What Not to do in Thailand (Don’t Post These Things on Social Media)

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In this video, I give advice and suggestions on what not to do in Thailand. Don’t post these things on social media. Your online safety is the first priority when you travel Thailand. These suggestions apply to expats and tourists in Thailand. If you are in Thailand on vacation, or living in Thailand as an expat, it is imperative that you monitor what you post on social media. We all know that we are putting our private information on public forums when we post to social media. You don’t want to post a picture that could be problematic for you in the future. If you are going somewhere you shouldn’t go, or doing something you should not be doing, do not post, and brag about it on any social media sites. My best suggestion is to turn off your phone when and if you start drinking. Drunk dialing or drunk texting can lead to many problems in Thailand. I recommend saving pictures and memories that you make in Thailand to your cell phone. Wait until you are sober and alert before you decide to post anything to your social media accounts. These accounts include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and tiktok. Enjoy your time in Thailand’s tourism machine. Have a great vacation or Holiday in Thailand. However, be careful what you post to social media.

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  1. Good advice especially for those that feel like they have to share every moment and thought in their life, I’m not on social media other than YouTube and I learned about sharing too much information, so it’s no problem for me now 😎✌🏼

  2. All good common-sense measures.

    The one thing I would add is that one should count on being photographed or videoed when in a popular “entertainment zone”. There are too many live-streamers and too many tourists there that are going to post every shot they take. And with facial recognition out there…if you want to keep your visit covert whether from a farang spouse, a Thai girlfriend, work, etc., probably best to keep in mind that your photo will probably be out there someplace if you do visit.

  3. I’m a simple guy who likes to chill. No social media accounts, no family ties, no real purpose in the States. I’ve visited Thailand twice and always wondered if I could make it over there.

  4. One fellow American was jailed because he gave negative reviews on trivago about a resort in Koh Chang. NYT covered it in detail. Asia is not the West where freedom of speech and logic is valued. This video might seem trivial to many, but it’s very important to keep in mind what you said. In Asia, sometimes you gotta swallow the bitter pill and move on. Else, trouble lurks

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