What is going on in this world


  1. Joe love you and Gift’s videos. My Thai wife that lives with me in the US is flying back to Chicago today with Korean Air with a stop in Seoul.

  2. The problem with your comment was that a guy was murdered “but”. Unfortunately there is no “but” after that comment and all you did was poke a stick in a hornets nest. You won’t polarise your audience with videos about Thailand but current events are a mine field you shouldn’t walk into.

  3. Unfortunately it appears most of the media is picking and choosing what they want to show and are contributing to the division of this country. Everyone needs to take a step back, take a deep breath and think before acting. Everyone needs to respect and love each other. This is a small world we live in and need to share alike

  4. The world can be so unkind and unfair .
    I am happy you have found your soul mate Joe, in Gift , and share wonderful times with us , thank you to both of you for making the world feel kinder towards others .

  5. Now Joe it’s an election year it let you know just how deep the deep state actually goes since they have had control for 30 years ..it’s hard to cut the snake’s head off when he’s in a deep well

  6. Hey Joe, missed the livestream, they are backing off here in Florida, just shut down all the bars again, things are starting to go sideways here in the US. Not good at all

  7. No problem for Gringos coming into Mexico but now they must get for a 6 month visa that cost 30 dollars and can be renewed. Gordito means a bit overweight.

  8. Its getting bad, and fortunate that I my military background will help protect my family and friends, I pray to God it will never come to that but have never seen things this bad in my 57 years 🙁

  9. You are right on Joe on what is going on in the US and it is getting worse. Here in Tecate the National Guard and the Army are driving around with their guns loaded. There will be no crap here as the shoot first and never ask questions. My dad had millions and when I was 17 he asked me if I wanted money and I said yes, so he said well go get it. I went to school and became a scientist and had 50 years as a RF engineer with patients in electronics. I love you and Gift.

  10. Hey Joe …i missed your live video . We took a ride to Snowsand Resort near Prachuap Khiri Khan. You and Gift must see , very nice place near the mountains.

  11. Joe you are one of the most honest, kindest, caring, forgiving, thoughtful and respectful people on the internet. Now I can add patriot to it. I’m very much aligned with you!!!!!

  12. We all have a right to our opinion. And there will always be people that will agree or disagree with them. Taking the time to listen or understand these opinions is just being open-minded. In the end, you decide, how these opinions make you feel, according to your life experiences and your values. Because the purpose of life is to feel good emotions 💕

  13. I Matter You Matter We All Matter. Start judging People by Who they are and Not What we are. Peace Love Harmony. As a Vietnam Veteran I served with all different people But We Are All Brothers

  14. Yes, hit the nail on the head Joe ! We are being manipulated and turned against each other . May we all come together for the benefit for all people .

  15. You’re so right F Joe! if you work hard your asperations will be fulfilled! These punk socialists need to be put in jail for creating so many probs for hard working Americans

  16. Hi Joe, sorry missed the live feed. Just catching up. I lived in the Scottish Highlands for 25 years, lived in the USA 10 years in Alabama, Florida, texacana and Omaha. Great time in Alabama and Florida. Now work and live in Oman last 10 years beautiful. I was born with nothing, lived in the slums of Nottingham my Father died when I was 4, my mom remarried and live was tough, but never been in trouble with the police. I worked my butt off so my family never lived like I did. And I can say that made me the person I am today. My wife is Thai she is there now looking after the business. Built a house in Udon cant wait to get there and retire. Love the channel

  17. The spanish flu was neither from spanish culture nor a flu; it was about the time of WW1 when they were administering vaccines to troops overseas. How else would people from Kansas to South Africa and around the world become infected within just weeks of each other and during that turn of event WW1, meanwhile the mode of transportation was limited mostly to ships and horse buggy. The research goes deep, and i wouldn’t want this new vaccine that’s hasn’t been approved at least 5 years either. God Bless Joe.

  18. Good evening Joe and Gift,always a pleasure to watch your channels,opinions are just that subjective and open to interpretation. You have a lifestyle to be envied, I would do anything to return to Prachuap. Negative things that are happening in the wider world pollute your friendly channel and attract trolls. I hope you get back to travelling real soon (so do I when it is safe) and have a happy 4th July.

  19. Hi from Washington. one of the things i like about your videos is that while you state your opinions, you go out of your way to make sure that you accept the fact that other people may disagree and it doesn’t matter.

  20. GOD willing I will be in Bangkok next month. Looks like they are going to let me in. Paperwork done.. All the airlines waiting for Thailand to say go. I am like you and no time to be sad and we voted with our feet. We all have choices and I want a peaceful, restful , happy life and that is what Thailand offers us. I believe the USA is going to get worse and taxes going up and I will be lounging by the pool and in the sauna.

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