1. Thank you for your web site !
    I ‘m from San antonio Texas I and my wife ( Philippina )
    will be retire at philippine Surigao Mindanao we already have lot right at beach, I like to know how much cost to build 2200 sqft American style home, Also I like to know how safe is Mindanao, What I hear all kind of story !

    1. I built my home in Bogo in 2004 and paid 85,000 you can do it cheaper as we had loads of marble, 12 foot ceilings and more. Our house is for sale now. 2.8 million 65,000, you can put up a second floor and rent that out. We want to live near Cebu City. I suggest Northern Cebu over Mindanao as it is relatively crime free and land is fairly cheap. Mindanao is not that safe especially if you like to get out a lot. Many Americans have been kidnapped for cash and there are American Troops fighting there. There is crime in Cebu City and kidnappings but not like in Mindanao. If you want a peaceful quiet life where my home is would be perfect place or San Remigio or Medellin area. Bogo City has all you need and is only 3 kilometers from my house and the Alpine Subdivision and close to the other areas there. There are currently two rentals available in Alpine subdivision My house is half way up the hill on the left.

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