What Else Do I Have To Do? Life in Thailand….

Vlog#553 Today is a full day of real life living in Thailand. I visit a Monk in the Temple and we talk about a few things….. Also it is Sunday and I get my favorite dish……
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  1. Hi Chuck n Paige, my wife is Thai and I really enjoy your video’s. Your living the dream mate and look forward to watching more of your adventures. Take care..

  2. All the bars and pubs in Sydney opened yesterday. 50 people at a time they open at 10am , my local was packed by 10 30 am and they gave us 4 beers for free , I got home at 3 pm I was very very happy haaaa life is getting back to normal here ,

  3. I’m really missing Thailand right now. Cannot come home. Latest news is I will need a covid free test and have health insurance and maybe other things in a “certificate” that will need to be presented at the time of obtaining a VISA. The new normal?

  4. Windy.com , I came home from the VA Hospital last night, glad to see you, I hope you enjoyed the pictures I sent on Instagram. Be well Be safe Be happy

  5. Usually when we’re bored we go on a trip or go shopping to escape the boredom but during a meditation retreat even though there’s a lot of discomfort, boredom etc there’s no where to go. It teaches you to be with the good and bad feelings, emotions and physical discomfort without trying to escape them which gives you a sense of freedom. It would be great to hear your experiences if you decide to do it. Anyway, thanks for the vids.

  6. Would older women be welcomed at the temple for the meditation instructions? I hope your trip plans go well. You are very lucky you are far away from the Insanity here ❤️

  7. Another good and fun video Chuck. Very interesting to meet the monk. I think meditation lessons sound great. Be safe on your travels!

  8. Hey Chuck! Give it a crack, love at a temple for a few days. It’s a wonderful experience, eye opening. I lived at war wat umong several times. Never regretted it.
    Yes, my heart goes out to the states. Change needs to happen from everyone, not just say it, but follow through.

  9. The chanting helps with the meditation it helps clear your mind of outside thoughts, which would be a good thing for everyone right now, I wonder if the people staying there have to abide by the 5 precepts (one of which is no alcohol) and the 227 monastic rules (one of which is no eating after noon), if so maybe you should only try 3 days 555. Thanks for sharing Chuckee, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  10. What exactly does your father in law do? It looks like there is sort of a store in front but I thought you said he builds vehicles of some type. Or is he just retired.

  11. Great video, Chuck. I’ve been looking forward to your chat with the monk, Vitchai (?). I’m about your age, and I’ve been a Buddhist since the 1980’s. I’ve done a lot of meditation. If you do decide to take meditation instruction, start off small. Go for a couple of hours one day, to start. If you are easily bored, 4 straight days living in the temple might be unpleasant, and turn you off to the process. Over several years, you’ll learn to understand the overthinking, and how to deal with it better. Twenty years ago, I lived in a Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka for close to 3 months. It was very difficult, but worth it. If you do any serious chanting of the Suttas, try to find an English translation on line. With the Pali words written in Latin (English) script, next to the English translation. Print it off, like a prayer book. You can do the chanting, and also understand what you are chanting. Otherwise it’s just meaningless sounds.

  12. Things are nuts in US now, its like corona virus is a non issue, we are on plan c , plan b was the murder hornet but that went no where. But its insane, dont even watch the news any more.

  13. Wife and I were sitting outside and a small scorpion stung her on the hand. The pain was so intense that we had to go to the hospital. They gave her a anti venom shot. Watch out for them critters.

  14. Thanks so much for the videos. It helps a lot to take us away from the day to day problems we face, sort of our meditation or at least great distraction! Please keep em coming!

  15. Chuck, you REALLY need to start meditating. It is NOT rocket science. No need to go to school for this.

    Learn to meditate in nine words:
    Clear your mind.
    Listen to your breath.
    Stay calm.

  16. Sad for that lady that fell broke her arm. everywhere here in Thailand everybody likes those glass finish tiles
    Very slippery when wet ! First thing I did was put all new flooring in my house

  17. C’mon Chuck, you’re from Texas, I know they have scorpions there. Big black ones aren’t poisonous, little clear ones are, go figure

  18. Nice vid meditation so good for you ..being doing it for about three years . I use to have what they call a monkey mind all over the place ..now I much more calm and my moods are better .. ..I had really bad anxiety panic attacks from past trauma but much better now !

  19. Interesting visit to the temple, Might be wrong, but not sure you would like to do a live in meditation. Good when you show around the river area and those smaller Soi’s where they are building up new places.

  20. Chuck I want to convey to you how much my wife an I enjoy watching your videos. You and your wife seem like real down to earth people. My wife and I live in Cleveland, Ohio but also hail from Chaiyaphum. Your sense of humor shows in this video. 👍🏼 As does your wife’s.
    Take that offer up and go meditate for a bit. Does the mind and body good. 🙏🏼

  21. Apparently the bigger the scorpion the less venomous they are. One time In Khon Khan I came across one and while I was spinning out a lady just turned around, picked up a shoe and killed it, then just turned around and continued with the conversation.

  22. You should consider the monk’s offer. You would never have that opportunity in Texas.
    Thanks for the subtitles. I always enjoy learning new words and phrases. Cheers.

  23. I put my car in park and with the emergency break on as well. Never did that until I moved to Thailand from California. I’m in Bangkok though and lights can last upwards of 5 minutes. 555

  24. Racial divide will never be fixed, can’t, same same as the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I wish I could be more positive but fantasy and reality don’t coincide in the same realm. You see it Thailand too with Farangs talking down to the Thais..I’ve witnessed it on so many occassions.

  25. Good morning Chuck and Paige, hope all is well, I’m sure you can find something to do. Yes America is going through a very rough time, hope things will improve over there, from Fred in Bangkok

  26. Chuck, you know that Soi Mafia will not let you out of her sight alone, for that long. Who will bake her cookies and take Paige to buy shoes?? Great video! 😁

  27. Im an Hour outside DC,, We dont have any problems here in WV, They know better than come here to play !! AND seems very few wear a mask,, I suspect we are a tuff bunch of Hillbillies –5555 ! Randy + Boom

  28. Have to say, I’ve been watching more of your videos lately to keep my mind off of all the crazy here in the US! Seriously considering taking your path as well

  29. You are really helping me improve my poor Thai speak. I guess I am a level below you. Which is shocking since I live here full time almost 25 years with a Thai wife and Thai staff. I should have taken formal lessons rather than pick it up along the way. So I pay careful attention to your Thai speak and the Thais speaking back as they know you are not fluent Thai and keep it simple and slow. I can understand about 90% of it. But given I never speak to a Farang in Thai it’s interesting to hear you. So thanks for that.

    By the way for those that don’t know you were ‘ghosting’ or ‘ghost riding’ by driving wrong way. Cos you will soon be a ‘Pee’ or a spirit, as in dead 🙂

  30. Can you show me the tour of that guy repair shop to see how he goes about fixing stuff? I am EE so I am interested in that kind of stuff and like to know about his background.

  31. About putting car in park and put on the emergency brake every time they stop is very common in Honk Kong Taxi, I aks the driver as to why, he told me it is the law in Hong Kong, not sure the reason for Thailand

  32. chuck, be careful in udon thani, i was in an outhouse, like something from little house on the prairie and a massive snake was behind me taking shelter from the sun, it literally scared the s**t out of me

  33. what a lovely Monk he is.
    Ive recently been practising meditation daily for the past couple of months and its been really really wonderful.

  34. When I bought and ran a hair salon in Saraburi we had a drain like that running through the back of the shop. I put one of those aerosol ‘bombs’ in it and to my horror it was like one of those egyptian mummy movies…a crawling sea (thousands of them) of giant cockroaches swarmed up the walls. Even I was impressed…they must have been feasting on the hair that went down the drains…

  35. If you are travelling to Udon Thani drop down to the Nongkhai aquarium, it’s only about 40 minutes from Udon. Well worth a visit

  36. US cant “get over it” just treat people fairly, that’s hard for people to do. Takes protest, looting, curfew with virus concerns to have police reform in congress. Money first some people last.

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