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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. It sucks, but by restricting alcohol sales it helps curb people from getting together and doing stupid things. Additionally, ones’ body immune system is stronger when sober. Anyhow, it’ll be a good party when this is over.

  2. I have a British friend that is stuck in Pattaya. He said the Thai people are not starving. He said a motorbike taxi driver offered to sell him food that he said he got for free in one of those lines. My personal belief is that person who wanted to sell the food is a minority and most of the food goes to worthy people who really need it. But I am more than 7,000 miles away and I don’t know what is going on in Thailand.

  3. Hi Rob! Tuned in late. Thumbs up! Warren from Tujunga, CA. Love all your videos. I think the clicking on the mic may be clipping as it only occurs when you start to talk. See if there is an input mic volume adjustment that may clear up the clicking. Stay well!

  4. You are using a nerf condom on your mic so that will help if you have a window open or a fan running on you. Not sure how much it helps in a quiet room. The closer you get to the mic, the more likely you will either overdrive the mic, or the (mic) input to your computer, and cause clipping of your signal. With some mics, by getting close, you can get a proximity effect that makes your voice sound a little more bass. Regardless, you may need an audio input device like those made by Focusrite between your mic and the computer if your signal is too hot for it.

  5. Thanks for the update Rob. I’ve already cancelled all my my plans for Thailand, for this year. Planning on celebrating the Big 60 next year, in Kamala.
    BTW, the microphone sounds great but you are over modulating occasionally. Just bring the level down a bit and you’ll be fine.
    Thanks again, looking forward to the next one.

  6. Hi there Rob, is there any chance of a more appealing background view when you’re doing your live streams, those door hinges have me slightly unhinged πŸ™‚ Giving out food to the needy is admirable but potentially assisting in the spread of a killer virus is not, therefore social distancing is essential under the current circumstances, no exceptions. One asymptomatic person can effectively infect another four people, think about it.

  7. been a fan since day one i was goin to thieland and you helped with gettin there am back i hope at christmas for an other 20 days in patong hope to meet buy you a leo my friend stay safe

  8. There is a slight crackle on your mic when you talk loud. So probably clipping. If you have a mic input you can just drop it by 10% will not lose too much volume but get rid of the crackle. Or better would be if you had a compressor then you can keep volume and it squashes the loud bits. Put’s a ceiling on loudness. Also that mic is pretty good you probably don’t need to make love to it, you should be able to sit back a bit and we will hear you still. In fact sit back a bit and it might not get the crackle.

  9. Honestly, for a live stream like this you don’t even need a mic. You did fine with the pc onboard mic. A fancy mic like that is more for recording music etc but a lot of guys like the mic to feel like they are official lol.

  10. Consider yourself blessed. Same in the UK. We’re run by a Moronic Right government not that is trying to pretend 20 000 deaths didn’t happen. Just simply by dieing elsewhere other than a hospital. Will take UPTO two years for the world to return to normal. If the Thai Government is tracking the virus, it’ll make those important decisions easier. Admittedly you and your fellow Emigrants are in the same doubtful grey area as all immigrants. Everybody is waiting to see where the second wave will emerge from (may not be China), but almost certainly it will emerge somewhere. That could lead to total, partial or regional lockdowns to ease the burden on Country Economies and people. But as we are now, you’re looking at UPTO six months of same as we go. People like me (Chronically ill) will be well adjusted to this situation. But the healthier of this world will be figety already. So, my daughter was furloughed from her catering job at a Go TO location locally. She went straight into job hunting mode and is now working for a retail chain. Maybe the best option for now Rob and look at your options down the road. Absolutely no humiliation in this situation. NO ONE SAW THIS COMING!!

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