What Indians Think Of TikTok Ban In India | STREET DEBATE

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  1. TikTok is banned in Indian, not for Personal issues with China(I’m not referring to the people of China but the government of China ) but it’s been banned for privacy reason, vulgar content(Including peoples eating tube lights and also include animal abuse) and for spreading religious hatred. These can be the major issues of TikTok in India. I’m so glad that nobody in this video said that “Ab Kya Hoga, Ab Yaha Kha talent Bhi Foreign Chala Jaye ga “:😂😂

  2. It is really disappointing when questions for opinion are asked and the interviewees respond “the government said this, the government said that.” Yes, it is great that they have heard what the government said. But it’s useless information, it’s not new information to me, and it’s not insightful. I know what the government have said; I can read the news myself! What I like about AsianBoss videos is seeing a slice of culture, worldview, values, and other insights from a sample of ordinary people. The interviewer can do much better asking questions or even following up with questions that extract people’s personal thoughts and experiences. This one has let me down.

  3. Not wanting to sound racist, but how is the accent so prevalent on Indians speaking English compared to other ethnicities?
    They all sound like those scamming-videos of tech support trying to get old people into buying bitcoins for them.

    Is it due to the sounds they have in their mother tongue?

  4. Aggressive border situation by China and Healthy business relationship doesn’t go hand in hand.
    China took INDIA for granted hence this happened..

  5. Man, how easy to fool people in believing anything the government says!!! I’m stunned! I was seeing so many creative and beautiful people from India on Tik Tok, they provide this kind of integration between everyone in the world. I guess that is the real reason, to foment nationalism and hate, stop people from knowing that people are the same all over the world.

  6. That guy that has 100k followers should know what there’s much more to the world than this tiktok and pick himself up and find a good hobby.

  7. as a chinese i dont like chinese apps either,cuz they are always steal and get benefit from user’s data,this is evil and should be banned for sure,but these companies will never learn,and a lot of chinese young ppl support these companies like tiktok because they dont think that much,young ppl just wanna be cool.

  8. Yeah tik tok is gone its good it was excellent move also with other chines apps we have to put China to its knees by that they cannot harm smaller countries like Philippine lot many more

  9. I am only interested in evidence, if Indian government can provide any actual prove that Chinese government use Tik Tok to steal private information from Indian people, I am Chinese and I’ll be the first one to uninstall all Chinese apps on my phone. Without any evidence, I can only see this as a political action not based on facts.

  10. I feel a little sad for these people! If it made them happy then we have no right to tell them it’s bad unless they r hurting u. We should not tell people what to like and not

  11. The people who are having a supportive tone for tik tok in his video
    Proves that how ignorant they are of the real world and still living inside a strawberry world

    Those 2 girls don’t know what the hell is happening in their own country
    LMAO how is that possible even people living in France and US know much more about India-China relations than these Indians 😂

  12. This report is very one sided and biased. All of the ones who are interviewd are all tiktokers. Why can’t they ask non tiktok users? Oh that’s right, I forgot, they are funded by ch yna

  13. This a frekin Chynese funded channel. What’s the point of asking this stupid question in India. Tik Tok is a cringe and needs to be banned by every single country in this world. Smc asian boss.

  14. Never downloaded tik tok..never watched tik tok..and I’m proud of that.
    Also..sala itna cringe…just like putting mud in my mouth and chewing it..that much cringe.
    Not a supporter of modi but I loved this decision of his. You go man..you go.

  15. I don’t Know why people are reacting like this. Tik Tok should be ban because of cyber security. In my area people are supporting this ban and every indian should do. Tik Tok is not banned because of India china border clash , it is banned because of cyber security. Today, PM Modi spoke about cyber security and self reliant India.

  16. i am glad because of tik tok ban ….but also sad becoz insta introduced reels…..now my feed is more filled with stupid dance videos and edits. All my precious recommendation of architecture, artwork and other cool stuff is rarely visible. I am tired of this shitty influencers who r narcissist and push the generation in wrong direction.

  17. Hey. Whosoever is interviewing those people, I respect the efforts you’ve been putting to interview these people. But I would like to request you to atleast form a rapport with those people prior to interview. I know this is quite time consuming but this would present a better perspective of people towards a subject matter or issue. Many of them don’t even know what has actually happened at LAC between Indian Army & PLA and the actual reason behind banning TikTok and 58 other chinese apps and also the reason why the Indian government is putting efforts on promoting the export of Indian goods and reducing the import of Chinese products. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would give a better and detailed perspective on this issue.
    @AsianBoss Community

    Happy Independence Day to all the Indians & wishes on the National Liberation Day to Korea.

  18. Lets get real , there were good content in tiktok , but *majorityyy of the indian tiktoks are cringey af* . I waited for asian boss to cover this topic 🙂

  19. I feel like this racism against China is a really, really bad idea. Anyone else want to find another habitable planet before WW3 starts and we all get blown up? 😰

  20. 3:31 + 6:05 = “covid19” – ignorant girl / “india-china relationship” = not covid19 but the territorial dispute
    3:31 = “data privacy” – correct. if u install an app (like a game), you will notice it is asking to access ur video and even SMS, etc (you wonder “wtf? why do they need that?”). so if you have ur own s3x video on ur phone, pray that it wont get uploaded in a p0rn site. so TikTok is not the only one red-handed but even facebook and youtube (of course, US would prefer to get their data stolen by fellow westerners). “they can blackmail you” – i hate to break it to you but India is the #1 scammer of the online world
    4:22 = “Indo-China dispute” – you’re 100% correct!!
    4:37 = bitter. much like philippino boys getting envious/jealous when their girls are getting crazy over k-pop lol

  21. Is this a pro Beijing YouTube channel? Its starting to look that way. If not pro Beijing, yall seem to at least be held to the same standards as any other CCP backed propaganda. Kudos to the Indians who knew the real reasons Tik tok and other chinese apps need to be banned. The CCP is trying to influence and infiltrate the world with their ideals and propaganda. Banning these apps throws a wrench in that. India did well by banning the apps and for taking a hard stance against the CCP. The CCP couldn’t even honor their dead soldiers, they never admitted any even died at the boarder fight with India. That’s the ultimate disrespect. To completely ignore a soldier who died for their governments twisted lies.

  22. Everyone outside India thinks that India is consisted of only Mumbai type people and environment. If possible they should also interview people of North-East Indians and South Indians. Cuz their opinions differ from the people shown here.

  23. Tiktok ban is the one the best decision made by Indian government . And am proud to be India , it’s our Independence day today. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  24. TikTok is banned and so are other Chinese apps because of the location access and many other policies that weren’t needed for you to play a video. Access to messages, calls, chats, location has nothing to do with playing a video on TikTok and still if you don’t give these permission then TikTok won’t even work properly on your phone. India has no data security policies like Europe has and that’s the reason why our data keeps getting stolen by Chinese government. We indians should be more concerned with our data as though it isn’t harming us directly now, it may harm us in the future when china will go on front for a digital war against usa. Entertainment shouldn’t cost our precious and hard-earned money and assets.

  25. It got banned earlier (2019) by madras highcourt. It received many petitions as youngsters are getting addicted to Cringe content and few suicide cases, but later the ban was lefted. Now again it got banned for Indo-Sina Clashes..

  26. i felt like the interview was taken at a certain locality thats it…u need to interview other people too from other locations and other parts of india as well.

  27. Tiktok india was the worst.. people hanged cats ,threw dogs on water, rape threat promtion.. all for the views tiktok was spoiling the Youth of India.. It also promoted racism,and hindu muslim conflicts..

  28. बहुत दिनों बाद हिंदी मैं पूछताछ की एशियाई बॉस ने। मज़ा आगया। शायद पहलीबार पूरा वीडियो में हिंदी सुनाई दी।

  29. What the hell is this Takatak and all. I have updated my phone (samsung) twice, and it automatically installed Takatak and mojo and all. How can you say that these are not using your data?

  30. In my opinion, among all the Asian Boss reporters for India, “Aqsa” is the best. Her accent, her voice & body language was so like a professional.

    Also, the fact that she asking questions in English, but when some people answered it in Hindi. She realised that they’re more comfortable this way, so she quickly switched to Hindi. Also people who were answering in English, she also kept it like that. That was smart.

    (Btw Sorry for my poor English)

  31. If one app disappearance can f up your followers then you should know that you didn’t gain the followers . Algorithm helped you to reach certain amount of people . If you upload 10- 15 videos on tiktok , then it’s algorithm recommend your videos to more videos . And tiktok is not really a good app.
    Cringe ufff .


  33. What a stupid interview thet only interviewed cringe tiktok creators. Majority people here hate this app it has low quality entertainment. It was even rated 1 star on play Store in India

  34. tbh he only bad thing about tik tok were those cringe tik toks. other than that people used to make really funny and artistic videos. some of the people who used tik tok didn’t even make tik toks they just watched tik toks and half of us watched american tik toks (not the dancing ones) so it was really frustrating for the ones who actually enjoyed watching the funny videos. And tbh the whole “youtube vs tik tok” thing was EXTREMELY stupid. When there was so much going on in the world all the indians cared about was spreading “youtube vs tik tok”. I was very frustrating

  35. India is a tech powerhouse. Its citizens can build same if not better alternative for TikTok. Most biggest tech companies around the world are lead by Indians. I really wish they come up with more successful app. I don’t like CCP’s way of stealing other countries through “debt trap” and bullying them. China destroys many countries in Asia.

  36. lots of videos about all the loop holes and goverment policies of china on tiktok also mumbai is just onepart of india ever been to bangalore or delhi asian boss

  37. Again, I doubt China’s gov is going THAT far (and petty) with tiktok. BUT, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they were. Not a single bit. And that, in the end, is what matters.

  38. reporter: so how is the relationship between india and china?

    girl with mask: cuz covid-19 and all the deaths

    girl beside her: **doesnt wear a mask and touchs her eye**



    I actually mean by korea
    This is my second edit..
    Guys the comment section is all about exchanging information and opinions. Please
    stop bullying others , and their countries. No country is perfect. All the countries have their own flaws.

  40. If you have talent then show your talent by using another apps.. why only tik tok? If you will show your talent on another app won’t people recognise you or your talent?You are crying for app like TikTok? Seriously!!

  41. Nationalists are supporting the ban bcz they like ruining people’s lives and living in poverty. I feel terribly sorry for the guy who said he was getting recognized through this app and is now hopeless.

  42. WTF is this interview lol ! Literally every sane person I know is happy that this shitty app is banned now !🤣 Although I feel a little sad for people as they were earning through it. But in reality people were wasting so much time and productivity here. And the cringe was real.

    This isn’t a real interview at all.
    The comment section is more real than this interview. 😆

  43. Tik Tok was banned due to following reasons :

    1) Privacy Issues

    2) China doesn’t allow other apps in their country then why should we allow Chinese apps in our free countries

    3) There was a lot of vulgar content on the app and a little or no educational/informative content available

    4) Attention Span of users gets affected

  44. Fun Fact: This video is idiotic.. Indians HATED Tik Tok for a real long time.. We were even having a literal Online War that was called ‘YouTube vs TikTok’ n basically everyone was roasting tik tok except for some minority tik tok lovers.. lol.. We all had a litreal movement where we all gave Tik Tok 1 star, believe me, we all r proud of that lol!!

  45. people might not know, Tiktok overseas operations is not that profitable for the parent company, due to the lack of online shopping infrastructure outside of China.
    The reason being, tiktok lacks a lot of the features compared to the Chinese version douyin. for instance douyin has an very advanced system of online stores for people to sell and buy things, live streams can be dedicated as an live online sales session.
    This is supported by the very developed online payment and e-commerce infrastructure in China, creating a very profitable ecosystem. So even if india or the US decides to ban the app long term and create a clone, this clone simply does not have the funding nor space to grow like it has in China.

  46. Most people in India have forgot Tiktok for good .
    Obviously if someone has lost something “followers/fame” they would be sad .

    120M Indian users out of 1.4B rest , 20 of this 120M might be famous , 1.2Billion + 100M don’t care about Tiktok in India .

  47. As an Indian,I would like to say the reality that most of the Indians are happy bcoz of the ban including me..😄
    Success need dedication, hardwork and happiness.
    A useless app like tik tok will make ur brain damaged .
    If u want true success make it by true hard work, dedication, and grow everyday and if ur happy with the work that means you are successful.
    But you cannot get the taste of success with such an useless app like tik tok.😔😔😔
    If you love your country … try to prosper it and work hard for it.
    Happy 74th Independence day 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳😄😄😄😄jai hind.
    And happy liberation day to south korea too..😄

  48. 6:11 this stupid girl is saying something is going on in indo-china
    Border😠… 20 soldiers were dead . .
    Do she even live in India
    BTW, happy independence day

  49. as an Indian!! the people interviewed in the video are the wrong people to interview about the situation!! since everyone is in quarantine and staying home, only those are out who have no idea whats happening in around them!!

  50. Tiktok became the platform in India for the all time cringy content and was actually wasting the time and potential of Indian youth…. Instead of studying, gaining skills, getting a job and earning for the betterment of the country.. The youth was literally making the cringe videos labeling it as Talent… When in real world that Talent is not enough….

  51. Everything lies in the perspective. Some people may not like it, because of its cringe content. But for the people who work for day long and come to home, its actually entertaining for them. (i am talking about poor people).
    But i support this ban, we all know all chinese apps have this backdoor for government to steal or spy data.

  52. The interviewed are not even close to the root cause of the problem. The National Intelligence Law of China from 2017 defines it as mandatory for every company and chinese citizen to be proactive in gathering information which benefits the chinese government. That includes the user and hardware data from apps like Tiktok and others.
    Plus there is a massive and rampant CCP-scripted propaganda onTiktok, as well as on other chinese apps.
    Good thing that its finally banned.

  53. I do not understand why people hâte tiktok so much they don’t steal much data than any other social media. The content is also not so different,( i dont watch tik tok ) this problem is just a country to country problem. They are just way too nationalist

  54. Dont worry, India. Tik Tok is absolute cancer and owned by China. China banned google, youtube, facebook and many other social apps and mainstream media doesn’t talk about it at all, i wonder why? Maybe because China is financing them.. good riddance. I hope the EU did the same but they are China puppets.

  55. That pro India, everybody else is at fault comments again. This is just the typical indian way of life. First use it and as soon as the government makes it out to be bad fingerpointing to it and say “Never used it, so bad, they steal our data and blackmail us(?)”.
    Like any american app is handling this differently. The only difference is that once the data will flow to china and once to america. Both could not care less about the underdeveloped technical data from India. All they care about is how to place advertisement to sell more stuff.

  56. And what is this gareebon ka Kya hoga mehnat majduri Karo thodi chutiyape krke paise kamane hai inko bass. Itna hi tumhe lagta hai ki tum Mai talent hai toh jakar kisi show Mai part lo aur compete Karoaur phir yeh talent ki baat krna. It’s good ki we have not found a good replacement of tik tok till now and I just pray we don’t find one ever.

  57. That poor guy u didnt find any job except from tik tok really.he’s just lazy who doesnt want to do anything. There r lots job in Mumbai. Why he dont want to do hard work

  58. Tik tok is the worst app . It was platform fir anti nationals . Great decision to ban it . Gud too see usa is following india s way , hopefully european nations will follow the same suit . And for those who r sad that tik tok is not there, pls download roposo or chingari

  59. You Know tik tok ban just doesn’t matter to us at all, but what matters is that some other country is earning revenue from our country and using it against us. China is literally acting like a land mafia claiming every nearby land . If possible don’t ask questions to such dumb people who think that their cheap popularity and fans are more important than our soldiers and country because they are certainly not.
    And as far as tik tok is concerned carryminati has already mentioned their so called “talent” very well.

  60. China already banned many foreign services like Twitter, Youtube long time ago. China have nothing to say even if other countries ban their services.

  61. Who cares about data privacy, most people data information on TicTok is really not worth anything to the user anyway. TicTok did provide some income and entertainment to people who used it. Another example of the government don’t care about the people. If the people don’t wish to fight for their right to choose, then maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to use the app.

  62. It’s amazing how easily brainwashed these people are by Modi’s right wing extremist propaganda. The only people who seem to be against the ban are those who were directly harmed by it.

  63. There’s nothing wrong on banning tik tok if it is on the ground of protecting India’s huge market and cultivating competitive local company. If India aspires to be next superpower, they need to have strong local companies to prevent foreign conglomerates (be it US or China) from dictating their market.
    It’s wrong though to ban it right after border dispute… it’s sending wrong message India is doing this out of spite. It won’t do any good in maintaining cordial relationship. Asia would love to have both countries to drive Asia forward, in a peaceful way.

  64. People in the comments should try to put yourself in other people’s shoes.There’s many married women making money using tik tok,if they have no money,some of them can only relied on their husbands and they will have almost no power in their family.And also why would China want to steal a puny citizen’s data?That ‘s just straight up confusing.

  65. I don’t like Tiktok. Because most of the Tiktokers are mishandling it especially for likes. Also, it’s an app for entertainment. People are getting serious. I heard some people died while doing stunts for Tiktok likes.

  66. For 3:00 guy, i kinda disagree at some point . I think if you have talent then you can show it anywhere and get all you want , platform doesn’t really matter . Instagram , Facebook are also good platforms for showing your talent. Talent never goes waste until you don’t wanna reveal it and not to mention , honestly 70% people in India hate tiktok . I don’t really know about this video cause it seemed that it’s kinda biased lol or maybe they tried to be more politically correct. PEACE OUT.

  67. ByteDance, the TikTok company, is really scummy. They bought Indonesian news app BaBe, then censor any news article that critical towards Chinese government.

    I hope Indonesia government will ban TIkTok as well.

  68. You guys know that India is not just “Mumbai ” and doesn’t have only “youngsters” right ? It’s a diverse country and if your interviews doesn’t appreciate the opinions from different places and people then I don’t think it’s credible.

  69. I am a doctor at govt hospital,and we were happy with tiktok ban as we will get no more young people who poisoned themselves or tried to commit suicide because their parents forbade them from using tiktok.i hope same happens with pubg too

  70. Wishing South Korea a very happy national liberation day!!!

    And a wishing India a great independence anniversary!!!! 😊😊😊🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  71. She didn’t find anyone who doesn’t use tiktok that’s weird,i think most of the viewers of this video doesn’t like tiktok cringe content😶😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  72. It’s interesting we don’t want to use Tik Tok because we’re worried about other countries taking advantage of it, but we expect everyone to use Facebook. I bet if other countries dumped it because the US could do the same thing as China I bet people’s heads would explode. We’re kind of hypocritical.

  73. I feel quite sad for the guy who got famous on TikTok 😭 I mean, if we never use it, it’s easy for us to let it go. But that guy, he even got revenue from TikTok, he make a living from there, and then suddenly it can’t be used anymore…. Every hard work he put into his TikTok videos became meaningless…. man I hope he found a better platform and will continue making contents that he enjoys & will provide him good money 😔

  74. Hong Kong, USA and now India. Hopefully the Philippines will ban this app too. People here are ignorant just want to get famous in social media they didn’t know what lies behind this app

  75. Happy Independence Day🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
    This day is really important for us.
    Now we can live freely, happily.
    And may hope no country or nation be a colonized nation anymore.
    May all happily and freely.

  76. I used to love Asianboss for giving insights on the ongoing issues.But Idk why you woke up now to gather the insights now. Tiktok is banned in Indian on June 29 2020 but no video until now. In India SSR case is the current big issue no insights but you have time to read about japan korean actors suicide cases and spread the awareness. No time to read or gather info about Indian news. Even in the asianboss I can sense the discrimination. Thank you for being same as western media and ignoring us 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  77. They have included all the tik tok users, but what about us non tik tokers? We used to suffer b/c of them, dude. I mean that sasta joker has scarred me for life!

  78. Data was not the main issue it was the cowardly act by pla soldiers, killed our soldiers in a surprise attack with nail bat and other things, I am seriously trying to avoid Chinese made product ( but there are many).

  79. Well for those people who use tiktok with a positive purpose I support whosever but those mentally weird people It’s good its band in India . Namaste 🙏

  80. Asian boss always do such biased interviews . most of Indians are happy due to the ban because most of the youth on tiktok make illogical slowmotion video and live in the idea that they make quality content and are social media influencers

  81. Majority of population were asking itself to ban on app here. Ppl were so happy ( including me) after hearing the news. I think they interviewed only those who disappointed after on banning this app.🙄🙄

  82. I wish I personally knew a person who is sad regarding ban of tiktok. Infact every one is happy that they become more productive ever since……

  83. Unsubbing after this video (yeah yeah no1 care whatever) because the content has become so biased. It’s cringingly clear that you are only including people who answer the question how you wanted it answered, and paint said country in the light you want it to be painted in. Annoying, and sucks that some people who are not well-versed in Asian cultures are receiving their info from a channel like this that really doesn’t represent Asian countries in a realistic light. Hope the channel gets better in the future, as of now I’ll never be recommending it.

  84. I don’t know where you get these ppl from. As an Indian, I’m honestly telling you most of us were so happy after hearing banning this app. It was total cringe app. Glad it has banned.

  85. I believe its not right to ban an app used globally ,that will just cut Indian people from world population.Indian govt should create better privacy laws and regulations and better military power than such ridiculous things.Banning apps are not a solution for lack of military power against China.

  86. This whole Tik Tok thing makes no sense. This whole debacle was started by the US to divert public attention from Snowden’s revelations; that Facebook and Google actively supply user data to the NSA.
    I mean honestly, which is more widespread? Tik Tok, or Google and Facebook?
    How naive can the public be? Tik Tok is hardly an effective tool for espionage. And people are flipping out about it while actively using Facebook and google? The irony

  87. Wait what…. According to me my whole insta feed was filled with celebrations…the day tik tok was banned… 😂..ppl tried their best even before ban by giving it 1* reviews…why all tik tok stars only.. ?

  88. I do not download tiktok/Douyin in china. It really take yours personal time. But if you are clever, you can use it to make money. Every person need win-win corporations. Ban each other is harmful

  89. Did you selected only tik tok users for the interview……coz most of the indians hate tik tok….india down rated the tik tok from 4.4 rating to 1.2 on play store and because of this google had to remove over millions of ratings and comments …and most of the Indians are happy for the ban bc they don’t have to watch those 15 sec cringy vids anymore ….

  90. Lol I swear I never met a single people who uses tik tok and also they make fun of the cringe tik tokers . I think they only asked the people who uses tik tok

  91. haha do you guys think youtube, instagram, facebook, snapchat, google, all those US apps won’t have the chance to “hack” our privacy? think again! LOL. why would people think negative about China’s Apps but not the US’ apps?? both have similar chances to hack people’s privacy.

  92. 3:35 WOW!!! To that Indian girl who is ok that TikTok is banned because Covid -19 is from China – You are one d umb chick. I will not eat indian food anymore… You dark skin gutt er who res.

  93. I am was so happy when the news came where all 59 apps were banned. I have one simple question That during galwan valley dispute where so many Indian soldiers sacrifice there life and after that government banned their app so, why can’t we support our Nation m, just because you were getting famous ??only for views for all unreasonable video’s.
    There are so many things to get famous the one guy who was crying everytime saying same thing by using word poor, famous and all.
    Dear start doing good work instead of using tiktok there are So many other app it will take time atleast handle yourself from that shock.
    China is greedy and want everywhere to settle he want our arunachal he want ladakh, protect your own country many other country has already started boycotting them.
    I am supporting my nation.
    Happy Independence Day.

  94. China didn’t allow Google or Facebook operating in China because they refused to set up their data servers in China for security check. TikTok and WeChat have already set up data servers in USA according to their regulation for security check. It’s hypocrisy and the TikTok ban was unjustified.

  95. This video was much better than the video in China. The Indians seem to have a good grasp on what’s really going on with China and finally THE VIRUS CAME FROM CHINA!!

  96. It’s really weird that other countries want to ban tiktok for data privacy reasons, while in Hong Kong, tiktok left because they dont want to give in to the new security law that requires them to share private data to Beijing.

  97. These girls talking about their followers and popularity meanwhile me not even did single video on tiktok😁lol.
    Here in South India people understand the fact that this app simply waste the time of young people.

  98. That man is talking about how will the poor survive , they used to get help and all but I don’t think that we should just do it for the screen time and he is saying what will happen to the poor like we can still help them its not like tiktok se wo bhi ban hogeye and for those saying it might bring social awareness to me ,ok thats good but why are you bringing them in and are like we cant help them …..anyways if I said something wrong please correct me

  99. It should be banned in my country too. Cringy and annoying stuff. I don’t even have the app. But i have seen some in IG. Teenagers are soo addicted to tik tok which is not good.

  100. I don’t know why I feel like most people shown in the video live under a rock that had only tik tok in there…seriously man when it’s seen from another nations perspective it looks as if all of us are unaware of the ip theft and dumping that china does and the impact it will have on india if a trade war occurs…And all those girls…they made me cringe so hard😬

  101. It was a waste of time too
    If some poors were benefitted by showcasing their talent
    But what about the youth which was wasting their time plus getting wrong message/ moral from tiktok .
    We all were tolerating all this but the limit was crossed when the country who gets a lot of money from the market in our country tried to threat us. India isn’t weak. We’ll do anything to prove we are independent of China.

  102. Indians have given better reactions and opinions in previous videos.this video clearly
    Proves that people who use tiktok possess low iq no matter where they are from

    sorry for my poor english its not my native language

  103. ” Her mom has tiktok
    Her sister had tiktok
    She had tiktok ”
    Me : can’t relate
    I never installed it
    ( I am a student and rarely use phone for entertainment. I am focusing on studies and I think our govt. did the best if it was threat to our security. Plus why to support the Cheater, unlawfully land annexing country.

  104. Chinese people can’t use tiktok. They have their own version of it. I believe that should be enough for people to see what’s actually going on.

  105. I am so happy that India banned tik tok app . They said that they make money from 😂 gando dance dikha Raha tha. Oh 😂.Chakko ka dance aap band ho Gaya to Kya bura hua. Baccho ka padai se pura dyan hat Gaya tha. Aur border pe etana dispute chal Raha hai. Asian boss ko pata hona chahiye.

  106. I dont use tik tok, so I have no idea about what’s going on. Can someone explain why it’s getting banned in some countries?

  107. Thank God these apps got banned in India…It’s like China is using India to make profit and build their own nation to bite other Countries…. There are not only Chinese apps but soo Many Chinese products we Indians use… We already hav border issues… They can steal private data… Soo it was a good decision by Govt. 👍🏻

  108. I was also a tiktok user but the worst thing on tiktok was that kids were too much into it..
    I don’t think most of the people are affected by tiktok ban..
    We must support our country..

  109. I wasn’t really on tiktok for anything besides 💜 I barely used it… I miss being able to check some updates tho…

    And that dude who had a touch of fame… START ON YOUTUBE! The people will remember you

  110. I commend India for standing up to the CCP but after watching this video I now feel bad for people who made money like the poor dude @ 3:02 🙁 Tik tok sucks but I felt like it kinda gave Indians of all backgrounds a change to express themselves and even make a career out of doing so, I hope he starts a youtube channel or something 🤷

  111. This is totally out of context
    but can you please discuss can China become a democratic country
    and leave it’s expansionist policy?
    With Chinese citizens.
    And a very happy independence day to my living Indian 🇮🇳.

  112. I support the ban though I had never used tiktok. I was actually frustrated to see people do cringy stuffs just for the sake of getting famous.

  113. 1. The US is not scared of China or going to war 2. Trump is dictator wants to control everything 3. Tiktok doesn’t sell, make memes or steal data.

  114. This is a very biased interview.Literally everyone in my circle were happy with the decision, even the regular users.This is a matter of national security peeps, grow up seriously!!

  115. Q: Why INDIA banned chinese apps
    A: cos of China’s National Intelligence Law- article 14 and 16
    It gives CCP the authority to investigate any chinese company & collect data from the company as they wish. The company is forced to comply with all the request made by the Government and provide any documents if requested by the CCP gov.

  116. Please be informed that most of the Indians are happy with TikTok ban . Also my friends who were crazy about TikTok uninstalled it as soon as this border dispute happened. We stand with our army and our country . Jai Hind !

  117. Happy independence day my friends; this is the important day for us indian but u’ve made video on tik tok ban shading other issues which is disappointing.

  118. It is a shame that TikTok is banned in countries around the world. But the idea/potential of the Chinese government collecting information about the users is a concern. Even if it’s actually not true and not collecting information for malicious purposes, it’s better safe than sorry I suppose. Personally I have never used TikTok myself but I know it’s quite popular in the US. It’s surprising to see it was also popular in India too. I suppose if a US company like Microsoft or Google buys TikTok and has 100% control over it, I guess it could make a come back to countries that have had it banned. But by then, would it even be relevant? Maybe Twitch could buy TikTok since that platform is doing pretty bad and could use a boost in popularity. But if TikTok doesn’t make a come back, it won’t be the end of the world as there’s plenty of other social networking apps/sites to keep people occupied and entertained.

  119. I think that any software with servers accessible to a company based in China is potentially dangerous, because all of that data can easily be accessed also by the CCP.

    The more information the CCP has on large sectors of foreign populations, the more vulnerable the rest of the world becomes to predatory CCP propaganda and socioeconomic subjugation.

  120. Everyone: (some random opinions)
    Me: 4:42 he is making out image down in international community, by this much great ability to wear a mask like a stupid

  121. if you don’t want your personal data to be taken by the application developer, don’t use the application, as simple as that is the solution.
    no matter what application you use, your personal data will always be taken by the application developer regardless of the country of origin.
    It is only a matter of time for the government from the originating application developer to take advantage of this personal data.

  122. Everyone know actually is your personal faut for addiction, not the app. Creative people use it for production while poor self-controlled peoples blame it .

  123. Duniya bhar ka kachra bhi toh bhra pda tha tiktok pr.. sahi h bann ho gya.. carry minati k fans bhi toh bohot hi khush hue honge.
    Talent just need a platform to showcase, there are plenty of them

    Best wishes for the talented people 👏👍
    A very happy INDEPENDENCE DAY 🇮🇳🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊

  124. Usually the interviewees are good in India with proper knowledge of current affairs; not in this one. Shows the kind of demographic TikTok is used by in India. This generalization is not exaggerated.

  125. C C P: Hey teenagers, tell us what you do in your phone!
    Teenagers: NO!
    C C P: Ok, do you want to install app to do cringy brain-dead memes and dance?
    Tennages: You bet!
    C C P: aha ha ha HA!

    (saw this joke on facebook)

  126. *Gripping at my seat!* On the first 50%, this interview honestly seemed very biased and I was ready to comment and say as much…

    More reasonable towards the end. Using homegrown apps is totally fine. All tech companies profit off of your data. China is in a phase of its history where it is extremely xenophobic and hostile though – it’s something every civilization should be concerned with.

  127. Though I hate the current government but this decision was undoubtedly the best decision made by the Modi government . That app was a horror show and a shithole . The content was so vulgar .

  128. It’s not just about data privacy. It’s mostly the fact that there is a border dispute between china and india and that tiktok is chinese. I think it is normal that india reacts in that kind of way. But I don’t think tiktok is doing what these guys are saying they do. But they won’t believe it right, because they are chinese. Many apps collect your data and breach data privacy rules. But people tend to turn a blind eye to that because they don’t see the other country as a risk or a threat.

  129. I hate colorism is so prevalent globally. These Indian women are gorgeous but I can’t help but feel the dark skin beauty’s are shamed. If they came to America they would be considered exotic even with dark skin. Crazy

  130. For the first time disappointed with Asian Boss. I couldn’t find one person who is extremely happy from this ban. Seems like everyone who got interviewed was Tiktoker.
    And Yeah! It was video sponsored by another app where cringe can be created and I would expect this video to go completely in single direction.

  131. In my opinion there is nothing wrong about banning an app which is a potential threat to our nation’s security and privacy . Besides I have heard that after tiktok got banned , Indian alternative apps are getting popular . Last but not the least my brother has started investing his time in productive activities instead of binge watching tiktok videos all day 😂 .

  132. 8:25 Oh man this dude has to get a job. Bhai tumhare cringey content se tumhe sirf temporary way m paise mil rahe the. Garibo ka hawala de kr emotionally dikhana chahta h kitna dukhi h jiss phone se tik tok banate ho usse YouTube channel khol lo agar talent raha toh famous ho jaoge.

  133. Tiktok is good but I don’t find it as addicting as Youtube. Maybe it’s a sign of aging that I can’t keep up with the emerging technologies 😂

  134. 1. If you will ask chhapris like this then you won’t get different opinions from them.
    2. The guy was talking about talent . If you have talent people will search for your name in insta and YouTube to see your talent. So stop these lame excuses
    3. This is worst interview in india i have seen. The past interviews were pretty good. And that one girl even remembered the exact date when tiktok got banned even spoke the restricted line blah blah blah…. Bet she was told to say that.
    4. If you ever meet top indian tiktokers you will see that they have millions of followers but don’t have any talent.
    5. Tiktok promotes Violence, animal abuse, women abuse, religion abuse, rape, harassment and hate videos. It never make it clean and enjoyable.

    Ask this questions to people who don’t use TikTok. They know the faults well.

  135. Lol, India has banned 367 APP based on SECURITY features.
    -You chose ONLY TIKTOK.
    This is an ONE SIDED biased Video made only using TIKTOKER.. Why don’t ASIAN BOSS did Interview of Normal Regular College, office, or any Normal Indian? Coz 96% Indian Are Happy With BAN, Nobody wants that SHITTY cringe.

  136. Tik tok was banned because of border dispute not data privacy. Otherwise, there are Facebook, instagram, jio and a lot who also take people’s data.
    It would be great if we have a strong data privacy law like European union’s.

  137. 5:13 I would have liked to see this person’s tik tok account for how much talent he had, cuz just making cringe content is talent for them. Honestly speaking 95% of tik tok stuff in India was either cringey or that foolish slow motion stuffs with laughing effect on background. And I’ve never seen such biased interview you are asking to the tiktok users how they feel for its ban? Seriously?

  138. The difference between India and other countries is that if there’s an issue in any part of the country, every Indian will know about it and you can ask each and every person for their opinion.

  139. Tik tok is actually very bad. You can create small stupid videos of cats dancing and stuff on instagram. I wish America would follow. India is smart. To a point. They used to do everything the USA would do.

  140. Why? Why Did you Chose only TIKTOKER? WHY dint You chose NORMAL Indian ? Coz 95% Indian Doesn’t like TIKTOK cringe & were Happy about it. . This is an BIASED VIDEO. WTH

  141. I tend to agree with everything the guy in green shirt says 4:35. People should come back to reality; support your own country instead of China; and privacy. At time of war, that’s even more the reason not to support your enemy financially; or even worst, your privacy being held hostage or exploited by your enemy.

  142. I am a hongkonger, pls ban not only TikTok, but also all the China apps, some may say all apps collect personal information, but there is a big difference between sending your data to a totalitarian regime vs to a democratic country

  143. In China, they use their version of tiktok (douyin) to spy on and target their citizens doing Mukbang now that they are in a food crises. So thats one way they weaponize info from these apps. Don’t think that you are so unimportant as a single individual that data from India cannot be weaponized either, especially with increasing tensions.

  144. TikTok shouldnt be ban at all but should be shut down for good though. Waste of TikTok app just like Facebook and Facebook messenger. Using TikTok is bad sometimes because you can get hacked by someone.

  145. Are Indian platforms allowed to operate freely in China? Facebook is banned in China, China bans and censors all outside content, so what is wrong with banning it?

  146. The reason why countries/governments are banning apps is because they are a serious privacy and security threat. It’s not like governments are banning apps because they don’t like them, it’s because they are a threat, and people should simply accept and stop snowflaking. That’s my opinion.

  147. Bhai ek bnde ka mask hi gya bolte bolte ….or yrr tik tok pr dikhane k liye hi dete the gareebon ko ….abhi nhi krte … dikhawa
    Abhi bhi krte ho to hats off

  148. These reactions are pretty biased lol, I’ve never met someone so pressed/sad over TikTok ban. Most Indian people are happy with the ban.

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