What Japanese Think Of The US Capitol Riot | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. pretty much shown US to be the grandmaster joke of the world on top of an already master joke of the world. I am 100% sure other world leaders, especially rival super power countries are laughing their assess off.

  2. Japan had its own version of its parliament being breached by protestors back in 1960. The government was going to pass a revised version of the US-Japan Security Treaty, but hundreds of thousands of protestors descended upon the parliament for multiple days. It was ultimately breached leading to violent confrontation between protestors and police. One woman unfortunately died, and plans for Dwight Eisenhower to come to Japan were cancelled. I was surprised it wasn’t brought up in the video, but I guess the government doesn’t want that sort of history being shown. Great video though, the questions and responses were very good!

  3. American riots were staged, and are only a form of social conditioning. Didn’t y’all see the video of the cop waving people in? Wake up world! They use media to change your perception of reality.

  4. The Capitol Riot = Fake “trump” supporters + deep state corruption theatrics (and no I’m not a trump supporter)
    I will say the death of the female was real.
    All of it is sinister and little to no effort lazy orchestrated acts by so-called law enforcement in the building, strange conversations caught on camera between a worker and a protestor, and backwards trump hat coincidences etc…
    Probably a cult network….
    Mainstream Television, News, Online Articles are not to be trusted – they always get tainted, and the real footage that has the potential to expose the corruption or strange behavior always gets deleted and/or gets slapped by the “conspiracy theory” label.

  5. Some very thoughtful opinions. The woman at 13:50 talking about the freedom of speech for platforms really echoes my thinking here. I’ve dealt with many online platforms for about 30 years now and you have to have social norms. I realize the person silenced is really mad, but they can learn from that. One thing I do find challenging is that banning some kid who is 16 now may still impact him years later. The platforms do need to consider that aspect.

  6. Racial division in America increased greatly during the Obama administration. Today labeling someone a racist is used as a political weapon by the Marxist/Democrat party.

  7. Can you please do a video on why Japanese support Trump? I know they tend to like Republicans but this is very intriguing. I follow Japanese news channels such us TBS news, FNN Prime Online, Nittere, etc and the comments are full with words of supports to Trump and hate words to Biden.

  8. I think the US has it good compares to a lot of other countries. Free food stamps, free housing, you can’t go hungry or no place to stay if you decided to go homeless with child(ren) and elderly. pay daycare, pay school tuition and income for each kid per month who claim they are singles. Pay big part of the rent. In some cases, tenants don’t pay rent at all and stay for free. Landlord pay tenant to move out. Some cases cities allow homeless to take over someone else’s empty houses to claim their own. Equal pay if you work or not working at all. Don’t come to US if your borderline middle income. Uncle Sam loves your money. Come with no money, you entitle to all free healthcare, free tuition, all social welfare that are available for you.

  9. The lady in all black and the one with the rainbow strap had really smart answer for the most part. Very thought out for random questions on the street. Cool to see.

  10. My dad thinks that some people in Japan are Trump supporters because of the current issue of them being against the Korean people who have been born in Japan. The person behind that movement is very Trump-like.

  11. To all the people in the comments going “but…but what about all the BLM riots…” Ummm… trashing the WHITE HOUSE, what is supposed to be the most respected building in our whole COUNTRY, is a lot bigger of a deal than trashing the local Target. Plus at least those people had something real to be angry about. These right-wing nuts attempted to trash our capital because of fake conspiracy theories about election fraud fed to them by a sore loser ex-President. Absolutely the most ridiculous thing that has happened in recent history. HANDS DOWN.

  12. 3:49 I definitely agree with this, but we have to remember that Trump did not win the majority vote, so I wouldn’t say it’s all of us. I also want to call out everyone who made “meme votes” in that election like voting for Harambe, because they were a big part of why Trump won. I don’t like Hillary or Biden, but obviously they’re way better than Trump imo and looking at the past election and this one…I think the majority of us agree with this sentiment.
    9:44 I am positive the majority were extremist right wingers like QANON, proud boys etc… I don’t like Trump, but let’s be honest that the majority probably either watched it happen or did not support the riots but still supported Trump.

    I just wanted to clarify in case people think Americans are all chaotic and into Trump…I might be an immigrant (took my citizenship oath with my mom the same day of the Trump inauguration XD), but I do love this country and I just don’t want people to think badly of us XD.

  13. And this what I be saying when I see a few Asians cultural appropriating, but folks keep saying they don’t know it’s wrong and don’t know about America. Hmmmm

  14. Why do people think the danger somehow comes from your ability to say bad things on Twitter. They are dangerous before that, them warning us they are dangerous is a way to prevent the danger.

  15. Sorry, have you asked Japanese what they think of the BLM and Antifa riots of this past summer where ~30 people died, the first of whom was burned alive in his store by BLM terrorists? And the cops who were killed? And the ~$2B in damages through burning, and looting? Have you asked them about that? Or is it just the yahoos who stormed the Capitol building you’re interested in?

  16. For us Canadians, it’s like having a really good friend that whenever we go to a night party, he gets really drunk on nationalism. Makes complete fool of himself by turning into a douchebag, picks up a fight or two…then passes out. The next day he doesn’t remember anything, while talking and having breakfast. Hope it doesn’t become a habit.

  17. It’s called a 2nd Civil War and it’s going to lead to a 3rd World War. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea soon will start invading their neighbors and nobody can stop them…

  18. America spends $70 billion annually on “defense” and the center of government was taken down in under 2 hours by the duck dynasty and a guy in a Chewbacca bikini.

  19. “I think that American citizens also need to bear some responsibility.” Even though she doesn’t know much about foreign politics, I agree with this statement.

  20. I love that this is getting needed attention because it’s nice to see others perspective on what’s going on. one thing I will say is I would love and appreciate it if you guys put this much energy towards when Covid first broke out and Africans and people of color was being treated very badly, from some being beating very badly, some being thrown out of their own apartments. Some not being able to enter restaurants ,malls all because people in China was saying that it was because of black people Covid broke out when it really was not. You guys did not cover that situation and I would’ve just been nice to know that you did cover that situation as much as you guys are put in energy towards this and the politics of it all. I do love this channel and I love all that you guys do and the awareness that you do bring so that’s why I was very surprised that you guys didn’t really speak much on that situation.

  21. The girl at 2:53 actually had me feeling kinda guilty. I spent a shitload of time ridiculing the people that think the election was fraudulent and dismissed them as crazy when they tried to state their case. Mind you, I’m still convinced that there’s no legitimate evidence indicating fraud but maybe I should have actually given them the respect of listening. Maybe if everybody did, the Capitol Riots wouldn’t have happened. Then again, maybe not. I guess we’ll never know.

  22. I think it’s amazing how thorough (and accurate) the ladies’ responses were. Especially the ladies in the black and grey puffy coats. 👍

  23. I hate the riot as well. but I fell like if asian boss going to make the video about capitol riot then I think it will be better to make video about BLM riot (burning building, looting, and so on) as well. otherwise it will seems bias.

  24. I like that lady in the gray ski jacket. She is very very open-minded and intelligent person, was able to see both sides of the argument. The others, not so much.

  25. @9:32 … it’s really not true, bro . Those persons are Not typically identified as your ‘normal citizens’. Truly, the specific mob group which sadly entered the Capitol – once the doors were broken in by the even more radical instigating elements – represented only a minority of the total US population mindset and were mostly consisting of the ideological fringes, that is — mostly those of the extreme ‘right’ (if one can judge the ideological spectrum as such), but also some of the extreme left and perhaps anarchist type, who joined in to cause damage. Anyway, I thank these Japanese citizen views so much for their input as it helped me to understand more and also reinforced why I respect and appreciate Japan society and people so much. Peace and prosperity ! Thanks for these interviews and interesting upload , Asian Boss

  26. It’s agree with the Left or be censored. They project their feelings onto others and refuse to take responsibility for their own mistakes. They have the same opinions as the handful of tech billionaires (who have monopolies) that put them into office and make products they are dependent on. The political right are a fake resistance to a now one party government only serving to give the appearance of bipartisan country. Fascists have mastered the art of pretending to be anti-fascist. People that wave the American flag are now being considered domestic terrorists by politicians and the media and half the country is falling for it.

  27. I’m Nigerian(Africa)a bad country so I have no right to speak of America but it’s a mystery a Christian Country with high ranked Universities & cooperations can still act like that.330 million people,big country=big problems. I hope America prospers🇺🇸❤️

  28. That was immensely fascinating. I appreciated hearing the diverse (and sometimes similar) perspectives of people from another nation and culture. These people were very articulate and their answers were well thought out.

  29. The United States can no longer have a strong attitude toward China.
    Since the President has got the full Xi Jinping money in the father and son.

  30. We are now under the first like dictatorship we have ever been, we may not survive as the new regime wants to destroy us financially, they have a ready started…

  31. I know Asian boss had a failed attempt interviewing Chinese people in Shanghai about the US Capitol Riot. I remember it was not released because most interviewees had very little insight about the issue. Putting out some of the interview clips would be a good idea, so we can compare and contrast them with the Japanese.

  32. to be fair the Asian countries have caught up so fast in terms of modern living and education levels that you don’t need to live in USA to feel like you’re getting the first world treatment. In some areas of the USA it feels like you’re in a third world country with their poverty problems.

  33. What is delightful about the riot is that it leaves no room to dispute what Trump is and what his legacy will be. His political allies abandonned him, like roaches scattering because the lights turned on. He left with no dignity and broke tradition refusing to show his face. It was symbolic of his reign-an assault on democracy and on the country itself, fueled by conspiracies and lies. May the next four years be full of prosperity and peace

  34. Please… Leave my Nihon out of what happened, the news was always supporting trump and the good things he did, and so did the people that know about politics. However as always the disgusting news outlets like CNN, Msnbc, cbs news, abc news, etc etc… Are the ones that are taken as reference in Nihon, which is incredibly enraging for me, they shouldn’t get the brainwash treatment the US gets with those news outlets. And this channel which is shamelessly biased with the left ask questions without actually researching the bigger picture (like in other videos of the same topic) and of course purposely seeking trump undermine.
    And just to be clear, what I and most Japanese think about the values and morals of the Republican party are healthy and trump, is a mere presentative of the party. And he certainly did the job right, I would’ve liked the tweets to calm down sometimes, but I guess there was no stopping him there, and unfortunately, like I said, there are so many news that made trusting what he was doing for nihon and the US saying it was “horrible” when in reality, the political garbage and censorship are insane since trump “lost”

  35. People keep mentioning about “if it was black people.” Well, guess what. Unlike BLM and other hate groups, Trump supporters don’t have a history of violence. BLM has destroyed over a dozen federal buildings, killed over 3 dozen, injuring hundreds, beating police officers, and dealing billions of dollars in property damage.

  36. Pragmatic, well-reasoned points from Japanese / non US residents, to consider that some of the pro-Trump Japanese supporters might do so on the basis of economic benefit for Japan. Even if it has caused a net loss of jobs in the US, I understand that they would be more interested in whether Japan’s own export economy could see net gains from the trade war.

    The featured interviewees showed how the same person can think critically about a topic, recognizing both its benefits and risks — Trump’s influence, freedom of speech, and seeing the US as possibly a more dangerous place than they thought hitherto but still worth considering to live and work here. American public discourse has chronically lacked the desire, and now the ability, to bring out these nuances. We default to extreme uses of the Overton Window effect in order to attract the most attention or followers possible using simple, polarizing, high profile statements with the greatest contrast possible.

    “It is easy to say Trump is to blame for this. However, if we think about who let him be president for 4 years, then I think that American citizens also need to bear some responsibility.” She’s not wrong. 6.6

    Also: “I find him [Trump] scary for how he has managed to normalize those kinds of things [racist statements].”

  37. The guy who said wouldn’t happen in Japan unless by sub culture right wing extremist. That is what happened in the USA. Those aren’t normal Americans.

  38. Well it could be worse, at least us Americans didn’t elect a crazed, orange skinned, toupee wearing narcissist who led to this moment of history. What a relief!

  39. Damn. The Japanese didn’t hold back. But I’m glad they are “seeing america in a different light”. Racism, discrimination, and hate certainly are prevalent in our country and America is nothing to put on a pedestal. There’s nothing more annoying than non-Americans saying “America is great, I want to go there, I want to be a citizen, etc”. I’m like, uhhh, we have the worst education, our judicial system is a joke, any federal or state ran facility/organization drags their toes to get anything done, including our politicians whom never agree on anything, then we have systemic oppression of minorities, unequal treatment for woman/lgbtq+, and etc. etc. etc. America is not what it used to be. And looking back on our bloody history, I don’t think it was anything worthy of praise. Welcome to America?

    On a side note: it was pretty fking embarrassing seeing how easily the capital was breached.

  40. The personality of most Asians are conserved. In the Wild west, well you know. It’s a bit different, they are very competitive in sports. When they don’t get there way, well you know. In most Asian countries we don’t compete because we are too busy with time and natural issues. I am not saying all Westerners are like this, freedom is good. Like she stated National Security over Freedom of Speech, which is just an individual groups expressed feelings. Feelings can’t secure us all.

  41. 11:27 somebody please show me where Trump incited the riots on his twitter? Explain to me how telling people to stop the riots and act peaceful turns into him supporting the riots?

  42. Two movie lines that come to mind when asking the question: who is to blame? “A Captain is responsible for the conduct of his crew” & “There’s a price to being a leader of Men” and he was Commander in Chief when first, we had the insanity in Portland & Seattle… and he did nothing to stop it, nothing. He failed at his job, whether through incompetence or trying to use it in some political way, I don’t care, he, the Mayors, and the Governors all failed. If we were in ancient Rome, they’d all be, at best, banished. He failed at the Capitol, and allowed a bunch of thugs to make our Nation look like a joke. Worse still is the incitement. What I do wonder is; our Military has non-lethal “access-denial” weapons. They got one that uses microwaves to make you feel extremely uncomfortable without causing damage. If we have such things, this would have been the time to use them.
    That doesn’t excuse the criminal behavior at the Capitol, or out west. Anyone who took part in any of this crap require an abject lesson to correct them.
    Back in the day, if a Chieftain/Grand Hetman/Khan or King failed their People, then yea, get ready to be forcibly taken to the nearest river for a “swim” Think the Celtic Chieftains had it pretty bad, should he fail…. seen a thing where one was taken to a bog, had his nipples ritually/symbolically cut off, then strangled and dumped into the bog. If you are given the Captain’s chair, DO NOT screw up.

  43. Exactly, America has turned into a circus and the ring leaders are the democratic party. Praising blm and antifa riots. Trying to blame Trump as inciting violence that was pre-planned… Right, except that’s not his m.o…. Plus he only asked for peace…

  44. Respectfully, the woman at 8:21 seems very uninformed. Trump’s economic policies have led to the worst American recession in recent memory and more Americans reliant on food aid than ever before. Moreover, while Trump is loudly hostile to China, his tariffs have been largely ineffective when it comes to containing their economic growth.

    The man at 9:29 makes the fatal mistake of not realizing that extremists are otherwise “normal citizens”.
    Anyone anywhere can be radicalized in a matter of days, regardless of their status in civil society. Not recognizing that has caused the United States great hardship and much turmoil.

  45. Trump only benefits the rich most Americans are going to pay for his mistakes while he gave corporations tax cuts and benefits. What did he even gain from being president

  46. I’m not surprised that these Japanese people felt the way they did about this incident. Being an American, I was shocked but kind of expected things like this to happen given that it’s Trump and what he’s doing over his 4 years as POTUS was continuously create a lot of divide in the nation and wasted so much of the country’s money on needless things. On top of that, the pandemic created a lot of very upset people; many who lost their jobs and/or felt very emotionally stressed from being indoors and not being able to do what they’d normally do. Trump definitely will pay for inciting riots, causing so much stress, doing anti-America things, wasting so much tax dollars, etc. I’m glad that he’s finally out. I have faith that Biden will improve the country for the better domestically and internationally.

  47. I like how they acknowledge that there are supporters of Trump in thier country even if they are supporting him in secret. Delusional neo libs in america act like his base is just some small fringe group. 🙄But yeah..75million + people disagree. 😬So wild.

  48. I’m sad that some of them think the Capitol terrorists were normal people. “Capitol Justice” on Reddit is pretty funny. Every single Captiol rioter is HATED by their own family and friends and workplace. Everyone in their lives turns them in to the FBI with a funny personal angry story. They’re the worst people in the US having a “Comic Con” of racism and entitlement.

  49. Great video, love hearing the Japanese public’s thoughts on the event and got a lot of good context. Wanted to point out that freedom of speech in America is that the government cannot limit freedom of speech. Companies are not bound by any clause that says they cannot limit someone who uses their application’s speech and that makes sense because a company who cannot delete posts with truly disturbing content such as Trump’s incitement of violence or things that support horrible things such as human trafficking or any other crimes would usually be seen by the public as the company being supportive of those posts. So it isn’t violating Trump’s freedom of speech because it wasn’t the government censoring him.

  50. So them breaking into the capitol and making a mess like a toddler is considered worse than 9/11 but when antifa and BLM go around destroying mom and pop shops, looting and breaking property which totaled into millions of dollars that’s considered a “Mostly Peaceful Protest” ok just wanted to know what reality I’m in.

  51. 14:17 Freedom of speech does not include the right to incite violence so that wouldn’t even be a talking point, whether it’s being uttered on social media or in person. This is why the waters get so muddy. The rules are so loosely defined that any given infraction can basically be interpreted as grounds for censorship.

  52. Tweeter and FB just don’t want to be part of the cause of the riots. They distance themselves from it, like any company would do for risk management. Don’t think they are noble and want to help to stop further rioting.

  53. it’s rare for any Japanese to form a strong opinion about controversial topics, let alone political ones. The AVG Japanese is mentally checked out of politics or any kind of important topics related to Government. You can tell by the way they respond.

  54. The big problem is that the idiot trump dropped us in a bad recession which wiped out any gains he made to the economy. It was a total negation of everything that was good. He actually brought us in the negative area economic wise. It was predicted that he would likely do this with his history of bad investments and horrible ideas of business which he still only owns trump tower legally while his mar a lago hotel is owned by a holding company that’s not his, his casinos are shut for non payment, he has no hotels left to stand on, and the only thing he really has is that boardroom which isn’t that good plus the city of New York is disavowing any of his business dealings which means trump is going down. From the top of hill to a underground cave in less than a year.

  55. As an absolute degenerate from the US, Japan would be my first pick as a country to flee this from the disaster that is America.
    What an amazing place. So distinct.

  56. In all honesty if people are going to call the Capital Riot the worst thing to happen to america in a while, And ignore the riots from BLM and Antifa that lasted all summer and into novermber. Then I don’t know what to say anymore, people are such hypocrites, They support burning down their cities and murdering people because of their views and ideas, they loot and riot. But When Trump supporters are upset about the election and riot themselves. They condemn it. If you do not condemn violence from both sides you are a hypocrite and the real problem in america

  57. Democrats they wanted overturn the election in 2016. T won the election we know that. We will miss our President T. Democracy is not prevails when it was stolen. Our constitution has fallen. Praying for our country because the globalist agenda is coming to destroy our family and values.

  58. Make video about Asian nations’ opinion on vaccination please. Do Asian nations such as Indonesians, Pinoys, Thais, Chineses, Koreans, Japaneses, Indians, Pakistanis, etc accept it or reject it?

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