What Is, “Living The Dream” To You? – Philippines – Thailand – Vietnam

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    In this video I discuss, “What Is, “Living The Dream” To You? – Philippines – Thailand -Vietnam”

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  2. I convert atheists and Mormons and others to being Christian. I don’t even have a firm believe in the afterlife. Every miracle in the Bible is a stumbling block for me. But this is living the dream.

  3. Man, you’re cooking in this video. No. 3 was it, yeah, that’s me, or hope so anyway, still in the west ‘n it kinda sucks. Sure, you can do business with people, you can order coffee, but when it comes to meeting people socially, it’s just not a good scene. I can tell the stuff about dating people and see them end up with someone else is a topic more close to you. It’s an interesting perspective though, never thought of it like that. Now, for me, if I can get some time away and some (moderate) drinking outside of the family, that’s really all I ask, that’s really all I’ve ever asked for’n it used to work in the West, but no more.

    No, today you’re a problem, who cares if you have an income, you have to be into things, so into things, be it work, houses or apartments, or hobbies, whatever.

    You can ask someone to climb K2 with you, thst’s great. But to live together, have some kids and a guy that goes out and get drunk every once in a while, no way José, then you’re an awful person., at least if you’re over 40. I wonder why that is, in my book it’s called livin’.

  4. In the 80’s a friend to me to this 50’s style dinner, which I became a regular and friends with owner. One day I said you should open more of these. He laughed and said at one time he owned 15 in three states and his life was hell. He said I’m happy just to have this one. Too many times we fail to see how good we have it.

  5. 43:17 Very interesting video, Henry! I’m wondering if a Sari-sari store it’s not a better business to have than a bar or a restaurant for an expat married with a Filipina.

  6. I agree with the feeling of certainty of not wanting children. With every passing year I am even more convinced that I don’t want children. Nobody believed me when I was 22 that I didn’t want kids and kept saying that I would change my mind, but here I am in my 30s and feel exactly the same way. I think more people should trust Vi when she says that she doesn’t want kids because it’s just something you know from an early age.

  7. I think that the media has conditioned us here in the US to believe that the hamster wheel life is the best life. We really don’t know how much easier and simpler life can be until we travel. A lot of people from Southeast Asia don’t fully understand just how difficult it is to keep your head above water here. While some of us in the US are wealthy in money, for the majority of our lives we are very time poor. I think that time is infinitely more valuable than money in most circumstances.

  8. U really cant compared western women these days to other women in a positive way, of course not all are like this but most are entitled. I cant blame the women there completely, the problem is there to many desperate men to fuels their narcissisms as u can see from online dating supply and demand. What men need to do is work hard and obtain currency not women or a partner in the west, when u obtain currency ur very desirable. After traveling abroad and obtain new experience, you will learn that the women overseas are still women who respect their man and treat them with equality and empathy.

    The Dream is to have enough in investments and just travel around SE Asia and have a home base in the Philippines.

  9. One guy said that American women are one of the most brainwashed people. Either they think that you’re a sexual serial killer or they have unrealistically high expectations for a male partner. Like he has to be a prince or a billionaire or something.

  10. Dream too would be a great sex life. Some guys brag about a career of punting but I think quality is better than quantity. Not too many kids if any for example. Moderation in the money department is good too. Fake designer stuff is OK if you don’t have scads of cash to blow on the upscale stuff. Hard to tell the difference without a magnifying glass.

  11. My dream was to meet a good girl & spending my life w/ her. I met her on Messenger when I wasn’t looking for a GF & Never met a Filipina before. 9 months later she picked me up at Cebu AP. That was over 2 YRS. ago & she is behind me now. Do I dream of more for us> Yes but right now I am living my dream & so is she. Great video, thank you.

  12. great point as always. living in japan for many years i can tell life here in all aspects is socks.what you heard about great culture like this like that,by confidence i can almost guarantee is nothing but lie. the greatest moments i had was the 6 years i was student in the philippines also visiting there 2 times a year.

  13. “No matter where you go, there you are” – Buckaroo Banzai
    “Living the life” is not associated with a place, it is a state of mind… After you become an expat, life goes on… Nothing magical is going to happen other than you no longer live in your home country… YOU must establish a life for yourself where ever you are and be happy when you look in the mirror… Having said that, I’ve been “living the life” in Thailand for close to a decade now… Married to a wonderful woman, our financial situation is secured and we are in good health… I play golf, cycle, go to the gym, travel and enjoy the company of friends… Not really much different than in my home country…

  14. Living the dream is having an adventure everyday in a foreign country you love,and just keep moving on until you are too old to continue…..the key is to see much of the world as possible,and revisit the places you like…..having a routine can be monotonous and boarding,just like the hamster wheel….get off it and explore the big universe out there,that my friend never gets boaring…

  15. My ex is Vietnamese, we had totally different dreams. She wanted to travel the world, see the sights, kids were not a priority. Im more of traditionalist guy from Oklahoma, i just want to have a family, get some land grow some crops. We tried to make it work for a couple of years but could not. My Filipina fiance’s dream is a better match, shes a provence girl very simple, can butchering chickens all that.

  16. Interesting video, thanks for sharing.

    I’d be interested to know what % of expat guys ‘living the dream’ is travel & exploration within the Philippines &/or other Asian countries?
    Travel, culture, food, adventure etc etc first & a woman further down the line, unless a good one comes along the way but enjoys the same in life, travel etc etc?

  17. Ha, my brake lights came on (screeetch) when you began talking about guys in their 60’s raising babies! 😬 No thanks. I’m lucky to have hooked up with my dream early in life. 😎

  18. My dream is to organize a low budget life of 25,000 peso a month, on a permanent basis. If your organizing a life in phils with that intention you are able to do it and live well. For example: Rent 7000, Food 5000, Internet 2000, Utilities 5000, Immigration 2000, Misc 4000. This is AFTER initial setup costs (first & last months rent, scooter, furniture etc.

  19. I been in the Phils for close to 4 years & when I put my head down on my pillow at night I feel no worry or guilt . This is important to me & I’m currently living my dream. Covid & 2020 was tough for many but I was lucky in finding my great province girl & life is now as good as ever.

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