system. Do the upper cast see what is going on? Do they in someway recognize their involvement in the lack of opportunities available to the lower caste system in this day and age? Yeah, I’d really like to see a sit down interview with all the members of the cast system

  143. All the Indian nationals I have ever worked with in the US had very strong personality and are always defensive when issues arise. Seems as if they think they are never wrong. I noticed that they also kiss up a lot to their bosses specially to Caucasians. I had classmates from Uni bragging about their high grades when they were passing around answers back and forth & cheating during exams. They act & think like they know it all. Those people might have come from their so-called upper caste system. I don’t hate anyone as they have their own culture & personalities, just sharing my experience and observations of the people that grew up in India. I’m sure not all of them are like that, but unfortunately that was my experience. Where is the so-called Human Rights in all of these? They are too busy fighting for the criminals. Smh.

  144. Thank you asian boss for covering this topic but you need to mention that this still only happens in super rural areas and to compensate for this discrimination the government even reserves like more than half of the seats for all jobs for the lower castes

  145. this is such a great video,care system still exists a lot, I hate to say this but even my grandpa doesn’t allow our maif in the kitchen room and the Puja/Temple room at home.

  146. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    *Tokyo Meets Brooklyn***Youtube channel check it out🇯🇵🇺🇸family💯❤️❤️❤️happy message👍愛の物語みたいな観てくださーい😭🙏😭🆘*

  147. In all colonised countries cast systems are still a thing, in all of Latin America it is still very prevalent. They were created by colonisers to create a clear division between people to avoid having the more powerful people want independence. In the country I grew up in we would call it being born in a bubble and most people stay in their bubble and go to schools were they only accept people in that same bubble.
    You can also tell what cast you belong to by your surname and it is also the first thing people ask you, I have a Japanese surname that for someone who is not from Japan it doesn’t sound typically Japanese, so people wouldn’t know were to place me as my country is not very diverse but they would always place me in the low cast just based on not knowing where my surname comes from.

  148. In India there are politician who will say that we don’t want caste but they are the main reason to develop caste because these people will get more discounts.

  149. Nobody is born into any caste unless one chooses to be identified as that particular caste OR DELIBERATELY KEPT IN THAT CASTE BY THE UPPER CASTE SOCIAL GROUPS.

  150. It’s bad but still better than the nations that keep yelling “all human are equal” but still treat ‘small’ people unjust. Again, this is still bad for humanity.
    We need to learn a lot from Japanese Citizens

  151. Anything can be taken away from india but not this Cast system… govt says we r gonna vanish cast system at the same time asks our cast in resumes………bruhhh

  152. How can people tell who’s Dalit or not without being given a last name? Even a poor person can look very smart or business casual. If it’s mostly village Dalits facing the hate crime, can’t they all build a strong tight knit Dalit community to fight off attackers? Or legally have their last names changed so people who uphold the caste system can’t be discriminatory against them?

  153. Lower caste ppl are treated like animals but when a few become rich and successful, upper castes have a problem with that too bcuz they don’t fit their “mould” anymore

  154. There is no caste such as OBC. OBC is a group of politically strong caste. This castes doesn’t fall under the category of Schedule Castes(Dalits)and Schedule Tribes(Adivasis).~
    This group of castes was created by a political agenda of one of worst PM of India V.P Singh. He wanted power so he used the census data of 1931 to arbitrarily create a new group of castes who were poor for their own reasons(No discrimination) and decided to give them reservation in August 1990.Present population of OBC is 41%.
    Presently Jats, Marathas, Gujjars and Patidars want reservation under OBC quota.
    OBC differ from state to state. Means a community can be OBC in rajasthan but all over india this community could be a forward caste. For eg: Jats of Rajasthan are OBC for central govt. jobs but Jats of Haryana are forward cast.
    So,OBC is just a term in govt books for giving reservation to their votebanks.for eg: Yadavs are upper cast people who practice discrimination against dalits but they belongs to OBC group in some states and enjoy reservation. Mulayam singh Yadav and Lalu Yadav had given benefits to this community and in return yadav had become loyal votebank of this corrupt politicians. Lalu Yadav has been convicted in corruption case but still his party RJD has most candidates in Bihar Assembly.
    So we can say OBC are castes having large population who don’t want to do any work and have huge political clout.
    There is no credible evidence about economic and social condition of OBC. So any govt which is in power to win elections arbitrarily add a community to list of OBC and give reservation to them.

  155. I hope Asian boss will also show that president of India is also a Dalit and Dalit are allowed to be top of the society. Even Prime minister Modi belongs to a Sudhra cast.
    The top most position of the country is occupied by so called lower caste.
    So the story is one sided.

  156. this video gives half info….Castism happens in rural areas.
    Very few insidence happened for more than 30 years…Nobody used lead for punishment for more than 300 years… There are lot of Lower cast but rich person gets government benifits that will req a poor higher cast person actually require ….. Gov jobs gets to lower class people bcz selection on basis of cast and not on merit and entire education gets free for lifetime…. Hatraz incidance dose not have cast angle .. Four monsters and police killed that girl and lots of people whether they are upper cast or lower cast were protested…..
    Government and SC-ST act actually discriminate against people who are not considered lower cast.

  157. That rape case is totally fake
    rape, harssment are not acceptable in any society
    But those people so called dalits use reservation to file false case against middle class people (eg:atrocities act )

  158. This is an eye opener for me. I’m in IT industry in US and most of my colleagues are from India. It’s hard to believe such brilliant people still maintain such archaic Castes system in this day and age.

  159. Being Low caste from India, you can become President. India’s current president Ramnath Kovind is from low caste.
    Also you can get Govt. jobs or get addimission to your favorite college due to caste based reservations.

  160. She was allegedly raped, will didn’t they use rebar on her private parts she WAS brutally raped and murdered no allegedly about it. The caste system is alive and used here in Arranged marriages and dating although many young people say it doesn’t apply to them, although their parents probably wouldn’t allow them to marry a dalit, which btw isn’t included in the varna system, the dalits are treated very poorly which reflects on allSouth Asians.

  161. Those people are to blame for there situation they want reservation in education, health, government job they want everything free but don’t want to end this nesty cast system.

    They statement give by those peoples are totally false
    I’m from middle class maratha family from open cast without reservation in education, health, government jobs and ration life is hard but those people so called low cast earn more money and normal middle class people.

  162. who gave you the right to predetermine the future of these humans, like if someone wants to become a dancer, he/she may not become one cuz according to the social norms you are supposed to get an education as you are a brahmin. And if you are a germophobe you still have to clean the toilets cuz you are Dalit?

  163. my caste girls were also gang raped but that didn’t became this much of an issue cause we aren’t dalits
    Either you have to face reservations or discrimination that’s the reality but that’s

  164. Feudalistic practices will only stifle India’s social and economic development as an emerging nation. When Europe got rid of their caste system, peasants at the bottom of the rung flourished and were able to climb the socioeconomic ladder with hard work and perserverance.

  165. This is the sad reality about India, it so unfair but the most saddest part is that if any government stop making this reservation amendment in every 10 years then that political party won’t be existing anymore. This reservation amendment was made to uplift the backward castes but some people who are benefited from it don’t let those people get the benefit who are in need it till date.

  166. I guess now it’s time to move on from reservation to deservation, and support people who deserve, and not promote them who are reserved cause they are dalits.

  167. People from all over the world remember one thing. Aarakshan or Reservation is a major problem, cause the government is concentrating on reserved people like dalits. A brahmin or a Martha does not get any food, education or job safety, and despite all this is these people are still unsatisfied. I am speechless.

  168. I understand that the caste system is a part of traditional culture, but I think it’s long out-lived its usefulness. India should just do away with it and let people get educated if that’s what they want, get good jobs & careers fi that’s what they want, etc. The caste system is basically social slavery.

  169. There is only one way to end it, revolution, u have to kill for that, it’s not that simple to end. If anyone kill or rapes yours one on the basis of caste. Then kill him and his 10.👍

  170. honestly india and bangladesh have a huge huge problem with the caste system, its absolutely terrible.

    So ironic that one of the big reasons people originally became Muslim in Bangladesh was because it rejected the caste system and so people from different castes were then free to intermingle and marry (before they wouldn’t even talk between castes).

    After the British came, it reinforced the underlying caste system again and these places haven’t changed since with these specific attitudes. Its absolutely terrible and Bangladeshis should change this – the higher caste people need to support it. education and wealth is a RIGHT of the less privileged so the wealthier / upper classes are (in the Muslim context of bangladesh) are sinning to be denying them this.

    Being Muslim is literally based on being entirely equal in the eyes of God except in your deeds. How can u lead a life like that if you’re arrogant with ur caste in society smh

  171. I am a brahmin and have scored 9.5 sgpa last time yet I dont get any scolarship.
    My parents have to work day night and pay for my fees.
    Same time a dalit my friend has scored 5.3 sgpa and she gets free education.
    She gets scholarship. She uses that money to lavishly use on random stuff, butnever on studies.

  172. Unlike religion or race which is horizontal social division, caste system cannot exist without exploiting others because it is vertical social division built in a hierarchical system where one is clearly better than the other based on ancient jobs of groups of people and religious texts that cannot be applied today. The lower caste people would let their association with caste system go away but apparently there are so many upper caste people that would not do that because they hold strong emotions associated with it.

  173. It’s so weird to see people thinking they are of a lower class. It’s all in your head Indian friends!

    In America, the best parents teach their kids to have high self confidence, to ignore idiots and people wishing you harm, and to stand up for your beliefs as they often will sway others beliefs to your side. This mental freedom is backed by our constitution, our police force, and our fellow American’s quest for liberty and justice for all.

  174. Secondly. If you people know what dalits gain being in India you would beg to be a dalit than be a upper cast person.
    They get food for 10 rupees or so.
    A dalit with 50% score gets free education.
    If you marry a dalit you get some lumsum amount of about 5-7 lakhs and a government job.
    Gov jobs have reserved seats for dalit.
    And our President is a dalit.
    I dont know why these people are making their own country get framed in a wrong square, but the truth speaks something else. It would be better if Asian boss some homework of reading the constitutional facilities these people get before uploading such an upfront and video.

  175. Hmm im that one caste…my job clean 💩💩 in delhi street . welcome to my incredible india the best superpower clean futuristic country in the world

  176. Lower castes are discriminated by upper castes while doing religious stuff and in other events
    Upper castes are discriminated by the government while taking admission in colleges and applying for jobs.
    Welcome to India, here everyone is discriminated equally.👏🏻

  177. The caste system is like the only thing most Americans know about Indian culture, since it’s taught in school. For the average person on the street India is basically summed up as the caste system, Abu, call centers, Bollywood, Ghandi, Taj Mahal, and gang rapes.

  178. Incredible that we are still living in the Dark Ages… It’s obvious that equality should be the default! Why are we still fighting each other??? I guess the good side will have to keep fighting for human rights. But then that’s it! No more fighting after we crush evil.

  179. Dear asianboss,plz do some research before posting anything…..do u guys know that this case has nothing to do with caste system,nd hathras case is not decalred as rape forget about gang rape….its tilting more towards honour killing…..u are a big channel with resources …..do some research 🙄wasnt expecting this from you

  180. One huge reason india can’t be an economic powershouse, even with millions of smart tech people and millions of poor to exploit: the undying extreme class division.
    The US had unending natural resources to exploit when they managed to go to superpower status (without it, Germany and Japan would kicked Fdr’s ass btw)
    China had Chinese that mostly consider themselves as one ethnic group, mostly
    Brazil can be but they have too much racial animosity towards each other

  181. The caste system, unfortunately is very much alive and real. It will never change, which is quite disappointing. The caste system has easily caused many millions of intellectuals to never realize their full potential. I as a Indian Citizen one day wish for a better future, with no caste.

  182. I know we need to respect traditions and cultures in other countries, but the caste system really needs to go.
    Everything about it just screams discrimination, negativity and disrespects towards other people. Imagine being born into a certain social group and getting ostracized your entire life; that’s simply not the way to go.

  183. When it’s comes to rapes and rapists they don’t see which caste from the girls ,they just rapped them
    Rapists can be from any religion

  184. Secularism is only in papers
    We can’t even do our marriage with other caste
    In almost every area enter cast marriage is more like a crime

  185. Asian boss, Iam a bit disappointed with your contents nowdays😌😌
    Why do you always post contents within japan, korea and India?
    There are more countries in Asia. Hope you could reach other parts of asia too.
    Keep the good work♥️♥️

  186. I can’t believe the caste system still exists. I remember being taught about it in middle school. It’s so sad to think that in some communities you can’t overcome your social status.

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