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The exchange rate of the US dollar has increased over the Thai Baht within the past month. It is a good time to get one of the bast exchange rates I’ve seen in my six years in Thailand.

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  1. You should have been getting a little over 36/$ not long ago.

    I also use the Schwab card to get cash and pay mostly with cash as I’m only a tourist and don’t have Thai bank account. I like the yellow bank for the 30,000, but also use green (only 20,000) – both have 220B fee, which I get back.

    Don’t think I’ve ever used a credit card in Thailand except for hotel.

  2. Just checked Bank of Bangkok, 45.03 baht to the U.K. pound, in November 2019 it was 39.98, the baht should be weak considering they have lost a major source of income.

  3. Your credit card would convert at a rate that is the equivalent or BETTER than an ATM machine. PLUS you would get points using a credit card that would give you cash back. Enjoy the stronger greenback while you can.

  4. Hi,
    I can recommend Wise.
    Free multi currency account. You can change your $ to THB in seconds and keep it there. You can later transfer it to your Thai bank account also within seconds. Total transaction costs are very competitive due to a better exchange rate than your regular bank.
    Good luck

  5. Charles Schwab is defiantly the way to go. I can transfer from my main account at home to my Schwab account then a great exchange rate and no International fee. ATM fees paid back. Best to carry some cash though because some merchants charge you 3 to 4 % on your purchase if you use a card.

  6. Just checked my XE app and it’s exactly 46 baht = £1 UK, which is great considering it dropped to around 36-37 not to long ago. Just need to get back over there, I’m hoping by the time I do it’ll be over 50, like it was on my first trip to Thailand.

  7. The magic word for me at Lotus, 7-11, Big C, etc., is “suh-can” (scan). Scan a QR code with my bank app and pay directly from my Thai bank (the “dark blue” bank). Also, I haven’t used an actual ATM card for months. I set it up on my bank app and scan a QR code on the ATM…no card, no paperwork.

    Oh, and btw, I found out by accident that I can use Google Pay the last time I went to Texas Chicken….Haven’t tried it at a store yet, because I normally just do my once a month Transferwise to my Thai account and go from there, but, hey, good to know it works over here as well….

  8. I forgot my card once in the machine in Chiang Mai. After I realized I forgot it I returned back to the ATM but it was gone. I didn’t think it was necessary to phone back to my home country and cancel the bank card as nobody could possibly WD cash unless they knew my pin number. Anyways, about 2 months later I get 5 consecutive text messages on my cell phone notifying me that there’s been 5 separate cash WD using my bank card emptying my entire savings account. At the time there was about $2000 in it. Had it been the day before, they would have gotten much more. I then visited my bank and explained the situation. They could not do anything as it was my fault for not canceling the card. And doing an investigation by the bank possibly checking CCTV was an absolute no go. So, be careful!

  9. I got lucky because my disability came through on Friday while it was up to where is was Monday. I think the Thai banks are maliping it even end of the month to where it’s lower on the end of the month when peoples money is deposited

  10. Thai Bhat has fallen 10% to 15% againt major currencies.
    Gold and cash reserves are holding up well.
    Tax revenue is down.
    Distressed gold selling is high.
    Exports hit by supply chain disruption.
    Rich Thai investors hit by lack of tourists. hotel owners.. apartment owners..
    They are heading for Singapore.
    Inflation is next ..

  11. I can’t understand how Charles Schwab can reimburse all those ATM fees all over the world, especially when you are only making a non earning money exchange and at mid market rate.

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