What is Budget For A Single Man, Living in Philippines?

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  1. Can you find a studio that is in a secure type compound and has security for around $150 a month? Just would sleep a little better at night, since i would be living in a city area and cant bring my gun with me to phil . ūüôā

  2. For $150/month you should be able to find a secure/clean place on most islands. Not the pure resort areas like Panglao or Boracay of course, but Mactan, Cebu and just outside any major city yes. Asking around once you’re here is the best way to find such places, most ads on the net are higher priced.

  3. Hi my cost of living in panacan, davao city new 2 bedroom 2 bath sala dinning area kitchen large bedrooms patio very spaciouse rent 7k=150 us, electric average cost for me i don’t use ac just fans will do 30 dollars us’gas for burner 500 p=10 dollars us, live in helper 6500p, internet 1600p, food shopping etc monthly imigration fees average $800 dollars for 3 adults living comfortably my house helper caregiver for my dissabled nephew if your looking for a rental get a filipina friend to look for you or you ar going to get a higher price than was my second visit my first visit i rented a nice house spaciouse home for 3k p same subdivision.

  4. Thanks Henry,
    I was wondering what costs are like over there, and what food costs.

    Cooking and local products are a big part of my dining enjoyment, and the thought of going to a chain rest., especially with the promise of fresh fruit and veg, hopefully some fish makes me crave the local goodies even more.

    Are access to chilies, curry, spices, coconut milk, etc., things I think of when considering cooking Thai, Viet, readily available, vine ripe and I assume amazingly delicious?

    Thank you and be well

  5. I’m a retired UK male who has a pension of 12000 pesos a week.I have my own place, buy my meds, pay all the bills and have some to spare at the weekend.My filipina g/f does all the purchasing which saves me at least 25% compared to a westener buying.

  6. TGIF, Chilis, Outback steakhouse is roughly around $15 to $25 dollars a person including a drink. And at those places, there’s usually a tip or service charge of 10%

    1. I know. Well that’s the beauty of it. You eat whatever you’re in the mood for and have choices to choose from. : )¬† We eat at home mostly to save money but sometimes, my daughter wants jolibee or McDonalds. Kids… hehehe

    2. There’s a wide spectrum of food choices here, and for a ‘foodie’ like me that is fantastic. ¬†I’ve had just as good a meal at small dives in the Lapu-Lapu marketplace for under $3 as I have at some resort restos on Alona Beach at $8 a plate.

  7. For anyone wanting another point of view. ¬†A normal apartment is about $100 per month, but us in America would not want to live like that. ¬†I did see some pretty nice places for $300 per month. ¬†Food, almost the same price, Mc Donalds was a little cheaper. ¬†There doesn’t seem to be any tipping, so that saves you money, but I always tipped anyway, sometimes they were shocked, they would say, you gave me too much money and would tell them to keep the change and they were so happy.

    Clothing, just about the same, electronics, the same or a little bit higher. ¬†Some a little cheaper, depends. ¬†Medical is cheaper but not as nice as America. ¬†Gasoline is about the same. ¬†As for work, you better have your own way of making money because they only pay about 75 cents per hour and they don’t have to hire you, if they don’t like your hair color or the way you look or your age, they don’t have to hire you, not like America. ¬†

    So for my conclusion, ¬†figure $300 for rent, and the rest of expenses like America and see if your monthly pay or social security is enough. ¬†Also about driving, ¬†you better be a good driver, they don’t drive there like we drive in America, everyone just does whatever they want to do, ¬†they will turn 2 lanes into 3 lanes, they will be inches away from your car, many close calls, and they might not stop just because there is a stop sign. ¬†Everyone is nice, or at least they were to me.

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