What to Expect at a KTV/Karaoke Bar-Girl Place – Philippines (re-edited)

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  1. I haven’t been to Thailand (yet) but I plan to go next year for a visit. Places like Angeles, you’ll find plenty of easy sex and you’ll be paying for it. If someone’s short on time and just wants to get laid, that’s the place to go, no doubt. But traveling alone realize you’re something of a target. It’s like gong to Vegas to play poker.. these girls are no rookies to “the game” and they have scams lined up like you wouldn’t believe, so be on high alert when there.

  2. I only knew one person, the Filipina I had met in California that I kept in contact with. She helped me find my studio and answered any questions I had. It helps to have at least someone to ask for info. But if I’d come completely alone, asking the right questions, most people are willing to steer you in the right direction. Just gotta be careful who you’re asking. 🙂

  3. Easy to find one? Sure. But, geez.. I’d much rather go it alone than ask some bar girl to shack up with me. For so many reasons. For one, coming home all your stuff is gone. For another, forget meeting new Filipinas when you have one in your house, she’ll never allow it. For another, once they move in.. getting them to move out is pretty much impossible.. you’d have to relocate. I’d never suggest a new expat move a bar-girl in when he arrived, totally bad idea.

  4. Angeles City, Thailand.. same thing but with (maybe) less ladyboys. It all depends what the expat is looking for. If all he wants is scammer-women for hire, Angeles city is the place to go. If he wants modern convenience without the urban blight of Manila, Cebu or Iloilo are better choices. If he’s looking for tranquility, Dumaguete or any of the smaller islands. For me, Mactan was a nice, small, manageable island to start at as I explored what else was available.

  5. Well, I can only tell you what I would do. I’m friends with a bar girl who is a very sweet girl, I’ve known her over a year now. Spent time with her away from the bar, didn’t sleep with her, I just like her enough to hang out occasionally. But sweet as she is, I can’t fathom myself just choosing to live with her. Maybe because I ‘like’ her, but I’m not ‘in-love’ with her. She’d be doing something else for work if she could, but she has 3 kids to feed plus care for her Dad.

  6. I have no condemnation for bargirls, or ladyboys, or gays or whatever. Now, that doesn’t mean I TRUST every bargirl, ladyboy or gay that I run into. There’s a difference. Heck, I like the people who live down the street.. doesn’t mean I’ll loan them a key to my house while I’m out on vacation.

  7. Plus.. I talk to expats who come here not knowing a soul other than maybe some other expats they talked to online in a forum. They manage to find a place to live without a bar-girl. I was off the plane and in less than an hour, all by myself, I figured out where the local grocery store, pharmacy and clean water supply were.. without having even met a bar-girl yet.

  8. I’ve watched the bar girl discussion(s) unfold on several threads here. I have nothing against bar girls and I don’t judge since I haven’t travelled in their shoes. We all need to eat. That said, no matter what the reason she’s in the bar, over time that kind of life changes and hardens a person, it’s the only way to survive. Maybe there is the Julia Roberts’ “Pretty Woman” tart with a heart and I don’t doubt some would go straight if they could…

  9. …However I think it would really be an exception to take the girl from the bar and have her never look back. There’s the practical aspect as well, once she’s gotten her ID she’s got a record and will not get a visa even if you marry her. Thus your only option is staying in the Philippines and never taking her to your home country. Just seems like a lot of headache and downside risk (as you say, maybe come home to an empty house).

  10. You should work on your listening skills. Re-listen to the end of the video. I’m encouraging people to try KARAOKE, not prostitution. As for prostitution going on at KTV bars, that’s the reality and I’m giving people a ‘heads up’ on what to expect before they go waltzing into a karaoke bar unawares. If you want a crusade on YTube, do a search on ‘Angeles City Bargirls’, that should give something more substantial to bitch about. Next time, try paying closer attention to what’s being said.

  11. Even assuming he was promoting prostitution (and he was not), what makes you think that you re better than these bar girls who turned to this in order to escape poverty? What gives you the right to judge their choices?
    These are not western crack whores, as in every place where prostitution is “legal”, they get a proper and safe work environment, do you want to pretend they don t exist and send them out in the streets with no medical attention or protection?

  12. A few guys have ‘saved’/married a bar-girl and got her out of that environment. But odds are against it. Like you said, the lifestyle tends to jade and harden a woman over time. I spoke with a Pro in Tijuana one time, whether she’d ever leave the business. She said she’d never trust a man because every man she ever slept with had a wife somewhere. She’s lost any hope beyond the life she lives daily. That’s what happens all too often.

  13. The second half of my comment evaporated in the ether. Like you I’ve heard of the occasional bargirl who got married and went straight. The problem is that once you do anything on the fringe your own personal boundaries move. It just becomes easier with time, which makes going “back” to a so-called normal life all that much more difficult. Leaving the every day party behind to cook, clean and raise kids is tough though I don’t doubt most want to do that.

  14. When are you gonna eat that rooster in the background? I keep hearing him in your home videos. They make great soup, or chicken and dumplings, especially the older ones.

  15. I had always been to legitimate karaoke bars, until recently.  I was taken to one of these KTV/bar girl places.  Many don’t have bar girls but have lady boys or tomboys too.  These two friends took me to this place.  The waitresses there ran up a tremendous bill on me with drinks and food.  I was pressured to pay and finally did.  Stay out of these places because they are really only places to be scammed.  Only go to real karaoke bars!

    1. Normally I’ll go to real karaoke places, no bargirls involved.  But the one that I will visit once in a blue moon, I have no problem saying “No” to suggestions from the mamasan.  I know one of the girls there for over a year so her and I talk a bit over a beer and catch up.

    1. Right!  Since it’s all to do with strictly business.. I usually disappeared before the cash runs out to save me, some of that embarrassing feelings……  Tap out!

  16. yes same as bangkok ,so freelancers and short time rooms are the go ,for some fun ,only cary a small amount of cash ,and a cheap wallet if not much in it ,i have had the experience,of a pick pocket young girl in bangers already she got nothing it was empty,lol think before you go out.  

    1. Yah, if I go to a club I will ‘strip down’ my wallet and only take what cash I think I’ll need.  No atm card or big bills.

  17. i married a filipina gal..love her to death and i discovered that i have to let her or her family handle the people there.they wont take shhhttt from any of these meatheads trying to pull some kind of BS!

  18. Ha ha ha …WOW. Funny comments here. Ill tell ya  there are a lot of very nice girls in the Philippines and if you have to settle for a bar girl you’re pathetic in many ways. Most importantly you shouldn’t be looking to have affair’s with numerous women . If you are a good person then find a good girl and be happy . When I meet my girl ( later wife) she had one boyfriend in her entire life and had never slept with him as he didn’t meet the approval of her family. We are both faithful and happy now. When I arrived there the first time I had a choice and I chose what I believe was the moral thing to do . I would encourage others to do the same .

  19. @ 1:30….u said…cute….then….gave it a long thought…..YEAH….VERY CUTE……hahahhhahhahahha…..u been there many time….Mr. Butterfly….

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines        Well my intention to come to Philippines isnt about the bar girls. But I have always heard places likes Angles City , the bar fine, is all inclusive.  But my personal opinion, is for the government to regulate it, and allow it in bars, with conditions of frequent STD tests etc. Same thing that should be done in USA in my opinion. Henry, do you happen to have an email address I can hit you up at sometime, as I get more questions, as I get closer to moving?   Mine is gabe.gordon32@gmail.com      Hope all is well.

    2. @Gabe Gordon by the way, many municipalities in the PH have been cracking down on the whole ‘bar fine’ relationship between the customer and bar.  it’s getting more common that bars are filling up with pros and semi-pros working the customers as ‘independent contractors’ so to speak.. un-affiliated with the bar.

    3. @Gabe Gordon Nope.  the thinking is this;  if she’s in the bar, she’s making money for the bar with “lady drinks” (drinks sold at a higher price so she gets a commission).  so.. the ‘bar fine’ is only to reimburse the bar for letting her off the remainder of her shift.  her ‘fee’ for services rendered at your hotel are a completely separate transaction.

    1. @ELLIOTT SCHERTZER There’s a nice legit karaoke place in Dumaguete called, “Whatever”.  No weirdness.. you just rent a karaoke room, they deliver pizza ‘n beer.  nice place.

  20. I avoid shady bars when I travel. I also carry only a little cash, local money. I also dress like a slob, no wallet just small amount of money stuffed in a pocket. One look says poor. It worked well in, Jamica & Cabo Mexico, don’t know how well it works in other places.

  21. In Japan  those places are called Hostess Bars.,,,, In some places in Japan the Africans are the main operators ( maybe Rich Japanese are into Black women ? also  Just thinking out loud   Estonia in Europe its a 20 women to 1 man ratio population food for thought !!!!!!!

  22. Thanks so much for this. Brings back very very fond memories. As you said, just have your wits about you, and don’t be deluded and get sucked into the “Filipino girls love white guys” mantra, as what these girls really love is to get you to part with your pesos. If you are aware of that, then it’s fun, fun, fun. I

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines So let me see if i got this right lol…

      You walk into the bar ( say let in Angeles Pampanga ) Girls or the mama comes up to you & pick you out 20 girls to take home for a night, sit down & have a drink with them to get to know them first……( i will drink bottled water lol ) 
      You talk with her first, if you like each other & convosation goes well, you paid the bar $40-$100 dollars to take her out for rest of night until morning right?

      I never hear of paying a woman to spend time with her & do whatever you want but this is new to me & sound excited to be honest even know i have no problems getting girls, But where i learn more about this at? trying to see how this works.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines You sound like a stud. (sarcasm). More than likely like a cheap charlie that came in and paid for 1 beer and a barfine. Did you bother spending some time with the girl and getting to know her, maybe pulling a few dollars out of your pocket to put some food in her belly? You are a complete POS.

    3. @Zoltan Papp actually, even at the numbers you quoted (just under $200 usd).. paying those amounts to get laid is a huge rip-off. especially in the PH. i can (and have) bought just one beer (40p) in a dance club in the PH and before finishing the beer, within 15 minutes went out the door with an amazing cutie to take home and total cost.. (counting the beer); 940p. that’s $21 usd.

      so.. yah, KTV bars are a huge ripoff. they cater to guys who need women practically set in their lap to get laid.

      but for guys with even a small amount of ‘game’ and a bit of personality.. the sky is the limit and it won’t break the bank.

    4. @Oland Stone  Rip-off as compared to what? Let’s say that you spent 5 hours with a “hostess” during which time she drank 10 beers @ 300 pesos each. You also bought her and yourself some snacks and spent another 1,000 pesos. Let’s say that you also drank 10 beers @ 65 pesos each. Then you paid a barfine of 2,000 pesos (I’m using prices quoted in the video) and gave the girl a 2,000 peso tip for her extra services. You’ve spent a total of 8,650 pesos which is a little less than $200 USD. In the US, you would have to pay an escort that much for 1 hour of sex and not much conversation. Here, you were entertained by a pretty girl for 5 hours, you drank, you danced, you sang and still got laid at the end of the night for the same price. Sounds like a bargain to me. 🙂

    1. @Mwaffaq Wazzan also.. what is your definition of ‘nice company’? ‘nice’ for a few hours, or a ‘nice girlfriend’? if you want a ‘nice girlfriend’, dance clubs are the worst place to look. but if you just want someone ‘nice’ for a few hours of fun, dance club is perfect for that.

  23. Just like cantina here in US. Cheap latino bars to where you get to sit down with ladies and you pay for their drinks while chatting the entire night until its time to pay the tab.. some of them throw their beers on the floor when the guy is not looking. Same style i guess

    1. @Alcyone89 depending on the location, some of them get very aggressive with ‘padding’ the bill. they may present a bill of over $100, especially if an expat is there alone. i don’t visit them anymore.. waste of time and money in my opinion. but if someone is going to use one they should decide up front to just spend 15 minutes there, pick out a girl and see about arrangements for the evening, then leave. get her phone number or pay the bar fine. but hanging around a ktv by yourself ‘can’ lead to problems. i never had issues with the one i used to visit on mactan on rare occasion. in all truth, a guy can find cheaper beer and women just about anywhere else in the PH, including the supermarket. no need to bother with these sort of places, imo.

  24. Do they still have two different fines, short time and long time? Yes, they are exactly what they seem – short time = up to a couple hours (?) for one fine, or long time = all night for another, higher fine; this was EVERYWHERE in Olongapo in the late 1980’s.

    1. +Paul Gianni the latest is that many bars have been cracked down on for charging bar-fines. it still happens but mostly in subic and angeles. but in cebu and other islands i’ve mostly seen freelance girls who don’t work for the bars. they hang out as customers and deal directly with the expats coming in. i’ve never, ever paid a barfine. there’s really no need to. angeles-type places are over-rated and over charge. any other smaller bar or using an app like Badoo can get a guy all the short-time girls he can handle, with no pimp or bar taking an extra cut on the action.

  25. KTV Bars as a front for prostitution is dead. With the advent of smartphone apps, there are literally 1000s of apps you can install in your cellphone .

    1. @MarkCEO09 just a few days ago i actually did a recording of some karaoke i did. i played it for lyn and she didn’t seem impressed so, i guess i still need to practice. 🙂

    2. +MrPorter i was “this” close to picking a song to do this week, then we had a brownout and i got busy with other stuff. ha! maybe i’ll do it just for a goof if i get bored. 🙂

  26. Hi
    I travel twice a year to the Philippines, yeah its a great place , I have been to a few bars as mentioned, and at first I did over spend , but in saying that , I had many great night with many laughs and good memories .
    And as for the dress thing, yes I did go out in board shorts and a comfy t/shirt , in short dresses like a bum .
    On my upcoming trip in December / January I have a new wardrobe for all kinds of situations with dress shirts and dress shorts and even a outfit for a dinner date at a classy restaurant , so yeah I have learnt that it does matter how you dress does make a difference too the return you get back when out anywhere

  27. Sounds like you have been around the barangay! Great advice. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I have known many filipinas in the states, never dated one, but always liked their directness and how they are pretty much straight up ladies. They are usually my favorite nurse in the hospital. I’m coming to Cebu to check it out. Respect and kudos, you may have saved me a lot of trouble. If we ever meet up, beers are on me!

    1. back when i was living in calif, a buddy of mine (chris abbot) was a music and video producer (for maxell, playboy and some blues bands). one weekend he, myself and some stuntmen went to hollywood and i sat in on a recording session. after that we went to check out the topless bars near sunset boulevard.

      back then (1993).. it was a $4 cover charge at the door and 2 drink minimum. each of us ended up paying $20 to watch some very boring girls get out there and take forever to do their dance number. we spend more time talking than paying much attention to the stage. beer was okay, but overpriced. girls.. not accessible. it’s the last place i’d ever go to find a ‘date’.

    2. I agree. Strip clubs are like a sumptuous buffet that you pay a lot for, look at sniff, drool over, but then you can’t eat. You could touch a bit, but so what. Total waste of money and time.

    3. i’ve been to the similar type bars in tijuana, mexico as well as in hollywood, then in the PH. honestly, i don’t see what the big attraction is. in mexico (back in the 90’s) you could call the girl over for a drink when she got off stage and usually take her home. but in los angeles (calif) and in the PH, unless you get a VIP room, the girl dances a bit in her bikini and heels.. and that’s about it. if you do ‘bar fine’ (‘early work release) you end up paying much more than necessary. so, for me the KTV/bikini-bar is convenient, but over-priced. meanwhile, girlie-bars draw in a huge business in places like subic, angeles, pattaya, bangkok. mostly for guys who just want a one-stop-shop experience that requires nothing from them other than cash. me, i need a personal interaction at some level with a woman. that’s me.

  28. People should not be surprised this stuff goes on in third-world countries. The culture is different and people need money to survive.  Maybe best to start the trip off with a budget (made while sober) and stick to it…don’t live outside your means, which begins with good budgeting.

  29. Were is that Karaoke video that you said you was gonna do😀? This video is pretty old and I haven’t came across a video yet of you singing. You should let your fans critique your karaoke singing skills 😂😂🤣

    1. i posted them a while ago. search for ‘Anshel’ singing in my channel, i did a few tunes on stage with her there. 🙂 i can also be found on the WeSing app. still a work in progress. 🙂

  30. If you want cheaper; or to enjoy more; and have longer time with her… ask her rate (don’t take her out yet), later ask when is her day-off, and get her number
    Meet her somewhere on her day-off, and she’ll have more money (tax-free from her manager)

  31. He forgot to mention that after they run up your bar tab, which can be over $100 U.S dollars. That if you don’t have the money all the girls disappear and the bouncers come out and if you don’t pay up they will beat you or keep you till someone comes with the money. If you have to go in, pay after every round of drinks because the tab is usually run up much higher.

  32. Can i ask a serious question ?
    Are all the KTV bars like that ? Or is it only the ones where the girls hang around outside the front doors ?
    I plan on a visit in this upcoming year of 2019.
    Just trying to gather some info.
    All suggestions welcome…Thank You

    1. no, not all KTV are like this at all. only ‘some’ are basically fronts for an escort arrangement. plenty of KTV are family-type places where you just go and sing. it’s the ones that basically look like a bar and have a line-up of girls that are like the one described here.

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