What’s It Like Being A YouTuber In Korea? | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. People here, which are the most famous youtubers from your Country that live in Korea? For Italy, these are Seoul Mafia and Persi in Corea ✨

  2. Oh my gosh, the scandal !!! Yes, Koreans should resign from all Youtube accounts immediately and leave it to the rest of all the more honest Youtuber account holders globally who are all so much more sincere from the heart : D

  3. holy hell asian boss. these have been the most pointless interview topics lately. why don’t you ask some chinese people what they feel about the televised forced confessions/apologies of people in police custody? people around the world about western imperialism?

  4. I think the hardest part about being YouTuber is being consistent with a good and interesting content. I hate pranks channels (those are quite popular among very young generation), and I don’t like fashion / beauty channels much, unless there’s content that I can actually learn something from. One of the Korean channels I follow is “one meal a day”, it’s a cooking channel but with simple recipes and we even don’t know who is creating those videos (that person never shows his/her face)! And about the scandal: well, i thought they have to include paid promotions, so isn’t YouTube banning those creators now for breaking the rules?

  5. YouTube took off as an alternative means of entertainment because contents and provider have a very direct organic connection with the viewer, unlike the TV.
    offcourse the viewers will be mad if they feel their fandom is been used.

  6. In Europe this is actually a law. If you were paid for a product placement, you must declare it, both in the photo/video and the hashtags

  7. I respect the hustle and the passive income people need to live by, however I’m getting tired of the lies and some excuse when it comes about the “revenues” of youtubers, I even heard youtubers keep saying they’re not allowed to show their estimate income, however that’s false. They can at least try to explain or give an estimate like of course if they don’t want to then just say straight, don’t say the other way around.

  8. Like I get being disappointed in some of these YouTubers for not being upfront abt sponsored videos, but this is so on brand for Koreans feeling like ppl should stop uploading videos, reflect and just leave the platform all together when something like this occurs. They care so much abt image and how they are perceived domestically and internationally, that this has become such a huge controversy when it shouldn’t be. At least not as deep as some of them are making it to be. Just apologize, pay the taxes (because that’s been an issue), and keep it moving.

  9. ok why is it that when anybody does anything “wrong” that they have to quit their job. Like theyre just ads. hell, its a popular way to advertise in the US

  10. Money is one of the basic need to fill life requirements.There is nothing wrong with earning money until you are hurting someone’s feeling or until that way of earning is illegal.
    “Earning a place in somebody’s heart is more important than earning money”.

  11. Tbh Youtuber as a profession is getting congested as of the moment. A lot of people are entering Youtube as a creator so you really need to have a good content or you need to look good to have a lot of viewers. Even well known artists are competing with those people who’s trying to have a good career in youtube.

  12. To those who don’t understand why it’s a problem. It’s all about SOCIAL TRUST. South Korea is high-trust society. In Korea, when you go to toilet you can put your bag or laptop on your table and leave. No one even think that someone will steal their laptop because they trust others. When you take a KTX(Korean bullet train), there are no one in entrance of station who check your ticket. They only impose very high fines when you are caught. And many stores put their products outside of stores because they don’t think someone will steal those products.
    If a Youtuber hides that it’s a sponsored product and say “I bought it myself” or “I use this for my own need”, it’s definitely a problem. Because it’s deceiving.

  13. I love how the whole world is basically a living hellhole right now and this is what makes the headlines in S. Korea
    World: 2020 is the worst year.
    S. Korea: You said somethin?

  14. I’ve been an English Teacher in Korea for 10 years, and I can say it is true. It seems like more than half of students these days want to be YouTube 크리에이터~ Many students already have channels! (I’m teaching elementary students)

  15. I think it would be very interesting to see a video talking about what’s going on in Thailand at the moment! loved this video btw!! always informed

  16. When the robotification speeds up, a lot of jobs will disappear, so content provider isn’t such a bad choice. But we need a model where you can make a living even if you don’t go viral or get famous, and we need to get rid of censorship globally, because nothing kills creativity like censorship does.

  17. The successful YouTubers I know works as much or more than any business startup CEO so it’s a hard way to make an easy living. You’r either doing everything on your own or you are hiring managing and paying for a team, just like any other business. Only the product is you! 🙂

  18. YouTubing has become a profession, so each profession has its own ways where
    , people judge regardless of anything/anybody ,how much they earn or how they earn ,so take everything off our brains and live our own lives. Just living in a judgemental world.

  19. isnt the “backdoor ads” be called as endorsement on instagram? majority of the times, influencer don’t even say its a paid promotion on instagram and everybody would be just fine. 🤔

  20. Wanting to be an internet personality as a career has become super popular nowadays it’s honestly worrying to me bc the chances of actually becoming successful isn’t as high as it looks despite how much platforms like YouTube is growing.

  21. Koreans cancel each other for breathing. Y’all just don’t let each other succeed in life period. It’s safe to say that every product in an “influencer” vlog, is sponsored. How else are they making revenue? AdSense? Laughable

  22. I don’t blame these young people wanting to become a youtuber, social influencer, broadcaster, etc.
    Korea has one of the most competitive job markets in the world, and only the best of the best can get those jobs. It doesn’t help that the housing market is also not affordable to many and the cost of living is increasing while salaries stay the same. Also, the Korean government keeps increasing taxes and taxes while offering no solutions to the problem.
    You can’t just graduate at any university, but you have to also graduate at a very renowned prestigious university. Suicide rates are at an all time high not just for the youth but also seniors. It’s really sad.

  23. I’ve been trying to keep up with this topic, but it is very nice to hear other people’s opinions and ideas. ✌️저도 유튜브 하고싶어요 ㅎㅎㅎ

  24. There ain’t no smoke without fire so I suspect more than a few youtubers do this and get away with it which doesn’t really bother me that much.

  25. The thing that people in general need to realize is that YouTube as a career is a risky choice. You should not do it unless you have a sizeable amount of money saved up in case it doesn’t work out for you.

    The fact that people don’t realize that big channels are getting paid and sponsored to do a lot of these things is common knowledge…I think it’s a sign of how naïve people in South Korea can sometimes me.
    Another thing that people need to realize that with the big channels, there’s a large team of people working behind the scenes that manage the social networking aspect, editing, dealing with sponsors, etc.

    Personally, I don’t think it’d be worth it to be a YouTuber, but I wouldn’t be totally against doing it as a job/side job.
    But really, I’d prioritize a ‘real’ job first as a form of steady income.

  26. so many wrong things on so many different levels… but the most striking is how these ‘adults’ interviewed only want to judge other people (youtubers) action harshly just because they (the interviewed adults) act so naive and ignorant as to believe every youtuber have and had always been trustworthy and truthful that products in their video are ad-free is just plain foolish

  27. I think something like this only happen in Korea/Japan.
    Recently a famous youtuber from Indonesia has sexual misconduct scandal out to public and was becoming trending topic on Twitter for sometime. No public apology and he still actively uploading video and his subscribers support him like nothing happened, so weird.

  28. I think some of these youtubers wanted to try out the product from the sponsor before making any announcements. I agree with the rest of the video though.

  29. Iam sorry but this topic is not an issue at all!
    Why do koreans always catch up nonsense issue and call it scandal?
    Everybody in the course of life try making money back off their original track !
    Its fine unless they are making money through illegal means !!🙄🙄

  30. A lot of so-called “influencers” will shill for a company for paid sponsorships all the time without disclosing it. They’ll try to create a vlog about how the product is so good when in reality it’s just one long ad. Happens a lot more than you’d think. This is why you have to be skeptical of people that do this as part of their job and not just as a hobby.

  31. Imagine being youtuber and earnig decent money from it, not worrying about 12hrs work a day, plus you have all your free time etc. What a great job, for all small youtuber out there, keep grinding! 💪

  32. Really!? For just a reason like this?
    If they really advertised that product you are gonna skip it anyways to continue watching that video. I dont think so that people should completely shut down their channels due to this.
    If people dont like the way you advertise the product its their problem because the companies which sponsored them arent saying anything. Tzuyang please dont shut down your channel😭

  33. My God……
    All these millennials BELIEVE what they see on You Tube!!!!…
    They probably believe Facebook also….
    Here is a flash people…
    90% is not real and the remaining 10% is doubtful…


  34. dear god, kids dreaming to become YouTuber, wait until you work hard and make a video only to get 0 views, how long will you last when it’s your 20th video and still 0 views?

  35. Well they are getting less money from youtube, everybody knows that so they have to get another source of income..
    but this kind of backdoor ads I think almost all public figure did it ( artists, actors, influencers, etc)

  36. For some reason i dont think its not so controversial after all…I mean social media influencers are never to be trusted in the first place anyways..Anything they do and say has a high chance that it isnt genuine and theyre either faking it or being paid to do it…
    I have a classmate whos a small influencer thats been locally popular and a few brands has been sponsoring her..but ive never seen her use any of it in real life

  37. Becoming a YouTuber or influencer or just having a huge following on IG is sadly what young individuals feel like its important to feel special or feel like it’s an achievement in life

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