1. it is a scam, and the people who are behind it are scammers! one day, they will turn off the servers and you lost your ‘investment’. bitcoin is a currency and you can buy actual coins that have REAL value, earth 2 gives YOU NOTHING!!! fyi, they are LYING about how many users they have! why? who lies? SCAMMERS! if it becomes like bitcoin? can you here yourself, it is game, games end, next time you eat some fruit, take a seed, make it ‘become like bitcoin!’ YOU ARE BEING LIED TOO!!!! this IS make-believe, a scam, plain and simple, a game, a con job, fraud. wake up. this has nothing to do with any kind of blockchain, do you even know what that is??? i have a bridge for sale, if you buy my bridge you can collect a toll for every driver who wants to drive across. have you ever seen cunterfeit money? looks real, feels real, sometimes you can buy stuff at the store with it. if you do, you risk going to jail. IT IS NOT REAL. earth 2 is not real, i think that was a movie, lol, earth 2 is NOT a block chain!

  2. It’s certainly no scam which people would see if they looked into the developers and how much work has gone into the game and continues to go into the game. Big things ahead for Earth 2! People won’t have long to wait and watch it EXPLODE!

  3. Hi Peter, your video’s used to be great because they were about “real” estate. These videos are of zero interest to me and by the looks of the viewing numbers not of interest to the majority of your subscribers too. Get back on track please.

  4. All You Need To Know About Earth 2.io
    Stanjhae Orji

    Jan 2 · 7 min read

    New year, new opportunities and new Earth! Relocate to Earth 2 Now!

    What is Earth 2?
    Earth 2 is a virtual version of earth. Basically, it’s earth’s geography split into 5.1 trillion land tiles and classified into 3 classes. (Class 1, 2 and 3). It is mapped 1:1 meaning it is the same size as Earth 1!
    Land on Earth 2, just like in our current reality can be owned, bought, sold, and in the near future, deeply customised. This means you’ll eventually be able to do more things on Earth 2 than ideally possible on earth 1.
    The vision of Earth 2 is to create a global digital representation of our earth, a place where people can build, abide, trade, live, experience, interact and so much more. The vision is long term and monumental and we feel the introduction of Earth 2 represents the birth of the world’s virtual timeline.
    Why you should be a part of Earth 2.
    You can travel anywhere: Earth 2 would support Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). You would be able to travel to any part of the world and visit any building without physically leaving your apartment, requiring a visa or bothering about a pandemic.
    You can create your own world: In phase 2 of Earth 2, you would be able to build whatever you want on either land you bought or rented from someone else. Ever dreamed of building your own house? Head over to Earth 2 now!
    You can advertise your business: In newer phases of Earth 2, business owners, marketing agencies and anybody would be able to advertise anything. If you own a piece of land, you can get paid for someone else to advertise on your land!
    You can implement your wildest ideas: By combining the power of VR, AR, Real Estate, Finance, Technology, Gaming, Business, Medicine and other concepts, you can let your imagination run wild and bring your ideas to reality.
    You can buy land for up to 0.000001% of its price in reality and the best part is you can sell it for whatever price you want.
    You can rent your properties
    You can mine resources.
    You can earn land income tax
    There’s a referral system where both you and whoever uses your referral code get 5% bonus of the sale. This is for a limited time. Feel free to use mine: 1CI80OVVTX
    You can earn from advertisement income. When advertisements are delivered on land that you own, you will be given a portion of the revenue generated from those advertisements depending on the class of land you own.
    3. GAMING
    Earth 2 is pretty much a game. Do you play games like Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA, Apex and any other planetary or futuristic based game? Then you’ll love Earth 2! You can earn real money as you play!
    Based on the above points, you should already be salivating at the financial potentials of Earth 2 from buying and selling land to generating passive income, mining resources, making advertisements, referrals and much more.
    Every plot of land started at $0.1. At the time of writing this, land in the United States costs as much as $23 per tile and this is just barely 3 months into Earth 2!
    Image for post
    Country prices as of January 2nd 2021.
    Places like Germany, Italy and other parts of Europe are already at $3 to $4 per tile. Land is still available in Netherlands, Australia, Hungary, Nigeria and other places for as low as $1 as at the time of writing.
    Image for post
    Country Statistics
    5. TIMING
    Financial Gains: Earth 2 is barely 3 months old. Timing alone doesn’t sound like a good reason to get into something but most times, timing is everything. If you had the opportunity of getting into bitcoin 3 months after it launched and you bought one for as low as $1, as of the time of writing this article, you would have gained over $31,000. Apply this thought process to Earth 2 and you could be a Millionaire Too 😊!
    Favourite Locations: Do you have a place that is dear to you like where you were born, family house, where you proposed, a friend’s house, favourite McDonald’s or any other place that comes to mind? you might not be able to buy it on Earth 1 but it’s possible on Earth 2 and it’s only possible if you get it early. Timing is crucial! Did someone beat you to it? Make an offer and buy it from them. It’ll still be cheaper than buying it in reality.
    6. THE TEAM
    The team behind Earth 2 has extensive experience in areas like VR, Finance, Gaming, Mapping, Tech development, Business and other areas. We believe that they have what it takes to make Earth 2 a success.
    Shane Isaac — FOUNDER
    Nathaniel Doldersum — LEAD GAME DEVELOPER
    Stojce Slavkovski — DEVOPS, ADVISORY
    Rogerio Rocha— LEAD DEVELOPER
    Steve Bennett— MAPBOX GURU
    Samuel Dale — FE DEVELOPER, UI/UX
    Dillon Seo — ADVISORY
    David Novakovic — ADVISORY
    Sebastiaan Fehr — ADVISORY
    Alex Hutchens — LEGAL
    Sotiri Svoronos — CREATIVE
    How to be a part of Earth 2
    Go to https://earth2.io and create a free account.
    Image for post
    Map view
    Click “buy land” to go to the map view
    Navigate the world for desired tiles. If someone has bought a land you wish to buy, you can make an offer to them or just buy from somewhere else.
    There is no land scarcity for now because you’re early. Remember when we spoke about timing? You’re right on time! There is a marketplace where you can see land other users have offered for sale.
    Image for post
    Buy land in countries where prices per tile have not spiked to get the most value for your dollars.
    Per purchase, you can buy a maximum of 750 tiles and a minimum of 1 tile. The 750 is just a limit per purchase. You can choose to buy as many tiles as you want.
    Image for post
    Buying Credit
    Add credit via Paypal. Some people might experience difficulties purchasing credits via Paypal but this is the only mode of payment for now as they would like to comply with the financial rules in different countries. The team is working hard on making more payment options possible.
    Remember to use a referral code so you get 5% credit back while also giving someone else 5% credit. Our referral code: 1CI80OVVTX
    Congratulations on buying your first piece of land on Earth 2 🥳! Sit back and watch the price of your land go all the way up 📈!
    As Earth 2 is still in phase 1, all you can do is buy and sell land. In newer phases, the whole land would be cleared and you’ll be able to start building properties, mining resources, advertising and much more.
    You can view the leaderboards for rankings based on net-worth, the number of property, country and other criteria.
    Earth 2 is barely 3 months old and according to the developers, they have already experienced over 12 months of growth within 2 weeks! This may be the next big thing or the next big miss. We’re here for the ride and would keep you up to date as we explore this new world. You probably have a lot of questions. let’s discuss them in the response section!
    Happy New Year and Happy New Earth!
    We do not work for Earth 2.
    Do not take any of the things discussed here as financial advice. We’re just an inquisitive bunch whose spaceship happened to land on earth 2. We’re sharing our thoughts and opinions because we believe Earth 2 has great potentials and could be the next big thing this decade.
    If you choose to be a part of Earth 2, remember to never invest money you’re not willing to lose.
    Always do your own research before getting into anything.
    Useful links
    Earth 2 Referral code: 1CI80OVVTX
    Welcome To Earth 2
    New Earth, New Opportunities!


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  5. Earth 2
    Earth 2 is a futuristic concept for second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correspond to user-generated digital virtual environments. These environments can be owned, bought, sold, and in the near future deeply customized.

    A virtual 1:1 scale version of Earth is inevitable and Earth 2 is the beginning of this exciting future. Phase 1 is now live and represents the central global body that aims to determine ownership of digital assets and property inside this futuristic virtual metaverse of Earth.

    Built on top of MapBox technology, we have created a geographically linked digital grid layer that spans across the entire planet allowing people to claim ownership of Virtual Land in the form of tiles. It is our vision that Virtual Land will increase in value over time based on demand, location and earning potential, much the same way that physical land does, so be sure to claim your own land in key locations around the world early on!

    Buy LandIdeologyFAQ
    mesh landscape

    low poly landscape
    Claim Land Now
    The Earth 2 trading platform, Phase 1, is now live. This trading platform allows people to search, claim, purchase or bid on any piece of Virtual Land around the world! You can also name the land you purchase and the land you own will be saved for you permanently as future phases of Earth 2 rollout.

    Land price will fluctuate based on supply, demand, potential, and live in-game trading prices. Virtual Land in Earth 2 is one of the most exciting digital commodities in the world today!

    Learn more
    Earth 2 Vision
    We aim for Earth 2 to be the beginning of the Earth’s fully immersive virtual reality similar to “The Matrix” or “Ready Player One” and we are so excited to engage in this journey together. We plan on rolling out phases over the coming months and years that will work toward this final goal and will also keep our community interested and interacting with the concept from the beginning (as opposed to having to only wait for one final end product). Imagine owning land in a busy and bustling virtual New York or even your local shopping mall or the house you live in? It may be closer than you think!

    Learn more
    The Earth 2 Vision
    How to Make Money
    Purpose and Value
    Our long-term goal is to create more purpose to land inside Earth 2 and in turn, this should create more value as time progresses. Buying Virtual Land in Earth 2 can instantly offer you in-game credit starting from today and into the future. Most of this potential credit can be passive meaning your land can work for you in the game without you needing to do anything. The value of your land can fluctuate as more people purchase and trade land in the same country, but it’s up to you to set a price and sell it when you desire. In addition to this, your land can earn residual in-game credit based on future purchases inside that country and you can also earn an additional 5% by sharing your promo code with others!

    Learn more
    Virtual World Progress
    Years of work between a dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience has set the foundations for the Earth 2 metaverse. We are keeping parts of our Earth 2 metaverse development confidential, but starting late 2020 you will see updates on our website and social media accounts so are sure to follow us!

    Learn more
    Game Play Progress
    New Beginnings
    Go anywhere, do anything. Imagine a digital virtual world on a 1:1 scale with Earth where you could go anywhere and do anything!

    This is your opportunity to become involved with the future, be part of the future and reap rewards for your early involvement!

    Meet our Amazing Team
    The senior team behind Earth 2 has decades of experience working with software, business, real estate, game development, virtual worlds, virtual reality, augmented reality, design, creatives, and more! Please reach out and say hello anytime!

    Meet Our Team

  6. I invested what im comfortable with at about 300$ plus, now im investing my inheritance into stocks

    Pete do you invest into stock like with Webull or Robinhood?

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