What Koreans Think of Wearing Masks During COVID-19 [Street Interview] | ASIAN BOSS

South Korea has been recognized as one of the leaders in the fight against COVID-19. Part of the reason it has been so successful in curbing the infection rate is because everyone in the country is wearing masks. We talked to the people in Seoul to ask them how they feel about wearing masks to help solve this global pandemic.

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  1. Yep, I would rather stick to wearing the mask voluntarily than be mercifully put on the ventilator….
    Just pure old fashioned common sense and emotional intelligence at work.
    Peace to all and be kind to everyone.

  2. imagine having a government that not only takes covid19 seriously and is responsible but also has a weekly mask system so that people will stop panic buying…

  3. Very informative as always! Great questions and exactly what i would want to ask!! I definitely appreciate s korea’s culture of working together for one another!! ❤🧡

  4. While in western countries we are still at the stage of wondering “wearing a mask or not wearing a mask”, Asia is way far ahead and react. In addition, they have the luxury of being able to choose between different types of masks…while in europe, we have no masks available!!!!! Crazy world.

  5. Yet here in the USA people not wearing masks to go out in the cities that are not in total lockdown yet. That’s why cases keep showing up everyday. I understand however we don’t have enough mask to provide for everybody but I’d be grateful if American citizens were as civilized and disciplined as Korean citizens. And if Korean government could send us masks I’d appreciate that even more.

  6. I really wish the US was proactive like this. I been wearing masks out in public since cases was first reported in the US. People were rude & looked at me like i was a disease smh. Even now as the US has the most cases in the world, people are still going about their day not wearing masks. And the government & top officials are seriously debating whether or not you should wear a mask during a pandemic??????? SMH just frustrating.

  7. Nobody said they felt ugly wearing a mask. Vanity seems not to be a problem in S. Korea.
    Donald Trump won’t be wearing a mask – he takes great pride in showing his orange face.

  8. Not every country can get a mask at their local stores . Before someone says to “wear a bandana” , that doesn’t even work but make you look more suspicious when you go out side.

  9. South Korea has a large population of Christians. (One of the largest missionary groups derived from South Korea) God is watching over them.

  10. In this situation, the people who dont wear mask are high possiblity of danger and avoided away. Because we dont know who is having virus. Wearing Mask is not just protecting ourselves ,it’s protecing other people.

  11. I live in California and our county (Sonoma) just issued an order that everyone has to wear masks in public. There is a shortage of N95 masks, so people are encouraged to use homemade masks to save the more effective masks for healthcare workers.

  12. At work, I spend 8 hours a day talking to high care and elderly patients who can’t see their loved ones, or get important paperwork in order, or find masks, or gloves, or desinfectant to do their everyday care safely. People are actively putting off getting the care they need because they are scared of who they might come into contact with, or that they straight-up won’t be able to find anyone providing it. This disease is killing people indirectly with each day of shortages and limitations.

    I know my fabric mask barely protects me, if it protects me at all. On the off chance that I might be ill, but non- or pre-symptomatic, I want to do what I can to help, without taking any valuable resources away from people who need them to live. And apparently, that means getting pointed at by small children and jeered at by teenagers whenever I go to the store.

  13. I think people in the west need to understand that there was no debate in Asia about wearing masks during a pandemic. It’s common sense here. You are the weird one if you bring out “whether mask is useful” as a discussion among friends and family

  14. 중국한테 마스크 다퍼다주고 자국민은 일주일에 2개?
    진정 정부가 잘하고 있다고 생각해?
    알리바바 들어가봐라.
    한국산 마스크 박스단위로 팔고있다.
    그거 다 어디서 났을까?

  15. Hello there, very intresting video, i would like to add my input as someone who lives in France.

    We, indeed dont wear masks in France.

    Why? we don’t have enough masks produced in France for everybody(including hospitals).

    So all compagnies donated their masks to the hospitals because we assume they are the first ones in need.

    We would wear them outside WHEN and only when there will be enough stock available. but for now, it’s not the case.

    O hope it makes it clear 🙂

  16. Make sure to wear a mask when you go out! Wearing a mask is very important. Viruses are usually infected through the nose. Why would doctors and nurses wear masks if masks weren’t working?
    Medical masks have the filters that protect against viruses.

  17. I wish government in Poland would regulate buying masks and gloves as well. We need to wear masks and disposable gloves but it’s impossible to buy them. And if you find them the price is at least 20x times higher.

  18. Why didn’t you talk about how Taiwan inspired Korea to control the mask shortage problem

    Also why is everyone saying that Koreans are so smart for wearing masks and if not only Korea it’s japan. Taiwanese people have been wearing masks since the first case.

  19. The reason to wear a mask is to not be a future spreader for the sake of humanity. If you really want to protect yourself, you also need those special glasses, N92 mask & an added surgical mask over it. Idiots spreader during incubation period don’t like to be pointed at finger. Just wear a mask, so they don’t feel dumb wearing a mask too. Wearing a mask will protect you from future idiocy.

  20. I saw the previous interview video the doctor was forthright with his answers and advice. A country that has seen so many illness. They know what there saying and saving lives.

  21. Westerners are too self righteous and simple minded to understand whats going on for real, bcuz in my hood, nobody really pays attention to social distancing either.

  22. It’s heartbreaking how little care so many Americans have for one another (but also nothing new). They just stick their un-masked noses in the air, puff out their chests, shout about their freedom just for the sake of freedom, and tell other people to buzz off and worry about themselves. Well, “just worrying about ourselves” will only keep the virus around longer and kill more. I wish my family had gone to Korea before travel restrictions began. I’d feel so much less stress there. 😔

  23. It is just an excuse not to wear a mask on the reason that it is not a culture of wearing a mask in the West. I think it’s just that there’s no mask. People can change the perception that a person wearing a mask is an infected person. It’s because there will be tremendous confusion in western if the government or agency asks people to wear masks in the face of a shortage of masks.

  24. I’m from the usa and it’s sooooo refreshing to see how logic, common sense, and actual help from the government can have such a positive effect on people and their well being. I can tell you that it’s not easy to find a good, manufactured, long term and reusable mask that doesn’t cost too much here… but I’m still looking. For now, I do wear a dust mask when I’m in an area with a possibility of coming into semi-close contact with people. I don’t believe the garbage that the CDC has recently changed their tune about… “anything like a bandana or pillow case is fine”. Sure, might be better than nothing to prevent infection of others or possibly block sizable droplets from infecting the wearer, but that seems to be a very minuscule benefit percentage at best.

  25. I love these average folks ALL know and understand why the masks helps and in general seem a LOT more knowledgeable then average Americans by far to be bonest.

  26. Japanese and South Koreans were always wearing masks even before this corona thing happened lol
    I’m Japanese, it’s the way of considering to wear masks when we get sick and also It’s part of our culture and fashion in a way. I’m living in LA now It’s weird to wear masks in North America and I still see people not wearing masks. Americans and Canadians think of themselves first.

  27. South Korean’s are so intelligent. If these questions were asked in my country most of the people wouldn’t know how to respond them.

  28. What korean think of wearing mask? Is this a serious question?
    It´s more important what you do for yourself. It does not matter what other people do with their life.
    3 or 4 Koreans does not speak for alle Koreans!!

  29. I live in the Netherlands and wore a mask yesterday while I was out. People gave disgusting looks bc the probably thought I was infected.

  30. korean people smart eveb the citizen they’re aware. at my country they keep saying our life in God hands which is true but we need to fight as well. dont easily give up

  31. @ 1:04 “Taking off masks to eat at restaurants”? Man… Even IF temps are taken at the door, the a-symptomatic factor of the virus makes this seem way too risky. (Add in air-conditioning/forced air heating systems/small restaurants…) I just stay the hell home, only out to walk the dog–where I keep a street width away from all other hoomans, saving the few masks we have for potential indoor necessities.

  32. PS: I’m in the Paris area of France and even in our suburb city, I would say probably 60-65% of the folks are wearing masks–outdoors. I haven’t been indoors anywhere since late February, but my husband who has, says that rate is the same in the supermarkets.

  33. I watched the interview in 1:07 in Gangnam Station. I thought it was the Asian Boss channel, and it’s amazing that the prediction was right.

  34. It’s mandatory to wear mask..4 own safety…disposable mask nowadays very expensive..D.I.Y. mask still can..i save a bit..coz its reusable n washable.. something like u recycle..now,it’s health hazard pandemic…i’m waiting 4 dorscon to be lifted..change colour n this mask tat everyone wore n i wore on my face to be lifted..hopefully..one day…not wearing it at tis period of time..,i don’t want to receive any penalty 4 not wearing it n not practising C.C.B. safe distancing..

  35. nice video showing why korea is so far ahead of most countries.
    even the ordinary people know a normal mask doesnt protect you, more
    the people around you, you need a proper one to protect yourself.

  36. South Korea is a horrible country. A soulless place where people work themselves to death. A society so shallow and miserable. Absolutely horrible country. They are such morons as well for thinking masks will do anything.

  37. This ugly ass mask trend has got to go. Asian countries wore them at first because they thought it filtered out air-pollution, now the rest of the world has to wear these ugly ass surgical masks? Where is our freedom?

  38. It’s hard to access masks in western countries as there isn’t typically much demand for them…and most need to be reserved for health professionals right now. If available, everyone should be wearing one at this point, though we don’t even have access to stuff like KF94, N95 masks are pretty much only available to health professionals at this time.

    Also quite a few of those being interviewed don’t seem to have the masks properly fitted? Shouldn’t the top wire be fairly fitted to their nose and face?

  39. 한국은 대기오염이 적은 나라인데 저 남자 어이없는 말하네
    WHO에서 172개국 인구 10만명당 대기오염사망률 조사결과 한국은 132위로 대기오염사망자수가 적은 나라였으며 일본보다도 낮았다
    메르스 사스는 한국만 일어난게 아니고 다른 곳에서 한국보다 심한 곳이 있었다

  40. Korea belongs to a country with low air pollution.
    According to the World Health Organization’s report on the number of air pollution deaths per 100,000 people in 172 countries, Korea ranked 132nd
    SARS and MERS were in other countries and Korea was not the worst.

  41. This video is about finding the one that doesn’t wear a mask. And damn did you just find the best looking korean girls out there or is it the mask?

  42. So much media coverage on this topic but noone mentions transmission through the eyes, how interesting. Folks, wearing a mask is no brainer as you are putting up a physical barrier between two openings to your respiratory system and the medium around you however imperfect that may be. Why waste time debating that? Think there needs to be more campaign/education on the proper use of a mask.

  43. Let me tell u why those western idiots are not willing to wear masks. It’s just because they are super stupid and arrogant. They insist “masks are only for infected people, and you shouldn’t go around wearing mask if you are infected, you should stay home.” We’d say then,“how do you know whether you’re infected or not before you get tested, nobody knows who is infected without diagnostic test. So everyone should wear mask to prevent any possible contagion and spread during this kind of pandemic.” Secondly it’s because in those western morons’ Sodom and Gomorrah, wearing mask is one of criminals’ habits. There are full of crimes, guns, drugs,shooting spree,robbery,rape,burglary,hate crime and so on. So it’s because they are super stupid,arrogant and vicious.

  44. This is why 95% of the U.S not wearing both mask/gloves to none protection. That’s why people are dead. When there’s a vaccine available, no need protection. Otherwise, I wear both just to stay alive.
    I wonder what people will think when a black person walks in the bank with a mask on?

  45. Only one country in Europe incorporated mandatory face masks in public and unsurprisingly they managed to contain the virus. As reported / to date only 173 deaths in the Czech Republic .

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